Fantasy Falls - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

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Lin Xii held the Beamscythe as he flew through the air on his blood red wings.

This was the 4th day after his Ukaku was born. During these 4 days, he's more and more proficient with using the scythe in battle while flying. Due to intensive uses of these 2 abilities, the cost was the high calorie sweets, chocolates, and milk rapidly diminishing in his storage space.

"Hmm, there's a few titans over there."

Locking onto his target, Lin Xii flew in the air towards that direction. As he was about to reach his destination, he adjusting the output of the RC cells. Lin Xii was like an eagle soaring through the air, his wings and scythe dragged a dazzling streak of green and red through the air.

The streaks of lights was about 10 meters off the ground. After a few flashes, the lights soared back to above a hundred meters in the air.

Blood gushed out from the neck of the 3 titans that were roaming about, each of them thumping down onto the ground.

With the wings and the scythe, Lin Xii doesn't need to waste his time and energy to pull the titans down with his meat hook anymore before killing them. Of course, what Lin Xii's doing now was also a huge waste of energy. He could always activate his Ukaku on the ground and jump, that too would kill the titans easily.

Lin Xii could only fly for a quarter of an hour, while he could maintained the Ukaku for above an hour.

But he needs to be experienced in flying, quickly too.

As Lin Xii was diving downwards and killing the 3 titans, soaring back to the sky and leaving; there were others that witnessed all of that.

It was a group, a small group of 3.

A middle aged man that's in his 40s, a young man and woman in their 20s. The appearance of them are normal, but they were wearing leather armor and carrying shields. The young man was also holding a wooden staff, they were obviously not ordinary humans.

"Oh my god, what did i just saw!" The young man shocked, muttering.

The cigarette that was in the middle aged man mouth dropped onto the ground. "An evolutionary that can fly! He's holding a plasma weapon and killing the 3 titans so easily! That easy! Bloody hell!"

"I wonder how many stars the ability he got is." The young man could not help but exclaimed. "Being an evolutionary too, why did I only get a 1 star spells, and others can fly in the sky! It's sooo not fair!"

"Tell that to the normal humans, and see what reaction they would have." The lady looked at him with disdain, reminding him at the same time, "Discovering a strong evolutionary and reporting it to the army will bring us many benefits. Later when we meet up with colonel Dong, remember to tell him that. I think this will stir the army up."

"True, the evolutionaries that the army are in contact with are around 20 in numbers. But there isn't one that can fly." The middle aged man picked up his dropped cigarette, putting it back in his mouth even though there were quite some dust on it.

Lin Xii doesn’t knows that he was spotted by other evolutionaries and they were going to report to the army. Even if he did, he wouldn't mind.

Since Ukaku wasn't his trump card anyways.

After a day of hunting, Lin Xii went back to the house that he was leaving in with the 3 girls.

Ending the training that prepare and strengthen their bodies, the 3 girls were starting to train their respective traits. Fi Fi drawing and shooting the bow, Rui and Sui sparring with each other with the sword and shield against a pair of metal claws.

With his flying ability and increase mobility, the hunt for titans was never better. Lin Xii bought an offensive metal claws originally meant for Sui. But her big breast were affecting her using a weapon made for agility.

So he gave the metal claws to Rui, and her original shield was given to Sui.

Lin Xii dropped from the sky and landed on the lawn. The eyes of the girls that were training there gleamed when they saw him.

Blood red wings while holding a scythe, this appearance was far too much for teenage girls that are still in their puberty.

After glancing at the girls, Lin Xii noticed that after the few days of training their spirit was lifted. Of course, this was probably also due to the presence of meat in their meals. He went inside to bathe and eat after greeting the girls, turning on the TV and check the news.

"Looks like the good ol' days are going to end huh."

It's already a month into the apocalypse.

Using tanks to kill titans wasn't hard, by blasting them onto the ground and rushing to hack the back of their necks. Or using the armored vehicles to knock them over, not wasting any bombshells but risking the vehicle overturning.

But why did the amount of monster were not reducing, even though they were constantly being exterminate?

The TV finally reported the reason for it.

According to experts, the space around Pearl city is unstable. It will spawn titans randomly at any time or place. Using game analogy would be Pearl City is a spawn point, where the spawn rate is high.

The whole country, and the world are filled with these spawn points. Some of them in countrysides, some of them in cities.

The cities that are not spawn points were relatively lucky, being safe and all.

It's just that the amount of cities that were safe are really little.

But anyhow, cities that are spawn points are unsafe to live in. You can never kill off all the monsters in it, the bullets and bombshells are just going to waste. This was why the TV announced instructions given to these places.

The army is limited and are unable to protect all the cities, so it is better to gather around a safe city and build a huge central assembly point. Building huge walls surrounding it, stopping the monsters from coming close.

The army and citizens that are from other places are requested to move over to these assembly points. This will concentrates the military strengths and allow them to fully protect the assembly point, creating a home that's far away from the monsters.

Pearl city is a small city and a spawn point, naturally it has no rights to be an assembly point. Even though Pearl city is a military stronghold, since there's the marine academy, air force academy, the tank academy, and the best army academy.

It's thanks to the large amount of troops, that kept Pearl city maintaining its electricity and water running.

The residents leaving here are definitely more blessed comparing to the other cities.

But now, all these troops are preparing to transfer away; leaving here.

