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Chapter 524: 524

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Chapter 524: Qin Shu was not to be Trifled with

The nightclub manager did not know what the girl in front of her wanted to do, so she did as she was told and called the hooligan named Zhang San directly.

While the nightclub manager was waiting for Zhang San to pick up, she said, “ask him to come over again.”

At this moment, the phone was picked up. The nightclub manager glanced at the girl in front of her and said as she said, “come back. We still have some unfinished business.”

“What is it, manager? Can’t you tell me over the phone?”

Zhang San took the money and was prepared to find a place to have fun with his companions, so he didn’t want to waste time.

The club manager felt the cold blade on his neck getting closer. He felt a chill in his heart and said angrily, “I told you to come. Why do you have so much nonsense?”

“We’re coming right now. Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry.”

Zhang San hung up the phone and cursed. Reluctantly, he walked out of the KTV with his companions and drove the van back to Golden Resplendent.

Qin Shu held the dagger tightly and changed positions. When they got out of the elevator, she pulled the nightclub manager to the back.

The waiters who passed by greeted the nightclub manager. The nightclub manager could only nod because he was afraid. In fact, he kept shouting in his heart. In order to save his life, he couldn’t say anything.

When they reached a place where no one was around, Qin Shu directly raised her hand and cut him unconscious.

The club manager didn’t even have a chance to resist and fainted on the ground.

Looking at the club manager who was as dizzy as a pig on the ground, Qin Shu raised her foot and kicked hard at his chest and abdomen.

With that few kicks, a few ribs would definitely be broken and blood would probably accumulate in his chest.

He will have to stay in the hospital minimally for at least a month or two.

However, this wasn’t something Qin Shu should be worried about. She just didn’t like him, buying and selling people.

After the kick was almost done, Qin Shu didn’t even look at the people on the ground and turned around to leave.

After Qin Shu left, the nightclub manager spat out blood from the corner of his mouth. As he had already fainted, he couldn’t feel any pain.

At the side of the Golden Resplendent entrance.

An old minivan was parked there. Zhang San, who was in the car, said to his companion, “Wait for me in the car first. I’ll go and ask what’s wrong.”

“Go ahead. Hurry up, or it’ll be too late.” His companion instructed.

“Got it.” Zhang San pushed open the car door and got out. Before the car door could be closed, he was punched onto the car door. Two of his front teeth fell off, and a mouthful of blood splashed onto the glass window.

Qin Shu had been waiting for this moment. When she saw the van stop, she walked straight over.

Zhang San’s companion in the van was so scared that he hurriedly pushed open the car door to escape. When the car door opened, his feet had just stepped on the ground.

Qin Shu pressed one hand on the front of the car and jumped over. She kicked hard at the car door and closed it. His exposed feet could not be retracted in time, and they were stuck by the car door. The pain made his face pale. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth was open in an “O” shape. He could not even cry out in pain.

Looking at the girl standing in front of them, they recognise that she was the girl they had just sold. Both of their eyes were filled with disbelief.

They had only left for less than half an hour. What had happened? How could the nightclub manager let her go?

Qin Shu was worried that the human traffic was too high here and her actions were too eye-catching, but she couldn’t be bothered to find other places. She could only choose to settle them quickly.

First, she crippled their right hands, and then she broke a few ribs.

After doing all this, Qin Shu searched out all the money on the two of them, then locked them in the car. As for the keys, she threw them directly into the trash can next to her.

Before she left, she called the police. People like them must have done a lot of bad things. After she finish teaching them a lesson, it would be best to hand it over to the police. It would also save her time dealing with them.

Qin Shu put away her phone and picked up Boss. It was completely dark now. She brought Boss to eat some fish first, and then went to look for Fu Tingyu.

Since he had left the mountain but did not send her a message, by calling her, it meant that he was still looking for Gu Yan.

Although she had been careless today and almost got sold, she also saved a lot of time by hitching a ride. Otherwise, if she walked, it was likely that she would not be able to find a car even by night time. She would have been drained physically.

Qin Shu found an empty seat in the side restaurant and placed Boss on the seat next to her. Then, she began to order.

For the past few days, she had been eating bread on the mountain. Boss had been eating dried fish because it was convenient to carry.

Of course, she had to eat a good meal when she came out.

Qin Shu ordered two fish for Boss and two dishes and a soup for herself.

The waiter served the dishes very quickly. In a short while, two fish, two dishes and a soup were served.

She placed the two fish in front of Boss. “I’ve smelled the fishy stench for a few days. Eat to your heart’s content.”

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“Meow.” Boss had smelled the fishy stench when the fish was served. He licked his lips and was hungry.

Looking at the fish in front of him, he lowered his head and began to eat. Although he was hungry, he still looked very good when he ate. It was also very elegant.

Qin Shu smiled and picked up her chopsticks to eat.

She hadn’t eaten rice for a few days, so to her the food smelled really good.

Qin Shu ate two bowls of rice and almost finished the two dishes.

Boss’ two fish were also eaten clean, leaving only the fish bones and no meat left.

Qin Shu spent money to buy the plate that Boss used, so the restaurant staff didn’t say anything when they saw a cat eating fish.

The person and cat left the restaurant after eating and drinking till they are full.

Qin Shu looked at the time. It was nine o’clock in the evening.

She walked to the bus stop and sat down. She crossed her legs and placed Boss on the seat beside her. She took out a laptop from her bag and put it on her lap before opening it.

At this time, there was no one at the bus stop. Even if there were people, they would lower their heads and play with their phones. This was the era of digitalization. No one could go anywhere without their phones.

Qin Shu looked at the computer screen and entered the Ye family’s database again. This time, she was very low-key. She was afraid that if she did it too many times, it would cause unnecessary trouble.

This time, she was also looking for Ye Luo’s exact location. After she finished looking, she realized that they had already left the capital. They should be on a high-speed rail line now.

Qin Shu closed her laptop and thought to herself, where are they planning to go?

She had planned to chase after them overnight. Now that she did not know their ultimate goal, she could only wait until the next morning to check the exact location and then catch up with them in the car.

She had a feeling that Gu Yan’s disappearance this time might be related to the previous two kidnappings.

The Crimson Sand Organization.

These words suddenly flashed across her mind. If the Crimson Sand Organization had kidnapped Gu Yan, then Fu Tingyu would definitely be in trouble if he went there.

He had destroyed more than ten members of the Crimson Sand Organization last time. How could they let him off so easily?

At first, it was only others who hired assassins to kill Fu Tingyu. In the end, the Crimson Sand Organization and Fu Tingyu directly clashed.

Qin Shu tilted her head to look at Boss. At this time, he was already a little sleepy.

“Let’s find a hotel to stay for a night first. We’ll set off tomorrow morning.”

Qin Shu had a faint smile on her face. She picked up Boss, stood up, and walked to a nearby hotel.

Standing not far behind her was a person.

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