Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 628

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Chapter 628: 628

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It was the first time Tianming came to the Abyssal Battlefield in the nine divine realms. He felt that the Abyssal Battlefield here was very different. First was the sky—it wasn’t just the thunder spirit hazard, but there were storm, flame, ice, and thunder spirit hazards. The weaker ones had ordinary tribulation patterns, while the stronger ones had dozens of them.

Although these spirit hazards were incomparable to the ones in the Heaven Cauldron, they were present in much higher quantities. Not only the sky, but spirit hazards would erupt from the ground as well.

The Heaven Cauldron’s spirit hazards were collected from the Abyssal Battlefield, and there were many spirit ores here, even some with tribulation patterns. They were the main materials to forge artifacts. 

Spirit hazards, spirit herbs, and spirit ores were crucial cultivation resources. Divine realms would fight for those resources, and the best spirit hazards were collected in the Heaven Cauldron. The countless spirit hazards here did look majestic, but they were useless to Tianming.

“Let’s bring some back to the Decimo Dao Palace if I can return in the future. The spirit hazards here are simply too much.” He still remembered the lightning spirit hazard Meow Meow had absorbed when it was born was only at the level of red heavenly patterns at best.

But Tianming’s attention was elsewhere: the Deepstar Formation. The Deepstar Formation looked like an artificial star, making it look like there was a starry sky above your head when you entered. From the outside, it looked like a spherical astral object that looked boundless.

“I heard that the Deepstar Formation is twenty times the size of Taiji Peak Lake! Furthermore, this is a genuine battlefield, not an illusory domain.” The Illusory Battlefield back in the Human Branch was only ten times as big as Taiji Peak Lake. 

This meant that the twenty thousand participants have a lot of room to move about. Aside from the last three days, the rest of the time would be for tracking and hunting. They could even use spirit hazards and demon beasts to set up traps.

“It’s also a win if I make use of demon beasts to defeat them before making the last hit. This way, even weaker disciples can defeat the stronger ones!” There were too many possibilities in this battle.

Tianming was standing among the twenty thousand people with Fang Xingying beside him. There were people all around them, and none of them exceeded the age of twenty. Standing before the formation was a group of masters. There were roughly two hundred of them, and they belonged to Deepstar Hall.

Deepstar Hall managed the Old Deepstar Path, and they were the host of this game. It was said that they had a tribulation artifact, the Star Hooking Rod. It could stretch a long distance and bring out eliminated disciples.

“The Deepstar Hall’s palace lord, Yi Xingyin, is actually here himself!” Fang Xingying exclaimed, and Tianming followed his gaze and saw a middle-aged man wearing an astral robe. He had fair skin that seemed like the stars. He even seemed to have become one with the Deepstar Formation behind him.

“Deepstar Hall’s palace lord was the best tribulation patternscribe in the Archaion Sect. The Archaion Sect has two threesource tribulation patternscribes, and he’s one of them,” said Fang Xingying.

“Tribulation patternscribe? They’re stronger than patternscribes?” Tianming asked.

“You’re really ignorant.”

“Cut the crap.”

“Tribulation patternscribes are above patternscribes, and they’re graded from onesource to threesource. Threesource tribulation patternscribes are the strongest in the Flameyellow continent! The tribulation formations created by them far exceed heavenly formations created by patternscribes. They’re entities who can manipulate a tribulation pattern’s power,” Fang Xingying said in a revered tone.

Tianming couldn’t help taking another glance at Yi Xingyin when he heard what Fang Xingying said.

“The Archaion Sect has nine divine halls. The Godservant Hall and Deepstar Hall are two of them. The nine palace lords’ positions are only second to the three sect masters, and they’re even higher than Tribulation Peak’s tribulation elders,” Fang Xingying continued.

“Is Sourceglow Hall one of them?”

“Yeah. Sourceglow Hall manages the Earth and Heaven Branch disciples’ recruitment and structure. They’re ranked the last of the nine divine halls. You’ve seen palace lord Gou Yuqiu, and you didn’t know that?” Fang Xingying said with disdain.

“What’s the Godservant Hall’s ranking?”


Tianming now knew why Fang Qingli was so aloof. Tianming now understood most of the Archaion Sect’s structure. There were three sect masters, nine hall palace lords, tribulation elders, and the Archaion Army’s nine divine marshals.

At that moment, Yi Xingyin was handing out the Astral Formations to disciples. Just from his surname alone, everyone could tell that he was like Ouyang Jianwang; he wasn’t someone from the three clans.

Yi Xingyin was fusing Astral Formations into the disciples’ bodies and telling them to enter the Deepstar Formation.

“If you’re severely injured, the Astral Formation will go into a protection state and protect the owner from all attacks?” Tianming asked.

“No. empyrean saints won’t be able to do anything to the Astral Formation in protection state. But Samsara stage disciples can break through the formation and kill.”

Tianming was taken aback by that. He asked, “You mean Heaven Branch disciples can kill people?”

