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Chapter 527: 527

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Chapter 527: Found Crimson Sand Organization, Qin Shu Hired them

Unknowingly, he finished listening to the song. The man held his phone tightly and watched the person in the video freeze at the last moment.

After thinking for a while, he directly dialed her phone, got up, and walked to the balcony.

[ You are like a falling star in the Milky Way, inadvertently falling into my eyes, crashing into my heart… ]

Her phone ringtones suddenly rang, interrupting Qin Shu’s thoughts. She turned her head to look at the phone on the sofa. The ringtone was changed a few days ago.

She glanced at the caller ID, Baby Yu.

She immediately reached out her hand and picked up the phone to answer the call. She heard the man’s familiar voice, “Honey.”

“You finally remembered to call me?”

“I’ve been too busy recently. I just listened to your favorite song. It’s very nice.”

Qin Shu was both happy and a little proud to be praised by the man. “That’s because the song you composed is nice. The lyrics are good.”

Similarly, the man was also a little proud to be praised by his wife. He was not even in such a good mood when he received the award.

The corners of his mouth curled up. “How did you know that I had finished writing the lyrics?”

“I accidentally saw it in the study, so I wrote it down. Why didn’t you give it to me after you completed the lyrics?”

“I still want to revise it.”

“I think this is pretty good. Anyway, I like it.”

The man looked out of the window. “Do you miss me?”

“Of course I do.” She had even chased after him.

In her previous life, she had been so carefully protected. She had not seen the world and had not experienced any storms.

Now, she knew how important it was for a person to become strong.

After getting an answer, the man’s gloomy mood improved a lot. “I’ll go back as soon as possible.”

“Okay, don’t be too tired. Remember to rest.”


Qin Shu hung up the phone and lowered her eyes. Her gaze fell on Boss. She bent down and picked him up, smoothing his fur. “Tonight, let’s go out for a walk and familiarize ourselves with the terrain.”

“Meow” Boss was a little excited. The claws in the meat cushion were also exposed due to excitement. Under the sunlight, they looked even sharper.

She smoothed Boss’ fur for a while. When it was sleepy, she placed it on the sofa chair on the balcony and let it sleep on its own.

She turned around and walked into the living room. She picked up the laptop. Although she did not know the exact location of the Crimson Sand organization’s base, she could take the initiative to let them out.

Hire assassins!

She opened the web page. There was a web address that allowed her to contact the other party.

When she entered the interface, there was a huge door in the background of the web page. The surroundings were pitch black, as if it was hidden in the darkness. It was eerie and terrifying.

There were four words written on the door, “Death Note.”

The meaning was that as long as the name of the target was written, it was equivalent to death.

Qin Shu edited a piece of information about the target and sent it anonymously.

Mr. Ye:

Name: Luo Junsheng

Identity: President

After the message was sent, customer service replied shortly after.

[ Death Note customer service: Mission Approved. Payment: $5 million USD. If mission is incomplete – refund: 90%, service fee: 10%. ]

Employment fee is $5 million USD?

Service fee is 10% ?

Was this a robbery?

The corner of Qin Shu’s mouth twitched. It was better to edit a message and send it over.

[ Mr. Ye: Money is not a problem. As long as you complete the mission, it will be fine. ]

She added in her heart, it would be strange if you could complete the mission.

After the message was sent, the customer service sent a payment link.

After Qin Shu sent the five million USD in one go, the customer service replied with a message.

[ Death Note customer service: This is the ticket. If mission failed, this is the refund receipt. ]

Ticket? Qin Shu felt that the customer service was here to make a joke. If they didn’t have the ticket and didn’t give the refund, the Death Note would be closed down.

Qin Shu logged out of the Death Note website and checked the route around the hotel where Luo Junsheng would be attending the charity event tomorrow night. She wanted to familiarize herself with it tonight.

At this time, Ye Xing also returned to the hotel, carrying bags in her hands.

“I’ve bought all the things you wanted.” She placed the things on the sofa. She hung up the suit directly.

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“Okay.” Qin Shu put down the laptop in her hands, stood up, and walked to the sofa. She took out all the things that Ye Xing had bought and looked through them a few times, preparing for tomorrow night.

After looking through all the things, Qin Shu was very satisfied. It also showed that Ye Xing’s ability and foresight were not bad.

“I’m going out with Boss Tonight.”

Ye Xing hurriedly asked, “what about me?”

“As for you?” Qin Shu thought for a while and said, “go buy a sports car first. If you don’t know how to drive, you can learn first.”

She couldn’t be the one driving tomorrow to the charity banquet?

“Okay.” Ye Xing was not picky with her tasks. She turned around and left.

Night fell, and the lights were on.

Qin Shu changed into a set of clothes. She wore a pure black leather jacket and leather pants with a high ponytail. Her shoes were black Martin shoes.

She took out a dagger from her backpack and hid it on her body.

Before she went out, she wore a black mask. This way, even if she accidentally bumped into Fu Tingyu and the others, she would not be recognize with a glance.

Boss was kept in her black backpack, carried it on her back, and left with the car keys.

After leaving, Qin Shu glanced at the right corner of the corridor. The man’s room was over there.

She didn’t see anyone, so she walked straight out. Footsteps could be heard in the quiet corridor.

She walked to the elevator door and pressed the button for the first floor.

She stood at the elevator door and watched the numbers constantly change.

At this moment, she heard footsteps behind her. The footsteps were not chaotic, but steady and powerful.

As the footsteps got closer and closer, she suddenly heard a sentence.

“Salt City is too big. It’s very difficult to find someone if the person really wants to hide.”

Qin Shu was stunned. The voice was Ye Qing. She had just finished thinking when the footsteps behind her had already reached her. The elevator in front of her had also arrived. The door opened and she hurriedly walked in. Just as she was about to close the door, she saw Ye Luo’s figure flash in.

“Wait a moment,” Ye Luo reminded her expressionlessly.

Since she had already entered, Qin Shu simply withdrew her hand and turned sideways.

She had just turned sideways when Fu Tingyu’s tall and straight figure walked in. He caught a glimpse of a woman standing in the elevator. She was wearing leather clothes and leather pants that were very tight, making her legs appear long and straight. The reason why he took a second look was because he thought of his honey’s legs, they were also long and straight.

If he didn’t know that his honey wasn’t here, he would have thought that he saw her. This women’s legs looked like hers, and their height was about the same.

The other two people also walked in after her, making him to look away.

In the enclosed elevator, there were suddenly a few more men, and the space instantly became much smaller.

Qin Shu tried her best to stick to the corner, treating herself as an invisible person.

Fu Tingyu stood straight in the middle. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone. He opened the photo album, and it was full of his honey’s photos.

Among them, there were a few photos that he took while the girl was asleep. He took her full body picture, and she was wearing a nightgown.

He looked at the pair of legs, which were long and straight.

Fu Tingyu just suddenly wanted to look, but he immediately put away his phone. Because she was not by his side, he would only miss her even more by looking at her pictures.

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