Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 682

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Chapter 682: 682

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“There’s only one winner, and the winner takes all?” Tianming felt that arrangement would make the entire event even more exciting. There was only one reward, and everyone would be fighting over it.

“Yeah. For example, the last Number One summit was hosted by Nonahall Ghost Sect. Back then, the nine divine realms were fighting over an ancient battlefield. There were many tribulation artifacts in it, and the realms fought over it for a long time. Many people died. In the end, they decided to put it as the reward for the Number One Summit. In the end, a disciple from the host, Nonahall Ghost Sect, obtained the title of ‘Number One.’ So their sect benefited from the entire ancient battlefield,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Wow. So what’s the reward this time?”

“It should be more intense than it was last time. After all, this ‘reward’ is related to us, and it’s not a battlefield,” replied Xuanyuan Muxue.

“So, what is it?”

“Roughly eight years ago, there was a phenomenon in the starry sky that attracted the masters from the nine divine realms. They soared into the sky and climbed to the highest altitude that cultivators in the Samsara stage could reach. There, they discovered a place called the Kilostar Domain. The Kilostar Domain is the lowest secret domain in the starry sky. I heard there were five supreme tribulation manna there, and the masters from all nine divine realms fought for them. 

“Opening the Kilostar Domain’s gate was exhausting, and it requires at least half an hour without any disruptions. So anyone who tries to step in will be knocked down by others. The Kilostar Domain has been in dispute over the years, and they decided to put the five supreme tribulation manna as the reward this time,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Supreme tribulation manna?” Tianming verified.

“That’s right. They’re ninth-grade tribulation manna. Each of them can allow a lifebound beast to possess nine hundred stars and reach the Flameyellow continent’s pinnacle. I heard that a tribulation beast with a thousand stars is equivalent to a god’s divine beast. Ninth-grade tribulation manna is also the best you can find out there.

“The five tribulation manna are of the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth elements, respectively. It’s rare to find all of them together, and the divine realms all wanted a piece of them. So that means the sect of the disciple who obtains the title of Number One this time will have the Kilostar Domain all to themselves,” replied Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth?” Tianming had most of those elements, so he could use them.

“Yeah, it’s indeed rare. Just think about it—who wouldn’t go crazy if they can receive resources meant for house kings as a disciple?”

“Didn’t you say that the reward goes to the sect instead of the individual?” Tianming asked.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m not sure about the other divine realms. To encourage our disciples, the Tribulation Peak said the reward would go to the individual who takes the Number One title. The disciple can also swap it with the sect if the elements aren’t compatible,” explained Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Got it.” 

The reward wasn’t complicated. All he had to do was to defeat everyone and obtain the title. Although he still had to visit the Kilostar Domain to retrieve the tribulation manna, it shouldn’t be a problem based on the Number One Summit’s rules.

“Muxue, how will the ultimate winner be determined?” 

Tianming was making his final preparations, but he had no idea what to expect for the future. But since the Deepstar Pool still hadn’t opened yet, he could make full use of this opportunity to ask her questions.

“Our sect has about two hundred participants, while the other realms range from one to four hundred. That means there’s a total of sixteen hundred participants fighting for the title. The first round will be an elimination round in the Skyorigin Battlefield. Your opponents will be randomized, and there will only be four hundred disciples left after two rounds of elimination. Those four hundred disciples will receive the qualifications to enter the Nether Battlefield.

“The Nether Battlefield has nine levels in total. The nine divine realms’ disciples will be placed in the first level to fight. After the elimination round, I’m guessing that our Archaion Sect will have barely a hundred disciples remaining, or even fewer. The other eight realms should have about three hundred or so remaining. If they’re ruthless enough, we might lose all of our Heaven Branch disciples. Then again, that’s the worst case scenario. The nine divine realms all have their own thoughts, and it’s impossible for them to be unified,” explained Xuanyuan Muxue in a trembling voice.

She felt that the Number One Summit was too dangerous, but no one wanted to give up as a member of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. After all, they were the host of the event.

“What comes after the Nether Battlefield?”

“Thirty-two people will emerge and go into the final battle. The final battle will be simple—an elimination duel. Only the final victor will be the winner. The rules might be simple, but the disciples who make it to the finals are all powerful, and the grudges between the divine realms will also ignite. The last one standing will have his fame spread throughout the continent and win glory for the sect,” sighed Xuanyuan Muxue.

