Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 639

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Chapter 639: 639

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Tianming was dumbstruck and continued looking down. He saw a city amidst the fog where the nine forks separated. The voice was coming from the city, and he was shocked. “How is that possible?”

Tianming looked at the city like a fool. He had a strange feeling, although he couldn’t see it clearly. It felt like he had been to the city before—it was Perpetia City!

“The Divine Tomb? The Demon City?” While Tianming’s heart was in chaos, he saw a vague figure appear in the city down below. Tianming couldn’t see her, but her figure was similar to the girl’s silhouette in his heart. Suddenly, that figure yelled, “Who dares invade my Perpetia City!”

Tianming felt sweat drip from his forehead. Had he been discovered? Right at that moment, the little girl called Xianxian appeared before the figure and the world tree started trembling. The nine flowers gathered together.

Feeling shocked, Tianming turned and saw a black arm descend from the sky and grab the tree’s roots, then pluck it out from the myriad worlds. The city trembled, and he saw the massive Archaionfiend Eye at the center of the black arm when it passed by Tianming’s eyes. It wasn’t just one eye, but a hundred thousand of them that looked like worms tightly packed together.

“A hundred thousand eyes? A hundred thousand Archaionfiends?!” Tianming didn’t dare to breathe. Just what the hell was that? Having one Archaionfiend Eye was powerful enough. Would having a hundred thousand still be considered human? Tianming still thought that this arm came from his father’s first reincarnation. But it didn’t look like that was the case; if it was, it would be too terrifying.

“You’re the fourth.” It was a deep and powerful voice. “From hereafter, I will control the chaotic cycles of reincarnation!”

That voice alone was enough to cause the entire world to tremble. Tianming’s vision shook before everything returned to normal. He was back in the cave with the egg in his hand. But right at that moment, his heart was rippling with waves and he couldn’t calm himself down for a long time.

“What are the Primordial Chaos Beasts, and why are they trying to destroy the world? How are Ling’er, Xuanyuan Xi, and Perpetia City connected to the person who was speaking?” The questions plagued him greatly. But fortunately, he wasn’t someone who would bury himself in a hole.

“I don’t have to care about the past. They’re my brothers now, and I only look at the present. As for Ling’er and Perpetia City’s secrets, let’s leave that for the future. Xuanyuan Xi’s descent with the Demon City must be related to this matter.”

But the greatest puzzlement was the black arm with a hundred thousand Archaionfiend Eyes. Who did that arm belong to?


“What are you doing? Are you trying to make yourself look cool before my younger sister?” Ying Huo questioned with contempt in its voice.

“I know what it is,” Tianming smiled.

“What?” Ying Huo immediately became curious.

“A female phoenix,” Tianming smiled.

“HAHAHA! I KNEW IT! MY SPRING DAY IS COMING!” Ying Huo danced around.

“Holy shit!” Tianming slapped its forehead. “What the hell are you thinking about? It's your younger sister!”

“Oh, yeah.” Ying Huo then remembered that fact. But a moment later, it continued laughing, “Great! At least now I’ll have a younger sister serving me!”

“Haha!” Tianming laughed. Wait till she crushes your balls with her branches, leaves, and petals.

He tried to recall what the fourth looked like. It was a tree with nine flowers and a spiritual body, the emperor of all plants in the world. He had initially thought that the fourth beast wouldn’t be strong, but the vision had changed his mind. He still vividly remembered how terrifying the dream was, and he couldn’t help tremble when he saw the tree devour trillions of lifeforms.

“Let’s focus on cultivating and let it hatch as soon as possible.”


The dream was too majestic, and Tianming couldn’t help being affected by it. He was smoothly progressing through the Empyrean Saint stage with the Old Deepstar Path, Grand-Orient Sword, and Prime Tower. This time, the fluctuation in his mood made him even more resolute. “Disregard the past and look only at the present.”

After some time, Tianming was finally in the fourth level of the Empyrean Saint stage. “Empyrean gold body, here I come.”

Tianming stood before a river with Ying Huo and Meow Meow beside him, while Lan Huang tumbled in the water.

After becoming a fourth-level empyrean saint, Tianming could sense that his body had transformed. He still had a mortal body, and the transformation wouldn’t be all that until he cultivated a body-refining battle art. But because he had the Primordial Chaos Beasts’ physique, he could sense his bloodline’s growth.

