Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 939

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Chapter 939: 939

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The so-called order probably meant rules. A world with rules, and a world without rules. However, the order and chaos bits all sounded too ridiculous.

“So what’re these Divine Moon Realm, outpost and Orderia?” Tianming asked bluntly.

“Hah. I’ll do you a favor and explain the structure of the world to you. The world of order and world of chaos are like two towers. And the base of the two towers is the Welkin plane.

“Right now, you’re at the bottom of the realm of order. Sure, the Welkin plane is the foundation of the world, but the truly spectacular worlds are above your head. I told you before that the Divine Moon Realm is an outpost for Orderia. Its location is at the top of the lower levels of the cosmic aether. It supervises the order of dozens of Welkin continents. This means that Flameyellow and dozens of other continents share the same moon.

“The lower levels of the cosmic aether are basically where dust gathers. Above the lower levels of the cosmic aether is the astralscape of order, the land where greater races battle! The Orderia I’m talking about is located in exactly that astralscape of order,” the Archaionfiend explained.

“I understand. Both the lower levels of the cosmic aether and the astralscape of order are in the realm of order. The lower levels have many outposts, while the astralscape of order has Orderia. And each outpost manages multiple Welkin continents.” Tianming tried organizing the Archaionfiend’s ramblings in his mind.

The Flameyellow Continent, the Ninefold Hell, and the Divine Moon Realm were all part of the lower levels of the cosmic aether. Orderia was in the astralscape of order. Both levels were part of the world of order.

Below the Welkin plane, beyond the Abyssal Battlefield, was a realm of chaos where ordinary people couldn’t tread.

“Now do you know how puny you are?” The Archaionfiend smirked.

“How boring you are.” Despite the vagueness of the fiend, the rough outline Tianming had in his head was still very interesting to him. It seemed the boundless world above his head was even more spectacular than he had imagined.

Li Muyang, the sky plunderers, the Primordial Chaos Beasts, and the mystery of the giant black hand were most likely all in the astralscape of order.

“Let me tell you a secret.” The fiend grinned.


“Your sky plunderer race used to be the overlord of the astralscape of order. Like locusts, you went everywhere and seized treasures and nova sources. You all were evildoers that men and gods alike reviled! Didn’t you know that after getting abandoned here? Want to go to the astralscape of order and return to your sky plunderers?”

Tianming frowned. It seemed this fiend didn’t know the sky plunderer race had already been exterminated.

However, Tianming had inferred some things. “My mom and dad probably went to the astralscape of order….”

“So? If you want to go, I know where your nest is!” The fiend’s eyes narrowed.

Those who were too helpful usually had hidden intentions. Tianming decided to beat it at its own game and asked, “Are you certain?”

“Of course. However, you need to fulfill a certain condition to reach the astralscape.”


Have you noticed when you fly to the sky, roughly to where the Kilostar Domain is, you can feel the pull of the earth, and it gets stronger the higher you get? Where if you don’t control yourself, you’ll fall to the ground?”


“The higher your cultivation, the greater your ability to overcome the pull. The true meaning of the Ascension stage is to be able to walk into the heavens by overcoming the Welkinforce. You need to become what you all call a god to leave!”

“I’ll be able to reach Orderia if I reach ascendance?”

“Nope! First level ascendants will only be able to reach the Divine Moon Realm. To continue ascending the heavens and reach Orderia, you need to reach the peak of the Ascension stage!”

“I understand.” 

So that was the real meaning behind the name. Had Grand Emperor Xuanyuan relied on his cultivation to reach the Divine Moon Realm and find allies?

“Is it impossible to reach the Divine Moon Realm without being an ascendant?”

“Well, if an ascendant carries you up, you can go there. The Ninefold Hell directly went over to the world of chaos to hide, so I’m sure the Divine Moon Realm will send people down. After that, if you gain their favor they may bring you up.”

“The Divine Moon Realm has stellunar source. That’s a real cultivation resource, unlike the spiritual energy of heaven and earth you all use here! With your level of talent, you’ll be unmatched at an outpost like the Divine Moon Realm. It won’t be a problem to go to Orderia in the future. ”

Tianming had certain questions after hearing all this. “Why isn’t the Ninefold Hell worried about being hunted by the Divine Moon Realm after entering the Abyssal Battlefield?”

“The people from the outpost are from the world of order. They aren’t natives of the Welkin plane, like you all. Their power comes from the stellunar source and has the distinct properties of order. If they go wild in the Abyssal Battlefield, it’ll be troublesome if they suffer a backlash from the realm of chaos.”

“I see.”

So it turned out Ninefold Hell’s immediate move to the Abyssal Battlefield after being released had to do with his communication.

“Then why isn’t the specter race afraid of the realm of chaos?” Tianming asked.

“They’ve been sealed away for two hundred thousand years. How would they have power above the level of the stellunar source? While they did come from the astralscape of order, they’ve long since been converted to natives of this land.” The fiend sneered disdainfully.

“They come from the astralscape of order?” Tianming was startled to hear of the race’s origins.

“It’s not that incredible. Their Ninefold Hell is obviously a dead star that lost its starcore. I suspect their ancestors were exiled criminals. When their starcore was stripped away, the entire star got pulled down to the Welkin plane and arrived above your continent, then they became the masters here.”

Tianming had to admit that talking to the Archaionfiend was enlightening.

“What is stellunar source and what are starcores?”

“They’re the difference between the astralscape of order and the lower levels of the cosmic aether. The continents of Welkin are the ash and dust from space settling down, or destroyed stars. They were all pulled down by the Welkinforce. Up in the astralscape of order, worlds come in the form of stars like the Ninefold Hell.”

“Just like the Kilostar Domain!” Tianming realized.

“Right. That was a small star that didn’t have a starcore. Starcores are the core of actual starworlds like the Divine Moon Realm.”

“Then the stellunar source?”

“That’s the driving force of a world and its foundation! The stellunar source is considered a lower tier fundamental cosmic force. The really terrifying one is nova source. Nova sources give starworlds the power to resist the pull of the Welkinforce. It’s also a super spiritual energy that provides for the cultivation of all the living things in the starworld. It’s at least a hundred times more effective than your Taiji Peak!

“Let me put it this way. All the spiritual energy in your continents are just remnant energy pulled down from starworlds. The greater races above cultivate by enjoying meat, while you all can only enjoy soup. No, wait, you all do it by smelling faint whiffs....”

Tianming grit his teeth. Fundamental cosmic forces? They sounded like the foundation of worlds, and nova sources and stellunar sources were both two types of it.

“So, nova source is important?” Tianming asked.

“Of course. All the wars fought throughout the astralscape of order’s history were for the sake of nova sources! The victors use fusion formations to devour the loser’s nova source and even destroy their starcore, making it a dead star. The bigger the nova source, the bigger the starworld, as well as the abundance of its available resources. Now you know the purpose of the outpost right?”

“It doesn’t just monitor the continents. It keeps a watch everywhere. Nova sources are consumable, so every time a new one is birthed or a starworld runs out, that means a new war is brewing.”

The fiend stared at Tianming. “The whole reason your sky plunderer race was the overlord of the astralscape of order was because you all could break through fusion formations and steal nova sources!”

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