Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 837

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Chapter 837

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Of the seven ghoul kings, Xue Yi and Qing Ming were no more, replaced instead by a girl in white and an old man in black. Those two sat at the very top seat, having the highest standing among them. The other five ghoul kings stood by their sides.

Only four other people were allowed entry to the Nineghoul Skypalace, namely Feng Qingyu, Li Caiwei, Changsun Shenqiong, and the new Quadform Seadragon King, Long Youyue. They were here as the representatives for their sects, and were at the top of their respective sects, unlike the Archaion Sect or the Triflair Sect, which each had three sect masters. Those present had been engaged in discussion for quite a while.

Zi Xiao stood up and said, "Let's go over the results of our discussion. So far, the Pentaphase Divine Realm has been beaten into submission and can be ignored. Their fighting spirit is already broken. As for Triflar and Octagram, Quadform and Heptastar shall deal with them. However, you only need to surround them to frighten them, and don't actually need to attack. Sect Masters Long and Changsun, you two shall join me in the main force. We'll march our grand army in five different directions at the same time to swallow up the Monorigin Divine Realm's hundred and eight cities!

"Even if their main force hides within Taiji Peak Lake, we're more than capable of breaking through the Ninefold Formation with sheer numbers. As for Pentaphase, Triflair, and Octagram, we'll go after them and split their spoils and land among ourselves after dealing with Monorigin, since they were stupid enough to take Monorigin's side. Come to think of it, they must believe that we're trying to go after their small sects first. Let's subvert their expectations and go straight for the main one! What do you all think about the plan?" Zi Xiao looked around the room when he finished.

"Who's going to launch the first waves of attacks?" Feng Qingyu asked.

"Us," Zi Xiao said. "We’ve breached ten cities in Pentaphase and prepared quite a huge number of puppets that we can use as cannon fodder. We'll start by attacking the south of the Monorigin Divine Realm and head north to the sect from there."

"I have some thoughts about that," Feng Qingyu said, looking down at his sword-ki-filled finger.

"Go ahead, Brother Feng," Zi Xiao said after looking at the expressionless first and second ghoul kings.

"With our five factions, taking all hundred and eight cities in the Monorigin Divine Realm should be no problem. I also think the casualties from attacking Taiji Peak Lake itself will be acceptable within reason. So, it appears to me that your sect making more puppets will come at a huge cost of time we can't afford to waste, so I hope you’ll stop using this forbidden art."

"Brother Feng, do you feel bad for the people?" Zi Xiao asked.

"Even the innocent have the right to survive."

"But we’re going to use those from the Monorigin Divine Realm, not the Hexapath Divine Realm."

"They're innocent people all the same." Feng Qingyu looked at the rest and said, "What are you three's thoughts?"

"Senior Feng is definitely powerful enough to defeat our enemies without having to commit atrocities before the heavens. I’m on your side on this," Li Caiwei said.

"I don't really think it matters, especially in the early stages. We have to make the Monorigin Divine Realm pay to break their belligerent spirit," Changsun Shenqiong countered, though it was obvious he was only taking Nonahall's side because he wasn't nearly as powerful as Li Caiwei or Feng Qingyu and hence didn't have their leverage.

"What about you, Sect Master Long?" Zi Xiao asked.

"I don't care either way," Long Youyue said.

Zi Xiao looked at the other two ghoul kings at the top.

The white girl said in her old voice, "We'll do as Sect Master Feng suggests. However, that will make our battles harder. We might need the Hexapath Sword Sect to commit more to the war effort."

"What if I involve myself in the battles?" Feng Qingyu asked.

"That would be ideal. Who’ll be able to stop Sect Master Feng? Your cultivation is unparalleled."

"Surely you jest, Ghoul King Po Suo. I am inferior to the two of you. I wonder when you two will make your moves."

"You are indeed humble, Sect Master Feng. Thanks to our advanced age and the burdens of the death phase, we're draining our own lives with every move we make. So, we have to make sure to use it when it really counts," said the old man in his childish voice.

"The two of you are almost half a millennium old and have persisted in the death phase for more than sixty years. There must be some amazing technique you're using to extend your lifespan. I do wish you'd grant me the honor of learning about it one day," Feng Qingyu said.

"'Tis but a crude technique, nothing worth marveling at," said the old man.

Feng Qingyu no longer continued pushing the matter. Now, the hall was once more silent. Seeing that being the case, Zi Xiao said, "Since we’re in agreement, we should begin preparing for the march."

Right then, Long Youyue said, "Everyone, I have an objection I'd like to bring up."

The ghoul kings were rather surprised, for Long Youyue was the one with the least leverage or backing to speak of all of them. If even Long Cangyuan had no choice but to be an obedient mutt, she had even less right to make demands.

"Let's hear it," Zi Xiao said coldly.

"According to our prior agreement, Hexapath and Biritual get to divide the territory of Monorigin among themselves, while Heptastar also gets a third of Pentaphase's territory. However, our sect will only be getting a fifth of Octagram's land, yet we have to contribute manpower and lives to the effort. I find it rather unfair for us," she said callously.

Everyone turned to scrutinize her.

"Is that all?" Zi Xiao said.


"Then get out of my sight if you're done."

"Is that so?" Long Youyue stood up and continued, "Then Quadform Divine Realm shall be leaving the alliance." She immediately turned and left.

"After you leave this building, you'll be dealt with in ten days and Quadform Sea Sect will have a new sect master," Zi Xiao said.

"Oh? Go ahead and try," she said with a fearless smile.

Right as she was about to leave, the white-robed Ghoul King, Po Suo, asked, "So what is it that you want?"

"I want all the territory belonging to Octagram Divine Realm," she said after turning back. Despite the sheer laughability of the statement, nobody made a sound. She had no right at all to make a demand like that, so the fact that she had meant she was confident she had the leverage for it.

"Very well. Let's be direct. Show us how you intend to convince us you deserve it," Zi Xiao said.

"The person outside shall show you why," Long Youyue said.

"Oh? There's someone outside?" The seven ghoul kings and three sect masters looked at the entrance curiously as heavy footsteps were heard approaching.

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