Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: 615

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“Li Tianming?” Jian Xueyi was briefly stunned before she shook her head with a smile, “Stop bullshitting. How could he possibly accomplish something like this?”

“Yeah. How can it possibly be him?”

“Aside from Xuanyuan Yufeng, no one can defeat the Fang siblings teaming up. Moreover, there’s no way Xuanyuan Yufeng could do it in the enemy’s base. The Fang siblings probably want to withdraw for us to fight it out with the Dragonmight Faction so that they can obtain first place in the faction battles,” said Jian Xueyi.

“Faction lord, that’s what I thought at first. But at least twenty informants said that, and two of them even claimed to have seen it with their own eyes. Furthermore, we captured a dozen disciples from the Azureriver Faction and all of them heard of it as well. Furthermore….”

“Furthermore what?” Jian Xueyi was dumbfounded. Everyone else also looked at each other with disbelief. After all, a feat like this was simply too difficult.

“Li Tianming captured the Fang siblings, and he’s now controlling the entire Azureriver Faction to head south and attack the Dragonmight Faction’s rear!” Zhao Yijue said in a hoarse voice. He couldn’t see through Tianming previously, and now he felt awkward when he had to explain his accomplishments to Jian Xueyi.

This was the Swordking Faction’s dawn of hope in this desperate situation. Zhao Yijue wasn’t jealous. He was happy, but also very embarrassed.

“That’s easy. Fly up and see where the Azureriver Faction is going!” Jian Xueyi could no longer be bothered to say more. She rushed to the top of Silverriver Valley and looked down the mountain. She could see the forty thousand people from the Azureriver Faction, and none of them ran. Rather, they were heading toward the Dragonmight Faction.

“Holy shit, it’s true?” Jian Xueyi cursed out. “This was really done by Li Tianming? Why is my heart beating so quickly?”

She fell into a daze when she recovered from her shock. She had seen the battle between Tianming and Gu Qingyao. Tianming had obviously been going all out at that time, and he still couldn’t do something like this even if he went all out.

When she returned to the crowd, everyone began asking her about the current situation. Jian Xueyi excitedly said, “The Azureriver Faction is really heading south, and they’ll encounter the Dragonmight Faction in fifteen minutes. It’ll be our best opportunity to fight back when they attack the Dragonmight Faction.”

“Faction lord, are you serious? Li Tianming really did it?” everyone asked in surprise. This was a nirvana for them.

“I don’t know. I can’t be sure for now, but my blood is already boiling,” Jian Xueyi laughed and started capering around.

“Faction lord, please pay attention to your image.”

“Cough, cough! Oh, yeah.”

She naturally had to make arrangements for this great opportunity. Simultaneously, a hall lord with the name Qian Feng returned from the battlefield with the Dragonmight Faction. The Swordking Faction was blocking the south, and the Dragonmight Faction could only squeeze in a portion of people. So the southern battlefield was well-fortified.

“What’s the matter?” Jian Xueyi asked.

“Faction lord, I just captured a deacon from the Dragonmight Faction and I found some odd intelligence from him,” said Qian Feng.

“What is it?”

“He said that since the beginning of the faction battle, Li Tianming has been specially targeting their scouts and even killed two hall lords, Gu Shaoyu and Xuanyuan Ganggang. He alone took down 10% of the Dragonmight Faction’s forces. If he hadn’t been targeting the scouts to disrupt the Dragonmight Faction’s rhythm, they would’ve already gotten first by now,” said Qian Feng. His words dropped a bomb in the surroundings and everyone fell into silence.

“Wow, a hero has appeared!” Jian Xueyi’s eyes widened with hearts reflected in her pupils. 

“Are they sure it was him?”

“Isn’t that a little overpowered? He alone did this to the Dragonmight Faction? Not to mention that he even charged into the Azureriver Faction’s army and captured their faction lord and deputy faction lord, holding them hostage to attack the Dragonmight Faction.”

“Holy shit, he’s simply godly!” Everyone had admiration written on their faces.

“Quick, go and investigate!” Jian Xueyi said.

“Investigate what?”

“Li Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao! Find out if they’re a couple!”


“I’m gonna snatch him over for myself!” Jian Xueyi smiled.

“Wow, Faction Lord. That’s shrewd. Do you know how many hearts you’ll break if disciples of the Swordking Faction hear that?” Qian Feng replied.

“Haha! I’m just joking with you, but all of you listen up. Don’t waste the opportunity that he’s given us! Go make preparations immediately to besiege the Dragonmight Faction with the Azureriver Faction!” Jian Xueyi ordered.

“Faction Lord, we can actually choose to retreat and let them kill each other. This way, we can sit firmly on first place,” Zhao Yijue suggested.

“No, we can’t do that,” Jian Xueyi said.

“Why not? The Dragonmight Faction isn’t weak, and we’ll also suffer a great loss. It’s unsure if we’ll even make it out. But we can firmly sit on first if we leave and let them fight among themselves,” Zhao Yijue analyzed.

“No means no,” Jian Xueyi said solemnly.


“I have a feeling that Li Tianming wants to get rid of the Dragonmight Faction.”

“Faction Lord, isn’t the prospects of our disciples more important here?” Zhao Yijue said in a strange tone. While they argued, everyone in the surroundings fell into silence.

