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Chapter 71

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Part 3: Being Doubl*–Penetrat*d by the Ruthless Father and Son (Passion in the Car)


This arc contains both pseudo (adoptive father and younger brother) and real (biological sons) inc*st, g*ngb*ng, hermaphr*dite body, mpreg, lactation, double p*netration, voyeur*sm, public s*x, s*x toys, underage s*x, and extremely explicit bed scenes.

This arc is translated by Pierce and proofread by Kris Xian.

Wang Xiong, who had an erect!on in the morning, naturally pinned Xiao Yu to the bed for several rounds before letting him go to school.


In this way, Xiao Yu was hammered by his robust adoptive father almost every day, in which he was banged to death by Wang Xiong’s intimidating large shaft.

Almost daily, his adoptive father would pick him up from school. In the car, he sat in the passenger’s seat with his br**sts being fondled by his adoptive father. He would also sometimes even play with his flower hole and stimulate him to climax with only just one hand.

When he could no longer endure it, he would lay on his adoptive father’s thighs and give his adoptive father a head. As Wang Xiong concentrated on his driving, he also inserted his finger into his chrysanthemum h*le whenever the traffic light was red.

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Today, Wang Yang came back from studying abroad during his winter vacation. The snow outside was thick. With the rustling sound of snow, Wang Yang returned home. 


As soon as he entered the door, warm air blew on his face. The heater was turned on at their home, but there was also a strong musky scent.

At the entrance, Wang Yang placed down his blue suitcase and took off his down jacket. He only wore a dark blue t-shirt inside, which fit Wang Yang’s rugged physique and outlined the deep muscular lines of his torso. As a sophomore student this year, he was taller and more strapping than he was in high school. Now, he had the face of an adult male. Underneath his jeans, the bulge that hasn’t been erect before seemed to have become bigger.

Wang Yang changed into a pair of cowhide slippers, went through the entry garden, and entered the living room. As soon as he came in, his breathing halted due to the erot!c scene inside despite being prepared for a long time when he smelled the pungent odor of s*x when he entered the door.

On the sofa, Wang Yang’s father only wore a bathrobe. Under it, his bronzed, brawny body and bulging muscles were exposed. The dark, daunting, and angry mammoth was jutting from the inside of his robe. The large, black [email protected] below were incomparably bulging. It seemed that he had been shagg!ng his older brother for a long time and was in a state of erupting.

Wearing a bathrobe, Wang Xiong — who displayed his tanned, bulky, and bulging muscles — held his older brother in a posture similar to a baby peeing from behind; with his muscular arm around Xiao Yu’s wide-opened legs, holding his white and delicate body down to have his cvnt swallow his fearsome behemoth. On the flat belly of his older brother, the shape of the colossal pillar constantly emerged, and the successive protrusion showed how deep and ruthless his father thrust inside! 

His towering, muscular and bronze-skinned father fiercely held his light-skinned and sensitive older brother. It seemed that his older brother had been screwed for a long time. His bright, crimson, and sore cunt hole was repeatedly ingesting and swallowing his father’s fat, dark shaft. The incessantly drawn dark c0ck was lathered with the slick honey from his older brother’s juicy flesh.

Xiao Yu’s love juice was rich, thick, warm, and goopy. A lot of fluids dribbled down the member that was buried into his delicate hole. 

Wang Yang’s Adam’s apple rolled a bit. He imagined that it was his c0ck that was nestled in his brother’s aching pvssy. At his peak, his father easily held his older brother — just like holding an airplane cvp with a sem!nal container — thrusting and pummeling with his swollen giant.

Wang Yang’s older brother was distracted from his father’s humping, with tears hanging from the flushed corners of his eyes, and saliva flowed down from his soft, thin lips stuffed with a black [email protected] ball. Xiao Yu was only wearing a white shirt, which was barely held together with only a button under his huge br3asts. There were deep and shallow bright red marks on his round shoulders and slender collarbones. On his br3asts that were manipulated by his father, the two pink fruits turned into fresh and tender cherries. His large n!pples were a diameter bigger than when he left, and it was tempting to bite them as he watched them jiggle.

When Wang Xiong saw his son Wang Yang had come back, he didn’t shy away. Instead, he hammered his slutty adoptive son’s pvssy harder. Xiao Yu’s alluring body was quivering and flushed red, but his small mouth was stuffed with a [email protected] ball and could only make intermittent moans. He was ruthlessly screwed, and there was only slobber at the corner of his mouth, telling how satisfied he was done by Wang Yang’s father.

Wang Yang stood two steps away. His shaft was hot and erect, and his brother’s voluminous mounds shook before him. The lily-white and soft thighs drenched in carn*l liquid had been ruby-red from his father’s towering c0ck. Xiao Yu was humped up and down by his father and was doused in sweat. 

His father was much taller and stronger than his older brother. The picture was that of a tall, formidable, and muscular man holding a white, little boy and doing him hard. One dark-skinned and one lily-white — a huge contrast against one another. The bronze-skinned muscles stood out like a prominent warhorse. Wang Xiong’s member stood proud, heavy, and vicious, simultaneously, Xiao Yu’s flower hole was soft and smooth. His tight cvnt was brimming with slick and hot cvm. 


Wang Yang watched the puny scarlet pvssy swallow the fat, dark, and angry c0ck and being pummeled by the untiring pestle. Not including the seeping honey, the scene was indescribably l3wd and exciting.

He stepped forward and took off the [email protected] ball stuffed in his older brother’s mouth. His thick fingers reached into his older brother’s ruby thin lips and played with his delicate red tongue. Xiao Yu’s hazy eyes were half-closed. It seemed that he was oblivious to anything. It was unclear whether he saw him or not. The saliva in his older brother’s mouth trickled when he played it. He pulled out his fingers and traced the shape of his older brother’s lips.

Xiao Yu, who was held by his adoptive father on the sofa, was facing Wang Yang’s d!ck that stood before him. Wang Yang, who had inherited his father’s raging bestial desire and wicked s3xual aptitude, had a huge tent in between his thighs. Xiao Yu, who appeared lightheaded, looked at the giant object. His small tongue licked Wang Yang’s fingers that were deeply inserted in his mouth. It was erot!c, giving the similar feeling of licking the huge baton between Wang Yang’s legs.


Looking at his older brother as he was banged by his father while gazing at him hungrily, Wang Yang pulled open the zipper of his jeans with dark eyes. The large shaft that couldn’t wait to be released and wreak havoc sprang out. It was fat, long, and virile. Because it was impressively long, it slapped on Xiao Yu’s cheek as soon as it bounced out.
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