Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 954

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Chapter 954: 954

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“Fuck!” Tianming broke out in a cold sweat. “Senior, I’m a man!” 

“I don’t care if you’re a man or woman. Strip!” The Hexapath Sword God grinned.

Tianming got the feeling that the inseparable Feng Qingyu and Jian Wuyi had patterned themselves after this old man. 

“No.” Tianming firmly refused.

This Hexapath Sword God was merely a Sword Formation that repeated the words left by him.

“Wow! You’re handsome. I like how you’re built!” 

The Hexapath Sword God replied as expected. Tianming's expression was dark; he hadn’t removed anything! The Hexapath Sword God continued reading his lines. "Since you’ve granted me a feast for the eyes, I’ll teach you the Purgatory Dao today!" 

They were finally getting started.

Tianming had been frightened by the old man but also admired the fact that he’d held on to his interests even after being dead for so many years. 

"This sword is a true divine-class sword intent, the crème de la crème! According to legend, humans will enter reincarnation and the eighteen hells after death. There’s the frost, volcano, and thunder hells and so forth...." 

The Ninefold Hell of the specter race was merely the name of a star. No one knew where the fabled hell of the mortal world was. Perhaps it was only an unfounded myth. However, the Hexapath Sword God had created a sword art derived from the Purgatory Dao. 

“In the six realms of reincarnation, the Heavenly Dao governs the upper three realms, while the Purgatory Dao rules the lower three realms, reigning over the beasts and hungry ghosts! This move merges the sword formations into one and combines the eighteen layers of hells. You will have a revelation about the power of the universe that’ll guide you in comprehending the quintessence of Ascension. Only by understanding the firmament can you walk the heavens. Eighteen-fold swords become one. All living beings perish under one sword. Thus, this sword is called the Empyrean Reincarnation. After mastering this sword, you may proceed to the ultimate sword, the Hadean Reincarnation. The two swords can be used together—like earth and sky, or yin and yang." The Hexapath Sword God had lived for a long time. After becoming a god, he had merged all his creations into these two sword strikes. 

“How lonely!” he suddenly shouted. “The two swords are in unparalleled harmony, yet no one in this vast world possesses a matching pair of swords." 

He sounded helpless and mournful as he continued, “You’re about to see hell and the eighteen levels of reincarnation.”

Using his middle finger as a sword, he pointed at Tianming and began his demonstration.

Like the awakening of the heavens and the earth, a sword embodying a dark world shot out and eighteen levels of reincarnations emerged, sweeping over Tianming like a howling storm. 

“How powerful!” Tianming could feel it.

"The Flameyellow Continent is submerged in hell, and my people are dancing dangerously on the line between life and death! I must master this sword and drag the others to hell!" 

During the day, Tianming practiced his sword in the Hexapath Sword Palace, and at night, he cultivated in the Old Deepstar Path. 

Feiling hadn’t left Soulburn Hall over the past few days, and Huiye Shi had disappeared and no longer bothered him. 

On this day, both Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao had good news. Through his recent efforts and under the guidance of Emperor Xuanyuan’s caelum and thousands of specter caeli, he finally entered the tenth-level life phase. When the Aeonic Grandbane integrated with his samsara ring, Tianming clearly sensed the expansion of the ring and an increase in strength. 

This led to certain changes. Compared to samsarans of the same level, his strength was far more profound. From death to life phase, Tianming's strength had undergone a great transformation. 

Meanwhile, Lin Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend entered the twelfth-level death phase, only one step short of achieving godhood. Even so, she was still no threat against Tianming. His breakthrough had come at the right time. This was the result of Tianming's painstaking cultivation under heavy pressure. 

This time, he had held on. 

During this period of time, he had observed Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s entire life until his enlightenment of Ascension. In the future, Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s caelum and these specter caeli would have a less significant effect on Tianming. 

“So what if I’ve entered the tenth-level life phase?” Gaze cold, he recalled the humiliation they had suffered. “It’s been a while since Huiyue Yin’s run amok. Is it because he’s assimilating the trimoon source?" 

At that moment, his thoughts were interrupted by Xuanyuan Dao. “Tianming, there seems to be movement on Her Eminence’s side. Would you like to take a look?" asked Xuanyuan Dao. 


Tianming rushed toward Soulburn Hall.


Late at night, in the wasteland of ice and snow—

“There you are!" 

Huiye Shi descended from the sky, landing on the ice and snow. In this cold wasteland, a man sat on the ice, surrounded by five canine voidgods. Steam swirled, rising from his body. 

It was none other than Huiyue Yin.

Hearing the sound, Huiyue Yin opened his eyes, the five totems on his body slowly fading. Upon noticing Huiye Shi, his lips curled in a smile. "You’re too late, I’ve already given the trimoon source to my canine voidgods. It’s already been fused.” 

