Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 792

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Chapter 792

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Long Yichen finally saw it clearly. There were countless tribulation artifacts densely packed together in the middle of the vortex, ranging from blades to lances to swords and all other sorts, not to mention armors of all kinds. There were at least a hundred thousand of them, ten times more than the manna on that other star!

Not to mention, these weren’t normal tribulation artifacts. Long Yichen noticed that they all had at least eight tribulation patterns, with some even having ten. Weapons of this caliber were rare even among tribulation elders. Long Yichen's own weapon only had eleven tribulation patterns, and the difference of one pattern was quite a lot for tribulation artifacts. It felt a little hard to breathe, seeing so many weapons piled up like trash like this.

"Even though they aren't worth as much as tribulation manna, there are ten times as many. The total worth is around three times that of the tribulation manna."

"If any divine realm gets their hands on this pile, their forces' might will be greatly boosted."

Even though the weapons weren't going to be Long Yichen's with Ye Bodhi there, he couldn't help but feel moved by the mere sight of it. Not to mention, he at least deserved some credit for finding the location of the weapons. Long Cangyuan would definitely think that his son had helped Ye Bodhi find it, which would no doubt elevate Long Yichen's position in Quadform even more.

He really envied Ye Bodhi for having parents among the top five most powerful on the continent and being their only son. Long Yichen had far too many siblings, and the competition was far too harsh. He turned to look at Ye Bodhi and noticed that even someone like him couldn't suppress a slight smile at the sight of so many treasures.

"The rest of you, hand me your spatial rings," he instructed.

The ten plus tribulation elders all handed their rings over to him. After he wore them on all ten fingers, he should have enough space to store all those weapons.

"Listen up. Stand guard outside and kill whoever dares step into the formation!" Ye Bodhi ordered.


They hurriedly left to secure the perimeter. Someone even started eyeing Long Yichen, in case he intended to fight for the treasures. Naturally, that was the farthest thing from his mind right now. He was just shocked and impressed. After Ye Bodhi entered the formation, he took up a defensive role as well. He saw Ye Bodhi taking the brunt of the pressure from the countless stars in the vortex. It seemed that even with his cultivation, entering the vortex would be really hard. Fortunately, they had time, since nobody was there to interrupt them. Ye Bodhi didn't intend to inform the ghoul kings about this. If he kept everything here for himself, he would be able to dominate the entire Nine Divine Realms for sure. With his parents having his back, he would be unmatched.

Someone like him is definitely worth submitting to, Long Yichen thought with an envious look.

Soon, two hours passed as they anxiously watched Ye Bodhi almost break through the formation to reach the core of the vortex. The hundred thousand weapons would soon be his to claim!

If we continue using the starmap according to the method he discovered, we'll definitely find even more! Long Yichen thought. After seeing Ye Bodhi succeed, he had relaxed a little.

At that moment, he heard a few panicked cries coming from the Nonahall tribulation elders. 

"What's going on?"

Then he saw a white-haired black-robed youth bursting through the clouds above like a meteor. "Li Tianming!" Why was he here now? They had been really careful and stealthy the entire time. Didn't Tianming escape using the black hole star? Long Yichen didn't have time to overthink things, as Tianming was already charging toward the vortex.

"Stop him!" he cried. They were in huge trouble. Back then, they had thirty other seventh-level death phase samsarans to surround Tianming, so he had no choice but to run. However, those elders were now on their way to Xue Yi, leaving only Ye Bodhi capable of dealing with Tianming.

"The fact that he dares to show up right now means that he isn't afraid of Ye Bodhi or me." Immediately, Long Yichen decided to intercept Tianming along with the hundred or so tribulation elders, who summoned more than two hundred lifebound beasts in total and charged toward the white-haired youth.

"Kill him!" They hadn’t forgotten that Tianming had more than ten thousand tribulation manna in his possession. With Ye Bodhi with them, the tribulation elders fought fearlessly.

"Hehe." Tianming smirked as he attacked with Archfiend, which now had fifteen tribulation patterns. It stretched a thousand meters with a shocking speed and pierced through the chest of the elder at the very front before burrowing through the head of one behind him.

