Douluo Dalu - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Xiao Wu, So You Really Are A Rabbit


Part 1


Xiao Wu glared at Tang San, recalling the last time she was mercilessly hit with stones, she was filled with anger,

“‘Wait’ what ‘wait’, who knew when you would return. Everyone bullying us. What that son of a bitch boss Xiao said about letting me be his pet rabbit, if I could still put up with that, my name wouldn’t be Xiao Wu.”


Tang San frowned, in his heart pondering, this how big a child had this kind of dirty idea, it seems, he really must teach them a lesson, let them know working students are not good at being taken advantage of.


Thinking like this, his fingers dragged across his waist, gaze changing direction to the battleground.


By now, a large area of Wang Sheng’s body was already purple. With unceasing tiger roars, his spirit power was already becoming weaker and weaker, and his opponent without being hit by him once, seemed like a cat playing with a mouse.


Wang Sheng’s attack pattern still was too single minded, the spirit power he took advantage of nearly exhausted. He launched a last offensive, approaching two steps, once again facing Liu Long pouncing, this time he already made a firm resolution, even if he was brutally beaten by the other party again, to give the opponent something to remember.


Liu Long and Wang Sheng coming into contact also wasn’t only once or twice, he naturally could not fail to see his goal. Watching Wang Sheng pounce, his facial expression also became imposing, brandishing the long staff in his hands, in succession three staff blows smashed at Wang Sheng’s head and both shoulders. As long as Wang Sheng this arrow at the end of its flight was beaten back, he could not again launch a decent attack.


But at this time, surprisingly, Liu Long felt like both his hands holding the staff were seemingly stung by a mosquito, and the attack he sent suddenly dulled.


His attack was originally considered good, but right now when dulled it immediately revealed a flaw. The first hit naturally struck Wang Sheng’s head, but Wang Shen stubbornly resisted and pounced onward, causing his last two hits to fall in thin air.


With a battle spirit master possessing a beast spirit close to the body, with regard to tool spirit masters using long weapons that absolutely was a devastating attack. Even if Liu Long’s strength was higher compared to Wang Sheng’s, the result would still have been this way.


Peng, Wang Sheng’s tiger claw clapped Liu Long on the head, and his entire person flew up from the slap. Immediately following his body turned upside down, and his right leg was caught at once and swung like a tiger tail whip heavily onto his back, he ruthlessly smashed to the ground.


Liu Long could not have resisting ability as good as Wang Sheng, his spirit power was all in the long staff. Its defensive power was not at all remarkable, and after Wang Sheng’s two attacks he was collapsing. Just as Liu Long heavily struck the ground, he was knocked unconscious.


Wang Shen excitedly roared up at the sky, seemingly letting out these several years of resentment.


Boss Xiao was at first calmly and easy-going watching Liu Long make fun of Wang Sheng, but the spectacle circumstances suddenly taking a turn for the worse immediately caused him great shock.


One must know, Liu Long among his subordinates was ranked third in strength. If he did not already possess the first spirit ring, he also could not guarantee he could win against Liu Long.


Xiao Wu bantering said:

“‘Withered Willow’ sure enough is a ‘Withered Willow’, really can’t endure one hit. Boss Xiao, what do you say?”


Boss Xiao waved a hand, letting other subordinates urgently drag Liu Long off for treatment, they were only primary spirit master academy students, relying on that bit of spirit power still would not take a life.


“The first one counts as our loss. Ling Feng, you’re up.”


The second dispatched by boss Xiao was a thin and small higher grade student, small nose and small eyes, figure so slender nobody could see he is twelve years old. On the contrary more like he was in the same age group as Xiao Wu and Tang San.


“Call back Wang Sheng. I’m up.”

Tang San said in a low voice by Xiao Wu’s ear.


In Xiao Wu’s view also the matchup wasn’t bad, he naturally noticed this second opponent to enter the arena was an agility type spirit scholar, just in time to restrain Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng previous spirit power had also depleted greatly, he would without a doubt lose.


“Wang Sheng, you return. Leave this to little San. You can take a rest.”


