Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 572

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Chapter 572: 572

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Everyone, including Li Muyang and Wei Jing, returned to the Decimo Dao Palace now that everything had come to an end. On the way, Li Muyang seemed to have used his eyes to remove the Cyclic Stigma on Li Wudi’s forehead. Li Wudi was fine when he woke up. When he saw Li Muyang here along with everyone else, he knew that Autarch Qian and Xuanyuan Xu were finished.

“Well done, brother. I knew that you’re powerful, but I never expected you to come out and turn the tables around. Just that you were a little late to show up, and I couldn’t even watch the show.” Li Wudi patted on Li Muyang’s thigh.

“You two know each other?” Tianming was confused.

“We met once, and I even asked Brother Wudi for some treasures. Tianming, I’m the one who asked him not to tell you about our whereabouts,” Li Muyang replied.

“When you guys went to ‘travel’ around?” Tianming asked.

“That’s right.” Li Muyang nodded his head.

Li Wudi turned to look at Bai Mo and roughly understood the situation. When he heard that Li Muyang still had some things to talk to Tianming about, he immediately said, “Tianming, I’ve already gotten my life back. Leave me alone and reminisce with your family.”

With that, Li Muyang, Wei Jing, and Tianming sat on Lan Huang while they traveled back to the Decimo Dao Palace. Then again, there was also Feiling, who was attached to Tianming. They were returning to the Decimo Dao Palace so Li Muyang could remove the Cyclic Stigma on Weisheng Yunxi. On the other hand, it was also to let Tianming bid his farewell to his friends and family in the Theocracy of the Ancients.

On Lan Huang’s back, Wei Jing smiled, “Hello, Ling’er.”

“Hello, aunty. It has been a long time,” Feiling nervously said.

“We roughly know what happened to you. In the future, you have to protect our Tianming,” said Wei Jing.

“Protect?” Feiling was dumbfounded.

Wei Jing smiled, but she did not continue speaking as Tianming and Li Muyang were looking at each other.

“So… where do we start?” Tianming asked.

“Let’s start with the Cyclic Reflector. I’m sure you’re curious about that.” Li Muyang smiled. Tianming had undergone the vengeance back in Vermillion Bird, turning tables around in the Grand-Orient Realm and the brutal competition in the Theocracy of the Ancients. He had already grown up.

“The Cyclic Reflector? Isn’t it called the Cyclic Mirror instead?” Tianming asked.

“Take a look at it yourself.” Li Muyang summoned a mirror from both his eyes which fused into one and formed a two-sided mirror. “This is called the Cyclic Reflector. The one possessed by the Nineshades Clan is only the Cyclic Mirror. There is a one-word difference,” said Li Muyang.

“So, how are they related?” Tianming knew that Autarch Qian used the Cyclic Mirror to imprint the Cyclic Stigma on Weisheng Yunxi and Li Wudi. It was something that only the Cyclic Mirror could resolve, but Li Muyang dealt with it using the Cyclic Reflector. Was this related to the Cyclic Reflector merging with the fragments of the Cyclic Mirror?

“The Cyclic Mirror is only part of the Cyclic Reflector. The Cyclic Map from the Divine Tomb tracked the real Cyclic Reflector, not the Cyclic Mirror,” said Li Muyang.

Tianming was dumbfounded for a long time. In the end, the Cyclic Map really worked, but it tracked the Cyclic Reflector, not the Cyclic Mirror. The Nineshades Clan thought that the Cyclic Map was useless, but they had no idea that it could track Li Muyang’s location. It was just that Autarch Qian treated it as a joke since he thought that Li Muyang was dead.

“So, is the Cyclic Reflector related to the Divine Tomb? Or let’s put it this way. Is it related to the Perpetia City?” Tianming looked at Li Muyang.

“It is related. Your Grand-Orient Sword, Prime Tower, Evil Suppression Pillar, and Cyclic Mirror are parts of divine artifacts. The Cyclic Reflector is a divine artifact of such a level,” said Li Muyang.

That also meant the Cyclic Reflector was on a whole new level compared to the Cyclic Mirror, Grand-Orient Sword, Prime Tower, and the Evil Suppression Pillar! The Cyclic Mirror was part of the Cyclic Reflector, which meant that the Grand-Orient Sword should be a powerful artifact that belonged to the Primordial God-Emperor.

“What other identity do you have aside from the Ancient Qilin Clan?” Tianming asked. Otherwise, how would Li Muyang possess the Cyclic Reflector? Furthermore, Li Muyang wasn’t shocked when he heard about Perpetia City.

