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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 -You hurt me

Correction: Xiao San Incident/Three Little Things Incident->Mistress Incident
Xiao San literally is a slang for home wrecker in Chinese, which we just found out. Sorry for the mistranslation!
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By the time Dream Jade had finished familiarizing herself with the staging, it was already 8 o’clock at night. The tired group of people once more rode the nanny van back to Dream Jade’s high class villa in Lin Hai City’s suburbs. This high-class residence was something only extremely rich people could live in. Even the bodyguards were professional retired soldiers.

“I want to go to the beach for a walk. Can I?” Dream Jade purposely asked Chen Min’s opinion.

“I'm just a bodyguard. I don't have the qualifications to limit your movements." What Chen Min meant was, ”Yes".

“That’s good. Come walk with me." Dream Jade's hands were behind her back and she wore flip flops as she walked out of the house to the beach with a smile.

Currently, Xiao Yi was in front of the window, looking at the pair who were like a couple walking towards the beach, and giving her daily report on Chen Min to the superintendent. Even the case of him "beating up" Monster Bear was mentioned.

The Police Bureau obtained the recording of the incident, and ultimately deemed the incident as still being within reasonable self-defense. The upper echelons of the police force were gratified as they saw that Monster Bear was not killed, and instead was still alive. This incident showed that Chen Min was starting to adapt to the society’s lifestyle and knew how to control his strength.

Xiao Yi was left speechless by this reply and couldn’t imagine how Chen Min’s past was like.

The bright moon was in the sky, with stars and clouds. Lin Hai City’s night was so beautiful that it always made people have no mood to sleep. Complementing the heavens above, the white sandy beach beneath Chen Min and Dream Jade’s feet, which was like their personal property, was beautiful and magnificent.

The high tide of the sea made a ‘hua hua’ sound, as it washed over the feet of two people. The water was cold, and it felt extremely comfortable. Sometimes, two tiny hermit crabs would be washed up and crawl up from the back of their legs. If one were to bend down, they would be able to pick it up and take it home as a pet.

Dream Jade loved the ocean. She strolled along the beach just like a kid. Chen Min would be silently trailing behind her, carrying his own leather shoes.

“Thank you for helping me deal with Green Tea today. Recently, she's been finding trouble with me, I hate her to death.” Dream Jade didn't turn back as she gently whispered along with the sound of the waves.

“I wasn’t helping you deal with anyone, I was just protecting you. In fact, it was you who made a move first, which increased the chances of unnecessary danger. Next time, don't do things like that again.” Chen Min, who started acting like a professional instructor once again, advised Dream Jade.

“Could you not always preach to me like a bodyguard?” Dream Jade turned around and furrowed her eyebrows. Rarely did she lower her position to thank someone, but Chen Min instead continued to provoke her.

“I was originally a bodyguard anyway. Even though this is a short-term employment, the Chen Family’s Bodyguard Service objective is to keep the employer safe, even after the service is completed. You are a celebrity, when you are in the limelight, it is very hard to avoid getting in danger. Therefore, you must learn how to protect yourself.” Chen Min continued advising Dream Jade.

“I’m just this small, it’s still okay for me to spit at people. Resisting? How do I resist?” Dream Jade deliberately quarreled with Chen Min.

“I’ll teach you.” Suddenly, Chen Min threw away the leather shoes in his hands and grabbed Dream Jade’s wrist. He pulled her and turned her, it was like a samba. Before she could react, Dream Jade was already pulled into his embrace with her back facing the chest she was leaning on. This was already the fourth time he embraced her today…

Merely, Dream Jade’s hand was twisted behind her back. It was so painful that she called out, “Let go of me, pervert! It’s painful!”

“This is the grappling technique’s most basic moves, the ‘Grab’ and ‘Hold’. You have a small body, so your opponents will love using this sort of technique against you. Because the joints in your hand are locked, there will be a persistent pain caused by the pulling of your tendons. This sort of pain will stimulate a person’s natural instinct to give up resisting.