Wang Sheng right now still had not completely recovered from the previous excitement over defeating Liu Long, when hearing Xiao Wu’s voice and discovering Tang San had already returned at some unknown time. He knew his circumstances, although he defeated Liu Long, he truly did not have the strength for another fight. He also knew, if not for Tang San stealthily shooting out three small pebbles and restricting Liu Long’s attack, how could he also obtain the first victory.


“You’re a working student?”

Ling Feng looked at Tang San, his eyes revealing a hesitant expression.


Tang San only nodded in reply,

“Please begin.”


Although Ling Feng’s stature was thin and small, it would be a bit taller compared to the first year Tang San’s height. This was a quick fight related to which of both sides could become student boss, he also no longer thought much of it, after again giving a look at Tang San’s belt, leapt up, nimbly vaulting overhead, both arms extended, unexpectedly gliding two metres, pouncing towards the top of Tang San’s head.


Beast spirit, Tang San saw in a glance what the opponent’s spirit was. These several days Grandmaster instructed him could not be a waste. This Ling Feng was an agility type battle spirit master. His beast spirit should be a flying animal. From his neither strong nor fierce exterior nor attack pattern, it should not be a raptor. Then, it should be a swallow or crow type animal.


Watching the other side pouncing at him, Tang San remained motionless, seemingly treating the other party as if he fundamentally did not exist.


Ling Feng’s speed was very quick; among sixth year students, by speed acclaimed as the first person. He was boss Xiao’s sworn follower, and his figure was also extremely dexterous. Watching the soon reaching Tang San in front, suddenly, his body unexpectedly flipped again, both arms flapping beneath, force changing direction, arriving behind Tang San, meanwhile brandishing both arms, arms chopping towards the two sides of Tang San’s neck.


Until Ling Feng turned over on top of his head, Tang San did not move at all, confronting the opponents unknown ability, to not change his response ten thousand times, was the best choice.


Part 2


If it was before obtaining the first spirit ring, perhaps Tang San still could not have been this arrogant, but since obtaining the first spirit ring, his agility, strength, reaction, all natural abilities had leapt up. Tang sect disciples’ keenest abilities are senses and all kinds of reaction, agility was also an advantage; when comparing agility, who could he fear?


Ling Feng’s figure transforming in mid-air, must be an abrupt nature. Seeing Tang San, only a first or second year student, in his heart he also was somewhat belittling, planning a subduing attack to immediately force Xiao Wu to fight.


But, just as both his palms were close to joining together, about to close on Tang San’s neck, Tang San moved.


A phoenix nod, just enough to dodge away from Ling Feng’s both hands. Following the upper body bending forward, Tang San’s right leg as if snapping swung up fiercely behind him, in the whole process, he basically did not turn his head to look.


Quiet as a sleeping child, moving like a fleeing hare, Tang San by this bit deduced the perfect moment, and in a flash erupted in speed that among both sides watching the battle only a few could see clearly.


Tang San’s heel closely connected with Ling Feng’s chin, Ling Feng performed a third mid-air flip, and afterward still continuously kept spinning.


With a peng sound, he heavily tumbled several metres, stepping in Liu Long’s footsteps, immediately fainting. His jaw was already dislocated by Tang San’s kick. This was still under circumstances where Tang San did not use internal strength, otherwise this one kick could have at least shattered his chin.


A satisfactory reverse flying snap kick, a type of fundamental wushu leg technique, fitting Tang San’s sharp feeling, in a moment rapidly dispatching the opponent effectively.


The higher grade students on boss Xiao’s side practically simultaneously stared wide-eyed, they were fundamentally incapable of believing that what happened before their eyes was all fact.


Ling Feng who among their group, in actual strength was second only to boss Xiao, confronting that looking like only a first or second year student, could be knocked out by one kick, to the extent that even his most expert attack did not at all have time to reach.


Boss Xiao muttered:

“Fuck, must the Heavens change, how are the current plebs this ferocious?”


Since hearing the sound of Ling Feng hitting the ground, Tang San slowly withdrew the right leg raised high behind him, coolly saying:

“One down.”


