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Chapter 2011

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Wu Lingchong stood there, lost.

His brows were full of confusion, and he was speechless.

Killing his junior sister Rui Liu with his own hands was obviously not a good experience for him.

Su Yi didn't ask.

Everyone has their own sadness.

"Let's go, get out of here first."

Su Yi turned and walked towards Ji Yuan Changhe in the distance.

Wu Lingchong followed silently.

In Fire Crow City, no one dared to stop the two of them leaving!


The sword roared out just a short distance away, turning into a length of three feet, like a small boat, carrying Su Yi and Wu Lingchong on the wind and waves, crossing the long river of the era.

Gradually, both figures disappeared.

And in the Fire Crow City, there was a complete sensation.

Longevity Hall, Liaoshou Demon Sovereign was executed, and all his subordinates were annihilated. This news has already alarmed the audience.

Now, even Shi Jiu, the messenger of the gods, was defeated and begged for mercy and retreated, which made everyone have a premonition that a storm would be set off on the Changyuan River.

Su Yi!

A sword cultivator who was previously unknown in Jiyuan Changhe, a sinner who was ordered to be wanted by the nine gods of the Kingdom of Eternal Sun together with a bounty, is bound to attract the attention of the major forces in Jiyuan Changhe.

"Just, what is the origin of this Su Yi, and why have you never heard of it before?"

This is the confusion in many people's minds.


On the Changyuan River, the waves are ups and downs, and the waves are surging.

After leaving the Fire Crow waters, Su Yi continued to go upstream.

He sits casually in the rattan chair, traversing the waves with his sword just a few feet away, without much effort.

"Rui Liu appeared in Fire Crow City and came for me."

Suddenly, Wu Lingchong, who had been silent all the way, said in a hoarse voice, "She wants to kill me, so the world will no longer know how she joined Tianjing Pavilion in the first place."

He looked lost, unable to hide his grief.

Su Yi could see that there must be an extremely tortuous and complicated grievance between Wu Lingchong and Rui Liu, a pair of senior brothers and sisters, even to the point of incompatibility.

"In the past, no matter how deeply I was hurt by her, I couldn't bear to be ruthless because of Master's kindness and entrustment during his lifetime, and even in order to avoid her, I have been hiding in the fire crow waters far away in the past few years, but she……"

Speaking of this, Wu Lingchong's eyes turned red, "I still plan to kill me! If I hadn't met Daoist brother this time, I'm afraid I'd already be poisoned by her!"

Only then did Su Yi realize that Rui Liu's appearance in Fire Raven City was not just to invite him to join Tianjing Pavilion.

He said softly: "The matter has passed, look away."

Wu Lingchong calmed down and cupped his hands: "Brother Daoist laughed."

On the next road, Su Yi and Wu Lingchong chatted.

The conversations are all related to the events in Era Long River.

Long years have passed, and the forces in the Era River have indeed undergone earth-shaking changes. There are many differences between things and Wang Ye's memory.

Just like when Wang Ye was in the Era Long River, there were no such forces as the Hall of Longevity and Tianjing Pavilion spread all over the "stations".

After talking with Wu Lingchong, Su Yi had a general understanding of the power structure in the Era.

As before, in Era Changhe, the Land of Eternal Sun is still the most sacred place, with nine gods in charge.

Every god is in control of a top power.

They are Tianjing Pavilion, Changsheng Hall, Yitian Tower, Wankong Temple and the Five Great Gates of God.

Behind the Hall of Longevity, stood Bai Yan, one of the nine gods.

Behind the Tianjing Pavilion is the "Panhu Tianshen".

The same is true for Yitianlou and Wankong Temple.

The five divine gates can be collectively referred to as the Five Elements Divine Court.

They are Jinxiao Shenmen, Qingmu Shenmen, Huojin Shenmen, Shutu Shenmen, and Wanliu Shenmen.

The five gods behind these five forces are said to be from the top Taoist lineage "Five Elements Divine Mountain"!

The power of these nine forces is spread across the various "posts" on the Changjiang River, like the tentacles of nine gods, covering ten directions.

In the past long years, most of the powerhouses who have roamed in the long river of the era are eager to join the Nine Great Paths.

Because of this, it means that you have joined the camp of the gods, and you will have the opportunity to go to the Kingdom of Eternal Sun to practice in the future, and even get a place to enter the realm of the gods!

"This time, the nine gods ordered together to want Daoist brother. Just the promised reward is enough to make many desperadoes take risks."

Wu Lingchong's brows were full of worry, "And on the next journey, no matter which inn the Daoist brother goes to, I'm afraid it will lead to many fatalities."

The nine gods together ordered Su Yi to be wanted!

Such news must have already spread all over the world with the dispatch of the messenger of the gods.

And the reward for Su Yi was even more tempting.

Many people are destined to take risks for this!

Before, Su Yi had sent a messenger from the gods to warn and threaten the nine gods, which seemed crazy, and Wu Lingchong didn't believe it at all. The nine gods would care about such a threat.

On the contrary, Su Yi's move is very likely to completely anger the nine gods!

