Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start
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In the Year 2050, Country A accidentally found a path to the abyss when mining and it caused an uproar all over the world.At the same time, ten different rankings were materialized by the will of the world, including the Spiritual Rank, Bloodline Rank, Tamer Rank, Formation Rank…The will of the world would reward those on the leaderboard according to their ranks.The first of each leaderboard would receive a unique God-tier reward.As the world changed, people began to think that this was their chance.Only Chu Feng, who had come back from the future after dying, knew that the discovery of the abyss would be the start of a tragedy. He knew he had to make the first move to change the world’s fate.“You are the first Spiritual Cultivator! You are now ranked 1st of the Spiritual Ranking. Reward: 100x Cultivation Speed.”“You are the first to possess a high-grade bloodline! You are now ranked 1st on the Bloodline Ranking. Reward: Bloodline Source of Immortality.”“You are the first to contract a King-grade beast! You are now ranked 1st on the Tamer Ranking. Reward: Soul of Ancient Dragon.”…Three years later, the demon broke through the abyss and arrived on Earth, and human’s defenses were ineffective against them.Just as the world was thrown into despair, they were shocked to learn that there was a man who was slaughtering everything that came out of the abyss.“It’s him! He’s the one who ranks first on every leaderboard!”“This is insane! How did he even tame thousands of God-tier beasts?”“Impossible! Isn’t he wearing the full set of the Mythical-grade Equipment that’s impossible to collect? How can all of the God’s Alliance equipment be on him?”“Oh my God! How is he so powerful?”

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