God Emperor - Chapter 2498

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Chapter 2498: 2498

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In the northern universe 170 million miles away from Hoth, a Space-time Vortex suddenly formed, and Genbu’s divine corpse appeared out of thin air. Then, the Space-time Vortex disappeared, and the universe remained silent.

Duan Lingfeng looked behind him at the distant white Hoth that was only the size of a washbasin, and a proud smile appeared on his face. So what if there were so many powerhouses in the Fane of Destiny? The Divine Artifact had still been snatched away by me.

Unfortunately, this matter was crucial, and he could not make it public. Otherwise, with this battle, Duan Lingfeng would be famous worldwide.

Shang Yue, Lord Ironclad, Gu Yanzhi, and the other Supreme Saints gathered joyfully. They were highly excited.

To snatch the Divine Artifact and succeed, such an incredible feat was enough for them to be proud of for the rest of their lives.

Shang Yue said, “Uncle-master, the Great Lightsword has been taken away by Fortune Palace’s High Priest!”

Duan Lingfeng waved his hand and smiled, “It’s a small matter! With the Tensho Compass, it’s better than a thousand Great Lightswords. Moreover, our goal is to let the Fane of Destiny think that the Heavenly Realm took the Tensho Compass.”

“You are a great strategist, Duan Linfeng. Even the Fane of Destiny and the nine dark forces have been played around. I admire you, I really admire you.” Lord Ironclad cupped his hands and laughed respectfully.

“I can not take credit for this. It is all junior sister’s plan. She is the one with the pearl of wisdom that led us to a thousand more victories.” Duan Lingfeng’s eyes flashed with a strange look, and the corners of his mouth rose unconsciously.

Gu Yanzhi did not know that the purpose of this trip was to seize the Divine Artifact. Previously, he was so scared that his heart almost jumped out. Even now, he was extremely worried. He said, “The Fane of Destiny will seal all the wormholes on Hoth. We have no way to take the Divine Artifact away.”

“Who said that only Hoth has wormholes?” Duan Lingfeng asked.

Gu Yanzhi said, “The closest Class Seven Planet to Hoth is called Sunyata. It’s located three light-years away and tens of trillion miles away. It would take us less than a thousand years to fly there. Moreover, we must be careful and not get lost in the universe.”

The universe was larger than the ocean, and it was easier to get lost.

Duan Lingfeng took out a star map and laid it on the ground.

In the center of the star map was a big white star with the word “Hoth” written on it.

Around the big white star, there were more than twenty tiny circle and their trajectories.

Each tiny circle represented a planet.

“Class Two Planet, Azuria.”

“Class One Planet, Ghostorb.”

Duan Lingfeng pointed to the edge of the star map to the east of Hoth.

There were densely packed black dots named the “Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt”.

“This is where we’re going!” Duan Lingfeng said.

Gu Yanzhi was puzzled. He said, “There’s a wormhole here? The Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt was more than two billion miles away from Hoth. With my cultivation, it would take me half a year to get there even if I tried my best. It’s just a barren gravel area. No cultivator has been there for many years.”

Duan Lingfeng said, “My junior sister once observed the astrological events and saw that densely packed asteroids were not born naturally. Therefore, she flipped through the ancient scrolls and found that in the distant past, there used to be a Class Seven Quarry Planet called Oort.”

A Class Seven Planet had a diameter of at least a million miles.

Moreover, any place with a Class Seven Planet or above would have a spatial wormhole.

Duan Lingfeng continued, “Later, the ores of Oort were completely extracted, and the planet shattered, turning into an asteroid belt. From then on, that place was abandoned, and no cultivators ever went there again.”

Gu Yanzhi’s worried heart finally settled down. It turned out that Lady Bai had already prepared a backup plan, which was a perfect plan.

The Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt was in the east, but they were teleported to the north. Obviously, they planned to attract the powerhouses of the Fane of Destiny to the north to avoid being pursued relentlessly.

Duan Lingfeng said, “The blood of Genbu’s divine corpse spilled on the battlefield, and the coordinates will be predicted by the high priest of the Fane of Destiny. I must immediately suppress the vessel spirit of the Tensho Compass and then abandon Genbu’s divine corpse. All of you retreat far away and use your saint artifacts to freeze space and prevent the Tensho Compass from escaping.”

The Supreme Saints flew out of Genbu’s divine corpse and floated into the pitch-black space. They each summoned their Regal Artifacts and used their power to form a circle.

The light from the dozens of Regal Artifacts formed a sphere with a diameter of hundreds of miles.

Duan Lingfeng held the Genbu Warstaff and stood alone on the back of Genbu’s divine corpse. He mumbled, and his mighty spiritual power spread out in all directions like dense threads.

The inscriptions of the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation were attached to the shell of Genbu’s divine corpse and flew higher and higher.

Without the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation, the Tensho Compass turned into a beam of divine light. It broke through the divine corpse, flying toward the direction of Hoth.

Duan Lingfeng’s hair fluttered in the wind. He laughed and said, “Trying to escape? Genbu, devourer of heaven and eater of earth.”

The inscription of the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation completely broke away from the Genbu shell and turned into dense light patterns. Like a Genbu made of light patterns, it swallowed the Tensho Compass into its stomach again.

The Tensho Compass rampaged inside the body of the Genbu, making a deafening noise.

Duan Lingfeng gritted his teeth. His eyes were ferocious. His hands were trembling. He controlled the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation to keep shrinking, pressing the array inscription onto the Tensho Compass.