Boss Xiao was shocked, Xiao Wu on the working students’ side was in her heart equally astounded. She had fought many times with Tang San, and right now again seeing him fight, she clearly realized Tang San had advanced not a little, and also, she also realized, Tang San entering a fighting state seemed to be different from him at peaceful times. At ordinary times Tang San looked like only a mild little child, but in a fight, his fighting became extremely swift and fierce.


Wang Sheng without paying attention to the pain all over his body, watching Ling Feng fly off from one kick by Tang San, raised a big laugh of schadenfreude,

“How’s that, boss Xiao, convinced or not, our Tang San didn’t even use spirit power. I see you still got to admit defeat. Leave out suffering the pain.”


Boos Xiao walked out with a sombre face. After two consecutive defeats, he already reached a time with no choice but to enter the arena. He asked himself who on this side apart from him, also could compare to Ling Feng’s power. If he could not immediately retrieve the low morale, there would be no need to fight the remaining duels. By using a swift and fierce method to alone defeat this kid before him, and again defeating Xiao Wu, he could save face.


Boss Xiao looked coldly at Tang San, by now the contemptuous and disdainful expression on his face had already disappeared, replaced by dignity.


“Xiao Chen-Yu, sixth year student, spirit, wolf. Eleventh ranked first ring battle spirit master.”


Announcing his spirit and rank, was a kind of show of respect to the opponent.


While speaking, Xiao Chen-Yu’s entire body emitted blackish green light, within the blackish green glimmer, his body’s muscles began to swell, both eyes gradually becoming a pale green color, both arms slowly lifting, claws forward, talons becoming sharper. A white spirit ring rose up from underfoot, precisely the appearance of spirit body enhancement.


Xiao Chen-Yu as student boss, right now displayed his clever part. How many in Nuoding academy could not know what his spirit was, but the Tang San who confronted him was different, to his point of view, Tang San’s spirit right now was still a mystery. First announcing his own spirit, was exactly for the purpose of letting him know what spirit this Tang San he was about to fight had. In this way, he would also be able to plan somewhat.


Tang San had heard Grandmaster speak of this announcing spirit custom, only when one would not spare the opponent a glance, not fearing that the other party would forever become a mortal enemy, when confronting the other side announcing the spirit, like all must announce their spirits, expressing mutual respect, learning skill by exchanging pointers.


“Tang San, first year working student, spirit, blue silver grass. Eleventh ranked first ring tool spirit master.”


When Tang San announced his spirit was blue silver grass, behind Xiao Chen-Yu the higher grade students practically simultaneously roared with laughter, of the nervous expression on their faces there was immediately nothing left. Even to the extent of not hearing Tang San announcing his rank.


Blue silver grass was a useless spirit, this was long ago already completely universally acknowledged on the Continent. Even if Tang San’s own strength was not weak, the disparity of spirits still caused them to fundamentally not need to worry highly as before that boss Xiao could lose.


“You just now said, how high was your rank?”

Xiao Chen-Yu could not be as negligent as those followers of his, because the clamour behind made him unable to quite hear Tang San announcing his rank.


“Eleventh rank, first ring tool spirit master.”

While speaking, faint white light rose from Tang San’s body, lifting his right hand, faint blue silver grass grew from the center of his palm. Following a wave of his right hand, blue silver grass blue silver grass drifted away underfoot. A bright yellow spirit ring rose up around Tang San from underfoot, floating regularly up and down around his body.


The appearance of the yellow spirit ring, as if it was a heavy slap at those higher grade students’ mouths, immediately froze the laughter, some even gaping wide, looking Tang San like he was a freak.


“Hundred year spirit ring.”

Gasped Xiao Chen-Yu.


Part 3


White represented a ten year spirit ring, yellow represented a hundred year spirit ring. The spirit ring differing by one level, under conditions where both sides had the same rank spirit power, this effect could be decisive.


This-, how could this be. The spirit ring appearing over Tang San’s body, could be said to overturn these students understanding of the opponent’s spirit. First year, stood for only six and seven year olds’ grade, a first year’s cultivation reaching spirit master realm, this had never happened in the entire history of Nuoding primary spirit master academy. Let alone, his spirit also being a known useless spirit blue silver grass.


