Death Spiral [Infinite Flow]

Death Spiral [Infinite Flow]
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I shall die and die again to know that life is inexhaustible.

Rabindranath Tagore [Stray Birds].

[Nth+1 Event Log] Detected [Core Player]’s death.


-> Reset world

The ghost monsters are resetting…. The world is resetting… Resurrecting all the players… Other than [Core Player], all other player’s memories are erased… Relationship meter is erased…

! Warning ! Detected [Player X]’s memory is still partially retained.

Resetting player again.

! Warning ! [Player X]’s memory imprint is too deep to be erased.

Deleting the player.

! Warning ! [Player X] is an important character and cannot be deleted.


Override the bug, reset the world to the beginning.

***After completing the Nth+1 time of resetting***

**Instance is restarting**

! Warning ! [Player X] has made contact with [Core Player].

! Warning ! [Player X]’s feelings towards [Core Player] has exceeded the maximum threshold.

! Warning ! [Player X] and [Core Player] are commencing indescribable actions.

! Warning! The following content cannot be displayed according to the relevant rules and regulations.

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