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Chapter 526: 526

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Chapter 526: The Man was Very Happy and Excited

“Are you really going to follow me?” Qin Shu looked at Ye Xing who had lost her memory. It was better to confirm it.

“Of course. How can I repay you if I don’t follow you?” Ye Xing answered matter-of-factly.

“Then, okay.” Qin Shu also booked a ticket for Ye Xing. She used someone else’s ID card.

A person like Ye Xing who was controlled, definitely did not have an ID card. When she returned to Jiangcheng, it would be inconvenient for her to do anything without an ID card.

After booking the ticket, she put her phone aside and placed the fish that Ye Xing bought on the plate in front of Boss.

“Eat up. We’re leaving soon.”

She rubbed Boss’ furry head.

Boss was a little unhappy because there was a strange woman who snatched the sofa from him last night. It was an unfamiliar smell.

No matter how unhappy he was, his anger subsided when he smelled the fishy smell and ate the delicious fish.

Qin Shu retracted her gaze and turned around to eat the breakfast that Ye Xing bought.

Ye Xing bought a lot of breakfast. There was porridge and breakfast. She didn’t know what Qin Shu liked, so she bought more.

Qin Shu drank a mouthful of porridge and saw Ye Xing standing at the side watching. She raised her head. “Why aren’t you eating?”

“I’ll eat after you finish eating.” Ye Xing was used to doing this subconsciously, even though she had lost her memory.

“Let’s eat together to save time.”

She was in a hurry to leave this place, not only because she was rushing to Salt City, but also because Golden Resplendent was looking for her.

More importantly, how furious will the boss of Golden Resplendent be when he found out that a gold-rank subordinate had been kidnapped by her?

There were very few warriors who could reach gold-rank. He might even die of anger.

Ye Xing looked at the breakfast on the table with some hesitation. She raised her head and looked at Qin Shu. “I’ll eat on the way.”

“…”Qin Shu. “As long as you’re happy.”

She didn’t force Ye Xing and lowered her head to continue eating breakfast.

Half an hour later.

Qin Shu carried her backpack and left the hotel with Boss in her arms.

With breakfast in her hands, Ye Xing followed behind and ate.

The hotel receptionist looked at the person and cat, followed by a woman. Her gaze was a little strange. She had been scared the whole of last night, but nothing happened?

Qin Shu hailed a taxi. She and Ye Xing got into the car one after the other and went straight to the bus stop.

Ye Xing finished the breakfast in her hands and asked Qin Shu in confusion, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when we get there. “Qin Shu lowered her head and smoothed out the fur for Boss. Boss squinted his eyes and looked like he was enjoying it.

Ye Xing’s eyes looked at President Ba in Qin Shu’s arms. The cat had been staring at her the whole night and didn’t seem to like her. When did she provoke it?

They didn’t say anything all the way until the train station.

Qin Shu paid the fare and brought Ye Xing to the waiting hall.

They waited for about 20 minutes before they boarded the high-speed train.

What made Qin Shu feel thankful was that although Ye Xing had lost his memory, her other abilities were still there, which saved her a lot of trouble.

It was already 1 p.m. when they arrived at Salt City after a four-hour ride.

Qin Shu first confirmed the exact location of their stay and then booked a hotel. It was at the same five-star hotel as Fu Tingyu. This time, she booked a suite.

When they arrived at the hotel, it was 2:30pm.

Qin Shu let Boss go to the balcony to bask in the sun. She sat on the sofa, took out her phone, and hesitated whether to call Ye Luo.

But she was also afraid of Ye Luo’s temper. If he knew that she had followed him, he would directly tell Fu Tingyu and make him worry.

Qin Shu raised her head and looked at Ye Xing in front of her.

Being stared at by Qin Shu’s clear eyes, Ye Xing asked, “Is there anything you want me to do?”

Qin Shu thought for a while, she took out a bank card from her pocket and handed it to Ye Xing. “Go and buy two suits. One suit is for you, and the other suit is for me. Get me a size M. Also buy a short black and brown hair, size 37 leather shoes, high insoles. Get it from a luxurious brands. Also, buy some pinhole cameras.”

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Because clothes of luxury brands could show the lowest standard of a person’s identity.

“Okay.” Ye Xing took the card and turned around to walk out.

After Ye Xing left, Qin Shu’s gaze turned to Boss, who was lazily basking in the sun on the balcony.

Only four people knew that Fu Tingyu’s combat strength had weakened, and the Crimison Sand Organization did not know. If they started fighting…

The suite that Qin Shu chose was less than ten meters away from Fu Tingyu’s suite. After walking through the corridor, the corner was Fu Tingyu’s guest room, number 709.

Fu Tingyu and the others had just returned from outside. When they got out of the elevator, they just happened to pass by Ye Xing who was entering the elevator.

The four of them were all handsome, not to mention Fu Tingyu’s looks. Ye Xing glanced at them, her eyes flashing with surprise.

The four of them did not care because they had seen too many of such gazes.

When they returned to the guest room, Fu Tingyu instructed, “Let them continue to investigate where the Crimson Sand Organization had hidden Gu Yan.”

They followed the clues all the way to Salt City and searched for the whole morning, but they still couldn’t find where Gu Yan was hidden.

“Got it, Sir.” Ye Luo took his phone and went to call the base’s intelligence network.

Gu Yan was kidnapped on the fifth day after he went up the mountain, and he had been missing for almost half a month. The Crimson Sand organization was very ruthless, and they would do anything to achieve their goals. This made Fu Tingyu anxious and worried.

The last time Gu Yan was kidnapped, it was to treat a patient. They did not know who that person was yet.

The Crimson Sand Organization was too mysterious. Even the intelligence network could not find out the exact base and the person behind it.

Fu Tingyu sat on the sofa and took out his phone from his pocket. He had not contacted his honey for a few days, and he had not checked his messages for the past few days.

After opening his phone, he first took a look at Wechat and saw his honey’s message.

[ Honey: Hubby, are you done? ]

[ Honey: No matter how busy you are, you have to remember to rest. Mwah. ]

There was also a video in the message box. His fingers subconsciously clicked on it, and he saw the girl wearing the black gown that he had custom-made for her. In front of the camera, she seemed to be smiling at him. Her smile was a little sweet, and it stunned him for a few seconds.

The doll collar, middle sleeves, and high waist design made this gown look especially young, especially the girl’s palm-sized face. Her facial features were very delicate. Although she wore very old-fashioned glasses, the temperament from the inside out could not be hidden.

Familiar notes slowly drifted into his ears. Although the camera could only see the girl’s figure, it could be heard that this was a piano performance, a song that he had composed.

Then, he heard a clear and melodious song. When he heard the first sentence, he knew that he had written the lyrics for this piece.

He remembered that he had not told her that he had already written the lyrics.

This piece was rather sad, and the lyrics were no exception. Because at that time, he was on the verge of losing his mind, just like a person who was about to fall into a pit of darkness.

The improvisation of the song allowed the feelings and paranoia in his heart to be vented. Only then did he feel much more at ease.

Now that he heard his Honey sing this song, coupled with the background music, although it was sad, it was very pleasant to listen to.

It touched his heart and it moved him a little.

The cold and stern gaze also softened slightly.

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