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Chapter 523: 523

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Qin Shu leaned back in his chair. Originally, he just wanted to close his eyes and rest, but after a while, he felt sleepy and fell asleep.


Boss had no idea what the time was.


An hour and a half later


Zhang San parked his car at the entrance of a nightclub called Golden Resplendence.


Golden Resplendence was the largest nightclub in the capital, and it was lavishly decorated.


After exchanging a glance with his companion, he open the car door and got out.


His companion glanced at the back seat and found that the girl behind him was fast asleep. She showed no signs of waking up, and this was all thanks to the knockout incense.


Before Qin Shu got into the car, they lit the knockout incense in the car. It was colorless and odorless.


Not long after, Zhang San walked over with a man in a black suit.


“Look at this little girl. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.” Zhang San opened the backseat door and showed the goods to the nightclub manager.


The man took two steps forward and looked at the girl in the backseat. The lights in the car were dim but he could still see the girl in the backseat. Although she was wearing very old-fashioned glasses, he still could tell that her facial features were not bad.


He reached out his hand and they came to the front of her glasses. He took off the glasses on the girl’s nose bridge. The glasses were taken off and the girl’s face was completely exposed. The man stunned.


Zhang San also saw the girl’s delicate facial features and was stunned for a moment. He had never seen such a beautiful person in his entire life. She was even more beautiful than the stars on the TV.


If he had known that this woman was so beautiful, he would not have sold her. How nice would it be to keep her for himself?


Now that the nightclub manager had seen such a beautiful woman, he would definitely not let her go.


“I’ll buy this woman. 200,000 yuan.”


The nightclub manager had seen many beautiful women. He had seen all kinds of beautiful women. This was the first time he had seen a woman who could cause ripples in his heart with just a glance. He definitely had to spend a lot of money to buy her.


200,000 yuan! ! !


Zhang San was tempted. Although he could not bear to give away such a beautiful woman, the temptation of money was also very big. He hesitated for a long time before nodding.


The nightclub manager paid 200,000 yuan.


It was the first time Zhang San had earned 200,000 yuan. Previously, he had only earned around 20,000 yuan. The moment he saw the money, his eyes were wide open.


The nightclub manager found someone to come over. The one who was called over was a woman. She was tall and slender. She wore a pure black leather jacket and leather pants. She looked very capable.


When the woman brought the girl in the car into the nightclub, she found that there was a cat in her arms.


The manager of the nightclub saw that the cat was quite beautiful, so he decided to bring it in as well.




“Ling Xing, bring her to number nine,” the manager of the nightclub ordered.


“Got it, manager.”


When Qin Shu woke up, she found that she was being carried by a person. Judging from the voice, it was a woman and she was very strong.


Where is Boss?


She did not react because she was not sure of the combat strength of the woman carrying her. If she acted rashly, it would be disadvantageous to her.


This time, she was indeed careless. She did not think that they would release the knockout incense in advance. It would be effortless for her to deal with them.


Sporadically carried Qin Shu to the ninth door. She opened the door and walked in. The door was closed casually.


Qin Shu was thrown onto the bed. The bedding was very soft, so it did not hurt.


Following her was Boss. He was also thrown to the bed. Boss was a soft curl ball.


Boss had actually woken up and was pretending to be asleep. Because he was being carried by a stranger and saw that Qin Shu was also there, he simply pretended to be dead.


Qin Shu had not opened her eyes to look around. She felt that someone was pulling her backpack. Without a thought, she knew it was the woman called Ling Xing.


Qin Shu took advantage of her unprepared state and raised her leg to kick Ling Xing’s head. However, Ling Xing was also quick enough to dodged it and only brushed past her cheek.


This also allowed Qin Shu to know that sporadic’s combat strength was around gold-rank. Otherwise, she would not have reacted so quickly.


With the help of the lights in the room, she could see Ling Xing’s appearance clearly. She was about twenty-three years old, tying a high ponytail and had a calm expression. She was dressed in a tight black leather jacket and pants, giving off an almost cold and unapproachable aura.


Ling Xing also realized that the woman in front of her was not simple, but her mission was not complete.


Not long after, Ling Xing attacked again and started fighting with the woman in front of her.


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Ling Xing’s goal was to capture her and take away her cell phone and wallet.


Qin Shu’s goal was to defeat Ling Xing.


After dozens of rounds, Qin Shu held the dagger against Ling Xing’s white neck, and a trace of blood seeped out from the place where the blade was.


Qin Shu stared at her closely and realized that she was not afraid at all. Her eyes were empty, as if there were emotionless.


Even if her life was being held by the dagger, she would still attack, as if she was not afraid of dying.


It made Qin Shu relate the situation to a hypnosis skill that could control people’s thoughts. Could it be that she was hypnotised?


Thinking of this possibility, Qin Shu put away her dagger. This time, her goal was not to capture her, but to raise her hand knife and directly chop at Ling Xing’s neck to knock her out.


Although Ling Xing was not afraid of pain, she fainted on the ground after being chopped down by Qin Shu’s hand knife.


Seeing Ling Xing fall, Qin Shu let out a sigh of relief. She turned around and looked at Boss on the bed. She walked over and reached out to pick it up, preparing to leave this place with Boss.


She had just reached the door when she heard the sound of the door opening. She leaned at the side and hid behind the door. She saw the door open from outside and a man in a black suit walked in.


To carry out such inhumane transactions, and to do business in such a place, it was obvious that he was not a good person.


Qin Shu raised her hand directly. When the knife fell, the man in front of her slowly turned around and stared at Qin Shu for two seconds before he fainted.


“Not bad-looking. I didn’t expect you to do such a thing.”


Qin Shu patted him in disgust and ignored him. Then, she walked out.


The corridor was very quiet, and the light was dim.


Although she had never been to a nightclub, she still had some understanding of it.


It was so quiet, which meant that not everyone could enter. It could also be the forbidden area of the behind-the-scenes boss.


Qin Shu walked forward and turned a corner. She saw two elevator doors.


She walked to the elevator door and pressed the button for the first floor.


After a while, the elevator door opened. She saw that the person in the elevator was making a phone call. From the sound, it sounded like the nightclub manager who bought her.


The nightclub manager also saw the girl at the door. He was stunned at first, but then he realised that she had ran out. He was about to call for a bodyguard.


The next second, Qin Shu’s dagger was pressed against his neck. The cold blade was pressing against his skin. From the soles of his feet to his scalp, he was frozen. As long as the other party exerted force, he would die.


Qin Shu tightened the dagger in her hand and made a gesture to ask him to stay silent.


How would the nightclub manager dare to take his own life lightly?


Knives and swords had no eyes. The girl in front of him seemed to be ignorant of worldly affairs, but the way she held the dagger made people’s hearts shiver.


Qin Shu forced the club manager to step back. She walked in and the elevator door closed.


She reached for the club manager’s phone and hung up. Then she said, “call those two who sent me here.”

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