“Boss, waste him, he only has a blue silver grass. How fierce can a spirit ring make him anyway?”

A higher grade student couldn’t help but say.


“Idiot, shut up!”

Xiao Chen-Yu roared, interrupting his subordinate’s words.


Only a blue silver grass? Xiao Chen-Yu thought in his heart that it absolutely was not that simple. Blue silver grass was beyond doubt a useless spirit, but a blue silver grass that had reached the spirit master realm was a bit different. And also on his body was a hundred year spirit ring. This he would be fundamentally unable to obtain on his own, and since he had people able to assist him in obtaining a hundred year spirit ring, and furthermore help him cultivate to the spirit master realm, then how big of an influence could be behind this first year kid before him?


Xiao Chen-Yu’s father was Nuoding city’s castellan, otherwise he too could not be this arrogant at the academy, including teachers very few could go against him. Since childhood seeing his father’s various acts of officialdom, he was also more or less tainted by some of the air of politics, therefore he first of all thought of Tang San’s background. His father had a thousand times instructed him, ten thousand times warned him, that in this world, some great clans absolutely must not be offended. Even compared to the imperial household they were still more terrible. The imperial household should still have some scruples regarding reputation, but those great clans fundamentally did not need it. Provoking them, brought down calamity.


“You really are a working student?”

Xiao Chen-Yu couldn’t help but ask.


Tang San coolly nodded, after bringing out the spirit ring, the feeling like having his whole body filled with strength made his blood boil, right now he also wanted to find an opponent to properly measure his strength against. Checking what level his strength had actually reached after the fundamental change.


“Get on with it.”


Right now already reaching ‘an arrow fitted to the bowstring cannot avoid being discharged’ level, Xiao Chen-yu in his heart kept in mind, even if he won over this first year working student before him, he absolutely could not injure him.


If speaking of Ling Feng’s pounce as nimble, then, Xiao Chen-Yu’s pounce was explosively strong. Since he possessed the first spirit ring, his power was fundamentally uncomparable to Wang Sheng’s capabilities, even though Wang Sheng’s spirit was the king of animals, with his spirit on a lower rank he was still by far inferior to Xiao Chen-Yu.


Confronting Xiao Chen-Yu’s pounce, Tang San was as leisurely and carefree as when he did not respond to Ling Feng; possessing a spirit ring and without spirit ring, are two absolute concepts. Xiao Chen-Yu firmly threw himself forward, the spirit power leaking out from his body already enveloped a three square metre range around Tang San’s body, and this was a charge with absolute strength, fundamentally without any technique. Just looking to use force against force.


Force meeting force? Then come on. Although power was not at all Tang sect disciple’s expertise, just now Tang San thought to have a look at what level his Mysterious Heaven skill had actually reached. Instantly, gathering skill in both palms, slowly pushing out his chest. Meeting Xiao Chen-Yu’s wolf claws.


The subordinates of Xiao Chen-Yu by now all already wore triumphant smiles on their faces. What hundred year spirit ring, this idiot used his hands to meet Xiao Chen-Yu’s wolf claws, that simply was courting death. They had personally seen Xiao Chen-Yu after spirit body enhancement relying on the strength of the pair of claws to grab and crush chunks of stone.


Xiao Chen-Yu’s hands were much bigger compared to Tang San. He in his heart actually hesitated: should he use the strength of his claws or not? He believed that relying on the power of his claws he certainly could smash Tang San’s palms to pieces, this would also be considered ending the competition. But doing so, would the people behind him……?


Charging so fast, Xiao Chen-Yu without waiting to think clearly, both his claws and Tang San’s palms slammed together.


With a muffled peng sound, as blackish green and white coloured light shone brightly, a circle of air burst out and stirred the air current by the feet of the surrounding crowd of spectators.


Tang San’s stood there absolutely still with feet not perpendicular nor parallel, Xiao Chen-Yu’s upper body in a flash, after the shock fell backwards. Practically subconsciously, Xiao Chen-Yu’s wolf claws already struck at Tang San’s hands. Losing to the other side in spirit power caused him such shock and fury simultaneously that he already forgot his apprehension.


