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Chapter 1474

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The Buddhist sound of Zen sings resounds through the starry sky.

The hearts of the spectators in the distance trembled, and they all subconsciously crawl to the ground.

Like a group of devout believers, worshipping.

Su Yi frowned.

Seeing the future, why not worship!

Just a few words, like the will of heaven, exuding a power that shakes people's hearts.

What's even more terrifying is that this Buddha's sound contains the power of order and rules, which can shock the mind invisibly!

Su Yi's mood was also affected.

But in just a moment, he was resisted and resolved.

After all, about the battle of moods, he has gone through countless times, and now he is still fighting with the sixth generation's Taoism power.

Although the sound of the Buddha's voice was terrifying, it was difficult to influence Su Yi.

He waved his sleeve robe and directly put Qingtang into the sky-buying furnace.

But the handsome young man obviously couldn't stand it. His expression changed and he hid directly behind Su Yi. He gritted his teeth and said, "Uncle, this old bald donkey is too bad. I have to surrender my mind!"

Su Yi's lips twitched slightly.

Being yelled at by an uncle who appeared out of nowhere made Su Yi feel like hitting someone.

But he finally held back.

The phantom of the Buddha in the distance was too terrifying, and every word and deed made the starry sky tremble.

It is far more terrifying than the willpower of the "Dark Silent God Venerable" that he encountered in the Era of Demons!

"You watch."

Su Yi said, and suddenly volleyed away.


The breath of the Nine Prison Sword emerged from his fingertips, skyrocketing inch by inch, and finally turned into a gray long sword.

This was the first time that Su Yi used the power of the Nine Prisons Sword in this way.

In the past, it was impossible to do this step at all.

This time the reason is special.

Because the Nine Prisons Sword in the Sea of ​​Consciousness was like encountering an unforgettable enemy, he was extremely jealous, and he could easily use the power of the Nine Prisons Sword without Su Yi's effort.

"See me and don't worship, the future will be empty!"

On the twenty-fourth grade lotus platform in the distance, the Buddha suddenly raised his right hand and pressed it towards Su Yi from a distance.


Endless Buddha light emerged and turned into a big hand that covered the sky and the sun. It seemed to be able to cover the starry sky in the palm of your hand, releasing boundless power.

Su Yi snorted coldly, followed the sword, and flashed across the sky.


With a loud bang, Su Yi, one sword at a time, pierced through the big hand that covered the sky and sun.

Immediately, the big hand was torn apart, and it turned into a Buddha's light all over the sky.

Su Yi had already swung his sword towards the Buddha sitting on the lotus pedestal.

Compared to the phantom figure of the Buddha, which seemed to be endlessly tall, Su Yi's figure was extraordinarily small.

But when he leaped into the air and slashed down with his sword, it was like a ray of light that pierced through the stars of the ages, with the potential to open up the world and give up on me!


On the lotus pedestal, the Buddha phantom waved his palm and pushed forward.

The void suddenly collapsed, and countless Brahma fires and Buddha lights formed a "swastika" seal, which was suppressed.

This seal was so terrifying that it directly wiped out the long sword in Su Yi's hand.


Although Su Yi dodged in time, he was still swept away by the power of the swastika, and his whole body was smashed and flew out.


The handsome young man scolded.

He could see at a glance that the future Buddha's willpower was strange and terrifying beyond imagination.

"Everything that is staged at this time today is in the past deductions of this seat, and there are only two fates for you. One is to be captured by this seat, and the other is to die and dissipate in the world."

On the lotus platform of the twenty-fourth grade, the Buddha phantom said, "There is no third possibility, just like a flower blooming and falling, one should follow the number of cause and effect."

The sound was loud and rumbling through the stars.

Su Yi's eyes were indifferent and he said, "Cause and effect? ​​Future? Fate? You can kill it with a single sword!"


At this moment, he did not hesitate to run all the Dao Xing, transforming the sword with the power of reincarnation, and madly absorbing the power of the Nine Prisons Sword.

"If you are obsessed, you should be punished!"

The Buddha snorted softly.


The dazzling swastika swastika suddenly turned into a Foshan, and pressed towards Su Yi.

Foshan seems immeasurable and towering, shining brightly, giving people the feeling that there is no escape and no escape.

Su Yi felt unprecedented pressure.

This blow is indeed unavoidable and terrifying beyond imagination. It is even stronger than the power of the Burning Lamp Buddha used by Mizhen in the past!

At that moment, Su Yi even had a feeling of powerlessness that he was trapped in the quagmire and his whole body was suppressed.

He frowned, and without reservation, he used his sword with all his strength.

With one sword, it was like reincarnation, and the obscure Nine Prisons Sword aura filled it, as if it was going to drive this starry sky into reincarnation.

When this sword slashed on that Foshan,


The void completely collapsed, submerged in a terrifying torrent of destruction, and it was a vast expanse of white.

The handsome young man's heart tensed.

However, when the haze dissipated and saw the scene in the field, the handsome young man couldn't help but widen his eyes.

That Foshan disappeared.

And a sturdy figure stood there, like a sword that held the sky above the ground.


It was Su Yi.

His green robe was damaged, his skin was bleeding, his hair was disheveled, and he was obviously injured, but he did not die in this blow! !


The phantom of the Buddha sitting on the 24th grade lotus platform seemed to be surprised, "Is it actually blocked?"

"Accidents are variables. If there are variables, what about causality and fate? The so-called power to deduce the future is nothing more than that."

A mocking arc appeared on Su Yi's lips.

"Variables are also hidden in cause and effect. Even if there are countless variables, they will all lead to the same ending."

