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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10- Heartbreaking Interview

Today, Dream Jade was even busier. By 830am, she left the house and directly went to a private dance room, and trained her performance with her stage partner. Training with her made the stage partner so tired that he almost cried tears of exhaustion. They practiced intermittently, all the way up to 8 o’clock at night. Only then did they finish.

Even so, Wu Neng did not plan to let off this hard working celebrity, and arranged an interview program on《Lu Yu has a date》, to increase the popularity of Dream Jade before the finals of the competition.

Basking in Dream Jade’s limelight, Xiao Yi and Chen Min sat in the first row of the auditorium. Xiao Yi was watching with excitement after all, this was her first time participating in a live recording program, and her appearance might be seen on television.

Dream Jade was also somewhat nervous, as it was a few years since her last time participating in this sort of large scale interview program. She had already looked over the script in the car. The questions that the programme’s team prepared, under a request, avoided certain topics that Dream Jade did not wish to talk about, such as the Mistress Incident from that year.

After training for a day, when Dream Jade walked up on stage, she was already exhausted. But under the spotlight, her smile was sweet and amiable, and after she politely shook the presenter’s hand and made her greetings, she sat on the long sofa and started “”chatting.

The basic flow of the conversation started by first delving into Dream Jade’s childhood, then talking about her upbringing, and then talked about issues about her life, her romance, her career, and her opinion on different things. Sometimes, sharp questions such as “Who do you think is the most unreasonable star”, and “How do feel about your company “freezing” you?” would pop up.

Dream Jade was not considered a newcomer anymore, and she could still handle this sort of situation. For the question of “Who do you think is the most unreasonable celebrity?”, she answered it by saying that unreasonable could be understood as being serious and responsible towards one’s job; For the question of “How do you feel about your company “freezing” you?”, she answered it by saying that it could be understood as accumulating experience, learning music. The biggest benefit that the programme brought was that Dream Jade was allowed to sing her previous hit song 《Snow Buries the Flower》.

The atmosphere in the recording studio was very harmonious, even though Lu Yu still asked many typical silly questions, for example,”Have you ever been beaten when you were young?”,”Losing weight must be very hard, right?”, and “Do you know how to use a spatula to cook food?”

Intermittently, the program reached its end. Just as Dream Jade was beginning to clear her throat in preparation for the next singing segment, who knew that Lu Yu’s great brain would have a flash of inspiration. She took out another placard and suddenly asked,”We all know that Dream Jade was famous all around the country that year, and your experience is also the pillar of many girl’s dreams. But, humans will always err, and everyone was young before.

Let us first watch a video clip….”

On the big screen behind her back appeared a narration of a recording by the programme team regarding Meng Qi’s Mistress Incident.

Dream Jade, who was sitting on the sofa looked as if she did not know what to do, and her pleading gaze shot at the Wu Neng that was in the audience. Wu Neng also kept looking, hinting to Dream Jade that he himself did not know anything. Furthermore, to let her calm down, Wu Neng went to go look for the director for an explanation.

The short clip roughly reviewed the entire story of the Mistress Incident, even though the whole thing was speaking up for Dream Jade, such as how she did not sue Liang Jun’s wife after getting beaten up, and did not seek compensation, showing her ‘magnanimosity’; how that year Liang Jun was rumoured to be in the middle of divorcing his wife, so there was a high possibility that Dream Jade was the victim;When Dream Jade was facing criticism, she did not hire internet mercenaries to defend her, and had professional ethics in being…...a mistress.

After the clip, Lu Yu’s first question was “did getting hit at that time hurt?”

Xiao Yi couldn’t resist thinking of slapping the host’s two ears. To ask her if it hurt…...

The atmosphere on site immediately became particularly embarrassing. It was as if Dream Jade was sitting on pins and needles, her body was shaking non-stop and her eyes were holding back tears as they looked around randomly. Her nervous eyes drifted towards the audience seats as she searched for a straw to clutch at. Finally her eyes for god knows why, fell on Chen Min. The pitiful look in her eyes was practically saying, “bring me away from here”.

However, Chen Min didn’t move. He just sat there like a machine. He was a bodyguard, not a servant. He was unable to decide what kind of road his clients took for them. If Dream Jade really wanted to leave, not even a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses[1] could stop her. Chen Min would also inevitably react with, “if god blocks me, kill god, if buddha blocks me, kill buddha”; But if she just needed someone to give her the courage to escape… was impossible fo about we talk about something else?” Dream Jade’s voice was trembling, but she war Chen Min to accomplish。

“Then, let me change the question, did you love him?” Lu Yu asked once more.

“I don’t know if that was considered love, I just want to say, let the past be the past, just like what you said, who hasn’t been young, and made mistakes? How about talk about something else” Meng Qi’s voice was trembling, but she was still so dedicated to changing the topic.

“I know, this question could have hurt you. But, regarding love, your fans are entitled to know the truth. So, today we also invited a secret guest, Movie Emperor—— Mr. Liang Jun.” Lu Yu exaggeratedly said.

Liang Jun, who was wearing a simple leisure suit, walked out from backstage. That asian man hung his most affectionate smile on his face. As soon as, Movie Emperor Liang Jun, who could even act with the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes, appeared on stage, he immediately attracted the audience’s cheers.

He, who was 44 years old this year, was a top star among China’s male actors. The artistic films he once took part in all won awards internationally. This let him, whose body was no taller than 170cm, somehow capture the hearts of female fans as young as 18 and as old as 80, earning him the title of “the masses’ sweetheart”.