Bloodline represented a person’s talent, and it was equivalent to a tiger cub reaching adulthood. So he would naturally undergo a transformation when he reached this stage. Tianming could sense the transformation right from the foundation; he was becoming more like a Primordial Chaos Beast.

“It must be related to the Primordial Chaos Beasts’ physique that I can absorb so many strands of Invincible Sword Ki. I wonder how strong my body will become after the empyrean gold body transformation. My talent in cultivating a body-refining battle art must be terrifying, right? Everyone has a limit in absorbing astralsource, and I wonder where mine is.”

If his limit was too high, he might be able to create an unprecedented Ancient Deepstar Godbody. He took out a saint beastial weapon with about ninety saintly heavenly patterns that was comparable to Weisheng Yunxi’s Radiant Astral Chain. He had taken it during the faction battle, along with many other things. 

Holding it in both hands, Tianming gently bent it, relying on his physical strength alone, and snapped it into two. 

“I can actually achieve this with my physical strength alone!” Tianming was shocked. “I can try going down the Heaven Cauldron tomorrow and see if I can reach the bottom without cultivating a body-refining battle art!”

His vitality was vigorous and he seemed like a wild beast. He asked, “How do you guys feel?”

He couldn’t tell any difference in the three from their appearance. Ying Huo replied, “It’s just like you said. There’s a transformation from the depths of our bodies. Mine’s lesser, and Turtle Bro’s is stronger.”

As for Meow Meow, it was ranked in the middle. Lan Huang was flying around. Although Ying Huo said that its transformation was weaker, it was still a lot stronger than Tianming. In addition to having over four hundred stars, Ying Huo’s strength had been raised to a whole new level.

“I can finally show off my body now!” Ying Huo raised his wings and flexed.

The fourth level of the Empyrean Saint stage is the beginning of the empyrean gold body, and every breakthrough will strengthen the body and saint ki at the same time. Starting from today, the fighting prowess of their physique was like their abilities, becoming their signature.

The empyrean gold body would continue being strengthened, and as his lifebound beasts were Primordial Chaos Beasts, they would only become even more powerful. Just when Tianming was speaking, Lan Huang burrowed out from the ground and knocked him flying away.

“Up, up, and away!” Tianming felt like he was being lifted like a three-year-old child. Lan Huang might only be a fourth-level empyrean saint, but the Infinite Stardragon Diagram further empowered its physique. It was unparalleled in terms of close combat.

“Let’s go! I’m going to retaliate now!” Tianming was waiting for today. When his voice fell, danger suddenly arrived. “What?”

Ying Huo appeared behind Tianming and used the Skypiercing Diablos Feather, blocking the incoming attacks for Tianming. 

Tianming asked, “Are you alright?”

“It tickles,” Ying Huo replied with disdain. It lowered its head and looked at its trembling wings.

Tianming saw the newcomer. That person had an azure wooddragon beside him, with two hundred and sixty stars. They were holding a flower with nine petals that were all hidden weapons. They were none other than Xuanyuan Cangcang, a ninth-level empyrean saint, one of the strongest disciples in the Earth Branch.

“Li Tianming, you dare to create such a huge commotion when your life is being threatened?” Xuanyuan Cangcang held the hidden weapon and looked at the little bird on Tianming’s shoulder. He didn’t see how Ying Huo had managed to block his hidden weapons.

“Didn’t you catch the bait?” Tianming smiled.

“That’s called courting death, you piece of garbage,” replied Xuanyuan Cangcang.

“I’m a piece of garbage?” Tianming shrugged. He was actually waiting for Fang Chenyu, not Xuanyuan Cangcang. “Then again, Fang Chenyu must be coming over soon. Let’s deal with this fellow first.”

Tianming exchanged a glance with his lifebound beasts and yelled, “Attack!”

Tianming had always been straightforward when it came to attacking. If he wasn’t provoking the other party on purpose, he wouldn’t even bother speaking. He knew that the Deepstar Hall was observing him, and the audience must be waiting for him to embarrass himself.

Disciples of the Sterling House of Fang were all arrogant, and they were fond of looking at others making a joke out of themselves.

“Watch closely then.” Tianming finally moved. With two Grand-Orient Swords in his hands and three Primordial Chaos Beasts, who could contend with him?

Wooden dragon claws burst from the ground below. It was the Azure Wooddragon’s ability, Greatwood Cage. It wasn’t ordinary wood, but the azure wooddragon’s empyrean gold body!

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