Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 961

Published at 31st of October 2021 11:40:09 PM

Chapter 961: 961

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Yusheng Luo was slaughtering away amidst the crowd of specters, her clouddream vines mesmerizing many of them at a time. At least a thousand specters had lost their lives to the vines; this was now a blood feud. The specters saw themselves as fundamentally different from the rootbeast race and divine moonrace, and their animosity flared up as Tianming desired.

"She killed the overlady!"

"Overlady, no!"

When rage simmered, reason melted away. The opening act was of utmost importance, and as far as Tianming was concerned it had been perfect. What surprised him even more was the moon guide, Liu Yizhao. Perhaps he was feeling a little guilty over the death of Huiyue Yin and wanted to make up for it, so he joined the fight immediately. He was about as powerful as Yusheng Luo and had four swords as his totems. The four gigantic swords swept across the area. Though they weren’t as agile as the moonfiend or canine voidgod, they were capable of causing excessive destruction. A single sweep sowed immense death and destruction.

With his wife and Liu Yizhao already in the fight, there was no way Huiyue Du would hold back either. He pushed Huiye Shi back and said, "Shishi, stay back. Dad will send these animals to the real hell, not their phony excuse of a planet."

"Dad, I want to fight too!" she said, tears flowing.

"Stay out of this! Don't cause trouble!" he yelled, stunning Huiye Shi, then charged into battle.

"Dad, their ascendants were all involved! Don't spare any of them!"

Countless specters joined the fight, and soon, more than a hundred thousand of them had been killed. These three were a little too much for them to handle. The only one capable enough to match them was Bodhi, yet he was still recovering his abilities in the Divine Moon Realm.

Huiyue Du's totems were also of the heavenly being variety, and were called primalsea fiends. Each one of them stood three hundred meters tall, all giants that could upend the seas. Wherever they passed, countless specters were crushed.

If these specters didn't die, they would be able to kill tens of times more humans after the divine moonrace left. Tianming couldn't afford to be a saint, and only hoped that as many specters would die as possible. He kept count as best he could, not taking his eyes off them. These specters must die. He didn't want to let even a single one go.

Amidst the chaos, Huiye Shi pouted and came to his side. "Hey, I did well, right? I used all my tricks to bring this about, you know. Say something about this, at least."

"It isn’t over yet," Tianming said.

"They're already going wild with the killing. Don't worry, you'll live for sure." Despite having cried for the better part of the day, she was now smiling mischievously. Tianming had to admit that she had a talent for demanding to be spoiled. "So... are you saying I'll get a reward once this is over?"

"Nope, forget it."

"Can't you at least get your woman to remove that thing in my heart? It's terrifying, you know. I helped you so much, so you can see I'm sincere, right?"

"I can't do that, but don't worry. You've helped me a lot, so I'll return the favor when the time comes. Not to mention, as long as you don't harm me, that seed won’t harm you in the least."

"Fine! Meanie. If you ever cheat, you better not fall for me. I don't need to give her a reason to kill me. Sigh, I can't even fairly compete for your affection."

Tianming was stumped. To think that she was still lusting for him after all this. Still, he kept his attention focused on the battle. Blood was raining down all over the Ninefold Hell. The more specters that died, the more their rage was boiling over. It was still a risky affair, but the pride and fury of the divine moonrace stopped them from giving the specters any chance to explain themselves. They went straight in for the kill. Liu Yizhao focused on all the ascendants, killing them one by one. He also tried to claim a few heads in hopes that they would help Huiyue Du calm his rage. They had been friends for centuries, after all.

Those three looked to be about fifth- or sixth-level ascendants, perhaps even higher. Tianming was stunned by their sheer power. If the elites of the divine moonrace relied only on their stellunar source to achieve their power, how much more powerful would the celestial orderians, who had access to nova sources, be? It was said that they would suffer consequences for acting with abandon in the realm of chaos, so they had to hold back a part of their power. In other words, they were far more powerful than their current display of wrath suggested.

Looks like being so powerful can allow one to completely dominate. He watched as a dozen of specters were killed by Liu Yizhao, who was even trying to preserve their heads, probably as sacrificial offerings to Huiyue Yin.

Blood flowed all over the Ninefold Hell. Eventually, only Yi Jun remained before Liu Yizhao. He had already recovered power akin to a level-two ascendant, but was still a few levels short to face off against Liu Yizhao. He stood five meters tall and had four powerful arms, but he still looked puny in comparison to the sword totems. Nobody was powerful enough to take the blows of those swords.

It had all happened too quickly. The three elites had launched into a slaughter, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths among the specters. Even the dozen ascendants were being mercilessly hunted down by Liu Yizhao. Yi Jun couldn't bear to see his comrades die, but more than that, he wanted to know what they ever did to deserve something like that. "Moon Guide, we didn't break the taboo. In fact, we didn't do anything. Why are you slaughtering us?" Could the overlord's presence in the Divine Moon Realm have been leaked?

Liu Yizhao didn't even bother with him. He already had a bunch of heads in hand, and Yi Jun's was the next.

"Moon Guide! Even if we're going to die, I still demand an explanation! Why?!" He gave up on resisting and knelt.

"Still playing the fool?" Liu Yizhao thrust his sword, doubting that Yi Jun would actually not block it. However, the sword easily pierced through his heart.

"Why? Why?" Yi Jun hugged the sword as tears streamed from all six of his eyes. Fighting to his death was a fate he had come to accept, but in this case he didn't even understand what it was all for.

The fervent desire for an answer to his death even shocked Liu Yizhao. "Stop putting up an act. You dared to kill Huiyue Yin, and his sister witnessed it. You won't be able to fool us."

He drew his sword out in preparation to behead Yi Jun.

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