Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 864

Published at 13th of September 2021 01:00:09 AM

Chapter 864: 864

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The behemoth resembled the Archaionfiend. With its thick scales, it was born to fight and could tear apart the Infinite Starnet better than the heartscourge fiend. And at this moment, it had its gaze fixed upon Xian Xian, spewing a raging fire.

“Stop the bloodfiend!” 

Tianming, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang pounced on the beast. Lan Huang's size was comparable to the bloodfiend. Relying on the hardiness of its flesh and its Kilofold Rings, Lan Huang slammed the bloodfiend to the ground. 

In that instant, the bloodfiend’s Skyscorch Bloodphlegm hit the Nonahall warriors behind it, the terrifying ability immediately burning thousands to death. The bloodfiend was enraged. Today, its only purpose was revenge, even if it meant looking death in the eye. 

Pinning Lan Huang under its body, the bloodfiend opened wide and gnawed its opponent’s neck while its sharp, blood-red tail pierced the two-headed dragon’s abdomen. The horrific power of an eleventh-level death phase tribulation beast came into full play. 

At that moment, Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow collided with the bloodfiend. Thousands of lightning bolts bombarded the beast. Quickly transforming into the Regal Chaosfiend, Meow Meow sank its teeth and claws into the bloodfiend’s neck, digging its tail into the beast’s ribs at the same time. 

Even though the bloodfiend’s flesh was hardened, the 999-star Venus Fiendbone still tore through it. The beast sent Meow Meow flying with its sharp claws, almost shattering the cat’s skull. Blood splattered and Meow Meow howled in agony. 

“You overestimate yourself!” 

The skyscorch bloodfiend was pleased. This was its true power. Even though it was restrained by the Infinite Starnet, Tianming and his lifebound beasts were merely fragile rabbits before it. 

It assumed that Lan Huang and Meow Meow had been severely injured and lost their combat effectiveness, becoming helpless lambs to be slaughtered. To its surprise, after falling to the ground, Meow Meow immediately got back up, its head still intact. Meanwhile, Lan Huang bit the bloodfiend’s shoulders, and with a quick flip, pinned it below its body once more, the Primordial Soundwave deafening its ears. 

“Why aren’t they dead!” 

Not only were they still alive, Lan Huang's abdominal injury had already healed.

However, there was no time for the bloodfiend to continue pondering the question, because a fiery figure suddenly flickered and appeared in front of it. A little bird was aiming at its eyes.

Hexapath Samsara Sword! An explosive sword light burst forth and the bloodfiend quickly closed its eyes, withstanding the attack with its eyelids alone. But even so, its eyelids were almost torn. Outraged, the beast countered by expelling a crimson flame into the sky, engulfing Ying Huo. 

“Go to hell!” 

As soon as its voice fell, there was a sharp pain in its back and blood splattered everywhere. Tianming had ripped out a huge wound with his sword. The power of the Imperealm Sword Formation exploded in its body, resulting in a gaping hole! What made the bloodfiend even more upset was the fact that Ying Huo appeared once more, completely unharmed despite being caught in its Skyscorch Bloodphlegm. 

“You can’t be killed?!” 

As far as the bloodfiend could recall, Tianming and his lifebound beasts didn’t possess such means in the Kilostar Domain. However, there was no time to lose as wave after wave of attacks rained down upon the gigantic beast.

“Fuck off!” Opening a crimson shield, the bloodfiend swept them aside.

“If I can’t kill you, I’ll slaughter the city first!” 

With a sudden flap of its wings, the bloodfiend ascended into the sky. However, dense chains were entwined around its body. It turned around and saw that the double-headed dragon had wrapped its body with chains. Lan Huang dived into the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, its nine kui seas rolling, the tremendous force dragging the flying beast into the water with it.  

Waves reached the sky. With a sneer, the bloodfiend shot out from the sea, pulling Lan Huang along. But as soon as it emerged from the waters, Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow pursued it with relentless attacks. With the suppression of the Infinite Starnet, the bloodfiend could neither kill them nor enter the city, even if it was at the eleventh-level death phase. The heartscourge worms had failed to infiltrate the city as well.

Having devoured countless worms, Xian Xian had grown even larger and was able to help the formation moon deal with the struggling heartscourge fiend. In fact, these two gigantic beasts had never imagined they would be obstructed. 

“You’re courting death!” 

The bloodfiend changed its mind. It didn’t believe anyone could be indestructible.

“Be careful!” 

Aware that the beast had gone mad, Tianming pulled out all the stops, even summoning the Dragonhide to withstand its lethal attacks. In the face of this gigantic beast, Lan Huang was the one who suffered the most. Fortunately, with Tianming and the others sharing the burden, as well as the Greenspark Tower, Lan Huang was still in good condition despite being most heavily injured.

On the contrary, the bloodfiend was covered in blood, one of its eyes blown apart by Ying Huo. Tianming and his lifebound beasts were doing their utmost to resist the bloodfiend in its complete form. 

These two beasts combined were more powerful than Si Ling’s three necrobeasts. If it were any other ordinary ghoul king's lifebound beast, it would be dead by now. 

The battlefield was speckled with blood and corpses. Murderous cries and painful screams filled the air. In the city, the people held back their tears as they contributed all their strength. Everyone knew what a passive situation they were in; the city was approaching a crisis.  

"We’ve managed to restrain even our enemy’s most powerful experts. However, their numerical advantage is still insurmountable!" 

At the formation’s nucleus, Yi Xingyin and the tribulation elders had exhausted all their strength. Although they weren’t fighting on the battlefield, they were already vomiting blood. 

“The Origin Phoenix and Arcana Sword Legions should’ve already been dispatched, but there’s two million warriors in their way. They won’t be able to make it in time...."

In the midst of battle, Tianming realized they had contained Si Ling, the heartscourge fiend, skyscorch bloodfiend, and the other three ghoul kings. Nonahall’s third-origin tribulation elders couldn’t break into the city either. But on the ground, the Fienddragon Legion had been retreating little by little as the enemy’s numbers increased. Soon, perhaps the enemy’s legions would charge into the city and massacre the residents. 

"Once the balance is broken, the city will fall and the outcome will be irreversible!!" 

Anxious thought squirmed at the back of his mind. Tianming and his lifebound beasts were on the edge of death. Intercepting these two gigantic beasts was all he could do. They would be dead, if it weren’t for the Greenspark Tower and breaking through to the seventh-level life phase.

Sweeping his gaze across the battlefield, he witnessed countless city guards consume the last of their strength and fall in battle, never to get up again. These people had sacrificed their lives to protect their home, and the wives and children behind them. They were all desperately fighting, but the enemy’s numbers were too great. How could two hands fight against four fists? 

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