But, something occurred that caused Xiao Chen-Yu even more shock.


Just when his wolf claws grabbed at Tang San’s both hands, he clearly felt that Tang San’s both hands were as hard as iron: no matter how he used his strength, he was unable to shift them an iota. Immediately following, Tang San’s hands separated, forcibly taking them out from within his wolf claws, turning his hands to knead at Xiao Chen-Yu’s wrists, not letting him retreat from shock like that. Both hands pulling back the former bully’s figure, his right shoulder directly ramming against Xiao Chen-Yu’s lower abdomen.


Xiao Chen-Yu’s big body flew up from that direct strike, tumbling away more than three metres.


Xiao Chen-Yu’s underlings were only a moment ago preparing to cheer, seeing their boss tumble away, this time, the expression in their eyes looking at Tang San was thoroughly changed. Was this kid still a human?


The lustrous jade slowly receding from both hands, trying out if his Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength would be greater than the opponents eleventh ranked spirit power, Tang San coolly said:

“I’m still busy and have no time to play with you, so I will end it like this. Blue silver grass, bind.”


Xiao Chen-Yu had just a moment ago shot up from the ground - Tang San’s single strike without going full out, and in addition to his spirit body enhancement, his defensive power was without mistake considerable, and so received no injury - just in time to hear Tang San’s words.


More than ten thick blue silver grass completely without warning suddenly surged up from under his feet, spiralling up, without waiting for Xiao Chen-Yu to react, already firmly bound both his legs.


“What is this?”

Xiao Chen-Yu turned pale with fright. Struggling with all his strength, but since being upgraded that blue silver grass was extremely tough, regardless of how he used his strength he could not struggle free.


Part 4


Tang San advanced step by step towards Xiao Chen-Yu,

“Don’t try it. You can’t struggle free. My first spirit ring was a datura snake, therefore, my blue silver grass has the datura snake’s toughness. Of course, it also has a bit of the datura snake’s venom. If you feel you still have more fighting strength, I don’t mind letting you sample the taste of the datura snakes venom. Oh, I should mention, I don’t have an antidote.”


There were also more than ten blue silver grass rising behind Tang San, the blades of grass suspended behind his back, as if they were more than ten datura snakes selecting people to bite.


A feeling of fear began to appear all over those higher grade students, some of Xiao Chen-Yu’s underlings were quickly retreating uncontrolledly.


Even if they had not encountered a datura snake, they had absolutely heard of it. Who would be willing to come into contact with this kind of horror snake venom?


“Don’t use snake venom. I admit defeat.”

Even though Xiao Chen-Yu was the boss among students, he was after all only twelve years old, and equally also could have childish fears, for a time already he was completely confused.


Actually, although Tang San’s blue silver grass was poisonous, it was after all only the first spirit ring. What was absorbed was also not even a more formidable datura snake, therefore the attached poison nature only had a paralysing effect, nothing more. Certainly not a fatal hyper toxicity. But how could Xiao Chen-Yu dare use his own body to test that?


The blue silver grass quietly vanished from Xiao Chen-Yu’s legs, and on Tang San’s face was revealed the small gentle smile familiar to the working students,

“Since you already admitted defeat, then, follow what you and Xiao Wu previously agreed on.”


Xiao Chen-Yu dully looked at Tang San,

“Then I should recognize you as boss or recognize her?”

What he still did not believe was that Xiao Wu’s strength was able to exceed Tang San’s. A six year old spirit master, this already surpassed his imagination.


Tang San said with a slight smile:

“Of course Xiao Wu is your boss. I can’t win against her. Otherwise, room seven’s room senior would be me, not her.”


Xiao Chen-Yu’s mouth opened in an O shape, his heart saying, ‘you are already this fierce, and she compared to you is still more terrible, you really are working students, really only six years old?'


Xiao Wu unhurriedly walked up by Tang San’s side, clapping his shoulder, adopting a big sister leader appearance,

“Little San’s display was not bad, you’ve worked hard.”


