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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Chen Family’s Bodyguard Business Office

Just as Chen Min had said, Xiao Yi was indeed born into a family of cops. Starting from her grandfather’s generation, regardless whether they were male or female, every single one of her family members had become police officers. To the little Xiao Yi, the most beautiful clothes were the police uniform, the funnest toy was the gun, and the most interesting game was the training in seizing techniques…

Just like that, the little girl had been influenced by her SWAT-membered father and brother, who had been her life’s idols.

She had always studied diligently, and passed the exam to enter the police academy, eventually graduating with flying colors, just for the sake of becoming part of the front line criminal police force for assault. However…she hadn’t imagined that when she had entered the Lin Hai City sub-bureau to receive official training, she had encountered a bad instructor that harassed her. The upright her immediately reported him to the superiors, and the instructor was shangguied. (TL Note:

It clearly wasn’t her fault, but she had become labeled as ‘troublesome’ because of this incident. In the end, she hadn’t been assigned to chasing criminal runaways or drug pushers, but rather, was stuck sitting in the office doing administrative work. Not only that, she had been assigned specifically to appraise materials and had become…someone responsible for confiscating porn.

What kind of humiliating job was that? Moreover, she was still a virgin that didn’t know much about sex, yet she spent every day looking at thousands of H materials. During her first month, she hadn’t even been able to eat, and had to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep every night. Everything she saw, looked as if it had been mosaic-ed.

She had wanted to resign countless times, but every time she went home, her mother would question her about work with such an earnest expression. She could only bring herself to smile and reply, “It’s ok, quite fitting.”

She hadn’t been able to bring herself to tell her mother the truth. Her mother, who had retired from Public Safety, loved to brag to others about how her daughter had also become part of the police.

Xiao Yi had secretly waited for the Nirvana opportunity the whole time…one day, her cousin from the imperial capital had mentioned that a death convict had returned to Lin Hai City. The fellow’s history wasn’t small, and Lin Hai’s sub-bureau needed a special observer to stick by his side. The observer had to report every action of the convict for two years. Because of these unique circumstances, the amount of people volunteering to accept this task naturally declined. However, anyone that completed the task would surely be a talented person that any police officer would surely be jealous of.

Xiao Yi had thrown caution to the wind, and went straight to her Bureau Chief to accept the task. This was the only chance she’d have to leave her current job. The Bureau Chief had hesitated for a bit, but after looking at Xiao Yi’s target’s documents, he agreed to hand the task to her.

However, Xiao Yi hadn’t known before accepting the task that her target of observation was the Juvenile Butcher from ten years ago — Chen Min.

How did sitting together with a death row convict feel like? Xiao Yi simply never stopped wishing that the bastard would just die. It wasn’t because he was frightening, but rather because he was the worst scum in existence. As soon as he saw a beautiful woman, he’d immediately wolf-whistled. Even while waiting at the red light, he had to turn and ask the beautiful driver in the car next to them how much one night with her would cost.

When he saw the skyscraper, he said ‘Wow’; when he saw a big-breasted beauty, he said ‘Wow’; when he saw an old grandma run into a car, he also said ‘Wow’…

“Are you some broken doll? Stop your damn ‘Wow’-ing!” Xiao Yi finally couldn’t stand it any longer.

“It’s been a decade since I returned. Of course I’d find everything interesting. That damn Colonel Kaos made me spend over 50% of my time standing in a pile of corpses, and Africa had practically become my home. That place was filled with black girls! You couldn’t even see them with night-vision goggles. Being able to see so many beauties from my homeland makes all my past hardships worth it.” Chen Min said as he stared at a 34F beauty walk past. The woman’s chest swayed up and down as she walked, making Chen Min drool and cry simultaneously.

“There is no cure for shitheads. God, please make these next 2 years pass quickly!” Xiao Yi silently prayed. She had only been with Chen Min for 20 minutes, but she had already reached her limit.

The jeep entered the commercial residential area. In between some towering skyscrapers was a rundown, small, two story house. This house was the last thing that Shen Chong Yang had left for Chen Min. During the past few years, the area had been turned into a high end business district, but this house had still been preserved.

It hadn’t been torn down by the workers because the developer of the business district had received an order from the higher ups: regardless of how much other stuff they tore down, they weren’t to touch a single blade of grass of this property.

“We’re here.” Xiao Yi pulled into the garage, scaring away quite a few cockroaches.

Based on the standards from a decade ago, Shen Chong Yang’s two story house could be said to be particularly stylish. It had a garage, a fenced garden, and even a loft on the roof that the family could see the night stars from. This place had taken up all of his savings, all for the sake of becoming the family’s comfortable niche.

Seeing the formerly comfortable house become so rundown, Chen Min’s emotions grew complicated, but his feelings were not something that others would be able to detect. He picked up a sign that had been leaning against the side of the wooden fence, and rubbed away the thick layer of dust that had accumulated. The words on the sign were revealed to be “The Shen Family’s Bodyguard Business Office. We will always wholeheartedly serve you.”

These words had been handwritten by his mother, because although his father was proficient with a gun, his handwriting had been undecipherable.