“Yes, as long as they’re faster than the seniors in the Deepstar Hall.”

“Why is that?”

“That’s to distinguish ranks and privileges to inspire Earth Branch disciples to reach Samsara stage and become a Heaven Branch disciple. What’s the matter? You think it’s cruel?” Fang Xingying asked.

“The winner is king, and they can control the life and death of others. It’s not cruelty, but reality,” said Tianming.

Twenty thousand disciples were waiting in line. Suddenly, someone called out, “The Heaven Branch disciples are here!”

Tianming turned to see over a hundred youths rushing over under the leadership of Human Branch’s sect master, Fang Taiqing. With Fang Taiqing leading the way, their aura was even more ferocious. Wherever they went, Earth Branch disciples would give way and let them cut the queue.

“Xingyin, I’ll leave these children to you,” said Fang Taiqing. The Heaven Branch disciples under his management might be few in number, but they were the sect’s elites.

“Please be reassured, sect master,” Yi Xingyin replied in an amicable voice. 

“Alright then.” Fang Taiqing turned around. “Perform well. Don’t embarrass the Heaven Branch.”

“Yes, sect master!” everyone said confidently.

Fang Taiqing then glanced at the rainbow-haired boy in the crowd, who was forced to lower his head from his stern gaze. After he finished speaking, Fang Taiqing quickly left. Yi Xingyin said nothing when the Heaven Branch disciples cut the queue since it didn’t affect anything. He then continued fusing Astral Formations into the disciples. Among the crowd, Tianming saw Xuanyuan Muxue. She wore a white dress and a light blue cloak. After she obtained her Astral Formation, she stepped into the Deepstar Formation without a word.

“Xuanyuan Muxue is one of the youngest disciples in the Heaven Branch. She’s only a few months older than Xingque, and she has a high status in the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. She’s a genius to be nurtured, the same as Xuanyuan Yuheng,” Fang Xingying said while enviously looking at the Heaven Branch disciples.

“Is Xuanyuan Yuheng overaged? Why isn’t he here?” Tianming searched the crowd and failed to find Xuanyuan Yuheng.

“He has already been to the Deepstar Pool and formed an Ancient Deepstar Godbody,” said Fang Xingying. The Ancient Deepstar Godbody was only a cultivation technique, the strength depends on the amount of astralsources absorbed.

“Isn’t the Deepstar Battle only held once a decade? He won when he was ten?” Tianming sounded his doubt.

“Of course not. It’s because he performed well in the Archaionfiend Trial and obtained the qualification to enter the Deepstar Pool,” said Fang Xingying.

“Archaionfiend Trial? Is it related to the Archaionfiend Eye?”

“That’s right.”

“What’s it about?”

“No idea. Anyhow, it’s something that only those from the Archaic House of Xuanyuan’s Trioptic True Dragon Branch can join. It’s related to their third eye, and it’s located in the Heaven Sacred Mountain,” said Fang Xingying.

Tianming’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He made up his mind to find out more about the Archaionfiend Trial. Who knew, it might be his opportunity to obtain the Archaionfiend Eye. Everyone from the Trioptic True Dragon Branch had three eyes, and so did he!

“Disciples of the Sterling House of Fang, gather around me!” Fang Xingque yelled. At least four hundred people stood out from the Earth Branch. In addition to those from the Heaven Branch, they had nearly five hundred people!

Among the Sterling House of Fang’s disciples, Fang Hongxuan and Fang Bihan were the worst. All five hundred here were better than them.

“Everyone listen up. We’ll pay back whoever dares to touch our men when we’re out!” Fang Xingque declared and swept his glance into the surrounding.

“Isn’t that a little too arrogant?” Tianming was speechless.

“The Draconis House of Jian doesn’t have many people, but they’re almost on the same level as the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. But the Archaic House of Xuanyuan’s seniors are stricter, and they have a solid foundation. They’re very particular about their character,” said Fang Xingying.

Different clans have different spirits. Suddenly, Fang Xingque turned to look at Fang Xingying.

“You, come over,” Fang Xingque said.

“Shit. I’m doomed!” Fang Xingying had already tried his best to hide behind Tianming, but he was still discovered. In the end, he could only go up and get slapped.

“Why’d you hit me?” Fang Xingying asked.

“You’re standing together with him? Are you stupid?” Fang Xingque asked.

“I tricked him into entering the Deepstar Battlefield for you so that you’ll have an opportunity to deal with him. Can’t you see that?” Fang Xingying gnashed his teeth.

“You’re serious?” Fang Xingque’s eyes lit up. “I’ve wronged you. You’ve done well this time.”

“Yeah.” Fang Xingying held his face. He didn’t return to Tianming, but entered the Deepstar Formation together with the Sterling House of Fang’s disciples. Before Fang Xingque entered the formation, he turned to look at Tianming and sneered.

“What a fool.” Tianming couldn’t be bothered with him. No one could catch up to Meow Meow in the Deepstar Formation, yet Fang Xingque wanted to touch him?

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