Tang san laughed, saying:

“Teacher still left me some matters to attend, the remaining business you sort out yourself. Afterwards you can be the academy’s Supreme Sister.”


Xiao Wu smiling thumped Tang San’s shoulder at once,

“Fine, you go, I’ll handle the rest.”


Finished speaking, her gaze shifted to Xiao Chen-Yu,

“What? You’re still not convinced? Fine. I’ll introduce myself once. I’m Xiao Wu, first year working student, spirit, rabbit, twelfth rank first ring battle spirit master.”


Let alone Xiao Chen-Yu, including the still not lingering Tang San was shocked, he also right now just realised Xiao Wu was unexpectedly equally a spirit master, and also compared to him one rank higher. But her age was about the same as his, meaning, she also had full spirit power?


A red light rose from Xiao Wu's body. Shrouded under the faint red light, her eyes began to turn red, ears slowly grew, standing up from the side of her head covered in soft white fur. Stature seemingly becoming a bit taller, a soft breath of spirit power seemingly undulated centring on her body. From underfoot rose a spirit ring unexpectedly with appearance as Tang San's, it too was a yellow hundred year spirit ring.


Xiao Chen-Yu exerted himself to clap his forehead at once,

“Xiao Wu Jie, I serve. Hereafter you are our Nuoding primary spirit master academy’s Supreme Sister. Everyone come, meet Xiao Wu Jie.”


A blue silver grass eleventh ranked tool spirit master was that fierce, this was a twelfth ranked first ring battle spirit master, and also had a hundred year spirit ring as well. Xiao Chen-Yu did not need to fight to know that he was not by any means Xiao Wu’s match.


Xiao Wu somewhat smugly looked at the higher grade students before her bowing in salute, darting a glance at the dazed Tang San there,

“Didn’t you have some matters? Why haven’t you left? You’re permitted to have innate full spirit power, but not I?”


Tang San started from his thoughts, looking carefully at Xiao Wu, raising his hand to stroke her long soft ears, nodding,

“Xiao Wu, so you really are a rabbit.”



The rabbit ears were the most sensitive, transforming to become the spirit, the effect similarly appeared all over Xiao Wu’s body. The little girl’s beautiful face suddenly had two large daubs of blushing, raising her hand wanting to hit him, Tang San had already escaped like the wind.


Not speaking of what reparations to make on Xiao Wu’s side, after Tang San escaped the academy, his mind couldn’t help but be carefree for a spell. Other than Teacher’s poison injury making him worry, everything else compared to what he imagined was glorious. Mysterious Heaven skill’s cultivation problem was at long last resolved, and he also had this blue silver grass binding ability, his actual strength had made great progress. Tang San believed, he only must continuously make great efforts with cultivation, and his Mysterious Heaven skill would advance by leaps and bounds. In at most ten years, he only must be able to enter Mysterious Heaven skill’s fifth realm, and so be considered somewhat accomplished; when arriving at that time, in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record were recorded the majority of hidden weapon use abilities.


Teacher did not say if this world had many spirit clan sects, could he not establish his own Tang sect afresh in this world?


On Douluo Continent, regardless of whether it was Heaven Dou Empire or Star Luo Empire, in any city Spirit Hall could be that city’s symbolic structure. Tang San only randomly asked a passer-by, and successfully found the location of Spirit Hall.


Just now helping the working students respond to the struggle had already delayed him for some time, and he still must return to bring Teacher midday meal, therefore Tang San used his fastest pace to run to Spirit Hall, not wanting to be delayed.


“Halt. Little friend, this is Spirit Hall, you can’t randomly rush.”

Tang San barely arrived at Spirit Hall, when he was stopped by the entrance guard.


Nuoding city’s Spirit Hall’s location was an immense dome structure. Just the width of the front must exceed a hundred metres, height reaching up to twenty metres, divided into three floors.


The entire building was brown, and the emblem on the front gate only had one longsword. From Grandmaster’s explanation, Tang San knew that an emblem with only one design, meant that Nuoding city’s Spirit Hall was a lowest rank Spirit Hall.

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