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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Dirty Hoodlum’s Return

10 years later, in Lin Hai City. A girl wearing tight, denim hot pants and suspenders was currently sitting on the roadside next to an abandoned bus stop. It was afternoon, and the sun shone fiercely. The temperature in Lin Hai City had risen to 38 ºC, and aside from the girl, no one was willing to run to the outskirts of the city on such a day.

There wasn’t a single car in sight on the straight road. The white, skin-tight T-shirt the girl was wearing, was already soaked with sweat, revealing her black-laced underwear. Her perfectly round, firm, 32C’s were delicate and filled with youth.

The girl had been a natural beauty since she was young. She had large, cunning eyes, and a high nose. She had cherry lips in addition to her exquisite white skin, and a model-like figure that was 168cm tall; her legs alone were 105. She was so beautiful that she could even make Buddha fall in love with her.

A young woman like her appearing in a desolate, wild place like this wasn’t really normal, especially with a .77 caliber pistol hanging on her waist.

The woman continued to wait there until she finally moved the heavens, and a strong breeze suddenly whooshed past her, blowing her long black ponytail of hair into the air.

She lifted her head to see that the mysterious wind wasn’t just some favor sent by the gods, but rather the result of 10 military helicopters circling the air above her. The aircraft had an anti-tank missile hanging from it, and the 32 rockets sent firing were so close that she could read the serial numbers on them.

There were not army camps in Lin Hai City’s perimeters. Seeing such a scene was really rare, and the girl stood up in shock.

At that moment, a camouflaged armored car appeared racing over at high speeds from the distance. The leading car was actually 99A’s newest heavy-duty tank, and the entire fleet included two tanks, 3 armored cars transporting people, as well as the 10 military helicopters above her. A fleet like this was enough to decimate a small scale village, and annihilate hundreds of terrorists.

However the only mission today was…“an express delivery of a live body”.

The armored car spit out black and purple fumes as it imposingly stopped in front of the woman. The two tanks behind it drove a bit further, and its cannon pointed at the armored car in the middle. The 10 military helicopters above did the same.
Dozens of special soldiers armed to their teeth rushed out of the other 2 armored cars. They quickly began to set up sniping positions; there were even 2 lying down in wait next to the woman. The formation was one that looked as if they were about to face a tsunami of enemies rushing over.

Finally, 4 members wearing protective battle clothing walked towards the armored car at the center. They opened the car door, and stuck an iron rod extending 2m long through it, to undo the locked shackles inside, and poke the “express delivery” they were escorting out.

The person was wearing fading jeans, as well as a skin-tight, black T-shirt that revealed his defined muscles.

The locks on his fetters and handcuffs were even heavier than those used by an elephant. The cover over his head was like the iron mask that the man-eater in wore. The only things exposed were his unblinking eyes that were observing the world around him.

“There’s no need to be so extreme, right?” The woman took out some documents. She was the official in charge of receiving this special death row convict and sending him home.

This death row convict was the “Juvenile Butcher” whose name had been known everywhere 10 years ago, the devil that had soaked his hands in the blood of 104 people. But because the ones he had killed were all hoodlums, most of the media and the citizens also liked to call him the Juvenile Hero.

Hero was great, and Devil was fine as well, but in all the news reports, he should’ve already received the death penalty ten years ago. To the current world, Chen Min was someone who no longer existed. The Chen Min that was currently in front of the woman was a “normal person” that just happened to have the same name.

“Is there anyone that can do the transfer procedures? Hi, I’m Xiao Yi, from Lin Hai City’s sub-bureau.” The woman said helplessly, with absolutely no clue who she was supposed to find in order to complete the task.

“The target has been delivered! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!” The leader commanded, and all of the troop members frantically raced back into the armored cars, as if they had just seen a ghost. Just like that, the fleet fled into the distance, leaving behind not a single trace of a shadow.

After the group of people had run away leaving dust behind them, the only one remaining was Chen Min. He was quietly standing beside the road with his entire body shackled, as well as a key on the ground next to him.

