Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 823

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Chapter 823

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Using Archfiend, Tianming broke through the sea of blood, rushed to the front of Ghoul King Xue Yi, and slammed into the heartscourge fiend like a meteor.

“You’re courting death!” Xue Yi coldly snorted as he waved his sword, forming uninhibited sword shadows. 

At that moment, Chaos Disaster crazily rained down on his head like a lightning hell descending upon him.

“I’m going to rip your mouth, Slit-mouthed Monster!” 

With a cry, Ying Huo unleashed Infernal Blaze hidden within Animacorpus Eradication. However, Xue Yi was able to block the attack right before it hit him. 

His gaze was icy cold. Although the Blood Pagoda Sword was huge, it was as fast as a phantom. With one strike, the blood-red stars suddenly expanded and exploded in front of Ying Huo, detonating its Infernal Blaze ahead of time.  

A thunderous explosion reverberated through the sea of blood. A red spark burst, forming a fireball that stood in Xue Yi’s way. 

“You little beasts just won’t give up, will you?" 

Cracking his mouth wide open, he laughed coldly, his gaze bone-chilling. However, it was undeniable that he had been stopped by them and wouldn’t be able to help the heartscourge fiend for the time being.  

However, he wasn’t worried. From his combat experience, he could tell at a glance that despite their vigor, Tianming and his lifebound beasts had quite a few inadequacies in battle in the face of a man who had cultivated for over two hundred years. 

“How can my heartscourge fiend be so easy to deal with? Fine then. Since you sent this little chick and cat to me, I’ll chop them first!”   

Xue Yi’s attacks were fierce, the third-origin samsara battle arts in his hands seemingly endless. In a short period of time, he displayed at least eight different sword arts, each of them as profound as the Hexapath Samsara Sword. This was the crystallization of all the top Nonahall powerhouses’ knowledge over a hundred thousand years.   

As Ying Huo and Mew Meow did everything they could do to obstruct Xie Yi, Tianming climbed onto the heartscourge fiend. Although the beast vehemently shook its four-hundred-meter-long body, Tianming managed to hold on with the Archfiend. Even so, he was dragged thousands of meters into the starry sky.  

He crashed into the formation several times and was bitten by the dragons. The heartscourge fiend’s blood-red venom crazily spread throughout Tianming's body, tearing his Ancient Deepstar Godbody apart. 

For the moment, Tianming didn’t dare use the Dragonhide due to its large consumption of energy. If it was used improperly, his opponent would remain standing while he would be weak and easy to kill. Under such circumstances, he had to persist as long as he could.  

“Losing means dying. I’m finished if the formation below is destroyed and the sealing formation is gone. I’ll only be implicating the four of them. There’s no retreat!"  

Tianming's eyes were red. From the moment he had entered the Kilostar Domain up until yesterday, he had been planning and strategizing, but now he was on the border of life and death. He could almost see it.  

“I don’t want to die! I can’t die!” 

With an earth-shaking roar, he thrust his sword into the heartscourge fiend. The Imperealm Sword Formation on the Grand-Orient Sword burst out at once, countless threads of gold and black sword ki enveloping the beast.  

However, the heartscourge fiend’s armor was rather hard. The sword ki did nothing to it, but the sword itself ripped out a wound. Tianming immediately discovered that the beast possessed a strong self-healing ability. Its offspring could actually cover up its wounds, merge with its flesh and blood, and become a part of its body, thus repairing the damage.  

The worms were full of energy and vitality because they had just devoured many of Xian Xian’s branches and leaves. As long as the heartscourge fiend stood, their number would only continue increasing. Ghoul King Xue Yi used his experience and odd ways, as well as methods accumulated over two hundred years, to make Tianming suffer.”  

“You won’t die?!” 

His eyes were bloodshot and blue veins were throbbing on his neck. Tianming knew what a heavy responsibility he carried; he had to give it his all. Fleeing meant death, but there was hope if he fought. Such a situation aroused the violence in him, instead of a desire to give up.  

Letting go of Archfiend, Tianming wielded the Grand-Orient Sword in both hands, slashing down on the heartscourge fiend. With a roar, he exhausted all his strength as he dragged the sword in a downward motion, tearing a bigger wound in the beast’s body. 

In that moment, blood spurted from the wound, splattering all over Tianming. The highly poisonous blood corroded and riddled holes in Tianming's flesh. Right now, he was completely unrecognizable, like an ugly ghost.  

“If it weren't for the Kilostar Domain, the heartscourge fiend could destroy me with a single ability. Killing it would be my fortune, so what’s there to be afraid of?!”  

Ignoring his own safety, Tianming continued hewing at the wound until it stretched thirty meters long.

