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Chapter 1220

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As early as in the life of Guan Zhu, he had been struggling to find a way higher than the way to heaven.

Moreover, the spectator once touched the threshold of this higher path!

Regrettably, because of the flaws left in the realm of proving the Dao Realm, the spectator finally failed to step into this threshold.

Is the viewer not strong enough?

Not really.

In Su Yi's view, this situation may be similar to the current Xuanhuang Star Realm. For some reason, that higher path has long ceased to exist in the world.

Perhaps, this higher path has many unknown limitations.

In this way, even if the Guanzhu Dao travels against the sky, how can it be possible to set foot on it?

The door is locked, or the door is removed, how can I get in?

After seeing what happened to Hong Tianzun and seeing the power of Qin Chongxu who came across the river of time, Su Yi became more and more convinced.

The road to heaven is indeed not the end of the avenue.

Above, there is a higher way!

In the depths of the starry sky, it has been rumored that this higher path is the immortal path.

Whoever can find it will become immortal!

Shaking his head, Su Yi discarded his distracting thoughts and sensed the hand bone with his divine sense.

Immediately, he once again saw a mysterious forbidden seal in the shape of a Taoist altar in the bone of his hand.

It is Qin Chongxu's remnant soul!

"It seems that the little friend has proved the king of the Taoist realm, which is gratifying."

When he noticed that Su Yi's spiritual sense appeared, Qin Chongxu, who was trapped in the forbidden seal, suddenly raised his head and made a sighing voice.

"Don't pretend to have amnesia this time?"

Su Yi sarcastically said.

Qin Chongxu was silent for a while, and then sighed: "What the little friend saw was just a wisp of Qin's remnant soul, and he used some little tricks that were not on the table, but it made the little friend laugh."

Immediately, his voice became gentle, and said: "However, after this twists and turns, it has allowed Qin to see how powerful Xiaoyou's methods are. Perhaps, this is called fate, if Xiaoyou doesn't mind, Qin is willing to be with you. A good deal."

Su Yi said: "Good fate? Let's hear it."

Qin Chongxu pondered for a moment and said, "A long time ago, I already learned that in today's world, the highest path is only in the third realm of the realm king, and the little friend doesn't want to know, how miraculous it is above the three realm of realm kings. boundaries?"

Speaking of this, he smiled slightly, "Besides, the little friend must be very confused. Why did I, an old guy from the Era of Illusion, cross the river of time and come to this Xuanhuang Star Realm."

"Just to defend the contract of the gods?"

"No, there is another secret in this, which is related to reincarnation and a taboo-like secret."

Qin Chongxu said this, staring at Su Yi, "If the little friend wants to have a good relationship with Qin, I can tell you all these secrets."

"And, I can also instruct you to practice and teach you the supreme inheritance that does not belong to this era! In the future, I will not worry about not being able to set foot on a road higher than the road to the sky!"

After listening to Su Yi, he said with a half-smile, "Then how do I get this good relationship?"

"It's simple, help me get out of trouble."

Qin Chongxu pointed to the mysterious forbidden seal that trapped him and said, "Others may not be able to break this forbidden seal, but with the profound meaning of reincarnation mastered by the little friend, it is enough to break it easily."

After a pause, he said, "Of course, Qin will not let Xiaoyou help him in vain. In order to show his sincerity, Qin can give Xiaoyou a treasure now."

"The name of this sect is called 'Linglong Heart Dream Sutra', and it records some secret cultivation methods above the three realms of the realm king!"

Qin Chong waved his hand, "Little friend, please come closer, I'll be right here.

I will teach you this way with mysticism. Don't worry, I am trapped in this secret seal, and it is impossible for me to hurt you. "

Su Yi laughed and said, "You can't believe every word of an old man like you."

Qin Chongxu couldn't help but smile bitterly and said, "I've already fallen to such a miserable level. All the efforts I've made in front of me are just to survive. How could I still be thinking about it at this time?"

Su Yi smiled and said, "If you have the intention to form a good relationship, I have a suggestion."

"tell me the story."

Qin Chongxu was refreshed.

Su Yi said softly: "Your deity is still alive, and what's trapped at the moment is just a remnant of your soul. Why don't you give up your struggle and let me search your soul?"

Qin Chongxu was stunned, his face stiffened.

I saw Su Yi continued: "In this way, I can understand everything you know, and I don't worry about you lying, why not do it?"

Qin Chongxu's face darkened suddenly, and he said solemnly: "Little friend, Qin Moucheng wants to have a good relationship with you, but you want to search my soul, isn't it too much?"

Su Yi laughed and said, "Excessive is right, do you really think I'm here to negotiate terms with you? Selfish!"

Qin Chongxu was obviously angry.

But immediately, he laughed and said: "Little guy, you are still too tender, the power of this forbidden seal is like a shackle, although it traps me, it also protects me, unless you smash it, otherwise, there is no I can't help it!"

"Yes, then try it."

As Su Yi said, the power of the soul suddenly revolved, condensed into a body of will, and appeared in the space within the bones of the hand.