“It looks like this fellow is really a terrifying person…” This was Xiao Yi’s first time receiving such a mission, so she was a bit scared to unlock the chains on Chen Min, who was currently wrapped up like a dumpling in shackles. However, Xiao Yi was an elite female cop, and so she wasn’t scared to the point that her beautiful face would lose color.

Xiao Yi composed herself, took out the pistol at her waist, and carefully picked up the key in front of Chen Min.

“Chen Min?” Xiao Yi asked.

The “dumpling” nodded.

“I’m the officer that has come to receive you. My name is Xiao Yi. You still haven’t been reprieved of your parole period, so for the next 2 years, I will be at your side 24/7. Every one of your movements will be reported, and if you show any signs of breaking the rules, I have the power to shoot you dead on the spot. If you refuse to accept these arrangements, I have the power to shoot you dead right now. Do you understand?” Xiao Yi spoke, with the key in one hand, and the pistol in the other.

The “dumpling” had already nodded so many times, he looked like a toy.

Only then did Xiao Yi insert the key into the keyhole on Chen Min’s butt. It was clear that whoever designed these shackles was gay…

With a ‘katcha’ sounds, all 36 shackles on Chen Min’s body automatically opened up at the same time. Chen Min jumped up like a bolt of lightning and began to charge towards Xiao Yi as fast as a cyclone, straight to the side of the road.

Xiao Yi got frightened by the sudden unforeseen event, and immediately reacted by nimbly aiming the pistol that was previously at her waist, towards the back of Chen Min’s head. According to the operation’s regulations, if Chen Min showed any sign of running away from the observer or tried to do anything illegal, she could shoot him on the spot.

However, Chen Min hadn’t run away. Instead, he immediately dropped his pants and began to pee, the sound roaring like a running faucet on full blast. A stream of urine the thickness of an arm struck two small saplings by the road squarely in the middle, causing them to bend in half.

Xiao Yi had handled perverts before, but she had never seen one this perverted. Chen Min was showing his bare butt on one side, and was shamelessly peeing right in front of a beautiful woman. While he was peeing, he was even ranting, “Those damn special force bastards, all I did was break some of the stronger soldiers’ legs. I didn’t think they’d be so fraudulent as to wrap me up in that torture instrument and send me away under escort. I was even prevented from peeing for 36 hours. My kidney practically exploded! If I died, how could I buy an iPhone 6?”

“Chen Min! Put both hands on your head, and immediately kneel down to the ground!” Xiao Yi shouted at him from behind.

“Girl, can you be a bit more hygienic? I just touched my penis, and now you want me to place my hands on my head? That’s disgusting!” Chen Min sneered without actually turning around.

“Stop spouting nonsense. Trust me, I’ll make you stuff your hands in your mouth if you don’t do what I say!” Xiao Yi cocked her gun, coldly signifying that she’d do as she said.

The first thing that the police academy had ever taught her was to intimidate the criminal with a threatening manner. Even though it was still under inspection whether or not Chen Min counted as a criminal, peeing on the side of the road definitely counted as a crime of indecency already.

“Alright, you win, miss female cop.” Chen Min sighed as he tied his belt and placed both hands behind his head as he knelt to the ground. His actions seemed like he was very experienced with doing so.

“Listen up. First, from the moment I received you, I automatically left the police ranks. However, I still maintain the privilege to shoot you dead. From now on, during the next two years, I don’t care if you’re going to the bathroom or sleeping, you have to report to me. If you dare to do anything that I suspect as you running away, I will kill you right there and then. Do you hear me clearly?” Xiao Yi roared in anger.

“Beautiful lady, do I need to report to you when I masturbate as well?” Chen Min still dared to rebuke her even at gun point. She really wondered if he was a nutjob.

“You disgusting hoodlum, stop wasting your words. Do you or do you not believe that I will explode your brains right now?” Xiao Yi was so mad that her face was now brightly colored.

“I don’t believe it, because your gun has no bullets. If you listen closely, you can hear the rustle of the wind blowing through it; if you had bullets, it would be making a ‘bi bi’ sound,” Chen Min objected.