“From now on, we’ll live here. It’s old, but it’s a house with its own yard. This is a place that can’t even be found on this street anymore, hm?” Xiao Yi stood in front of the door with her hands on her hips.

Suddenly, the house’s door was pushed open from the inside. Four men dragging metal and wooden sticks walked out. Injection punctures could be seen on their wrists, and there was still bits of white powder sticking on them. It was clear to see that these were drug addicts.

“You stinking f*ckers, get out! This is our turf!” The robust, 185cm leader roared. A drug addict with his kind of physique was really quite rare.

“Big Brother, that chick isn’t bad! How about we have some fun?” An ugly lackey said.

“You group of trash have no face. Seizing homes in broad daylight, taking drugs, and even trying to terrorize innocent citizens and do indecent things to a woman, do you know how long you can be jailed for when all these crimes are added together?” Xiao Yi coldly glared at them in disgust. There was no way she’d pay attention to a few drug addicts.

Just as she was preparing to carry out justice, Chen Min walked over from behind her and shoved the dirty signboard into her arms.

“Hold this.” He said as he walked over to the door.

“You stinking brat, you’re going to help her?!” Having snorted so much drugs, the man had long since lost all reason. He flailed his arms around, whipping his wooden stick towards Chen Min’s head. If this hit made contact, Chen Min would have become retarded, if not dead.

Just as Xiao Yi was prepared to interfere, she saw Chen Min’s body flash, his actions were so quick that they seemed almost instantaneous. The wooden stick swooshed by, right next to his body. Without waiting for the opposite party’s shock to fade, Chen Min waved his hand and used only his forefinger to hook onto the bastard’s nostril and fling him to the ground.

The pitiful leader of the group that was half a head taller than Chen Min was smashed into the concrete, causing the ground to vibrate. The man’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he lost consciousness, foam coming from his mouth.

The other 3 lackeys had pissed in their pants from fear. They were simply addicts, not actually hoodlums that often brawled on the streets. Among their group, the only one that dared to fight was their boss. Yet he had been knocked down by Chen Min with a single finger. Immediately, they dropped the stuff in their hands.

“From today onwards, anyone that dares to even take half a step into my house, will die.” Chen Min said as he wiped the leader’s snot and blood off his finger. “Scram!”

Chen Min bellowed, scaring the addicts into a panicked escape. They were surprisingly quite loyal, and didn’t forget to drag their boss away out too.

Only after seeing that Chen Min wasn’t going to overdo the disciplining, did Xiao Yi release her hold from the gun at her hip. This time, it was loaded.

The observer’s assignment had noted that because Chen Min used an extremely horrifying murder technique, he was one of the greatest dangers to society. It was because they were unsure if he could adapt to the life of a normal person in society that they had arranged for an observer to stay by his side for 2 years.

Xiao Yi’s most important task during this observation period was not to follow him, but to kill him the moment he used too much violence. Of course, Xiao Yi wasn’t exactly willing to do this. It wasn’t because she was sympathetic towards him, but because as soon as Chen Min died, her task would also end. What awaited her afterwards was endless porn films. Moreover, she heard that the bureau had recently destroyed a GV factory. When she thought of the moans and gasps of the actors through the screen, Xiao Yi couldn’t help but shudder.

The following amount of time was completely used to clean. Xiao Yi was simply an observer, not a janitor, so she had no desire to get involved.

She saw the body of Chen Min, who had taken off his tight-fitting T-shirt to prepare for the work. Aside from his beautiful muscles on his back and chest, there were also various scars overlaying each other all over his body.

Xiao Yi was dazed. This man’s body looked as if it had been made of steel. His countless scars made it seem like he had been ripped to shreds numerous times.

The one who had treated him was definitely not a doctor, but a tailor. Xiao Yi saw that he had a half-finger’s width tumor that stretched from his left shoulder to his right hip nearly 1m long.

It was hard to imagine how this man had lived for the past decade. It must have been hell. After all, the sin he had once committed was one that should’ve dragged him to the underworld. Now, he had been reborn, and Xiao Yi really hoped that the justice in his heart hadn’t been erased by his slaughter.

Chen Min finished two days’ worth of housekeeping activities in a single afternoon. He really had monstrous physical strength; he had even been able to single-handedly carry a broken sofa and run around with it on his shoulder…

He had even weeded the garden and fixed the broken garage door. The two story house that had been abandoned for 10 years finally glowed with the feeling of a real home.

“You already have a home. What do you plan on doing next? I have a few decent jobs I can introduce to you.” Xiao Yi walked up to Chen Min as she looked around at the new Shen family home.

“No need, I already know what I should do.” Chen Min picked up the now shiny sign that had been hanging on the front door and said, “Shen Family’s Bodyguard Service will reopen once more today!”

“Are you joking? Do you have experience as a bodyguard?” The corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth twitched.

“I have more experience with killing people, but the techniques are the same. Before, I was supposed to try my best to kill my target, but now I need to do anything to keep my target alive. That’s it.” Chen Min innocently smiled.

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