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Chapter 31

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God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 31: She Won’t Die as Long as I’m Here


The room went silent. Fang Shi Quan took off his gold-rimmed glasses, tears flashing from his eyes: “I… didn’t want to be like this.”
His daughter looked at him, ridiculing him while crying, “Fang Shi Quan, you’re really getting old. You even can’t hurt me anymore. Have you ever thought of what you’re living for? Your wife is dead, your daughter hates you. What do you have left except money and status?
I hate you, not only because you weren’t around when mother diedd, but also because you never knew the responsibilities of being a father or husband. I rather wished you weren’t rich like this. Just a ordinary company clerk, worked overtime everyday, bullied by the manager in company. At least you would complain about how hard your life was at work to your family when you went home from work.”
“In my commercial district, if you didn’t become be a butcher, then you will be a lamb. Sorry, I can’t stop, I provide a living for thousands of families. As long as I lose one chance, one failure, I will lose everything, and I have debt that can’t be paid off my whole life. I rather hope you hate me than you get hurt by creditors.” Fang Shi Quan didn’t let the tears fall. He walked to the door but stopped there.
“Today I came here to visit you because there was a killer dressed up like you that tried to kill me. I thought that was you. Then I found out that I already can’t really remember what you looked like.” Fang Shi quan says gently.
“That killer is such a loser. If that were me, you won’t have any chance to be alive at all.” Fang Yuan says grimness.
“Yes, I agree. If I dead, please don’t see me the last time, because I will have a grudge.” Fang Shi quan left after he speaks.
“Ah!!” Fang Yuan shouted and kicked the tea table in the living room. She smashes all the thing that can be smashed, all the thing that were bought by Fang Shi Quan’s money. She hated her father, but she hated herself, who can’t live life without Fang Shi Quan’s money.  She tried to go to work, but she failed in the end. she can’t accepts bow and scrape to strangers just for a little money every day. She can’t adapt to sharing the dressing room with others. She can’t wear overalls  made of chemical fiber. She doesn’t even know how to smile respectfully to others.
Fang Shi Quan not only destroyed her family, but also destroyed her ability to integrate into society life.
“Boss, where are we going now?” Li Chang Xiu went back into the car and asked gently.
“Back to company. Inform the department manager and the executive secretary that the newest enterprise project plan has to settle down before tomorrow.” Fang Shi Quan dried out the tears and said calm.
“But now is already 8 pm…” Li Chang Xiu worried.
“All you need to do is to listen to me! I don’t even have family now! Let those assholes take my money and play with their children happily? Is that fair? Inform them of a meeting! I’ll fire all of them if they are late!” Fang Shi Quan shouted grumpy. Obviously, Fang Yuan’s grumpiness took after her father, but she didn’t take after her father’s calm and restraining attitude.
“Shen Ming…” Xiao Yi saw something was happening in Fang Yuan’s room.
“I know. Is she hurting herself?” Shen Ming has already noticed this.
“She is smashing things. She already broke two iPhone 6 plus, and now she is smashing the TV and all the computers. What’s wrong with her?”
“It’s fine. Just let her vent a little. Sometimes crying is also a kind of treatment. I used to fight with teammates when I felt repressed. I would feel a little comfortable as long as we keep fighting until we both can’t stand up and need rescue.”
“Do not compare yourself with her! Oh no, she is leaving her apartment!” Xiao Yi shouted.
Shen Ming heard somebody knocking his door when he wanted to chase after Fang Yuan. He opens the door, and Fang Yuan, who was crying so hard, was standing in front of him. She pushed Shen Ming aside and ran straight to the refrigerator in the kitchen. She knelt on the ground, opened the beer, and drank from it insanely.
She kept drinking and drinking, until she threw up, but she didn’t care. She just kept on drinking’
She drank 10 cans of beer, but she didn’t get drunk. Then she saw the whisky in the refrigerator and took it out.
“That’s enough!” Shen Ming roared.
“Just some drinks. I’ll pay you 10,000 yuan each. Is that enough?” Fang Yuan said. Despised, Shen Ming took away her whisky quickly.
“Give it back!” Fang Yuan stood up, wanting to kick Shen Ming, but she fell to ground because of her vomit.
“Why? Why did I have to be his daughter? Why did I have everything except an ordinary family? Why do I hate him so much but I can’t leave his money? Mom, I miss you so much. Where can I find you…” Fang Yuan couldn’t stand up anymore, her voice was getting smaller and smaller.
“Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan?” Shen Ming picked the girl up. She was already in a coma, her face was pale, lip were turning blue, and her skin was cold and wet.
Shen Ming chest compressed fast, but she didn’t have any reaction. Her blood pressure was quickly getting lower and her breath turned intermittent.
“What happened?” Xiao Yi asked, worried.
“Acute alcohol poisoning… Xiao Yi, help me buy some stuff. I need an infusion bottle, infusion tube, disinfectant, glucose, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, medicinal potassium chloride, and ranitidine. Clear?”
“Yes, but her breath sounded weird, she is not going to die isn’t she?” Xiao Yi was really worried about this student that she used to fight with.
“She won’t die as long as I’m here. Her vomit blocked the trachea, she need help.” Shen Ming said while pressing Fang Yuan’s chest heavily.
Xiao Yi came back 20 minutes later. “Come in.” Shen Ming took the bag and treated it like a quest.
“Where is she?” Xiao Yi was a little worried that their identify might got exposed.
“Don’t worry, she can’t hear us.” Shen Ming stood in front of the table of living room. She placed those potion in the infusion bottle, just like a nurse that had worked for many years. “I already took her to shower and put her to bed. She will be better tomorrow.”
“You took shower for her?” Xiao Yi surprised with wide eyes, “You didn’t do anything else right?”
“Of course I f**ked with her for thirteen minutes… that’s impossible at all! I only have 20 minutes! It is so amazing to finish taking shower!” Shen Ming is a man that came back from battlefield. A place like that doesn’t care about the difference between men and women.
“Jesus, she is only 18! Don’t you feel shame about it?” Xiao Yi felt very uncomfortable.
“so what? I must marry her?” Shen Ming said while inserting the needle into Fang Yuan’s arm. “Come on, that’s only because I gonna save her! You stay here and look after her then. I have something to deal, if she asks…”
“I will tell her that I changed her clothes, although I want tell her the truth.” Xiao Yi says.
“Good girl.” Shen Ming smiles and leaves apartment.
The next morning, Fang Yuan opened her eyes with a severe headache. She only remembered that she looked for beer then ran into teacher Shen Ming’s room…
Fang Yuan found out she was sleeping on somebody else’s bed. She was so surprised that she screamed once.
“Don’t be so loud! It’s still early in the morning.” Xiao Yi, who sat on the side of bed, yawned while standing up.
“You? Why are you here?”
“Mr. Shen told me you had alcohol poisoning last night, so I bought medicine and looked after you the whole night. You said that I owe you an apology, and now you owe me a whole night of company. We are clear.” Xiao Yi gave Fang Yuan some clothes. “Get in these clean clothes. You are sober now so I can go home to have some sleep.”
Fang Yuan went back to her room. She thought her apartment was destroyed because of her smashing last night, but to her surprise, the apartment was clean. All the broken things have already been fixed by glue, including a picture of her mother and her, which she broke last night. Shen Ming has already fixed it,  a piece of paper behind the photo frame, “You can’t break those precious things no matter how angry you are. Do not forget that there is somebody that still loves you no matter how big is your rage.  This is the last time. ”
Holding the photo frame, Fang Yuan’s tears fell again.

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