Buddha phantom opened his mouth.

He stood up suddenly, and the lotus pedestal under his feet was burning violently, "And this seat, in charge of the future law, in proving the cause and effect of the Dao, has already prepared a certain defeat for you today!"


He folded his hands together, and there was an infinite amount of light all over his body.

Countless divine flames of order roared towards Su Yi like a storm.

This blow is far more terrifying than the previous swastika seal!

The handsome young man's discoloration changed completely, he gritted his teeth sharply, and took out an antique small cauldron, just about to use it.

But at this moment, his whole body froze suddenly, and he was completely suppressed by a terrifying sword power inside and outside!

Even the small tripod in his hand was shaking violently.

This is……

The handsome young man's eyes widened.

In the void, the storm that was transformed by the countless divine flames of order seemed to be imprisoned and stagnant in the void.

Like a thousand lights that are fixed.

Time, the void, and even everything in this starry sky seem to fall into an absolute stillness at this moment.

On the lotus platform of the 24th grade, the Buddha's phantom was also stunned, as if unbelievable.

In his field of vision, a mysterious sword appeared above Su Yi's head.

But before he could see clearly, the Dao sword slashed in the air.


Thousands of divine flames of order shattered and disintegrated.

A ten thousand zhang-long sword mark appeared straight in the void, and at the end of the sword mark, the twenty-fourth grade lotus platform shattered and disintegrated.

The phantom of the Buddha standing on it shattered into countless pieces!

Only the phantom voice of the Buddha reverberated:

"Again... that sword again..."

The voice was full of surprise, unwillingness, fear, anger, and so on.

Then, the entire starry sky suddenly boiled, turbulent and chaotic.

The Dao sword had already disappeared quietly.

Su Yi's eyes were complicated.

At first, he had been suppressing the Nine Prisons Sword, intending to test whether he could slay the so-called future Buddha's will with his own strength and the aura of the Nine Prisons Sword.

But still couldn't do it.

On the contrary, after the Nine Prison Sword was shot, it was easy to kill such a great enemy!

"In the final analysis, I am still too weak now..."

Su Yi rubbed his eyebrows.

Not to mention frustration, not to mention setbacks.

His current cultivation is far from being able to compare with the sixth Wang Ye, let alone the gods.

However, not now, not in the future!

In just over 20 years, he has surpassed his predecessors, Su Xuanjun, Guanzhu, and Shen Mu.

In the future, it will naturally surpass Wang Ye and other previous lives!


This starry sky is gradually returning to silence, and there are scenes of withering and dilapidated everywhere.

The cultivators in the distance were all crawling there like pious prisoners before. At this time, as the willpower of the future Maitreya Buddha dissipated, they all came to their senses one after another, and they all felt the rest of their lives after a catastrophe.

And when they looked at Su Yi's figure in the distance, their hearts were churning.

The spectator, with his own power, beheaded five divine envoys! !

This method completely subverted everyone's cognition.

You don't have to think about it at all to know that when the news of this battle is sent back to the depths of the starry sky, it is bound to cause a sensation in the world.

"Happy! Uncle's style of this sword can make the gods and Buddhas all over the sky terrified!"

The handsome young man came over and sighed, "Unfortunately, my willpower is about to dissipate, otherwise, I must have a drink with my uncle to show my respect!"

Su Yi glanced at the cynical handsome young man, "Then tell me what's going on before your willpower disappears."

The handsome young man shook his head and said, "Don't hide it from my uncle, the origin of my nephew is not a secret. You will know it clearly in the future, but you can't reveal it now, otherwise, it will cause you a lot of unnecessary trouble."

Su Yi raised his brows slightly, "So, your identity is very special?"

The handsome young man laughed at himself: "I'm just dipped in the light of my father's generation. Of course, in terms of identity, in front of you, I'm just a junior."

"Can't even reveal the name?" Su Yi asked.


The handsome young man hesitated for a moment, "When I came, the elders in the family told me not to reveal anything, saying that I was afraid of causing unnecessary trouble to you, uncle, and thus affecting your cultivation path. But..."

Speaking of which, he gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "Since my uncle asked, how could my nephew not say it?"

He took a deep breath, clasped his fists with both hands, and greeted Su Yiji with a solemn and serious manner:

"Nephew Chen Pu, I have seen my uncle!"

Chen Pu?

Su Yi thought about it for a long time, but couldn't come up with a reason.

The only thing he can conclude is that this guy who calls himself Chen Pu must be a junior of one of his previous lives.

He didn't bother to think about it any more, anyway, he would always know in the future.

Next, Su Yi turned to look at the Xuanhuang Star Realm covered by the chaotic barrier in the distance, and said, "Tell me, what's going on?"


ps: After seeing Fu Huang’s children’s shoes, it is clear that the protagonist Chen Xi had three sons who appeared, namely Chen Ping’an, Chen Pu, and Chen Lan.

The children’s shoes who have seen Tianjiao’s battle record also know that Su Yi is the swordsman who suppressed the beginning of time, and with the help of Chen Xi, he entered the cycle of reincarnation.

This is not a foreshadowing or a secret, because there are many children's shoes who have not seen Fuhuang and Tianjiao, so I will explain that it is no problem to read those two books or not, and it will not affect the plot of the first fairy.

As for "Chen Pingan" in Fu Huangzhong, this is really not the name of the protagonist who touches the porcelain sword.

When Goldfish wrote the Emperor Fu, it opened the book in 2013 and finished it at the end of 2015. And Jianlai is a book that was only opened in 17 years. To avoid misunderstanding, a little explanation.

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