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Chapter 35

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God-level Bodyguard In The City – Chapter 35 – I Will Kill A Person For Her


The electronic panel in front of Fang Yuan had almost surpassed 100 kilometers, and the wind moved the hem of her uniform skirt.  Soon, she arrived the back of a container truck and just when she wanted to surpass from left, a black Honda SUV blocked it.


When Fang Yuan clenched her faucet and wanted to overtake from the other side, the other SUV sealed off the road again, what followed were three SUVs, and the truck in front put Fang Yuan in the middle of them.


It was clear to Fang Yuan that it’s a malicious act.


When the truck slowed down, Fang Yuan had to do the same.  The rear container shutter was rolled up by the shackles. A slanted metal springboard was released from the car. More than 20 thugs holding metal sticks were standing in the compartment. They had an evil smile.


“Damn ATM, it gave me troubles again…” It was not the first time that Fang Yuan encountered a risk of kidnap. Since she was small, she had been in a similar situation for at least three times. That’s why her parents did not object her from learning Muay Thai.


“Come on, baby, come to uncle!” The leading thug was a tall guy. His upper half was naked, and he showed off his monster-like muscles. He was also wearing an ice hockey mask, similar to the one worn by the crazy guy appeared in the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, he squatted, and was waving to Fang Yuan.


Without waiting for Fang Yuan to reject, the SUV that followed increased the throttle forward. At a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, even the smallest collision could cause massive damage to Fang Yuan.


This time, unlike the past, Fang Yuan knew for sure that these guys were not coming for money, what they wanted was her life!


“Since you asked me to… here I come, bastard!” Fang Yuan suddenly increased her throttle, and her ebr rushed along the springboard to the cargo box. The front wheel hit the masked man’s face. They were knocked out together, and there were sparks in the air.


Fang Yuan jumped from the car to the inside of the cargo box, using her elbow, she directly hitting the thug and made him kneel in front of her.


“How dare you…you know how precious my life is? I will never die with you damn thugs.” Fang Yuan untied her helmet and threw it out. It hit the front windshield of her SUV, forcing the car to slow down and stop at the side of the road. “Hey, b*tch, you hit my car, wait for us to teach you a lesson!” The driver pulled the helmet that was stuck in the window with anger, he just wanted to start the engine, but he heard someone knocking on the car window.


When the driver looked at him, he didn’t see the man’s face clearly at all. His fist passed through the window and knocked the guy out, destroying his chin. The driver was dragged out from the broken window.


Shen Ming started the engine and chased the truck in front, but he did not discover the three thugs holding knives on his car.


“Do you want to die? You even dared to grab our car!” He placed a big knife on his neck.


“Have you bought a ticket?” Shen Ming asked.


“Haha, this guy took himself as a bus driver.” A thug laughed.


After 15 seconds, the doors on both sides of the rear seat of the suv were opened, and the three thugs were thrown out like a ball.


“This is great.” Shen Ming buckled the seat belt and stepped on the gas pedal.


In the speeding truck container, Fang Yuan was fighting solely against the 20 thugs, and the cruel tricks were limitless. These guys were not her opponents at all, but even Fang Yuan found it difficult to fight so many people at the same time. She took a few painful blows, yet she refused to let go.


“Come on! Scum!” Fang Yuan hugged a muscular thug’s neck with both hands, and jumped up two meters. He stroked the guy’s face in the middle of the knee, and her nose became bloody.


Consistently, the thugs were fought down. Fang Yuan also kept taking the bows. Her legs stopped moving flexibly, and in the bloody fights, she tried to hold on. What appeared on her brain was not the face of her mother, but that of Fang Shi Quan, just before he died.


What if I die? Will he be sad? Can be this seen as my revenge? Fang Yuan laughed from her imagination. In a minute, a metal stick was hit on the back of her head, and even the best boxer fell in the cold compartment.


“Aren’t I too young to die? I haven’t even had my first kiss…” Fang Yuan mumbled to herself. She wanted to fight back so hard, but she couldn’t stand up any longer.


“B*tch, you wanna get up and fight again? We’re gonna rape you today and feed you to sharks!” About ten thugs surrounded her and spat on her. One of them even spat out two teeth on her.


“Don’t touch me…” Fang Yuan couldn’t help but cry. She cried, not because she was scared, but because she didn’t want to die this way.


When Shen Ming was only 50 meters away from the truck, a fiery Suzuki motorcycle passed by with a distance of 5 cm, and accelerated along the container’s springboard and rushed into the cargo box.