The heartscourge fiend finally ceased using its Soulhide Curse and screamed miserably instead. At that point, its heartscourge worms stopped exploding. 

However, Xian Xian’s branches and leaves were almost completely shattered and most of the Radiant Daffodil and Evernight Rose had been eaten by the worms. In his lifebound space, Xian Xian was bitterly crying. Its girlish sobs broke Tianming's heart.  

“Xian Xian, it won’t hurt anymore. Don’t be afraid. It’s your turn to eat them!” 

Tianming’s voice was filled with pain.

But now that there was a glimmer of hope, Tianming hoped Xian Xian could pull itself together. 

“Aright, I’ll stop crying. These naughty bugs made Half-daddy sad!”  

Although Xian Xian was in a sorry state, it didn’t forget to use Tianming’s nickname. This showed that it wasn’t defeated. After all, they were Primordial Chaos Beasts; what creatures could truly frighten them?   

The Evernight Rose began working again. Without the support of the Soulhide Curse, the worms sank into confusion, killing each other and being devoured by Xian Xian’s black roots. 

Xian Xian's angry outburst resulted in attack after attack. Under such circumstances, its branches, vines, and flowers began to regenerate and regain their vitality at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was ravenous and all the more ferocious.  

“When Xian Xian gains the upper hand, it can support Lan Huang, reverse the situation, and begin a counterattack!" It showed how important it was for Tianming to restrain the curse. However, the heartscourge fiend wouldn’t allow Tianming to lead it by the nose. 

As Tianming ripped apart its flesh, the heartscourge fiend twisted and writhed like a snake, or perhaps more like a cord in a knot. Using its own body to form an enclosed space, it contracted, the spikes on its scales inching ever closer to Tianming. It was like a snake's constriction coil, which could crush men into mush.   

At the same time, its huge mouth appeared on the top of Tianming's head. Blood gushed out and engulfed Tianming. This was clearly a turkey shoot.  

Tianming's completely corroded flesh had turned black, his Infernal Armor long broken. His entire body prickled with pain, a feeling that was worse than death. But at least he had prevented the beast from using the Soulhide Curse. As long as Xian Xian and Lan Huang could gain an advantage, his persistence would have meaning.    

But what Tianming was most worried about was whether or not Ying Huo and Meow Meow could resist Xue Yi.

“He has endless methods. If even Ghoul King Qing Ming possessed the Greenwater Ghoul Art, what more does Xue Yi have in store?” 

Proficient in various battle arts, Xue Yi was a powerhouse on par with Fang Taiqing.

“I must kill it!” 

A fire raged in his chest.

In fact, his worries were reasonable. Right now, Ying Huo and Meow Meow were indeed in mortal danger. 

“Cat Bro, be careful!” 

Just as Ying Huo shouted that and Meow Meow unleashed its abilities, Xue Yi disrupted the lightning with the Blood Pagoda Sword.

“Die!” Xue Yi roared.

His thunderous cry seemed to be some sort of battle art, similar to Lan Huang’s Primordial Soundwave. It condensed into a beam that rattled Meow Meow’s eardrums. 

In that instant, Meow Meow began bleeding from all seven orifices, its expression miserable. Ghoul King Xue Yi followed up with another slash of his sword, shattering the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape and slashing down on Meow Meow's forehead. Despite its urgent attempt to strengthen itself by transforming into the Regal Chaosfiend, the power of this blow easily hacked through its flesh, right down to the bone. 

Fortunately, it possessed the Venus Fiendbone, otherwise Meow Meow would have been split in half. Even so, that terrifying power cracked Meow Meow's skull. Black blood spouted as it screamed in agony, its gaze drifting. Meow Meow swayed unsteadily on its feet.  

“So the ultimate tribulation manna made your bones this hard? Such hard bones indeed! If it weren't for the sealing formation, I could break your bones with my fingers!" Xue Yi sneered.   

Tianming couldn't kill the heartscourge fiend, yet he could easily kill Tianming's two lifebound beasts. Wasn’t that wonderful?

“The fact that he dared to fight instead of flee shows that he actually thinks it’s possible to defeat me. How naive! If he did attempt to flee, I might not go after him since the formation is here.”   

That was the reason he didn't want help from Ghoul King You Ying. If You Ying joined in the battle, Tianming would definitely escape. At the moment, You Ying was the only one he trusted. For Xue Yi, the Blooddragon Sealing Formation was the most important thing in his life.   

“You’ll pay the price for underestimating me!” 

Xue Yi unleashed another blow upon the dizzy cat. All Meow Meow could do was wait for death to come. 

Right then, a blazing phantom shot toward Meow Meow as Ying Huo used its body to block the sword. 

Drawing a breath, Ying Huo let out a gut-wrenching scream. Half of its wing was broken! 

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