Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 941

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Chapter 941: 941

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As Tianming was about to leave, the Archaionfiend looked at the sky. The clouds were dispersing, revealing the densely dotted starscape. The Archaionfiend had a demonic smile. “See it, Frog?”


“The stars.”

“I see them,” Tianming said.

“Every star has a nova source. That’s how they shine. They’re just so far that they aren’t as bright as the sun.”

Tianming was stunned. Were there so many worlds out there? Yet the answer was right in front of his eyes. The stars weren’t jewels embedded in the sky that could be plucked out. They were just tiny because they were far away.

Tianming’s vision finally surpassed the ceiling of the continent. The higher your vision, the greater your accomplishments would be. You could only grow more when you saw how much further you had to go.

“Thank you.” Tianming’s words were sincere. Regardless of whatever plot the Archaionfiend was hatching, it had enlightened his path.

Before, he had drawn a complete blank when it came to his father and the Primordial Chaos Beasts’ secrets. But now he just had to ascend to the Divine Moon Realm and he could reach the territories of order.

“I always thought that the struggle over cultivation resources was cruel. But it turns out the struggle between worlds is even more cruel.” A star had died and a race of criminals was banished to the lower levels of the cosmic aether, where they enslaved humanity.

It was like a mere sneeze from higher races had become a storm for those below.

Although it was fascinating, the most important thing for Tianming was still the Divine Moon Realm and the Ninefold Hell. Whether the continent could get through this situation was most likely going to heavily depend on him.

Tianming had grown up here; he could never abandon this place.


Feiling finally woke up.

“Big Brother!” She rubbed her eyes, then opened them and saw Tianming sitting by her bedside. She relaxed when she saw that he was unhurt.

“How do you feel?” Tianming asked gently.

“A bit muddle-headed. Right, did you catch Jiang Wuxin?” she asked worriedly.

“Yes, but we failed.” Tianming explained what had happened.

He grabbed Feiling’s hands and asked seriously, “Do you remember what happened?”

Feiling frowned, thinking hard. She finally shook her head. “It’s all a confusing mess. I vaguely remember someone speaking.”

“Perpetia City manifested and suppressed the Archaionfiend. It even planted a Bloodrose Curse on it that lets Xiaoxiao control the Archaionfiend.”

“Huh?” Feiling was clearly unaware.

“I’m worried Xuanyuan Xi isn’t dead yet. She may yet make a comeback,” Tianming said.

“No, Big Brother. That feeling isn’t like Xuanyuan Xi.” Feiling shook her head.

“What do you mean?”

“It feels different. It feels simultaneously like me and unlike me. I can’t explain it.”

“Could it be related to the person I saw on the Radix World tree in my dream?” Tianming asked.

“I’ve never seen your dream, so maybe.… Speaking of which, that time you asked me to name Xian Xian, I immediately thought of the name ‘Xian Xian’ confidently. Perhaps that person was the first owner of Perpetia City. She then reincarnated into Xuanyuan Xi, and now me.”

“That would be too incredible.” The whole matter was unresolvable.

“Right, there was something else scary.…” Feiling’s eyes widened.


“I seem to have some of Xuanyuan Xi’s cultivation memories. I have all of her comprehension prior to godhood, all the techniques and battle arts she learned, and every step of her heavenly will. If this is true, I just need enough energy to retrain the Perpetia Sutra and form my heavenly will. I don’t need to stumble around, and I should be able to quickly reach godhood.”

“Isn’t that great?” Tianming said.

“But shouldn’t she be gone? Why are her memories here? And especially now of all times?”

“It probably has to do with Perpetia City. Right, any other memories, such as why she died?” Tianming asked.

“No details of her life. Just her training and heavenly will memories.”

“Anything to do with using the Bloodrose Curse?” Tianming asked.


“That means that the curse is far above Xuanyuan Xi’s level. We can infer that the one who suppressed the Archaionfiend was Xuanyuan Xi’s previous incarnation. Let’s call her Perpetia City’s Master.”

“Such a mess. So my body has three people using it?”

“Don’t overthink it. It may just be that some part is lingering on. Worse comes to worst, we can give up on the innate godchild and find some other way to extend your life.”

“I think that’s no longer possible.…”

“What do you mean?”

“After waking up, the two godchildren are locked together.”

“So we can’t use Spiritual Attachment?”


Tianming was silent as he thought. Holding Feiling’s hand, he said, “If that’s the case, just cultivate for now. It’ll be quick for you to recover to her level of strength with her ascendant heavenly will.”

“It should be,” she replied.

The Archaionfiend had its memories, but it was limited by Lin Xiaoxiao.

Tianming thought of Li Muyang. He had originally been in the Heavenly Will stage. After recovering his memories, his strength had quickly risen.

Xuanyuan Dao and the rest who had lost their saint palaces would be able to recover their level quite fast if they could repair their saint palaces. It was just a matter of sufficient energy and resources.

Heavenly will was the true factor that deciding one’s realm. When one reached perfection in their heavenly will, they would become a god!

“You, me, and Xiaoxiao.... We might be able to plug the gap left behind by Dugu Jin, Fang Taiqing, and Feng Qingyu.”

Tianming finally wasn’t fighting alone.

“Yes! I’ll work hard. Xuanyuan Xi has many methods,” Feiling said. It seemed the descent of Perpetia City had brought many changes.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you out.”


“I’m now the Human Emperor. I don’t want to hide anymore. I’m going to declare our relationship to everyone,” Tianming said.

“Announce you’re messing with an ancestor that’s a hundred thousand years old?” Ying Huo was sniggering in the lifebound space.


Just as they were about to leave, Feiling suddenly came to a halt, a look of pleasant surprise on her face.

"What is it, Ling'er?" Tianming asked.

"Xuanyuan Xi's memories seem to have a technique for repairing saint palaces. It uses formations and saintly spirit herbs. Although it won't be as good as the original, it's still a miracle for the patient."

Tianming's eyes shone. Xuanyuan Dao, Ouyang Jianwang, and Yi Xingyin's condition had left him very distraught. Feiling’s words were definitely a dream come true for him.

"I think it should recover fifty percent of their strength. The materials are a tad hard to find, but with how many people respect you now it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Great!” Tianming was extremely excited, and he had none of the flair of a Human Emperor around him.

Tianming grabbed Feiling in a hug and charged outside.

“Hey!” Feiling quickly covered her face. There were too many people outside!


At the lower levels of the cosmic aether, three streaks of light fell from the moon like shooting stars. When they were above the Flameyellow Continent, they finally stopped.

The streaks of light stood there and considered the continent below.

They were actually people.

One of them was a handsome, middle-aged man. He was tall and slender and dressed in fluttering white robes. His temperament was outstanding and his eyes shone like the moon. His most eye-catching feature was a crescent moon pattern on his forehead.

There was a man and woman by his side. Both were young, and the man was slightly older.

The young man had a head of silvery white long hair. A crescent moon mark was on his forehead, too. His face was even more pale, and he was a similarly dashing man. His ethereal presence made him seem very aloof.

The young woman had features similar to the young man. She was wearing a white silk dress with many magnificent circles embroidered on it, and had a pink butterfly knot at the back of her waist. Finally, she had a colorful headband wrapped around glimmering silvery white hair.

With her big eyes and delicate facial features, she looked very lovable. Although she looked rather young, her figure was bountiful and filled with charm.

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