“Why so rushed!” Huiye Shi disdained.

“That’s because I know how shameless you are. If I didn't quickly fuse the trimoon source, who knows if you’ll go complaining again and accuse me of stealing your treasures?" Huiyue Yin rolled his eyes. 

“I'm going to complain anyway! It’s your fault for always bullying me!" Huiye Shi grit her teeth. 

Looking at his sister, Huiyue Yin shook his head helplessly and said, "Why are you looking for me? You should already have your beauty. What’re you doing here instead of being intimate with your lover? Do tell me if you’re tired of him. I have my eye on his sword." 

“Who says I’m tired of him? You’re not allowed to touch his things!” said Huiye Shi. 

“He’s not yours yet, is he?” Huiyue Yin sneered.

“Nonsense!” Huiye Shi pouted. "The harder it is to obtain something, the more interesting it is. Isn’t that right?" 

“That’s true.” Huiyue Yin applauded. "Do you want me to forcibly bring him back to the Divine Moon Realm?" 

“No, but since you’ve received my trimoon source, you must do me a favor if you don’t want me to tell on you," said Huiye Shi. 

“Oh, do tell!” 

Hui Yeshi gritted her teeth. "Big Brother, kill someone for me. No, I’ve changed my mind. Play with his woman in front of him! You’ve seen her, haven’t you? She looks decent." 

“I do have a slight impression of her." Huiyue Yin looked Huiye Shi up and down and said in amazement, "I didn't expect you’d come up with something so exciting." 

“So you agree, then?” asked Huiye Shi.

Although many days had passed, the more she thought about it, the more angry she grew; she was on the verge of exploding with rage. Feiling’s words were still ringing in her ears even as she cultivated. 

“Of course not. I'm not like you. I'm a selective man. I don't want to touch animals," said Huiyue Yin. 


“But I can get others to do it, perhaps a few ugly ones. What do you think?” Huiyue Yin smiled. 

Huiye Shi stared blankly at him. Sure enough, the man was ruthless. In this case, Tianming would hate that woman even more, wouldn’t he? 

“Alright, but you can't hurt him!” she said. 

“You’re hilarious! You’re about to break his heart, yet you want to protect his body?" Huiyue Yin laughed. 

“I’m doing him a favor. As long as he climbs out of this quagmire, he’ll thank me. What’s so great about that bimbo?" said Huiye Shi. 

“How exciting! I’ll do it.” Huiyue Yin added, "His sword belongs to me, got it?" 

“Alright, but you can't tell him I was behind this," said Huiye Shi. 

“Of course. You’ll show up and comfort him like you always do, but I’ll be his enemy for life,” he said. 

“Are you afraid?” 

“Afraid? That’s funny.” 

Looking down, Huiyue Yin glanced at the five bane-rings on his arm. He had grown stronger again and was close to a breakthrough. 

“Shishi, come over here. Let’s gaze at the moon together.” 

At the end of their discussion, the brother and sister lay on the icy wasteland.

“Gaze at the moon?” 

Huiye Shi looked up at the full moon in the sky.

“In the Divine Moon Realm, I never thought our home would be the most beautiful place," said Huiyue Yin. 

Huiye Shi nodded. "The Divine Moon Realm is so beautiful!" 

“But it’s a place full of strict rules and regulations. The elders even control our thoughts and force us to become exact replicas of them. There’s no freedom, no wantonness. Everything follows a prescribed order. It’s so boring," said Huiyue Yin. 

“So we’ve become unbridled ever since coming to this place. I feel like there’s a devil living in my heart. Seeing their fear of me makes me delighted," Huiye Shi replied. 

“This is what being strong feels like. Do you understand? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip down here. This is our hunting ground. After repressing our emotions for so long, we’ll go crazy if we don't relax! So stop complaining all the time. It's silly. Have fun when it’s time to play. Unburden yourself on these prey! There’s a devil in everyone’s heart. If you don't look for opportunities to let it out, it’ll just drive you crazy,” said Huiyue Yin. 

Huiye Shi nodded, though she didn’t seem to understand everything. 

“You can kill and set fire to your heart's content, break their beliefs, and see the fear and awe in their eyes. That feeling is amazing. Li Tianming carries the hope of many people. Don’t you think breaking him will be most enjoyable?" 

Huiye Shi nodded vehemently. 

“So your idea is very exciting. I’m hooked." 


“I'm going. You just wait to play the good samaritan!” 

Huiyue Yin rose to his feet and headed toward Taiji Peak Lake.

“When we’re done playing and return to the Divine Moon Realm, we’ll turn over a new leaf and be good children again.” 

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