They are transferring to the capital of Anhui Province, one of the central assembly point, Lu Zhou City. (TLN: I will shorten it to LZ City from now on.)

Lin Xii believes that the normal residents that are watching the news now are feeling a bitter chill.

A city of more than a million residents, even though there were quite a few that died in the apocalypse; there would be still at least 800 thousands living. All of them are suppose to ditch their home and follow the army for a massive transfer to LZ city that's more than a hundred kilometers away. How many dangers would they encounter on their way there? How many people would die?

The trip to LZ city from Pearl City was fast using a car, but a car would be impossible to drive through the horde of monsters out there. Also, there wouldn't be enough petroleum as they stop restocking after the apocalypse.

They could only follow the army as the army clear the path slowly. The people following behind could only walk by feet, step by step.

How long could they walk without food?

The army probably made a tough decision to abandon Pear City, if not they wouldn't had defended Pearl City for a month now. To be honest, they wouldn't need to make much of a decision according to what the news just reported.

Abandoning the normal people, and just escorting the important ones was obviously the most optimal choice.

In fact, the fact that the army would be willing to be honest with the public and report the facts on the news was really kind of them.

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Of course, there's another possibility. The trip to LZ city was going to be tough due the amount of monsters in between and the amount of troops that they need to bring. So they might use the normal citizens to act as cannon fodder, or bait to distract the monsters.

But Lin Xii's usually leaning to the more optimistic side of things.

"Looks like we can't stay in Pearl City anymore."

After the army leave, the water and electricity generator operations would stop. Even an evolutionary like Lin Xii would not be willing to live here. Also, the monsters that spawn here are titans for now, but what if some other stronger monsters spawn in the future?

The evolutionary now are unable to compare to the army in the efficiency of killing monsters.

"There's plenty or benefit heading to LZ city. As an assembly point, the city's not a spawn point, there will be walls built to make the environment safe. Also, as LZ city is a capital of a province, there are plenty of food there due to the huge food storage"

"With the troops clearing the path and protecting you, as long as everyone work together, we will definitely safely make it to LZ city!"

The TV was continuously broadcasting this, creating a sense of hope for the viewers.

"It looks like I would have to contact the army tomorrow."

The army seems to be in a hurry, the big transfer starts in 4 days. Everyday transferring a batch,each of the 4 military academy will be responsible to a batch. The transferring would be done in a week.

Disguising and following the transfer as an ordinary human would definitely not work. Even if Lin Xii and the 3 girls were to disguised themselves, their looks and temperament would definitely give them up and stir troubles. He rather contact the military with him as the initiative.

Contacting the army with the initiative will definitely bring him benefits, the army would prioritize the protection to his families, and according to the rank of the evolutionary the army will give them <Biological points> accordingly.

That's right, it is <Biological points>, the news on the TV reported it to be that way.

Now across the country, or at least Pearl City, the army are the ones that have the most <Biological points> on hand. Blasting down the titans with bombshells and hacking their neck, each titan are worth 100-200 points at the very least. Lin Xii would not believe if the army did not have any thoughts on the <Biological points>.

In fact, you could observed on TV that after the army rushed up to the titans and blasting them down, it was a bunch of weirdly dressed groups that's obviously evolutionaries that rushed up to the titan's neck and kill them.

As the titans are different from other monsters, after blasting them, the only way to kill them is by hacking away the back of its neck.

This is definitely a 'good' type of monster to farm points.

The evolutionaries that has the ability to fight the titans one on one are definitely not many, most of them would contact the military after watching the news. In the news evolutionaries that pop up wasn't less, they are more or less counting on the army to 'carry' them.

Lin Xii guessed that the army most likely employed a system that splits a portion of the points and give it to the army after the evolutionaries killed the titans.

Waking up on the 2nd day and leaving the house was a scene of chaos before him, even after comforting the peoples on the good facts about the transferring; this still induced large amount of fear among them, who would be willing to leave their hometown and embark on a journey that's full of danger?

And also there were some that were preparing supplies for the upcoming transfer, killing and looting were a lot more common now.

As Lin Xii was going to make contact with the army and trying not to stand out, he did not donned his Jedi's robes instead wearing a simple jeans and tee-shirt. The Beamscythe that's worth 14000 points was also kept, as taking it out would be shocking to others.

This is why he's preparing to get another weapon.

Orge's axe.

A heavy and huge metallic axe that has a wooden handle.

This axe has a special skill——increasing strength. It increases your strength +10 in DOTA, holding it in his hand, Lin Xii tested out the axe and a stream of energy flowed into his body.

It can increase about half a person's worth of strength and physique.

The price is 1000 points.

The 3 girls are wearing leather armor, a pair of brown gloves of strength and dark red slippers of agility each. Fi Fi's had a bow and quiver slung onto her back, both of Rui's outer thighs had each claws of attack attached to them. (TLN: apparently the claws of attack are 'Blades of attack' from DOTA, they did not seem to mentioned it anywhere, i only found out as i was suspecting as why Rui's weapon wasn't from DOTA) Sui was carrying her oak shield on her back, and her kris sword sheathed on her waist.

The 3 girl gave off an heroic cool feel as their wore those equipments.

As for the Tyrant, due to him being a biological weapon he was stored inside Lin Xii's storage space, only summoning him out during a battle.

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