"Found you!" 

He had his gaze locked on Ye Bodhi, who was still within the Galactic Vortex Formation. When he had returned to the black hole star just now and noticed that they were gone, he gave chase. Soon, he felt the Dragonhide pull him towards the direction where he saw Ye Bodhi's shocking foul aura and discovered the hundred thousand tribulation artifacts there. When he looked around and saw that the star was sealed off and nobody else was nearby, he immediately acted. With the thirty seventh-level death phase tribulation elders gone, he was no longer afraid!

Ye Bodhi had noticed Tianming's arrival from within the formation, but there was nothing he could do but continue breaching it. He was already so close! At least it seemed that Tianming had to first break through all the other defenders before reaching him. 

A chaotic battle soon ensued.

The Radix World Tree burst out of Tianming, causing three big flowers to bloom. Radiant Vines whipped out with the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Art alongside Archfiend. Given Xian Xian's current power, both beastmaster and lifebound beast immediately had their skin split if they were caught by the vines. Then, another barrage of Bloodrain Swords shot out alongside Skyscorch Featherblast, piercing so many foes that they bored a path for Tianming to pass through.

"Stop!" cried a blue-haired youth at the end of the makeshift passageway. Long Yichen magnificently stood there, wielding his Skypierce Seashaker trident. It had eleven tribulation patterns, all of them in the shape of azure sea dragons—three on the trident’s prongs, and the other eight on the handle. A loud roar rang out as the sea turbulently raged. Long Yichen's trident shoved the seawater apart as he slashed, only for it to be blocked by Lan Huang's Kilofold Rings.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Lan Huang cried loudly as it used Primordial Soundwave, shaking the nearby elders and causing their ears to bleed. It was enraged at being attacked right after coming out of the lifebound space. Xian Xian had descended onto the ocean and began spreading its roots out. Additionally, the ocean was Lan Huang's home turf. The moment it fell into the ocean, its nine kui seas began rapidly rotating, allowing it to achieve a speed even faster than Meow Meow’s.

"Charge ahead!" Tianming yelled as he descended onto Lan Huang's head. Archfiend was a blur in his hands as it lashed out all over the place, scattering blood and flesh. Both of Lan Huang's heads roared, causing lots of waves to form.

"The other three of you, kill as many as you can so they don't leave to call for reinforcements!" Tianming ordered, but Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Xian Xian had left without needing him to tell them.

Xian Xian wrapped a root around Lan Huang, letting the dragon carry it forward like a moving fortress. Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Tianming were hanging near its branches, slaying anyone that dared to come close to stop them. Then, its third flower, the Evernight Rose, scattered some dark pollen in a wide area. Soon, those that tried approaching would lose all reason.

Ying Huo's body was really small, so small that even the smallest of the enemies' beasts were a hundred times its size. However, Ying Huo had nine hundred and ninety-nine stars and could form tens of thousands of clones with its Infernal Haze, allowing it to cause the corpses of the enemies to rain down without them even knowing where the fatal attack that killed them had come from.

The same also applied to Meow Meow if it didn't morph into its Regal Chaosfiend form. After gaining the Venus Fiendbone, its tail, claws, and fangs could pierce through any beast’s defenses, no matter how tough they were. Even the strongest of tribulation artifacts would shatter from the impact.

Xian Xian's impressive crowd control abilities, in the form of Radiant Vines and Evernight Roses, allowed Ying Huo and Meow Meow to kill even more efficiently. Apart from Long Yichen, there was another seventh-level death phase samsaran hall lord to look out for. His lifebound beast was a gigantic black rhinoceros that was covered in spikes. The beast tried ramming Lan Huang from the front, only to be sent flying from the impact.

Tianming's lifebound beasts were far too powerful after assimilating the ultimate tribulation manna. It shouldn't be a problem for Tianming to fight against a hundred people at once if he had the time. The more he lashed out with Archfiend, the more enemy corpses rained down. He had lived through one encirclement after another, and now had the experience to deal with these kinds of situations. Not to mention, with Ying Huo's Infernal Armor on him, most enemy attacks only felt like tickles to him.

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