Using the array to suppress the vessel spirit.

Gu Yanzhi sighed. “The array inscription can break away from Genbu’s divine corpse. It seems that Duan Lingfeng is only one step away from becoming an Archsaint.”

Zhang Ruochen, who lay on the ground like a dried corpse on Genbu’s divine corpse’s shell, opened his eyes.

Duan Lingfeng was doing his best to suppress the Tensho Compass. He did not notice the “living” dried corpse behind him.

“It’s not too late for me to attack after this old man has suppressed the Tensho Compass.”

Zhang Ruochen quietly took out the Ugyen Cudgel and hid it under his body.

Duan Lingfeng roared again. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was full of bulging meridians. His body’s spiritual power was released, like a star blooming in the void.

The spiritual power in his body was significantly consumed, and his state of mind was getting weaker and weaker, but Duan Lingfeng was very excited.

This was a Divine Artifact!

It was initially a Divine Artifact of the Fane of Destiny, and it was about to belong to him.

He didn’t plan to give the Tensho Compass to Bai Qing’er and planned to keep it for himself.

Where in the world would there be a fool who would give away a Divine Artifact?

When the last inscription of the array landed on the Tensho Compass, the divine light emitted by the Tensho Compass completely dimmed and fell from the sky into the trembling hands of Duan Lingfeng.

The Tensho Compass was a black disc the size of a palm. On the disc, there were countless densely-packed lines, as well as words and patterns that were so small that they could not be recognized by the naked eye.

It was likely that the disc had to be enlarged to the size of a planet to see the lines, words, and patterns clearly.

In the center of the disc, a white needle was embedded.

At this moment, the Tensho Compass was covered by a densely-packed inscription of the array. On the back of the disc, a Genbu formation mark appeared.

Duan Lingfeng’s eyes were filled with eagerness. He quickly removed a black cloth belt made of unique material and placed the Tensho Compass inside. This prevented the powerhouses from the Fane of Destiny from predicting its location.

The dozens of Supreme Saints who were floating in mid-air kept their artifacts. All of them were overjoyed.

From their point of view, as the vessel spirit of the Divine Artifact was suppressed, this operation could be said to be a success.

A gloomy look flashed across Duan Lingfeng’s eyes. He intended to kill all of them to silence them. However, his spiritual power was severely exhausted, so he couldn’t do anything. He thought, ‘It’s not too late to attack after my spiritual power has recovered a little.’

Duan Lingfeng said, “Everyone, with the cultivation of the top powerhouses of the Fane of Destiny, can reach here in two days at most. We must hurry up and head to the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt…”

Halfway through his words, Duan Lingfeng’s head was smashed open by a Ugyen Cudgel.

Everyone who was still floating in the air was stunned.

They saw that a dried corpse had appeared behind Duan Lingfeng without them knowing.

While stunned, the dried corpse picked up the black cloth belt containing the Tensho Compass and quickly fled south. In the blink of an eye, it had run dozens of miles away at an extraordinary speed.

Duan Lingfeng thought, ‘Damn it, he’s hiding among those spiritual-power Saint Masters. Who is he? Could he be a powerhouse of the Corpusians?’

“We covet gains before our eyes in disregard of the troubles ahead. It seems there’s an even greater threat now. Quick, after him,” said Duan Lingfeng.

Shang Yue, Lord Ironclad, Lord Yue Lin of the Ji Feng City, and the three Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saints struck out their artifacts at the first moment and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

Shang Yue’s Saint Sword, Lord Ironclad’s White Bonespear, and Vampiric Bracelet were powerful Regal Artifacts. They could destroy the world with their cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t want to expose his identity, so he didn’t use his saint Qi.

He held the Ugyen Cudgel and used his physical strength to send Saint Sword, White Bonespear, and Vampiric Bracelet flying. He used the three forces to escape hundreds of miles away.

As for the energy from the three Regal Artifacts, they couldn’t hurt his skin or flesh.

Shang Yue’s beautiful eyes were filled with shock. “He can parry my sword away with just his physical strength. How powerful is his body?”

She didn’t know that Zhang Ruochen had broken through the 100th shackle. Although he hadn’t reached the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred Shackle Realm, more than half of the Demigod-level physical strength had been released.

A mysterious Supreme Saint in white took out a snow-white jade bow and put an arrow emitting bright power on the bowstring.

His name was Tian Mu. His cultivation had reached the pinnacle of the Banshi Isshou Realm. He was originally a cultivator in the Heavenly Realm. After being subdued by Bai Qing’er, he became a slave.

He was the one who had offered the Great Lightsword to Bai Qing’er.

The bowstring was pulled open. Numerous Precepts of Light flowed rapidly on the bow and arrow, giving off a brilliant light.

The saint arrow dragged out a thousand-meter-long tail and flew like a meteor.

“Bai Qing’er’s methods are too incredible. Even a cultivator of the Heavenly Realm was subdued by her.”

Zhang Ruochen quietly released the Null Time realm. After the saint arrow flew into the domain, its speed slowed.

Zhang Ruochen turned around quickly. He conjured the Ugyen Cudgel and sent the saint arrow flying.

However, Tian Mu’s second and third arrows, restricting him, came one after another.

Shang Yue, Lord Ironclad, and Lord Yue Lin, three influential figures in the Banshi Isshou Realm, led several Supreme Saints and surrounded him from three different directions.

Duan Lingfeng’s smashed head condensed again under the influence of his spirits on Genbu’s divine corpse’s back. It had angry eyes and a twisted, ferocious face.

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