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Chapter 650: 650

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Yun Qianyu held Xiao Jiuyuan’s hand and looked up at him.

At this moment, she could finally relax.

Although she had always been strong and unafraid of anyone, she was still a girl. She also wanted to have someone she could rely on, a mountain that she could rest on when she was tired.

Just like before, when she saw the Black Tower fall from the sky, she instantly felt panic and fear.

She really wanted someone to suddenly appear beside her and say,”don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

She had thought that the person would be Feng Wuya, but he had chosen little bell at the last moment.

Although he was not wrong in saving her sister, her heart still turned cold.

She had never dreamed that Xiao Jiuyuan would rush in at the last moment without any hesitation.

Now, she was by his side, even if the two of them died together.

She wasn’t so afraid anymore.

Thinking about it, Yun Qianyu held Xiao Jiuyuan’s hand and said softly,””I’m fine,”she said.

Hearing her words, Xiao Jiuyuan was relieved and felt a sense of tenderness in his heart. At least he had held her hand and protected her from being suppressed by the Black Tower.

Xiao Jiuyuan thought about it and quickly said,””Come, let’s use our spirit energy to resist the Black Tower and see if we can counterattack.”“

“Alright,” he said.

Yun Qianyu responded, raised her hand, and sent out a wave of spirit energy.

Xiao Jiuyuan followed up with a Blue Spirit light, and the two spiritual powers collided with the Black Tower above his head.

Unfortunately, when the two spiritual powers collided, there was no reaction. Only a buzzing sound could be heard.

Then, it became calm again.

Xiao Jiuyuan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and whispered,””What the hell is this?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Lingyun sect leader ye qiuling’s loud laughter from outside.””Haha, Yun Qianyu, aren’t you very capable? How does it feel to be in the Black Devil tower?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately ordered,””Someone, send the Black Devil tower into the alchemy furnace. I want to see how much ability she has to turn the tables.”

As soon as ye qiuling’s voice fell, someone had already collected the black demonic tower and sent it to the pill room to refine.

On the Plaza outside the five peaks, Feng Wuya naturally also heard ye qiuling’s words, and his expression was terrifyingly ugly.

This was especially so when he thought of how he had previously seen a black ghostly light scuttle into the black Tower. If his guess was correct, then he would have to be careful.

The black light was actually a person, Xiao Jiuyuan.

Xiao Jiuyuan rushed over at the last moment and rushed into the black Tower without hesitation.

When Feng Wuya thought of this, he went into a state of madness.

Because he knew that this time, he was really going to lose the person he cared about.


Feng Wuya’s clothes were redder than blood, and his black eyes were filled with blood. At this moment, he was like a mad demon as he started a massacre.

The square of Lingyun sect was filled with screams.

Lingyun sect leader ye qiuling’s face was extremely ugly. He shouted,””Feng Wuya, how dare you, specter Palace, come to my Lingyun sect to kill people. Today, I’ll make sure you die without a burial ground.”

Ye qiuling’s figure flashed over and started fighting with Feng Wuya.

At the same time, Feng Wuya’s subordinates also joined the battle.

In an instant, the square outside the five peaks was filled with killing.

The shadow and Ye Jia firmly carried out Yun Qianyu’s order and saved Xiao Lingfeng all the way to the most secret place outside the five peaks.

Ye Jia wanted to go back to Yun Qianyu but was stopped by someone.

The person who blocked her way turned out to be Xiao Yechen, who had been avoiding her all this time.

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