“Does a theory like that actually exist?” Although Xiao Yi was doubtful, she unconsciously brought her gun up to her ear to listen.

“Wow, you really didn’t have any bullets. I was almost about to piss in my pants from fear.” Chen Min patted his chest as he stood up. Everything just now had been him deceiving the woman.

“You tricked me?!” Xiao Yi was so mad she almost collapsed on the road.

“Don’t say such ugly words. That’s called cheating tactics. Actually, there wasn’t any need for you to try to scare me. I promise that I’ll be the most diligent citizen; I’ll carry out all my official duties and obey the law. For the next two years, I’ll report everything to you, no matter how major or minor it is.” Chen Min said cheaply. “Now let’s forget the unpleasant things that happened just now, and start over with introductions! Hi, my name is Chen Min, 26 years old.”

Seeing the man in front of her politely reach out a hand, she began to feel like she had really been too narrow-minded. She took a deep breath to calm her emotions, and shook Chen Min’s hand, “I’m Xiao Yi, 22 years old. I hope that you will actually do as you say. For the next two years, you’d better not cause any trouble for me.”

“‘Sister-in-law’? Your name clearly indicates you’re just taking advantage of me. But that’s ok, I haven’t washed my hands yet, so we’re even.” Chen Min chuckled evilly.

(TL Note: Her name is 肖仪 Xiao Yi, but sister-in-law is also pronounced Xiao Yi 小姨)

“You vile hoodlum!” Xiao Yi seemed to have recalled what Chen Min had just been doing, and hurriedly retracted her hand.

A few minutes later, an outdated, cross country jeep brought them into the city. Dumping his military filled backpack in the backseat, Chen Min sat in shotgun, clearly enjoying the coastal view and the blowing breeze as they traveled.

He, who hadn’t gone even home once the past decade, felt that even Lin Hai City’s air was extremely warm and comfortable. He had a child-like happiness that caused a smile, unlike his previous hoodlum one, to appear on his face.

“Listen closely, you’re no longer the Chen Min you were before. If any acquaintance asks, you’re only someone who lives overseas that came back to visit. It’s that simple.” Xiao Yi instructed as she drove.

“I know, ‘sister-in-law’. Actually, such concerns are really unnecessary. Aside from my dead parents and little sister, I don’t have any other relatives or acquaintances in this city.” Chen Min replied with his eyes closed.

“I’ve seen your files before. You were an orphan at birth, and was picked up from the orphanage at the age of 6 and was raised by Shen Chong Yang. From a young age, you started following professional shooting training, and you were a genius sports rifle shooter back then.” Xiao Yi looked at the man next to her. Although he had seemed extremely, extremely unruly, it was hard to connect him with the Juvenile Butcher that had killed 104 people.

“I’ve never seen your files, but I know that you’re an administration personnel in the police department. You’re an expert in MMA and Taekwondo, and you grew up in a family of cops. In addition, you don’t know how to communicate with people, so you have very poor relationships with those above and below you.”

Xiao Yi abruptly braked, causing Chen Min’s face to smash into the windshield in front. Beyond shocked, Xiao Yi turned to look at Chen Min.

“How did you know?”

“Young miss, can you not get distracted while driving? I was almost sent flying!” Chen Min rubbed at his red cheeks as he grumbled, “You ‘told’ me yourself. The tip of your index finger is slightly calloused. It’s not due to pulling a trigger, but because you constantly click a mouse. That’s why you’re part of administration.”

“Your pace is really stable and steady and your breathing is reserved, which means that you’re good at close combat. Your posture when holding a gun is also very professional, and is definitely a result of learning from a young age. There’s no way you didn’t come from a family of cops.”

“If someone as outstanding as you ended up becoming administration…it would be weirder if you didn’t have poor relationships with those above and below you! Moreover, you came to observe me, which means it’s even possible that someone wants to send you to your death.”

“You’re wrong. The task of monitoring you…was something I applied for myself.” Xiao Yi’s racing heart finally calmed down after some deep breaths. She once again started the car and continued, “Because you’re the key to making my dreams a reality.”

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