“Perhaps this might sound bizarre to you, but Heaven's Sanctum’s Mu Yang is my tenth reincarnation. The Ancient Qilin Clan’s Li Muyang is my ninth reincarnation. That also means I have eight prior reincarnations,” said Li Muyang as he held onto the Cyclic Reflector.

“Tenth reincarnation?!” Tianming heard a buzzing noise in his mind and asked, “Father, that means you’ve undergone nine reincarnations, right? Could it be that you’re a god in the past?” Li Muyang sounded like a conman, and Tianming found it hard to believe him.

“Tianming, that’s where you’re wrong. Not even a god can undergo reincarnation. If a god dies, he dies. Only the Cyclic Reflector can allow me to undergo ten reincarnations. I found the last fragment in my ninth reincarnation, but I failed to obtain it. I lose my memories in every single reincarnation, and I did everything I could in this lifetime to regain my memories. And finally, I completed the Cyclic Reflector in this lifetime,” said Li Muyang.

“I don’t exactly understand what you’re saying.” Tianming smiled bitterly.

“That’s normal. Not everyone can understand the secrets behind the Cyclic Reflector,” Li Muyang replied.

“You’re saying that you relied on this treasure to undergo ten reincarnations? Oh, and what’s with the Grand-Orient Realm’s Abyssal Battlefield? Why am I your son on the tenth reincarnation? You’re my Uncle Yang on the tenth reincarnation and abandoned my mother for twenty years?” The moment Tianming finished speaking, he was glared at by Wei Jing. In the end, his mother was still his mother.

“That’s a long story…” Li Muyang replied awkwardly.

“Then make it short.”

“Alright, remember what I'm going to say. Use your most solemn attitude and listen to what I say.” Li Muyang looked at Tianming.

“Go ahead. I’m listening.” Tianming wiped the smile off his face and became serious.

“According to my original plan, I was supposed to awaken my memories when I was in my twenties and then rely on my tenth reincarnation to ‘escape’ from my pursuers. I never expected that when I awakened my memories, I was still not free from my pursuers. So when I was in my most desperate moment, I chose to pass on everything to you and sealed my memories to return to being Mu Yang. 

“This is the reason why I neglected you and your mother for twenty years. Tianming, I didn’t have a choice. You must understand that I’ve been running for my life since my first reincarnation, and even now, we still have one of our feet in death’s door.” Li Muyang’s words were like flames that made Tianming’s scalp go numb.

His mother once told him that she ran into Li Muyang, who avoided a pursuit in the Abyssal Battlefield. And after a night of tenderness, that was how Tianming came to be. Afterward, Li Muyang disappeared. So it turned out that he sealed the memories of his tenth reincarnation and became Heaven's Sanctum’s Mu Yang again.

He only awakened his memories again in the past year, but first, he needed to awaken the memories of his ninth reincarnation before the rest. It must be related to the fact that he awakened his memory in the tenth reincarnation that Wei Jing wasn’t able to recognize him. With Li Muyang’s strong will, Wei Jing was easy to think of him as someone else.

“When you say pass on everything, are you talking about the Primordial Chaos Beasts?” Tianming asked in a hoarse voice. That was his greatest secret, and he long knew that it came from his true father.

“That’s right.” Li Muyang nodded his head.

“What are they exactly?” Tianming asked. It was a question that even Ying Huo and the rest wanted to know.

“Legend says that whenever the Heavenly Dao is about to wither, and reincarnation comes to an end, the boundless realms will give birth to ten Primordial Chaos Beasts, and every single one of them will possess colossal bodies. Wherever they go, they will be accompanied by chaos. And after destruction, they will silently disappear, allowing heaven and earth to rebuild itself and order to reconstruct itself,” said Li Muyang.

“World destruction and reconstruct order?” Tianming blinked his eyes. He had to admit that what Li Muyang said today was too unbelievable.

“Right, Tianming.” Li Muyang patted on Tianming’s shoulder and continued, “In my first life, I came from the most mysterious clan in the world. We were once lowly, but we fought with gods, demons, and astral beasts. We lived an ordinary life, but we were also incredible. You must remember that regardless if I’m Li Muyang or if you’re Tianming, we both come from the Sky Plunderer Clan. We plunder the sky, and we’re a clan that creates miracles.”

“The Sky Plunderer Clan? By plunder, you mean robbing?” Tianming was speechless.

“That’s right. We plunder everything. We plunder souls, fate, and time. We even plunder the stars and primal chaos!” Li Muyang’s voice sounded like it came from the ninth heaven, which echoed out loudly.

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