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Chapter 521: 521

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Chapter 521: Stunted Growth? Fu Tingyu is Out of the Mountain

It was the first time Bo Ye had seen Fu Tingyan up close. His phoenix eyes were indeed charming. They were so seductive.

Bo Ye recovered after a short daze. He turned his head to the other side and moved the tip of his nose away.

Fu Tingyan also came back to his senses and saw Bo Ye’s slightly red ears. Only then did he realize that Bo Ye’s ears were also delicate and pretty, and they were slightly different from normal guys’. He couldn’t state what was different specifically. Perhaps they were more beautiful…

He retracted his stray thoughts and continued what he wanted to say just now. “Were you secretly doing something inside?”

Bo Ye was bewildered. He turned his head to look at Fu Tingyan. “What do you mean?”

“What are you nervous about? Perhaps you’re feeling guilty?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” After saying that, Bo Ye walked straight out.

Fu Tingyan turned his head to look at Bo Ye’s departure. What are you pretending for? You’re a man aren’t you.

He retracted his gaze and walked into the bathroom to wash up.

Ye Xue had caught a cold today. Jiang Yu didn’t let her make breakfast. He called for four sets of breakfast delivery instead.

four of them came down to the dining table around the same time.

Jiang Yu placed the breakfast on the dining table and said, “Ye Xue has caught a cold. I’ll let her rest for a few days.”

Bo Ye said, “It’s cold now. Ye Xue doesn’t have to wake up early to cook every day.”

Fu Tingyan nodded in agreement. “I agree. She’s not here to cook. She can do it once in a while.”

Ye Xue listened to their words and felt a warm tingle in her heart. If it were those people, they would have wanted to get more out of her. “I have the habit of waking up early. Cooking is very simple. You guys don’t have to stand on ceremony.”

Jiang Yu turned his head to look at Ye Xue and stretched out his hand to flick her forehead. “Don’t cook next time. You can cook when I want to enjoy your cooking. Do you hear me?”

Ye Xue felt that cooking was nothing, but it was as if she had made a huge sacrifice after hearing what they said. Now that she listened to Jiang Yu’s words, she could only cook when he wanted to eat?

“Okay.” Ye Xue could only nod and agree.

Jiang Yu then withdrew his gaze in satisfaction and continued eating breakfast.

Ye Xue ate a few mouthfuls of breakfast. When she saw that Qin Shu’s seat was empty, she couldn’t help but ask, “Qin Shu hasn’t been back for three days, isn’t it? What if something went wrong?”

“Yeah, Qin Shu must have gone to your brother’s place. Why isn’t she back een after three days?”Jiang Yu was also a little puzzled.

Bo Ye stopped eating and looked up at Qin Shu’s seat. It had been three days.

“Maybe my brother didn’t want to let her go, or maybe he took her out to play. You don’t know my brother. He wishs he can be with her 24 hours a day.”

Fu Tingyan sighed in his heart, feeling a little helpless. His brother loves his wife too much. Nothing was more important than Qin Shul.

“Don’t make it sound like your brother can’t live without your Qin Shu.” Jiang Yu still found it unbelievable.

Fu Tingyan looked up at Jiang Yu and smiled. “You’re right. My brother can’t live without her.”

He sighed, lowered his head, and continued to eat his breakfast.

For Qin Shu, his brother was even willing to send him abroad.

The other three people at the dining table looked at Fu Tingyan, guessing the authenticity of his words.

His brother was a famous person in Jiangcheng. He was unparalleled in all aspects, but he couldn’t do without a woman. How could they not doubt the authenticity the situation?

“If Qin Shu is with your brother, then there’s nothing to worry about.” Jiang Yu tilted his head, picked up a red bean roll, and put it into Ye Xue’s plate. “Don’t worry, Tingyan’s brother is amazing. Qin Shu will be fine.”

“Okay.” Ye Xue nodded, lowered her head, and picked up the red bean roll with her chopsticks, bringing it to her mouth.

Since Fu Tingyan said so, there was no need for everyone to worry.

After breakfast, everyone went to class.

Fu Tingyan’s wounds had not fully healed yet, so he had Bo Ye drive him to class.

In the car

Fu Tingyan ssupported his head on his palm and looked at Bo Ye. He was really quite thin. The waist and arms that he xposed previously were so slender he could have roken them easily.

“Didn’t you eat when you were young?”

Bo Ye asked while driving, “What do you mean?”

Fu Tingyan’s gaze scanned Bo Ye’s body. He was skinny and not tall.

He chuckled. “With your figure, it’s obvious that you’re stunted. Weren you a picky eater when you were young?”

“…” Stunted?

Bo Ye replied, “No.”

“Let’s train together when I recover. With your small frame, the next time we meet your brother, you might really need to be stretchered back.”

Bo Ye, “…”.

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“You’re not interested in learning martial arts?” Fu Tingyan asked again.

Bo Ye replied with one word, “Yes.”

“I want to learn martial arts as well. To be as good as my brother.”

Bo Ye was bemused when he heard that.

Fu Tingyan seemed to have remembered something. “My brother went out to learn martial arts for three years. That place is quite mysterious. Are you interested in going together?”

Bo Ye seemed to be interested. “Where is it?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll have to ask my brother for the details. Besides, it doesn’t seem that easy to enter that place.”

Hearing that, Bo Ye became even more interested. “What are the requirements?”

Fu Tingyan knew that Bo Ye was interested. “I’ll ask my brother the next time he’s here. There were quite a number of entry requirements.”

“Okay,” Bo ye replied.

Hearing Bo Ye’s faint “Okay”, Fu Tingyan’s lips curled up. “Wash my socks for me tonight.”

Bo Ye “…” Taking an inch and asking for a mile!

Ever since he was young, Bo Ye had never washed anyone else’s socks. Ever since he shared a room with Fu Tingyan, Fu Tingyan would make him wash his socks every now and then.

He could always find a reason and a way to make him wash his socks.

Seeing Bo Ye’s speechless expression, the smile in Fu Tingyan’s eyes deepened.

At this moment, on the fourth morning on the mountain

She had been eating bread and milk for a few days, she felt like she’s already turning into a piece of bread herself.

Boss had also been eating fish jerky and milk for so many days he’s also turning into a fish jerky.

This morning, Qin Shu carried the bag and followed Boss all the way. In the end, she found that she had actually reached the foot of the mountain.

It’s the forth day and she didn’t know how far she had walked. Now that she had suddenly reached the foot of the mountain, could it be that Fu Tingyu had already left the mountain?

Boss was standing on a very big rock.

“Meow” Boss turned his head to look at Qin Shu as if to say, “Shall we continue walking?”

Qin Shu put down the bag by her feet. She could feel the pain just by a mere lift of her hand.

She had been walking with such a weight on her back for the past few days that there’s abrasion on her shoulders. Her arms did not feel like they belonged to her, and she had slept listlessly.

This was theresult of not having regular exercise.

Boss had stopped here, which meant that Fu Tingyu had already gone down the mountain. Could it be that he had found Gu Yan?

She took out her phone and glanced at the incoming calls and messages. She did not see any messages or missed calls from the man, which meant that Gu Yan had not yet been found.

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