God Emperor - Chapter 2497

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Chapter 2497: 2497

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After the Divine Artifact was stolen, the cultivators of the ten major dark forces immediately fled.

The Fane of Destiny didn’t pursue them. At this time, the most important thing was to recover the Divine Artifact.

It could be imagined that the news of the theft of the Tensho Compass would spread like lightning and couldn’t be covered up even if they wanted to. If the Divine Artifact wasn’t taken back, the Fane of Destiny would become a joke worldwide.

In the future, any faction would dare to secretly attack the Fane of Destiny. This included the ten clans of Infernal Court.

“Should we inform the gods and ask them to make a move…”

A Lord of Destiny had just opened his mouth when he was met with cold gazes. Thus, he shut his mouth.

First of all, the other party had come prepared. Evidently, he had considered alerting the god of the Fane of Destiny. He definitely had a backup plan.

Secondly, they had many powerhouses present, yet they lost the Tensho Compass. This was already a significant loss of face. Not only would they be ridiculed by all living beings, but even the cultivators within the fane would also feel ashamed of them.

In the fane, many seniors were worrying about not having a chance to get a promotion!

Now, they had asked the gods to help them tell everyone how incompetent they were?

Whether for the Fane of Destiny or for themselves, the Divine Artifact had to be taken back by them.

Pan Ruo said, “The Divine Artifact is lost, but we still have to immediately send the news back to the fane and let the gods know. But we also must tell the gods that we will definitely recover the Divine Artifact and make up for our mistakes. As for whether the gods will trust us or not is not an issue for us to consider.”

The Anger Palace’s High Priest nodded and said, “I believe that Lady Scioness is right.”

Death Palace’s High Priest’s face was gloomy as he said, “The saint army of the Destiny Division, the Adjudication Division, and the Divination Division will have to dispatch at least 300,000 soldiers. I think we should sweep through Hoth.”

“What kind of place do you think Hoth is? If you dare to sweep Hoth with blood, the Hoth Emperor will not forgive you,” the Anger Palace’s High Priest said.

He was very angry with Death Palace’s High Priest. He felt that Death Palace’s High Priest should bear at least half the responsibility for the loss of the Divine Artifact. Because the plan to cooperate with the Enchanteur Chamber was made by Death Palace’s High Priest.

And the Anger Palace’s High Priest never trusted the Enchanteur Chamber.

Pan Ruo said, “To deploy the armies of the three divisions to Hoth, we must first inform the Hoth Palace. Since the Divine Artifact was lost on Hoth, the Hoth Palace will be involved no matter what. I believe the Hoth Emperor will not make things difficult for us.”

Fortune Palace’s High Priest walked over, his face ashen, “I went to check the remaining Dimensional Inscriptions. They are a one-time spatial teleportation array. Based on the intensity of the spatial fluctuations, I estimate that they have teleported at least a hundred million miles away. In other words, they have gone to another planet.”

“Can you predict the specific dimensional coordinates?” Pan Ruo asked.

Fortune Palace’s High Priest said, “According to the divine blood scattered by the divine corpse, I deduced that their current position should be in the northern starry sky.”

“We’ll go after them now.”

A few Lords of Destiny were about to set off immediately.

“Wait.” Pan Ruo asked, “Is there a star map of the starry sky near Hoth?”

A Stone Clan Lord of Destiny looked down on this young Scioness, thinking she was wasting time. He said, “Lady Scioness, Hoth belongs to the desert zone in deep space. The nearest planet above class seven is three light-years away. Even a Supreme Saint wouldn’t be able to reach it in a hundred years by flying!

“If the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm want to escape back to the Heavenly Realm with the Tensho Compass, they have to go through the dimensional wormhole of Hoth.

“I think they went 100 million miles away through the teleportation array to lure us into chasing after them. This is a trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain!

“Therefore, the Destiny Division should go after the Divine Artifact and kill the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm. The other cultivators of the Fane of Destiny must stay on Hoth and watch all the wormholes.”