“You are a celebrity, it is hard for you to avoid people. Once you are captured, it is extremely possible for the area to be a confrontation zone between the kidnapper and other people. The possibility of the situation in front of you occuring is very high.” When Chen Min was explaining, Dream Jade was in so much pain that even her tears were falling out. She was continuously cursing Chen Min, and it was impossible to tell whether she was even listening.

“The method for countering this technique is actually very simple. First, you need to remain calm and endure the pain. Next, you have to feel the height of the kidnapper with your back and find where his nose is. At the critical moment, you have to instantly burst out with strength using your heel, then tiptoe and smash your body backwards. No matter how fucking awesome[2] the kidnapper is, there is no way for him to toughen his nose. The back of a person’s head is extremely hard. Even if you are a small person, this hit can result in severe injury towards the kidnapper’s face.” When Chen Min finished speaking, Dream Jade had already followed Chen Min’s teaching and used force to smash her body backwards.

Not to mention Dream Jade having already practiced dancing, ballet stretching exercises had gotten her long since used to enduring pain. This, in addition to her foundation in dancing, made it so that jumping through an instantaneous burst of strength had also far surpassed the amount of strength her tiny body could produce.

Chen Min had 100 ways to counter countering techniques, but he didn’t want to hurt Dream Jade, so he could only release her and borrow her strength to fall backwards. The two people intimately hugged each other as they fell on the beach.

A silver coloured wave washed over them, drenching the clothes of the two.

Dream Jade straddled on top of Chen Min’s waist, her two hands were on his rock-like chest. The seawater on Chen Min’s fringes dripped onto his face. As for the white one-piece dress, its back was so drenched that Dream Jade’s snow white skin and cerise coloured underwear were revealed.[2]

God knows[3] which great person it was that once said, “A woman's cleavage can always be formed with a squeeze.” Dream Jade, using this posture(A姿势), still managed to make her A-cup-sized chest show a beautiful arc.

“You’ve hurt[4] me, you know?” Dream Jade was drenched.

“I know.”

“If you know, then why did you still do it?”

“Because I am a bodyguard, not a servant. Servants have to look at the master’s mood and please the master, but bodyguards only have to do their best to protect the master.” Chen Min laid on the damp beach, looking up at Dream Jade.

“Save it, you’re just a cheaply-priced bodyguard that doesn’t want money. Even janitors have higher salaries than you, what are you so serious for? Uncle originally found you to become free labour. To begin with, he doesn’t even expect you to be able to protect me. He doesn’t even believe that I have a need for a bodyguard.” Dream Jade’s habitual mocking was just used to cover up her accelerating heartbeat. Why is it that this man can turn a cold ‘Occupational Declaration’ into a heart moving speech?

“You are my employer, protecting you is my responsibility. This has nothing to do with money. During the contract period, even if God himself comes, he will not be able to touch half a strand of your hair.” Chen Min said resolutely.

“Pa!” Dream Jade suddenly slapped Chen Min’s face, while tears instantly fell from her eyes.

Obviously, Chen Min could have dodged the slap, but since Dream Jade’s power was not enough to injure him, he just firmly received it.

“Never talk to me about responsibility again! You men are all not good things[5]! You only know how to use flowery language to trick women into sleeping with you! Bastard!” In Dream Jade’s eyes, Chen Min’s figure resembled many other men’s, the familiar words and promises reopened her past wounds.

After slapping Chen Min, Dream Jade quickly got up and ran towards the villa completely drenched. On the beach was a pair of flip flops which she left behind.

11 o’clock at night, Chen Min gently knocked Dream Jade’s room door.

“I’m tired, I want to sleep. If you have anything to say, say it tomorrow.” Dream Jade was hugging her knees and sitting in front of the door[6].