Seeing this man whom she had already not seen for over 2 years, Meng Qi lost control on the spot, covered her mouth with her hands and started crying. God knows which motherfucking sound technician unexpectedly started playing the ending song of the movie《A Chinese Odyssey》, 《Lifelong Love》

Many audience members that did not know the truth started crying as the song played, thinking that it was a pair of unfortunate lovers finally reuniting. But, only Chen Min knew that Dream Jade was actually crying because she was extremely scared.

Liang Jun sat down by Dream Jade’s side with a smile, and deliberately leaned on her. Dream Jade was already in tears, and absolutely could not answer any questions. Even so, the Lu Yu who had a big brain decided to strike while the iron was hot, and inquired Liang Jun regarding the incident.

Liang Jun, carrying an apologetic smile, said,”Actually, that was a beautiful chance encounter, where we were attracted to each other’s talent. I know that I was unable to make her happy, because after all, I am a man with a wife and kids. Dream Jade is a good girl, she knew that this was so, and did not carry any extravagant hopes in getting anything from me. She just wanted to get closer to me.
This incident was my fault. Here, I would like to sincerely apologize to Dream Jade. If I had refused you, perhaps it was for you to find true happiness. After all, there is a type of love called letting go.

“Liar!”Hearing this, Dream Jade finally could not endure anymore, and jumped up from the sofa, then slapped Liang Jun’s face. She then turned around and ran out of the recording studio, her face full of tears.

“Dream Jade!” Xiao Yi was nervous due to this newly recognized little sister, and tried to catch up with her.

The scene became extremely chaotic, and Lu Yu also became especially awkward, and nervously asked Liang Jun, “Did it hurt getting slapped on the face?”

The event was could not be recorded any further, and the directors decided to take a break for ten minutes. They decided to finish the program by interviewing Liang Jun alone. With Dream Jade’s slap on the face, it was destined that the ratings for this episode would be doubled.

Using the break time, Liang Jun went to a washroom, and the bodyguard that followed him waited for him outside. He looked at his bright red face on the dressing mirror, and said to himself in a bad mood,”Cunt, you actually dare to hit me! Later, you can see whether or not I’m scared to tell them all about fucking you. Why should I be scared of the directors cutting footage out? The online presses will make you feel more pain than my slapped face.”

When Liang Jun was talking to himself, the toilet door was opened, and Chen Min who wore a suit walked in. Liang Jun instinctively put on his charming smile, without noticing that his bodyguard outside the door had already collapsed.

After Liang Jun finished putting on his makeup, he went to a urinal and pulled down his zipper. As for Chen Min, he was opening the door of every urinal, but not walking in.

“Friend, are you mysophobic? Do you also need to pick a place with good feng shui before taking a dump?” Liang Jun was shocked by Chen Min’s silent checking of toilets.

“Remember, don’t resist too fiercely, and don’t open your mouth. This way, you can drink less water.” After Chen Min had checked that the toilet was empty, he suddenly stood beside Liang Jun.

“What do you mean?” While Liang Jun was surprised, Chen Min grabbed at the back of his head, and dragged Liang Jun into a cubicle, then shoved him into a toilet bowl.

“Save……” Before Liang Jun’s cry for help was completed, his head had already been shoved into the toilet bowl. It was clear that Chen Min’s advice had not been heeded, as despite being inside the water, Liang Jun’s mouth was still wide open, struggling to shout for help.

Chen Min’s large hands were like metal claws which did not even shake. No matter how much Liang Jun struggled, his head could not leave the toilet bowl.

Until one minute later, when Chen Min finally took his head out. This magnificent Film Emperor was unceasingly vomiting a blue coloured water out of his mouth and nose, like a drowned rat.

“Big brother! I don’t know you! Why are you treating me like this!” Liang Jun begged.

“You have hurt her.” When Chen Min finished talking, he gave Liang Jun’s head another shove, and this time he used even more strength, giving Liang Jun’s face another wave.

This continued for one and a half minutes, and when Liang Jun was pulled out of the toilet bowl, his face was as pale as a corpse. Liang Jun kept vomiting nonstop, “Big Brother! Your employer… Dream Jade? But I have never hurt her!”

“There is a type of pain called heartache.” Chen Min finally released Liang Jun and left the compartment, heading towards the outside of the toilet.

“I will kill you all! You, and Dream Jade, both of you! I’ll report this to the media, you guys are dead meat!” Liang Jun seemed to have regained a bit of a man’s bravery and shouted out.

“Media exposure is fine, even a police report is fine, tell it however you want. Oh, I forgot to tell you, during the ten years before I was a bodyguard, I specialized in killing.”

After acting for several tens of years, Liang Jun had done lots of research on the art of acting. He could immediately tell whenever someone was acting, and he could tell that the man at the door was absolutely not bluffing or trying to scare him. He was definitely someone who had done ‘that sort of work’, and he was someone extremely good at it…...

When Chen Min left the toilet, the person he unexpectedly saw was Xiao Yi, who had a loaded gun in her hands.

“Did you think that I would kill him?” Chen Min wiped the water stains on his hand on the bodyguard next to him that had fainted.

“I’m not sure, your behaviour cannot be estimated using normal means. I was just preparing for the unexpected.” Xiao Yi kept her gun while speaking, “What happened today never happened, I have not seen anything, and I will not report this to the higher-ups.”
“You’ve already learnt favouritism so quickly?” Chen Min unconsciously laughed.

“just this once. Who asked that guy to bully my little sister? He deserved to drink toilet water. By the way, when you’re talking can you stand a bit further away from me? Your body smells of toilet cleaning agents!”
[1]千军万马 lit TL= thousand soldiers, ten thousand horses. TL of meaning roughly the same: thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers -- a powerful army; a vast host of infantry and cavalry; hordes of troops and horses; millions of troops; like the charge of a powerful army which no force can stop; a large number of mounted and foot soldiers

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