Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 830

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Chapter 830

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“The formation has grown stronger.” 

“If the column of light continues shining, the formation will keep growing stronger." 

“Where’s the beam of light coming from?” 

“Go down and have a look.” 

Since the formation was more powerful, there was no point in staying there. They followed the direction of the column of light

“It’s coming from the direction of Taiji Peak Lake." 

“The five-colored beam is coming from our sect?” 

“There’s only the Old Deepstar Path and Heaven Cauldron in the sect. The Old Deepstar Path only has one use, so it must be the Heaven Cauldron!” 

“We’ll find out if we go back and take a look.” 

They sped up and quickly returned.


Next to the grey star, many people from the five divine realms were studying the star’s changes. There were tens of thousands of elders there, all frightened and uncertain, their eyes staring blankly.  

With the big commotion on the grey star, the matter of Tianming slaying Xue Yi had been tossed to the back of their minds. The only ones still violent and furious were the two gigantic beasts, the heartscourge fiend and skyscorch bloodfiend. They were still searching for Tianming while everyone else was only thinking about the grey star. With the appearance of the five-colored column of light, they were even more surprised.  

“It’s coming from the Monorigin Divine Realm....”

“What on earth is it?” 

The tribulation elders looked at each other.

“I want an explanation.” 

With his hands behind his back, Feng Qingyu turned around to look at the three ghoul kings behind him. They were You Ying, Fu You, and Lan Yi. Lan Yi had been keeping guard outside the Kilostar Domain.  

“My apologies, Brother Feng. We really don't know. At first, Xue Yi thought that destroying the red formation would break the seal. He guessed right. But we don't know why this grey star suddenly appeared." You Ying seemed puzzled.  

“You really don’t know?” asked Feng Qingyu.

The three ghoul kings nodded. It seemed they were still grieving for Xue Yi’s death.

“Two ghoul kings dead, we have none of the treasure from the Kilostar Domain, countless tribulation elders have died, and now the Kilostar Domain is gone. Wouldn’t you have to commit suicide to make up for your mistakes when we return?" 

A cold voice sounded in the distance. They didn't need to look to know that it was Li Caiwei.

“We’re guilty, but the best thing to do is destroy the Monorigin Divine Sect and avenge the dead. It won’t be too late to accept punishment from the sect after we’ve accomplished that." You Ying lowered her head.  

“Those are empty words. I don’t believe you don’t know what the grey star is. I wonder if this was the real reason you wanted to open the Kilostar Domain.” Li Caiwei sneered.

“That’s venomous slander!” Lan Yi shouted.

“Stop this nonsense. They’ve paid a heavy price,” said Feng Qingyu.

“You’re a man of virtue and prestige. I trust your words.” 

Curling her lips, Li Caiwei said, "So what's next? Our original plan was to get the treasures of the Kilostar Domain and divide the four divine realms among us. But now we have nothing, and even lost two ghoul kings to a kid. Our alliance has suffered a heavy blow to its morale. Are we still going to war?”   

“Of course we are. The three of you are invited to the Specter Mountains to discuss the specifics in detail." 

You Ying sounded extremely respectful.

She meant Feng Qingyu, Li Caiwei, and Changsun Shenqiong.

“As for Quadform, they’ll join our great cause once their competition for a new sect master is resolved," added Fu You. 

“I think you three are the errand boys. Now that Xue Yi is gone, we have to speak to the other two if we want clear answers, don’t we?” said Li Caiwei. 

“You can think that way, Lunar Master,” said You Ying.

“Are the two of them willing to come out?” asked Li Caiwei.

“Now that it’s come to this, they’ll lead us in trampling the Monorigin, Triflair, Pentaphase and Octagram Divine Realms," said You Ying.

“It’s strange, I’ve never met anyone willing to display their power only after they’ve suffered a setback. If they’d shown up earlier, perhaps the battle would be over by now." Li Caiwei said with a smile.  

"Who could’ve thought that the Kilostar Domain would be turned upside down by a junior?" You Ying said helplessly. 

As she was leaving, Li Caiwei took one last glance at the grey star above her head. It was now a five-colored star.

“What on earth is it....”

She looked at Feng Qingyu, who had his back to her. He was walking with the three ghoul kings and Changsun Shenqiong.

“Am I being left out?” 


The Quadform Seadragon Hall was built at the bottom of the sea. Luxurious and magnificent, it stretched over thousands of miles. The hall was decorated with countless pearls and gems that reflected the sunlight.  

However, endless turmoil had taken place in that giant glimmering city under the sea, and many areas were now ruined. The clear water was stained red with blood and littered with floating corpses.   

The sudden death of Long Cangyuan left the entire Quadform Divine Realm unprepared. Upon hearing that he had been killed by Tianming, the citizens of Quadform felt greatly humiliated. 

Long Cangyuan was their emperor. For a period of time, the divine realm was in turmoil. In order to take control of Quadform, many forces began fighting in secret, then eventually went to war. The battles weakened their realm, which had already been vulnerable to begin with.  

Finally, a brief but fierce battle ended with the slaughter of Long Cangyuan's two sons, as well as each and every one of his younger brothers. The new emperor of Quadform was chosen. 

As the only one among the nine divine realms that maintained the dynastic system, Quadform’s emperor had great authority. The new seadragon king stepped on a bloody sea of corpses to rise to the throne, showing her courage and ability. 

Yes, she was a woman! Her name was Long Youyue, and she was Long Cangyuan's younger sister. From the start, nobody was optimistic about her. But with the strength to rival her elder brother Long Cangyuan, she personally slaughtered her younger brother and both of her nephews, then used ruthless methods to subdue the masses.   

There were many people in Quadform who were ashamed by Long Cangyuan's sly and cowardly behavior, and Long Youyue's rise allowed them to find new hope. The first thing she did after receiving support was to ascend to the position of seadragon.  

“Long live the king!” 

As the news spread, the turbulent divine realm would soon settle down. After all, the grey star that appeared in the sky garnered a lot of attention. 

In the Quadform Seadragon Hall, a gorgeous woman dressed in black and red dragon robes sat on the throne. She could be considered the nation’s greatest beauty. The years hardly left any traces on her; instead, she seemed to only grow more charming as she matured. However, she hid the charm beneath majesty and dominance. Her every word and move reflected her supremacy.  

Soon after taking the throne, Long Youyue had many matters to deal with. At that moment, someone brought news.

“Sect Master, someone forcibly broke into the Seadragon Hall, possibly intending to steal the Godbane.” 

The tribulation elders below laughed upon hearing that.

“The Godbane is our ancestor’s weapon. For more than a hundred thousand years, no descendant has been able to use it. Who would be stupid enough to steal the Godbane?” 

“By the way, our ancestor has instructed that every new seadragon king who succeeds to the throne try out the Godbane. Sect Master, won’t you give it a try?” 

“Although you’re a woman, your strength is indisputable. If you’re able to pick up the Quadform Seagod’s divine artifact, our sect will surely rise in these troubled times!" 

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