Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 704

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Chapter 704: 704

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The Swordsoul Mountain range in the Sixpath Divine Realm was enveloped in complete silence for a long time. When the thirty Hexapath Sword Sect disciples almost destroyed the hell tree, they were cheering and whistling. But when Tianming killed Feng Linyin, they shouted and cursed in rage.

Then, when twenty-nine disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect died in the ensuing battle, the entire Sixpath Divine Realm fell into dead silence. They looked terrible, their faces pale and awkward. When the anger finally bubbled over, they suddenly realized they were just cowards at heart, showing false bravado and unable to do anything. They looked ridiculous.

The twenty-nine weren’t ordinary people, but amazing talents of the Hexapath Sword Sect, elites selected from hundreds of millions. They were the embodiment of dreams for many. People of the same age were earth or sky saints, but those were samsarans! Few in the Sixpath Divine Realm would ever enter samsara.

Those twenty-nine “sure wins” had decided to take the risk for revenge, hoping to deal with the Archaion Sect disciples in one go. However, they had underestimated their hatred and courage, as well as Tianming’s ferocity. Instead, they were ruthlessly stabbed by those so-called weaklings. The Sixpath Divine Realm was stunned.

There was pin drop silence throughout the entire sect as disciples and elders looked at each other in dismay. Those who were previously yelling insults shut their mouths, their faces purple.

"I-isn’t this too...."

"Is there a point in continuing? Let's go to war! We’ll get our legions to attack the Monorigin Divine Sect and destroy their realm at once!” 

"Slay those bastards and avenge our disciples!” 

All kinds of cursing broke the deathly silence—an expression of the young people’s rage. In fact, their words meant nothing because attacking the Archaion Divine Realm wasn’t a decision they could make alone. At present, the signs from the divine realms were obvious.

The Number One Summit was an opportunity. If the Archaion Divine Realm was willing to execute the goddess, the matter would be resolved. If not, then five divine realms would join forces to attack shortly after the end of the Number One Summit, which meant the attitude of the remaining three divine realms was very important.

Regardless, the Sixpath Divine Realm would have to fight, otherwise they would never forget this enmity. At that moment, everyone in the Sixpath Divine Realm committed Tianming to memory.

"Fortunately, Feng Xiaoli returned.” 

"Jiang Wuxin must be furious. He hasn't fought in a long time. Let's see how he kills Li Tianming while surrounded by the enemy!” 


In the swamp layer, Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree was entwined protectively around the hell tree while its spiritform hung from Tianming's arm, looking out with its big eyes. Xuanyuan Yucheng and Beigong Qianyu had also both narrowed their defense range. Tianming was stationed in the outermost position.

"They aren’t afraid of dying.” When Tianming looked behind him, Xuanyuan Yucheng and Beigong Qianyu were talking in low voices—their last exchange before the end.

"What are you going to do? Enter death phase and fight to the death?” Ying Huo asked.

"I can enter death tribulation any time; it's easy. But getting out is difficult. It's better to wait until we leave the Nether Battlefield. After all, cultivating here isn’t exactly convenient. Once I enter the death phase, I’ll age at a hundred times the usual speed. It hurts to think of growing old. Oh, my youth! Stupid lifesbane,” Tianming grumbled.

"Why act all pitiful when it’s clearly benefited you! Without the Aeonic Grandbane, you’d still be a weakling stuck in the Grand-Orient Sect.” Ying Huo pursed its beak.

"Bullshit. At the very least, I would’ve reached the Divine Capital.” Tianming smiled.

Nestling comfortably in Meow Meow’s fur, Tianming stared at the darkness in front of him.

"Now that our position has been exposed, what can we do besides enter the death phase?” Meow Meow asked seriously.

"That’s it. Jiang Wuxin will certainly unite with the others. If he finds them, we can only fight to the death. After all, our hell tree is here. However, I have the Prime Tower. With your speed, I won’t die. As long as I’m alive, I’ll get them back ten times for each Archaion Sect disciple they kill. I might not be able to save our people, but I can certainly kill our enemies.” 

Tianming gritted his teeth, gloomily spitting out that last sentence. Then he narrowed his eyes as two people appeared in front of him.

A battered young man led the way, his expression flustered. The other young man had a slight build and appeared rather ordinary. His eyes were covered with a black cloth.

A terrifying killing intent enveloped the man so he resembled a demonic sword. The turbulent sword ki, combined with that gloomy, ungodly aura, made them all uncomfortable. The breath of death phase pervaded his body. Despite being separated by a thousand meters, the man’s death tribulation energy and killing intent seemed to shoot toward Tianming.

The man rode on the back of a gigantic black wolf that was larger than Meow Meow’s Regal Chaosfiend form. The most terrifying thing about the wolf was the fact that it had more than five hundred stars in its eyes, which proved that it was a fifth order tribulation beast and a whole level higher than Ying Huo and Xian Xian.

"A sunscourge fiendwolf? Jiang Wuxin?” Tianming immediately recognized them.

