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Chapter 1726

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Under the grasp of the old ape with the sword, Panshenling rose directly from the ground.

The nineteenth-layer killing formation covering Panshenling also collapsed completely.

The nine Immortal Kings from the three major camps, Tai Zheng and Xue Hongshan, all moved into the sky and fled into the distance like crazy.

But the sword-bearing old ape didn't chase after him. He looked at Su Yi who was sitting in the rattan chair, and said, "Those immortal kings will be handed over to Huangtuo and the others, how about that?"

Su Yi said: "Just bring back the remaining Immortal King of the Ten Thousand Swords Immortal Sect alive."

The camp of Wanjian Xianzong originally had three immortal kings.

In the previous one-on-one fight, Liu Shuijing and Yu Wenqi had been killed by Su Yi.

Only one immortal king named Tao Qian was left alive.

The old ape with a negative sword nodded, turned his head to Lutuo and said, "Quick fight and quick decision."


The figure is full of thousands of feet tall, and immediately took the group of strange creatures into action.

"Let's go, go to my place and have a good drink."

The old ape with a sword smiled and invited Su Yi.

Su Yi said helplessly, "Let's wait until I recover from my injury before drinking."

The sword-carrying old ape laughed dumbly and said, "Alright."

Immediately, the two walked towards the depths of the Black Mist Abyss.

When Su Yi lost interest in sharpening his swordsmanship, in fact, the battle had already ended.

As the old ape with swords said, the outcome of this storm has long been doomed.

As for the immortal kings who escaped such as Tai Zheng and Xue Hongshan, they are destined to be unable to escape this black fog.

The only thing that awaits them is death.

It's not that the old ape with the sword is incapable of killing these characters, but that he disdains to insult such characters in person!

Su Yi also understood this.

After all, an existence that could compete with Wang Ye in kendo long before the Immortal Fallen Era, killing those Immortal Kings is no different from squeezing ants!

As for himself, he was naturally too lazy to do it one by one.

The black fog abyss, in a swamp.

"Before you die, can you tell me, if you exist like this, why do you want to serve that Shen Mu?"

An Immortal King was bleeding all over his body, his face full of despair.

He was chased and intercepted by a group of terrifying creatures like ancient corpses, and he has fled all the way until now.

"It's now, this guy still doesn't know the identity of Lord Emperor?"

An ancient corpse with a split head opened in surprise.

An ancient corpse with a disembodied belly responded: "Stupid, if they knew, how could a man be an enemy of Lord Emperor Zun? I'm afraid they would have been frightened long ago."

"Hey, that's true."

"Immortal King, in my few memories, I clearly remember that this is the strongest existence under the Taijing."

"But in the eyes of Lord Emperor Zun, it doesn't count as fart!"

The ancient corpses whispered.

And their conversation made the Immortal King almost stunned.

Emperor! ?

Then Shen Mu is just an immortal monarch, how can he be regarded as emperor by those strange creatures?

But before he could understand, a group of ancient corpses swarmed up and killed him in one fell swoop, and even the corpse and soul were refined.

"Be careful! Don't destroy the treasure on this guy, it's Lord Emperor Zun's trophy!"

An ancient corpse shouted, "Even if Lord Emperor Zun doesn't care, but if Lord Rantuo knows about it, you must smash your head!"

The Great Abyss of Black Mist, the outer area of ​​the restricted area covered by thunder.

"Damn, I have tried many times, and in this black fog, there is no way to send a letter of help!"

Taiyi taught Xue Hongshan a gloomy face.

He and the other two immortal kings gathered together and fled all the way. They were intercepted many times on the way, and they were all injured.

One of them was an Immortal King, who was caught by a skeleton bird that fell from the sky on the way to escape, and died violently.

And along the way, they crushed the secret treasure that sent letters for help many times, but without exception, they all failed.

This made them feel desperate for the existence of such immortal kings.

"Who can imagine that in the dark foggy abyss in the Nether Continent, there is a terrifying Taijing existence dormant?"

An Immortal King said bitterly, "Who would dare to believe that all those weird creatures are obedient to a young man like Shen Mu?"

Some people bit their teeth with hatred: "From the beginning to the end, this is a conspiracy of that Shen Mu! He fled all the way, and deliberately led us into this black foggy abyss, in order to completely trap us here!"

They are waiting for the Immortal King, what kind of wind and waves have not experienced?

But it is precisely because of this that they fully understand that this time, there is really no way to survive.

"Elder Xue, why don't you speak?"

During the conversation, the two Immortal Kings noticed that Xue Hongshan did not say a word, and the old face was terribly gloomy.

Xue Hongshan was silent for a long time, and then he sighed: "As of now, I will not hide from you. Before we acted, the headmaster made a guess."

"What speculation?"

"Then Shen Mu is most likely the reincarnation of the tyrant Wang Ye!"

Tyrant King Night!


The two Immortal Kings banged their heads, as if struck by lightning, they were all stunned.

For a time, they remembered many things and wanted to understand many things, their faces changed, their eyes became dazed and lost.