"I'm hoping there will be some decent duel characters."

Su Yi was absent-minded.

His kendo path in this world, whether in the human world or in the immortal world, can be roughly divided into four realms.

Weak hours, the world is the enemy.

When you are strong, you will have enemies all over the world.

In the end, if you look around, there is no one in the world who can stand against each other, and the world is invincible.

Until I began to seek a higher path, all I wanted were four words:

"Enemies all over the world"!

Desire to be able to have a worthy confrontation enemy!

Because of this, he left the Immortal Realm without hesitation, to cross the Era River, and to go to the Divine Realm.

It is for the sake of breaking the grievances of the past and present.

It's for your own practice!

Hearing Su Yi's words, Wu Lingchong was taken aback.

Inexplicably, he remembered the scene where Su Yizhen killed the Liaori Demon Lord and others, and also the scene where the demigod-level celestial messenger was suppressed.

Indeed, what if he was wanted by the whole world?

Anyone who wants to deal with Su Yi in order to offer a reward will have to weigh whether they can bear the consequences!

After thinking for a while, Wu Lingchong said, "It's easy to hide with open spears, and it's hard to defend against dark arrows. I don't know about the others, but the Nine Dao Lineages who serve the nine gods will definitely make plans and do their best to deal with the Daoist brothers."

Su Yi just hummed.

There are some troubles, maybe you can ignore it, but you can't ignore it.

If you know yourself and your enemy, you will be able to fight a hundred battles.

"Aren't you afraid?" Su Yi asked suddenly.

Wu Lingchong was stunned for a moment, his expression uncertain.

After a while, he said seriously: "I'm afraid! But what's the use of being afraid? Before, I've never experienced so many crazy things. Now, since I'm in the same boat with Brother Dao, life and death... I don't care anymore!"

"Crazy things..."

Su Yi repeated this sentence and couldn't help laughing.

For Wu Lingchong, killing the Liaori Demon Lord by himself, suppressing the messengers of the gods, and threatening the nine gods, is already crazy.

But what does this mean to me?

If you let Wu Lingchong know that he has killed more than

A god who once killed the will of a group of gods, he is afraid that he will think he is talking nonsense?

Wu Lingchong asked, "Brother Dao, what's your plan next?"

Su Yi said casually, "Let's go to the lost town for a while."

Lost city!

Wu Lingchong's face changed suddenly.

In the long river of the era, there are many safe inns like Fire Raven City, but there are also many forbidden areas that no one dares to approach.

These restricted areas are often filled with strange, mysterious and dangerous things. In the years since ancient times, most people who go there are more fortunate and less fortunate!

Among them, there are eight restricted areas that are the most disturbing.

Homeless City is one of them.

In the long years of the past, regardless of the level of cultivation, as long as you enter that city, you will be completely lost, and you will never be able to leave again.

The reason is that in the lost city, there are many strange and terrible ghosts and gods!

The so-called ghosts and gods are ghosts transformed by grievances after the fall of the gods. They are surrounded by strange and unknown evil forces, and they are also called unknown creatures!

It is said that even the gods dare not enter that city!

"Why do you want to go there?" Wu Lingchong couldn't help asking.

Su Yi said: "Some of my old friends have been to that city, no matter if they are alive or dead, I have to go and see for myself."

He took out the jug and took a sip, and the figures of Xiao Ruyi, Ye Chunqiu, the Floating World and others appeared in his mind.

After a moment of silence, Wu Lingchong said, "There are six post stations along the way to go to the Lost City. Even if you go all out, you will have to cross the Era River for at least three months."

"And once we enter those inns on the way, we will definitely encounter trouble, because the six inns are stationed by the forces of the nine major lines."

With that said, Wu Lingchong frowned.


It's too much trouble.

"What are you worried about, we will not avoid any of the inns we passed by on this trip."

Su Yi laughed, "I want to see how much movement the nine gods' wanted orders can make!"

Wu Lingchong: "..."

He obviously found that Su Yi seemed to be looking forward to it!


six days later.

Jinqiao Waters, a huge and narrow city, was built on a piece of land floating on the water.

Golden Bridge City.

A post station occupied by the power of Yitianlou, one of the Nine Daotongs.

"Su Yi is here!"

"real or fake?"

"There are many strong people walking in the nearby waters, and they can clearly see that the sinner wanted by the nine gods did not hide his whereabouts at all, and appeared in a grand manner!"

"Is he so bold?"

...In the city, there are discussions everywhere, and there is a strong momentum to come.

And the Yitianlou powerhouses who are entrenched in the city have already started their actions.

"Then the sinner actually came here openly?"

Meng Yunshui frowned, looking suspicious.

He is a big man in Yitianlou, who guarded Jinqiao City a long time ago.

Not long ago, he also got news that the nine gods of the kingdom of eternal day ordered the criminal Su Yi to be wanted.

But he never expected that the wanted guy would approach Jinqiao City in a dignified manner.

"My lord, our manpower has been mobilized!"

A subordinate came to report in a hurry, "And according to our spy's report, within half an hour, the wanted criminal Su Yi will arrive at Jinqiao City!"


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