“The rules aren’t complicated, but it won’t be easy to be the last man standing,” commented Tianming.

“That’s right. Furthermore, there are many different environments and spirit hazards in the Nether Battlefield, not to mention that it also emphasizes teamwork. It’s a team fight between the strongest disciples of the divine realms. That also tests the disciples’ leadership ability,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

The Skyorigin Battlefield, Nether Battlefield, and the Ultimate Battle. It was rounds of elimination until the last man standing.

“The Skyorigin Battlefield will open the day after tomorrow according to the schedule. But I heard that the other divine realms are putting airs and coming late, so it might be delayed. But I don’t think it’ll be too much longer. Honestly speaking, we’ll be able to tell the divine realms’ attitudes from the first round.”

“Using the lives of Heaven Branch disciples to test the other divine realms’ attitude towards us.... Why do I feel like Fang Taiqing is using us as cannon fodder?” Tianming snickered. After all, Xuanyuan Muxue said that Fang Taiqing was the one who had made the final decision.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re all willing to do it if we can differentiate our enemies from allies for Her Eminent,” replied Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Why do I feel like you’re not optimistic about the summit?” Tianming asked.

“I dreamed of our two hundred disciples all dying last night,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

“What about me?”

“You died the worst death. You were ripped into pieces. I even dreamed of them kidnapping the goddess and executing her in public. The divine realms only let us off after that as they left.” Xuanyuan Muxue’s face was pale with her eyes turning red.

“Don’t overthink it.” Tianming knocked Xuanyuan Muxue on the head.

“Don’t die,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

“I won’t. After all, I still haven’t compensated you. How about this? I’ll give you one of the five supreme tribulation manna if I manage to get them,” suggested Tianming.

“Okay. That’s a promise then,” said Xuanyuan Muxue seriously.

“Can’t you be a little more courteous about it?” Tianming smiled.

“Why should I be courteous when you have no hope of being the last man standing?” Xuanyuan Muxue asked.

“You’re not afraid that you’ll embarrass yourself by losing after speaking with such confidence?”

“I’m looking forward to being embarrassed. But can you even do it in the first place?”

“I’ll give it a try.”

“Do your best then, Li Tianming. You trash,” smiled Xuanyuan Muxue.

“Don’t look down on a lad while he’s still young. I’ll be waiting to see the expression on your face when the time comes,” replied Tianming.

For some reason, those words sounded familiar to Xuanyuan Muxue and gave her déjà vu.


Tianming entered the Deepstar Pool when it opened. His conversation with Xuanyuan Muxue had only made him even more motivated. He tried frantically absorbing the astralsources without any concern for pain or death. He absorbed different elements into his body, and the pain from the elements clashing was no joke. It felt like his body was being torn apart.

But he knew he had to persevere, or Feiling would be decapitated in public like in Xuanyuan Muxue’s dream.

Seeing the beads of sweat rolling down Tianming’s forehead and his face distorted by pain, Xuanyuan Muxue asked, “Are you insane?!”

“No. I’m just betting all my chips on changing destiny!”

The pain was nothing. If he couldn’t protect his loved one, he would rather die. And since he wasn’t afraid of death, why would he be afraid of pain?

But he only told himself that, not Xuanyuan Muxue. She stood beside the Deepstar Pool and stared at him for two hours. During this period, Tianming refined at least ten wood astralsources, which far exceeded his previous speed.

“How is it?” Xuanyuan Muxue asked.

Tianming crawled out of the Deepstar Pool. Covered in blood, he grinned and said, “That feels great. It feels even better than a massage!”

I’ll rip you to pieces one day! Xuanyuan Muxue cursed. However, Tianming got up to his feet and ran out.

“Why are you so impatient?”

“Big Sister, I’m running out of time here. I can only take full advantage of the time until everyone’s here,” said Tianming, gasping for breath.

“You only know how to make a hasty last-minute effort,” Xuanyuan Muxue said in a disdainful tone.

Tianming was long gone by the time she finished making her comment. He executed his top speed and streaked down the Old Deepstar Path. There were thousands of stars surrounding him; they were all Astral Wills left behind by the predecessors.

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