“Prospects are equally as important as courage, passion, and loyalty. We won’t have an opportunity to turn the tables around if it weren’t for Li Tianming. We’ve held our tails between our legs long enough before the Dragonmight Faction, and I don’t want to be a coward anymore. Are you satisfied with that reason?!” Jian Xueyi said solemnly.

“Yeah, what you said makes sense,” replied Zhao Yijue.

“Deputy Faction Lord, I support the Faction Lord,” said Qian Feng.

“I support the Faction Lord as well. I don’t want to be a coward,” said another chief.

“I concur!”

“Me too!”

Zhao Yijue gritted his teeth and inwardly felt uncomfortable. Right at that moment, a figure descended from above dragging a chain. It was Tianming. He brought the Fang siblings before everyone and asked, “What are you guys doing here? This is a great opportunity to retaliate!”

Everyone was dumbstruck looking at him.

“What’s the matter? You guys have never seen someone as handsome as me?” Tianming asked.

“Handsome? You’re simply an animal!” Jian Xueyi said.

“Are you praising or cursing me?” Tianming smiled bitterly.

“I’m naturally praising you. I would’ve made a huge mistake this time if it wasn’t for you. I’ll definitely cry my eyes out when I go back,” Jian Xueyi said with red eyes.

“Then let me discuss something with you,” Tianming smiled.

“What is it?”

“I want to become the Faction Lord. It’s fine just briefly. You can be the Deputy Faction Lord for now, and I’ll return the position later,” said Tianming.

The crowd fell into silence once again. It was a little too fierce for Tianming to come and demand to be the Faction Lord. The Swordking Faction was brought up by Jian Xueyi alone, and everyone was accustomed to her leadership.

“No way! You’ve finally exposed your ambitions!” Zhao Yijue sneered.

“Shut up. There’s no place for you to talk here,” said Tianming.

Jian Xueyi stopped Zhao Yijue from speaking any further, and she looked at Tianming, “Tell me. What’s your motive?”

“My goal is the Heaven Cauldron. So I have to make the Swordking Faction take first place. But you don’t have to worry about it. You’re still the one in charge here, and I’m only here for the title. I’ll return the Faction Lord position after I go to the Heaven Cauldron,” Tianming smiled.

“Sure, we’ll go with that then, Faction Lord!” Jian Xueyi waved her hand and made her decision. She continued, “I actually hesitated a moment earlier because I was afraid that the brothers and sisters wouldn’t be able to accept you. But since you’re only here for the title, you can have it.”

“Big Sister, you’re a straightforward person,” Tianming smiled.

Jian Xueyi blushed and asked, “Tianming, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you want to be buried with me?”

“What the hell?” Wasn’t that a cheesy pick-up line? Wasn’t that a little too straightforward?

“Big Sister, I already have someone I love,” Tianming replied with his face blushed.

“Okay, get lost then. Don’t come and show how handsome you are in front of me again since you’re already someone’s husband!” Jian Xueyi gnashed her teeth.

“Alrighty. I’ll leave these two to you, and I’ll make a trip first. Remember to fight back, and don’t pick the wrong time.” Tianming handed the Fang siblings over to Jian Xueyi.

“Faction Lord, where are you going?”

“Well, since I’m the Faction Lord now, I naturally have to go and crush the enemy Faction Lord!”

“You’re addicted to acting cool? Be careful lest Xuanyuan Yufeng knocks your teeth out.”

“Then I’ll crush his balls!” Tianming grabbed in the air with a ferocious expression.

“Haha!” everyone laughed at Tianming’s words. They still remembered that those were Jian Xueyi’s words when they had first met Tianming.


In an elegant room in the Dimensional Battlefield. 

“Fang Xingque, you see that?!”

This room had the best view of the faction battle, and there were about thirty youngsters from the Sterling House of Fang gathered here. They were all elites, and there was a young man dressed in a gorgeous robe with long, rainbow-colored hair. He sat on the main seat with his legs hanging on the armrest, tapping a tiny black bean with his hand.

His eyes were small and sharp under his rainbow hair and he was staring at the white-haired youth in the Illusory Battlefield. Fang Xingque took a bite and spat out the fragments of the black beans on the back of another disciple from the Sterling House of Fang. But that person lowered his head and didn’t say anything. Fang Xingque said, “I’m not blind.”

All thirty youngsters from the Sterling House of Fang had ugly faces.

“This person dared to humiliate members of our Sterling House of Fang in public. He’s clearly not giving us any face! The faction battle might be the Human Branch’s matter, but you should give face when needed. After all, we’re all here to watch a performance, not to feel depressed and unhappy. Why don’t we look into this fellow and—”

“Look into what?” Fang Xingque glared at that person.

“His information.”

“Look into your mother!” Fang Xingque smashed the black bean on his face and continued, “Get rid of this person for me within three days after the faction battle. I want him to die as terribly as he can. If he’s still alive after three days, you’ll be the one to die! Screw that! Who the hell does he think he is to humiliate someone from the Sterling House of Fang? Does he think that I, Fang Xingque, am invisible?”

“Xingque, we should look into him just to be safe.” a woman said out beside him.

“Look into him? Then let me ask you. Who’s my grandmother?” Fang Xingque hung his legs up on the chair.

“The Godservant Hall’s Palace Lord.”

“Who’s my father?”

“Sect master of the Heaven Branch.”

“Hear that? I, Fang Xingque, am the king in the Archaion Sect. So why would I need to look into someone?”


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