The knight was about 180cm tall, and he looked muscular even under the leather jacket. He was also using Muay Thai, using his feet and fist, the other guy was knocked down instantly.


Fang Yuan was lying on the ground, with her blurred view, she watched the knight beating fiercely the thug, suddenly, she found the figure so familiar.


Finally, the truck and the accompanying two suvs stopped, and the knight also turned over the last one to Fang Yuan’s side.


“My little princess, it seems that your martial arts skills have gone down. You couldn’t even handle a few thugs.” The knight took off his helmet and revealed his handsome face.


“Hand…handsome guy?!” Fang Yuan finally saw the face of the coming person, and could not help but cry.


“It’s okay, the handsome guy is here, and no one will bully you.” The handsome guy carried Fang Yuan and along the thug that had fainted, walked toward the exit of the truck.

Fang Yuan still felt dizzy after her head took the heavy bow from the metal stick, yet she felt incredibly safe in the arms of the handsome guy.


The handsome guy was called Lin Fan, like Fang Yuan, he learned Muay Thai with her at the same institute. He was four years older than her. Because of their similar age, they always practiced with each other. They can be described as childhood friends. In this world, Fang Yuan only trusted two people, and one is her mother who’s already passed away, one is Lin Fan, who would lose deliberately for her.


“Thank you, if you didn’t appear, I would have died.” Fang Yuan leaned on Lin Fan’s chest and thanked him helplessly.


“See, I have been away for three years. I didn’t expect my proud little princess to learn to say thank you, but this time, I seemed to have interfered too much. Your bodyguards were quite strong, even without me, you’d still be fine.” Lin Fan took Fang Yuan down the truck, and they already have seen about ten more thugs. Shen Ming was standing in the middle of the road, holding the neck of a 190cm-tall guy, lifted him in midair.


Seeing that Fang Yuan was safe and sound, Shen Ming hit the big guy strongly with his fist, who instantly passed out.


“Shen…San?!” Fang Yuan struggled from Lin Fan and got on the ground. She trembled and walked toward Shen Ming, and she shook her head with tears in her eyes.


“Tell me, that you are not someone from Fang Shi Quan…” Fang Yuan pleaded, even if Shen Ming said no, she would like to believe this man.


“I am not Shen San. My name is Shen Ming…” Shen Ming didn’t finish explaining, and Fang Yuan already slapped on his face.


“Bastard! Beast! Why did you lie to me? I trusted you so much! I took you as my best friend! I even…I even…” Fang Yuan tried hard not to say “I even liked you”.


“Things are not what you think. I am a professional bodyguard, and I am here to protect you.” Shen Ming’s face was a bit swollen. Actually, Fang Yuan was different from Meng Qi, and she already possessed the ability to hurt Shen Ming.


“Protect me? Are you saying that you are going to protect me by cooking for me, repairing my furniture, or taking care of me when I’m drunk?”


“You’re really the best bodyguard in the entire world. You pretended to care about me, pretended to not care about money. And I thought…I thought there’s someone who genuinely likes me, not because of money. Now I know, money can buy anything, money can even buy friends.” Fang Yuan sneered with tears.


“You are injured, your heart rhythm is out of order, I will send you to the hospital right away.” For the second time, Shen Ming took Fang Yuan’s hand, and she shoved it away again.


“Get lost!” Fang Yuan spit a mouthful of blood onto Shen Ming’s face, “what let you touch me? You’re just a dog who begged for money! I…”


Fang Yuan didn’t finish and passed out immediately. Shen Ming immediately held her close to himself.


“She will be fine, we have encountered this before. She was only 15 at that time, and she made it.” Lin Fan came forward and affirmed.

“I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how much money you’ve taken, if you dare to hurt her, I will use a vise to pull out each of your nails, seal your mouth with a steel needle, use a spoon to dig your eyes, and use a steak knife cuts your throat. I have a way to make people torture for hours without dying. Believe me. I will definitely do this.” Shen Ming looked up at the man in front of him, like a tiger.


“I think you misunderstood. I am Fang Yuan’s brother, I’ve just returned to see her and happened to witness all these.” Lin Fan tried to explain.


“I don’t want to argue with you. Fang Yuan needs to see a doctor. I need to send her to the hospital. Remember me, although I am a bodyguard, not long ago, I was a full-time corpse collector. I am willing to kill one more person for her.” Shen Ming carried Fang Yuan and hopped on an SUV and left quickly.


“Such a bodyguard, I almost thought I would die.” Lin Fan jokingly said. Then, he made a phone call, “Dongchuan, I met her already. When do you plan to ‘collect’? Let me know.”

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