Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 910

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Chapter 910: 910

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Dugu Jin was speaking to the Nonahall powerhouses. They had hundreds of third-origin tribulation elders, all originating from different clans within Nonahall. Their decisions would affect the direction of the entire divine realm. 

"Dugu Jin, I’m willing to follow you!" The moment Dugu Jin finished speaking, a third-origin tribulation elder, one of Nonahall’s divine marshals, immediately stood up. The others were anxious at once. 

"Count me in." 

"Brothers, think this through. There will be two gods in the future, both enemies. We must pick the right side." 

"Xuanyuan Xi is still very weak at the moment. Their formation is the only thing able to stop Dugu Jin. No one else can. Don’t you know what to do?" 

"The Nonahall Ghost Sect doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a joke. Everyone, it's time for a change." 

"Pick a side? Of course I’ll pick the stronger side! Isn’t it obvious who’s more powerful? Dugu Jin alone could take on a hundred Xuanyuan Xis. The so-called ‘goddess’ is too afraid to even show up. She must be trembling somewhere." 

"That's right. The Nonahall Ghost Sect no longer exists and the Nonahall Specter isn’t the ninth god!" 

"The sect is gone. What’s the point in being a tribulation elder?" 

"Dugu Jin has convinced me!" 

"We will all follow you. Toss the old name and pick a new one. I’m embarrassed to even hear it!” 

"Times have changed!" 

Everything was under Dugu Jin’s control. He winked at Long Youyue.

Long Youyue covered her red lips, tears streaming down her cheeks. The man she had waited for for so many years had finally realized his dream. 

"From now on, no one will look down on you." She cried tears of joy. 

"If your father learns of what happened today, would he break out of his coffin?" Dugu Jin laughed. 

Long Youyue chuckled. She brought all hundred thousand Quadform Samsara powerhouses to merge with Nonahall. There were close to six hundred thousand of them altogether! It seemed that the Nonahall ghost Sect wasn’t destroyed, but had grown stronger. 

"Everyone, Nonahall and Quadform are now history. Starting from today, let's stop ranking the divine realms. We’re all pioneers of the new era. Since this is the Flameyellow Continent, we will call this the Flameyellow Imperial Divine Realm. Our new sect will be the Flameyellow Imperial Sect! From this day on, we’re all members of the Imperial Sect, and I, Dugu Jin, will be the first sect master of our sect.” 

What a domineering name that spoke of his ambitions to dominate the continent.

"Greetings, Sect Master!" 

All six hundred thousand warriors knelt down. Nonahall and Quadform were now the Imperial Sect. This way, they could all forget that they had once followed the remnants of the specter race. Dugu Jin finally had prestige. He enjoyed their enthusiastic cheers, but wasn’t carried away by them. He wouldn’t forget his roots. 

"Thank you for believing in me. I promise to live up to every one of you.” 

"Long live the sect master!" 

The thunderous screams toppled the mountains.

Dugu Jin had achieved instant success. As the first sect master, his status was higher than the former Ghoul King Di Zang. But was that it? Not at all. 

After accepting the Imperial Sect’s support, he turned to look at Changsun Shenqiong. At this point, all of Heptastar were shocked by what they had witnessed. 

"Brother Changsun, although the name of our sect has changed, the friendship and alliance between the Imperial Sect and Heptastar Sect remains the same." Dugu Jin smiled. 

"Of course, Brother Dugu." Changsun Shenqiong nodded. 

The winds of change had arrived. Some would soar into the sky while others would fall into the abyss. Changsun Shenqiong was dumbfounded by all of this. 

"Our alliance and the Archaion Sect are like fire and water. Heptastar can’t stay out of the coming war." Dugu Jin smiled. 

"Of course not!" Changsun Shenqiong shouted. 

"Are you interested in merging with the Imperial Sect? We’ll only be stronger when the sects are integrated into one. You’ll be the deputy sect master, Brother Changsun. If we destroy the four sects, perhaps we’ll unify this land," Dugu Jin said solemnly. 

Changsun Shenqiong stumbled, but behind him were the Heptastar tribulation elders. 

"What do you think, Brother Changsun?" asked Dugu Jin. 

"Please give us a moment to discuss this, Brother Dugu!" 

Changsun Shenqiong turned around and joined the sect’s third-origin tribulation elders.

"If we merge with the Imperial Sect, the Heptastar Aerial Sect will no longer exist, Sect Master! That’s a hundred thousand years of inheritance!” 

"That’s true, but what if he achieves godhood in three years? If we don’t merge with the Imperial Sect, we might offend him. When the time comes, he’ll make life difficult for us." 

“Can’t we stay within our formation and ignore matters of the world?”

“What formation can stop a god?” 

“Every time a god was born in the Flameyellow Continent, all sects were forced to abandon the protection of their formations and faced with two choices—either run, hide, and struggle at death’s door, or serve the god and preserve their bloodlines. The sect will cease to exist, but our clan will persist. Even if the Imperial Sect is gone in the future, we can rebuild the Heptastar Sect.” 

“What about joining the Archaion Sect?” 

“Are you an idiot? Now that Fang Taiqing has fled, only Xuanyuan Xi remains. She’s said to need at least ten years to achieve godhood. Very soon, she’ll be slain by Dugu Jin." 

“Believe me, Dugu Jin is more courageous than anyone else. Being able to subdue the Nonahall Sect is proof of his abilities. The weaklings who are all that’s left of Archaion Sect aren’t his match. This is the time when he needs support the most. If we join him now, we’ll have some say in the future. Given our sect master’s strength, if we don’t join Dugu Jin, we’ll be finished when he destroys the four sects.” 

Changsun Shenqiong was outraged.

“Aren’t I capable?” 

“You have yet to reach the twelfth-level samsara stage.” 

Dugu Jin was still waiting for their answer.

“Sect Master, most of us have decided to surrender in order to survive. We’ll take a gamble! Unlike the two old ghoul kings, Dugu Jin is likely to become a god! Pick a side! If you’re going to stand beside him, then be decisive. Hesitation on our part will breed ill-feelings and disdain," they all said. 

“This is a decision we made together. Don’t blame me if anything happens in the future!” said Changsun Shenqiong. 

“Fine, stop trying to rid yourself of responsibility. Won’t you benefit from being the deputy sect master of such an enormous sect?” 

Changsun Shenqiong was resolved.

A great era was approaching.

Turning around, he boldly declared, "Sect Master Dugu, I’ve decided to lead Heptastar in merging with the Flameyellow Imperial Divine Realm. We’ll join you in creating a new era that belongs to us. Heptastar will become the most loyal members of Imperial Sect!" 

Dugu Jin laughed as he hugged Changsun Shenqiong. 

“Brother Changsun, my closest brother!” 

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