Pan Ruo shook her head. “We can’t be sure that it’s the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm who took the Tensho Compass. The Great Lightsword isn’t evident enough.”

The Lord of Destiny of the Stone Clan took a Communication talisman and threw it at Pan Ruo. “We’ve found out that the Hand of the World of the Formation Sect, High-Saint Kai Luo, sneaked into Hoth recently. It’s most likely his doing.”

“However, I have received news that High-Saint Kai Luo and the powerful figures of the Heavenly Realm have appeared in Enchanton. They shot and killed Zhang Ruochen,” Pan Ruo said.

The Lord of Destiny of the Stone Clan said, “High-Saint Kai Luo can do it. After killing Zhang Ruochen, he can use the dimensional teleportation array to come here and take away the Tensho Compass.”

Pan Ruo was very emotional. She said coldly, “Was High-Saint Kai Luo that powerful? He can kill Zhang Ruochen and take away his body in front of Yuan Qianmo, Zhuo Yunong, and other powerhouses of the Infernal Court. And he can run thousands of miles and take away the Tensho Compass from us. Is this something he can do alone? There must be a very powerful figure in the scheme. We must not let down our guard.”

“In my opinion, Lady Scioness is just stalling for time. If the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm were to suppress the vessel spirit of the Tensho Compass, it would be challenging for them to find the Divine Artifact. I’m sorry, but I have to chase after them immediately.” said the Stone Clan Lord of Destiny.

The four Lords of Destiny, apart from the heavily injured Lord Wu Yue, led the other three powerhouses of the Destiny Division to chase after the northern starry sky.

Pan Ruo clenched her hands, trying to stop them, but she couldn’t.

Ultimately, she was a Scioness with too little experience and cultivation. Her words had no weight.

“I’ll go talk to the Hoth Palace.”

Death Palace’s High Priest said, “I’ll mobilize the power of the Fane of Destiny and seal all the wormholes on Hoth.”

Fortune Palace’s High Priest was very worried. He said, “Zhang Ruochen is a junior that the Lord Reverend thinks highly of. I have to go to Enchanton to find out if he has died. If he has died, we must find the real culprit no matter what.”

Fortune Palace’s High Priest sighed deeply. He knew that if Zhang Ruochen really died, the impact would not be less than the loss of the Divine Artifact.

Once Wargod Bloodximius returned from the Jadeite Realm, he would demand an explanation from Mount Destiny once he got angry. Who could suppress him?

In the end, there was a big reason why Zhang Ruochen had appeared from hiding. It was because of the Tensho Compass. If the Tensho Compass didn’t reach Hoth, who could find Zhang Ruochen? Naturally, he didn’t need to prove his innocence.

‘I hope the Intergold Tiger can protect him,’ Fortune Palace’s High Priest thought.

The Anger Palace’s High Priest glanced at Pan Ruo. They sympathized with her awkward situation, “Lady Scioness, there’s no need to worry. As long as all the wormholes on Hoth are sealed, it’s impossible to lose the Divine Artifact even if someone is scheming.

“If there are gods from the Heavenly Realm waiting for them outside the planet, they won’t need to use the wormholes.

“This is Hoth. The gods from the Heavenly Realm don’t dare to appear in the nearby starry sky.”

Que shut his mouth and didn’t say anything else.

The Anger Palace’s High Priest continued, “The ten major dark forces have been operating on Hoth for many years. They control many wormholes. If we don’t kill them, it will be a disaster. I will join forces with the powerhouses from the other forces to kill them all.”

In the end, only Que, Xing Luo, and Pan Ruo remained.

Xing Luo had been watching Pan Ruo the entire time, “Actually, I have the same feeling as you. This matter is indeed bizarre. There’s a strange feeling that there’s an invisible hand controlling everything. However, what they’re doing isn’t wrong either. They should indeed immediately go after the cultivator who took the Tensho Compass. There’s no time to waste.”

Xing Luo turned around and was about to leave.

“Where are you going, Xing Luo?” Pan Ruo asked.