Yes, they figured it out.

Just an immortal king, why does he have the strength to kill the immortal king?

And why let the old ape with the sword be obedient?

Very simple, because he is Wang Ye!

He is the master of Taiwu Mountain in the "Little Heavenly Court".

He was the Eternal Night Emperor who used to be called Revered Immortal Realm and Sword Town in an era! !

About his legendary deeds, even after a lapse of eternity, it is still spread in the immortal world today. !

"No wonder, no wonder"

An immortal king murmured, his heart was ashes.

This time, the defeat is not wrong!

The other Immortal King was full of anger and roared: "Why, why didn't you tell us before?! You know he is the tyrant, why didn't you remind us?!"

The sound spreads to the world, revealing monstrous anger.

Xue Hongshan looked gloomy and uncertain, and said: "It was just speculation before, and I didn't even take it seriously. Besides, even if the other party is the reincarnation of Wang Ye, but now he is just a fairy after all, who would really care? "

As he said that, he was also full of bitterness.

It's not that they were paralyzed, but they didn't expect that in a chase and killing operation carried out by the nine immortal camps this time, with so many immortal kings working together, they couldn't help a single immortal king! !

Like this and other things, looking at the past years, who has seen it?


In the distance, a group of strange creatures with terrifying breath came to kill.

At the same time, on the road ahead, a group of six-winged blood mosquitoes emerged, overwhelming the sky.

Xue Hongshan and the others suddenly changed their expressions, and they did not care about the conversation, and they fled with all their might.

But in the end, they still failed to escape this robbery and died tragically one after another.

"If I knew earlier, I promised to fight alone. Even if I die under Wang Ye's hands, it's still better than dying under the hands of these ghosts."

Xue Hongshan has some regrets.

He regrets it!

I regret why I listened to Tai Zheng's dissuasion and failed to fight Su Yi.

Too bad it's too late to regret.

A group of strange creatures came and killed Xue Hongshan.

"Take this guy back!"

A skeleton bird ordered.

Immediately, a group of black ants roared out, carrying Tao Qian, who was seriously injured and dying in a coma, and left.

This immortal king of the Ten Thousand Swords Immortal Sect can be regarded as arrogant, but he was finally captured alive.


Tai Zheng must be furious, and fight against Randuo with all his strength.


The next moment, his whole body was slapped on the ground with a slap, his head was dazed, Venus shot straight up in front of him, and his body almost exploded.

There was a sneering look in Randuo's eyes like a blood-colored lake.

"What exactly is your cultivation base?"

Tai Zheng's face was livid and unwilling.

This 10,000-foot-tall god and demon is simply too terrifying. With his cultivation in the late stage of the Wonderful Realm, he has no resistance at all!

Rantuo showed a thoughtful look, and said after a while, "A long time ago, it seemed that I was also in the Taijing cultivation base?"

As he said that, he shook his head and said, "It's been too long, I just remember, I seem to have broken my wrist with a god back then."

Tai Zheng: "???"

A Taijing who once fought against gods! ?

All of a sudden, Tai Zheng's mentality almost collapsed, isn't this fucking bullying!

"Unfortunately, compared to the gods, I was still too weak back then. Otherwise, how could I have been reduced to the point where I am not a ghost or a ghost?"

Arada looked down at the black chains tied to his arms, very sad and bitter.

Tai Zheng's face changed, and he said, "If I admit it, can you give me a way out?"

Huang Tuo shook his head: "You have offended Lord Emperor Zun, and you must die."

Tai Zheng was stunned and said, "What kind of Lord Emperor?"

Huang Tuo did not explain, but directly punched, completely killing Tai Zheng, the fairy king in the late Wonderland, on the spot.

On the verge of death, Tai Zheng was full of anger and unwillingness.

the same day.

The battle that took place in the abyss of black fog came to an end.

Likewise, it also meant that the pursuit of Su Yi would end after half a month.

In this protracted battle, Shenhuo Sect, Wanling Sect, Linglong Sect, Taiyi Sect, Taiqing Sect, Wanjian Xianzong, Cangxuan Daomen, Bixiao Immortal Palace, and Qianyuan Jianzhai are the nine major immortal forces. The thirty-seven Immortal Kings dispatched were wiped out!

Among them, apart from Gong Yuxun of Taiqing Sect and Tao Qian of Wanjian Xianzong, the other thirty-five Immortal Kings all perished!

There is no shortage of top immortal kings like Tai Zheng and Yu Wenqi!

In this pursuit, although Su Yi experienced life and death many times and was seriously injured many times, he became the final winner.

Even his cultivation level has been promoted from the early stage of the virtual realm to the later stage of the virtual realm in this life-and-death exercise intertwined with blood and fire!

For him, this net closing operation can be regarded as a successful conclusion in the end.

It is foreseeable that when the news spreads, the entire immortal world will be shaken by it, setting off an immeasurable wave!

After all, in a chase that lasted for half a month, more than 30 Immortal Kings died in the end. Such a bloody battle has not happened in Immortal Realm for a long, long time!

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