He stepped forward and came to the mysterious forbidden seal like an altar.

"For you, this forbidden seal is like a shackle, but in my eyes, it is useless."

He stepped into it.

Seeing this, Qin Chongxu seemed unbelievable.

But immediately, he couldn't help laughing: "This seat has been thinking hard before, how to lure your kid over, I never thought that you actually sent it to the door stupidly!"

"That's right, you don't even know what realm this seat's cultivation is in. Naturally, it's impossible to know that the soul power of the same life-span realm is no different from the ants at the mercy of this seat in front of this seat!"

He was ecstatic.

The voice was still reverberating, and the figure suddenly rushed towards Su Yi.


Qin Chongxu's remnant soul suddenly became terrifying and boundless, diffused a magnificent and mysterious Dao light, like a raging sea, shrouded Su Yi's will and Dharma body.


However, the next moment, Qin Chongxu's remnant soul shot back and screamed in pain.

His remnant was shaking violently.

"In your divine soul, you actually suppressed the supreme divine soldier?!"

Qin Chongxu hissed, full of shock.

He wanted to devour Su Yi's will and Dharma body before, but who would have thought that just when he touched the opponent, he was hit by a supreme sword power.

If he hadn't dodged in time, he would have almost died!

Su Yi smiled and said, "Who do you think is the ant?"

He stepped towards Qin Chongxu.

Qin Chong's expression changed, and he said quickly, "Little friend, it was all a misunderstanding before!"


Su Yi slapped it, causing Qin Chongxu's remnant soul to fly out, smashing hard on the power of the mysterious forbidden seal.

The mysterious forbidden seal glowed like a wildly dancing whip, causing Qin Chong's virtual soul to almost shatter.

His face was distorted, hissing screamed, and he was extremely embarrassed.

"What about coming from the Era of Illusion? What about once being powerful enough to despise the realm of the realm king? It's just a remnant of the soul, it's still there.

Pretending in front of me is really untidy. "

Su Yi shook his head slightly.

Qin Chongxu's remnant was paralyzed on the ground, and he said sternly: "I promise, even if you kill my remnant, I won't tell you anything, it's just a remnant, I don't care!"


The voice was still echoing, and Qin Chongxu was slapped again.


Qin Chongxu almost went crazy.

In his identity, in his time, he was worshipped by hundreds of millions of beings, and was worshipped as the master by countless monks.

Even a person in the realm of kings has to lower his eyebrows and bow his head as a minister.

But now, he has been slapped again and again!

He hadn't experienced this kind of humiliation for too long.

"If you don't care, why are you so angry?"

Su Yi laughed. He had come to Qin Chongxu and looked down at him, "Your life and death are not important. Getting something from your remnant soul... is very important to me."

Saying that, he raised his hand and pressed Qin Chongxu's remnant soul.

Going to do a soul search.

Suddenly a cold voice sounded:

"Also ask fellow Daoist to keep him alive!"

This mysterious forbidden seal like an altar, filled with wisps of fairy light like a dream, outlines a vague and hazy figure in the void.

Even the appearance seems illusory, not real.

But when she appeared, it still gave people a stunning visual impact.

It is like witnessing a fairy come down to earth, not eating human fireworks, full of ethereal and aloofness.

"It's you bastard—!"

Qin Chongxu was shocked and angry, as if he couldn't believe it.

And Su Yi immediately saw that this hazy figure like a dream was a mark of will.

It was obviously left by that mysterious woman named Luoyao!

"Why protect him?"

Su Yi frowned slightly.

Luo Yao's willpower explained: "He can act as an anchor and play a big role when I go to the Era of Fantasy in the future."

"I see."

Su Yi understood.

This mysterious Luo Yao, the reason why he imprisoned Qin Chongxu's remnant soul with his own hand bones, is to go to the Era of Fantasy in the future!

Luo Yao said: "If a fellow Taoist searches for his soul, it will give him the opportunity to seek death, and the gain will outweigh the loss. And as long as he is trapped in this forbidden prison set up by me, it is impossible for him to commit suicide even if he wants to."

"Bitch! This seat will not let you get your wish!"

Qin Chongxu cursed loudly, his face extremely ugly.

Luo Yao ignored her. She looked at Su Yi with a soft voice, "Within three years, my deity will definitely return. When the time comes, if fellow Daoists want to know, I will tell you honestly."

Su Yi said, "Why can't we chat now?"

Luo Yao pointed to herself and said helplessly, "This willpower was left by me in a hurry. Strictly speaking, it can only be regarded as a spiritual imprint, which will soon dissipate."

Su Yi remembered that Hong Tianzun once said that in the original catastrophe, Luoyao defeated Qin Chongxu, but she was also injured. Escape for the first time!

"Fellow Daoist, please take good care of my hand bone. When I return in the future, I will definitely give fellow Daoist... an unexpected reward!"

The voice was still reverberating, Luo Yao smiled slightly, and her figure suddenly disappeared into a light rain.

Su Yi was startled, and couldn't help but slander, do women like to be so appetizing?


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