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Chapter 647: 647

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When Xiao Lingfeng, who was in the middle of the square, saw her, he cried out anxiously,””Yun ‘er, you’re crazy. Leave quickly.”

Lingyun sect’s sect master ye qiuling looked at Yun Qianyu coldly. Seeing that this woman was not only beautiful, but also had a noble aura around her, making her look like a fairy from another world.

This side of her caused ye qiuling to go crazy with jealousy.

With a sneer, she said,”you are Yun Qianyu? how dare you hurt my daughter? today, I will make sure you die without a burial place.”

As soon as ye qiuling finished speaking, she waved her hand and ordered her men to kill Yun Qianyu.

“Wait a minute,” Yun Qianyu quickly said.

Ye qiuling stopped moving and looked at Yun Qianyu. Yun Qianyu quickly said,”

“If you let my foster father go, I’ll exchange myself for my foster father.”

As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, ye qiuling burst into laughter. Even the first Peak’s Peak Master, mu lengxi, and the others laughed.

“Yun Qianyu, since you’ve appeared, do you think you can still leave?” mu lengxi said arrogantly.

Yun Qianyu sneered and said,”do you think I’m stupid? Did he just show up without any preparation? Listen up, if you don’t let my foster father go, the soaring cloud sect swears to be buried with him. Although I can’t guarantee that everyone in the soaring cloud sect will die, I’m afraid that more than half of them won’t be able to live. ”

As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, she raised her hand and threw a spirit Thunder pill to a mountain not far away. With a loud boom, the spirit Thunder pill exploded, blowing up a large area of the mountain.

On the square, the people of Lingyun sect looked at each other, then some of them started to discuss in fear.

Yun Qianyu said coldly.

“I’ve buried a large number of spiritual Thunder pills in the Lingyun sect. If you dare to kill my foster father, the people I send out will blow up the spiritual Thunder pills. By then, your entire Lingyun sect will be destroyed. If you don’t believe me, you can try. ”

As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, ye Ziyan was the first to believe her. This woman was not simple.

“Mother, she must be telling the truth.”

Ye qiuling glared at her daughter and then turned to look at Yun Qianyu with an ugly expression.

This little B * tch actually dared to threaten her. As the sect master of Lingyun sect, no one had dared to talk to her like this for many years.

Ye qiuling’s coquettish face was filled with a ruthless expression.

However, she was still a little afraid of the meaning behind Yun Qianyu’s words.

However, it was impossible for her to leave the mountain safely from the hands of the Lingyun sect.

Ye qiuling thought about it as she waved her hand and ordered,””Men, release old Prince Xiao!”

Even if she agreed to let Xiao Lingfeng go, how could Xiao Lingfeng walk down the ghost king Peak unscathed?

As soon as ye qiuling’s order was given, several of his subordinates rushed straight to Xiao Lingfeng’s side. Very quickly, Xiao Lingfeng was released.

Yun Qianyu looked at Xiao Lingfeng and quickly said,””Godfather, quickly leave.”

“Yun ‘er.” Xiao Lingfeng refused to leave.

Ignoring Xiao Lingfeng, Yun Qianyu ordered ao Ming, Lord Marten and rainbow,””Kill!”

Her own body suddenly burst out, raising her hand with a dense green spirit Qi, she blasted it towards the Lingyun sect men.

The scene suddenly became chaotic.

Lingyun sect’s Ye qiuling did not expect this woman to turn hostile so quickly.

He was so angry that his chest hurt, and then he quickly ordered,””Men, come. Take this woman down. ”

The three spirit beasts behind Yun Qianyu jumped up and went straight for the disciples of the Lingyun sect.

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