The corner of Xing Luo’s mouth curled up. “I am no longer the Scion, so I will not bear the responsibility of losing the Divine Artifact. In that case, of course I am going to do what I want to do.”

Xing Luo planned to go after Xue Lingxian and get rid of him when he was vulnerable.

Once Xue Lingxian’s injuries healed, he did not have the confidence to defeat him.

Pan Ruo said, “I know that in your eyes, the Divine Artifact might not be important.”

“That’s right. So what if we find the Divine Artifact? It’s not under my control anyway.” Xing Luo shrugged.

Pan Ruo said, “But you’re the former Scion of the Fane of Destiny. Don’t you care about the fane’s prestige and reputation? The loss of the Divine Artifact will seriously blow the fane’s prestige.

“Besides, you don’t want to be played in the palm of others, do you?”

Xing Luo’s eyes were restrained. He thought for a moment and said, “Tell me, what do you want me to do, Lady Scioness?”

Although this new Scioness’ cultivation was low, she could cultivate the Door of Trueself. She was not a mediocre person. It was an excellent opportunity to see if this little girl who was about to control the Fane of Destiny had such great ability?

Pan Ruo said, “Investigate the Enchanteur Chamber.”

“The Enchanteur Chamber? What about them?” Xing Luo was surprised.

Pan Ruo said, “The first place where the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin appeared was the House of Enchanteurs. The place where the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin disappeared was also the House of Enchanteurs. The Enchanteur Chamber’s cultivators claimed that Zhang Ruochen had taken the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin. That’s why we came to Hoth with the Tensho Compass.

“The Fane of Destiny cooperated with the Enchanteur Chamber to deal with the ten dark forces and the cultivators of the Celestial Court hiding in the Infernal Court. The Enchanteur Chamber agreed very quickly. Of course, it was because they didn’t dare to disobey the Fane of Destiny. However, they were so active in contacting the other nine dark forces. The other nine dark forces didn’t have any doubts. I always felt that it was too abnormal.

“Apart from that, the relationship between the Enchanteur Chamber and the Celestial Court is very subtle. As far as I know, there are often cultivators from the Celestial Court who sneak into the Infernal Court through the Enchanteur Chamber.

“It can be said that the Enchanteur Chamber has connections with the Fane of Destiny, the ten dark forces, and the Heavenly Realm, so they can know information about the three of us. If there really is someone who has set up a scheme, the Enchanteur Chamber has the best conditions and is most likely to succeed.”

Although Xing Luo did not believe that a mere Enchanteur Chamber would dare to make an enemy of the Fane of Destiny and seize the Divine Artifact, the Tensho Compass. However, what Pan Ruo said made some sense. On second thought, the Enchanteur Chamber was quite suspicious.

However, everyone focused on the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin, the Tensho Compass, the ten dark forces, High-Saint Kai Luo, Zhang Ruochen, and the dimensional wormhole. Instead, they ignored the Enchanteur Chamber.

They had been hiding in the blind spots of all cultivators’ attention.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more they would ignore the Enchanteur Chamber. They thought they didn’t dare and couldn’t participate in this competition.

After Xing Luo left, Pan Ruo stared at Que and said self-mockingly, “As a Scioness, I didn’t even have a powerhouse by my side. I can’t deal with any of the top-notch Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saints from the ten dark forces.”

“What do you want to do? I’ll help you! As long as you don’t meet a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint, my sword is still sharp enough,” Que said.

From the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting to Hoth, although Que rarely spoke and watched coldly from the side, he could tell that this new Scioness was indeed extremely intelligent. She could remain calm even in the most critical moment.

When everyone was in a state of panic, she could make all kinds of rational decisions.

Such a woman made him feel a sense of admiration and admiration.

It was not easy for someone as arrogant as Que to acknowledge Pan Ruo. With his support, it was only a matter of time before Pan Ruo took control of the Fane of Destiny.

Pan Ruo said, “We need to find a star map of the starry sky around Hoth first.”

Que was also an intelligent person. He immediately understood and said, “You suspect that there are other wormholes around Hoth?”

“Not necessarily,” said Pan Ruo.

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