Among the disciples of the Archaion Sect, Tianming’s lifebound beasts had the most stars.

Although Jiang Wuxin was the most common type of beastmaster and only had one lifebound beast, his sunscourge fiendwolf had the most stars out of all the participants in the Number One Summit. Ordinary beastmasters didn’t require as much manna, as they only possessed one lifebound beast. But even so, the sunscourge fiendwolf with five hundred stars in its eyes was considered quite rare. Most importantly, it was able to evolve on its own.

"He’s here alone?” 

Upon scanning the area, he realized Jiang Wuxin and the battered young man were the only visitors. The battered young man was most likely Feng Xiaoli, who had escaped earlier.

Narrowing his eyes, Tianming immediately came to a realization. 

First of all, killing these two meant concealing the location of the hell tree. Secondly, Jiang Wuxin was extremely daring. His purpose was to avenge his wives by killing Tianming. Moreover, there was a high probability that he was strong enough to accomplish his goal.

Xuanyuan Yucheng had once mentioned that Jiang Wuxin was one of the strongest disciples of the nine great sects; he was certainly stronger than Xuanyuan Yucheng.

At that moment, Jiang Wuxin finally recognized Tianming. Although he was blind, his lifebound beast could see. Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others spotted Jiang Wuxin as well.

"Come back!” Xuanyuan Yucheng shouted.

The next moment, the sunscourge fiendwolf roared and charged toward Tianming with Jiang Wuxin on its back. The power it exhibited was truly amazing, worthy of a fifth order tribulation beast. As soon as its power was released, it frightened the other lifebound beasts.

Tianming had yet to retreat, however. Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yucheng and at least thirty other people raced to support him. Tianming's gaze was icy; he noticed Feng Xiaoli next to Jiang Wuxin. Afraid to fight, the man quickly hid behind Jiang Wuxin.

"Big Sister Qianyu, why don’t you take a few people with you and kill Feng Xiaoli?” Tianming said decisively.

"Alright!” Beigong Qianyu shouted for Fang Yuewei. Without the slightest hesitation, the two withdrew from the team and went after Feng Xiaoli.

Jiang Wuxin and the sunscourge fiendwolf arrived in front of Tianming. That said, Tianming hadn’t had much of an opportunity to act because Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others had already surrounded Jiang Wuxin.

"Kill them!” 

"Be careful!” 

As long as the two were killed, their current crisis was likely to be lifted. This was of great significance to the disciples of the Archaion Sect.

"We’ll join them.” 

Calling for Ying Huo and Meow Meow, Tianming left Lan Huang and Xian Xian behind to guard the hell tree in case of a sneak attack. Tianming didn’t need to do anything. Jiang Wuxin stared him down like a ghost. The dark- and fire-type wolf unleashed a blazing vortex that tore open a gap.

Fast as lightning, Jiang Wuxin appeared in front of Tianming. It was obvious he cultivated a powerful body-refining art.

"No need for eyes, the heart discerns with precision!” 

Tianming watched in surprise as Jiang Wuxin skillfully avoided their attacks in the encirclement, nimble as a cat. He cleverly dodged the attacks, all the while darting back and forth, even successfully avoiding Ying Huo’s tribulation sword ki.

"Be careful, Li Tianming!” Xuanyuan Yucheng and Fang Chenjing quickly chased after them accompanied by the cries of a dragon and phoenix. However, they couldn’t keep up with Jiang Wuxin.

Their expressions turned ugly. In fact, none of them had ever fought Jiang Wuxin head-on. All of the information they had on him would make no difference without any experience. The blind man had a better understanding of his surroundings than anyone else.

At this moment, all his anger and killing intent condensed within the black sword in his hand. The weapon had at least seven tribulation patterns.

"Li Tianming, you will become one of the dead souls under my sword. Your heart will be pierced by a thousand swords each day. You’ll atone for my wives’ deaths for a thousand years!!” 

Although he was blind, Jiang Wuxin’s sad, trembling voice perfectly expressed the hatred and anger in his heart. The enmity between them was irreconcilable. Without any hesitation, he attacked at once, aiming his sword at Tianming's eyes.

"The Wuxin Sword Art?” 

It seemed Jiang Wuxin cultivated the Hexapath Swordfiend’s Wuxin Sword Art. The Wuxin Sword Art wasn’t a battle art, but a way of cultivating the sword. Jiang Wuxin wasn’t previously known by this name; Feng Qingyu had named him after the art.

Tianming had to admit it was very profound. He couldn't predict the trajectory of Jiang Wuxin's sword or grasp his true moves. The sword seemed directed elsewhere, and at the same, appeared as if it could land in any direction. It was constantly changing as boundless sword ki surged within the sword.


With Jiang Wuxin's roar, Tianming was engulfed by the magnificent sword ki. Although Jiang Wuxin was a fourth-level death phase samsaran, his power far surpassed that. In the face of this lethal attack, Tianming immediately summoned the Prime Tower and darted inside.

At that instant, Jiang Wuxin’s sword struck the Prime Tower.

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