“The seawater is cold, remember to get a hot bath before sleeping. If you get a fever, your body strength will be weakened, and it might affect the assignment.” After finishing his sentence, Chen Min quietly left. His words never left the scope of his work, sometimes, he was as stiff as an emotionless machine.

“Idiot, I clearly said that I would never be moved by a man again…..” Burying her forehead in her knee, Dream Jade scolded herself.

On the other side, Chen Min who had returned to his room hadn’t gone to sleep and was instead surfing the net to collect all the past information about Dream Jade to perhaps find information about the sender of the threatening letters. From this, Chen Min was beginning to understand his first employer...

Dream Jade was not a singer that came out of a training program. In the third year of high school, when other students were knuckling down to study, she was already in bars singing.

In that same year, she participated in the《Cocky Girl》singing competition and became the champion. Since then, she led a different path compared to her peers, a path to stardom. After that, her original song, 《Snow Buries the Flower》was popular across the whole country, winning all kinds of prizes. But fame comes with a price, and within a year of becoming famous, there were all sorts of scandals, such as the “Celebrity Hostess” and “Sex Champion”. These keywords were brought up every day.

But the event that made the most noise was still that year’s “Mistress Incident”. According to the rumours, Dream Jade took the initiative to fool around with Hong Kong Movie Emperor, Liang Jun, who was 42 at that time. The pair aroused suspicions, until the point where they were caught in a coffee shop in Tsim Sha Tsui by Liang Jun’s wife and her two kids. Liang Jun’s eldest child was as old as Dream Jade.

The mother and two children did not bother to avoid arousing suspicion and had beaten Dream Jade on the spot. She was injured to the point where she had to stay in the hospital for 1 month. There was an uproar about the incident, to the point where Liang Jun had a press conference, where he cried about how he made a mistake that all men would make.

He blamed the fact that Dream Jade was too pretty and too solicitous, and that he could not control himself. Fortunately, his wife and two children forgave him, hoping that they could regain their normal lives. They treasured life and wanted Liang Jun to stay far away from prostitutes, and Liang Jun himself begged for forgiveness from fans and everyone else...

Just like that, from then on, Dream Jade had never gotten any new jobs and was formally frozen by the company, until 《China’s Wonderful Sound》, where she regained her fame.

In the early morning, Dream Jade, who did not have a good sleep, was already awake at 6am. Sneezing, she came down from the second floor to the open kitchen, looking to grab a bite. Who could’ve known that Chen Min, who should be damned to hell, got there even earlier than her and was making breakfast.

“You’re awake? I’m guessing that you didn’t sleep well last night?” Chen Min asked this question with a smile.

“You’re earlier than me, doesn’t that mean you slept even worse than me? Why, are you not used to the high-quality mattress?” Dream Jade sat in front of the kitchen table. 

“From the start, I have never slept. My past training has let my sleeping become very light, I won’t feel sleepy for two or three days. Drink this, you must not have had a hot bath yesterday right?” Chen Min put on an apron and put a bowl of ginger soup in front of Dream Jade.

“How did you know? The moment Dream Jade said this, she sneezed loudly. Her embarrassed look was also very cute, “Okay, I won’t ask.”

“Also, eat this. I made this century egg with lean meat congee, it’s just that I’m not sure whether it is suitable for you. If you eat low-calorie congee for breakfast, you won’t get fat even if you eat more of it.” While Chen Min was speaking, he served a bowl of congee.

Not to mention that Chen Min’s skill at cooking wasn’t bad. It was only a normal congee, but he had added some special ingredient into it, which let it become even more delicious.

Dream Jade, who had an especially small appetite, finished an entire bowl. After having finished her meal, she rested her chin on her hands and watched as Chen Min washed the kitchenware, “I wouldn’t have been able to tell that you, this great bodyguard would have such skill in cooking? If you had become a chef, your salary would’ve been better than your salary as a bodyguard.”

“Money to me is just a tool for me to maintain my life. Eating a lobster is fine, and eating grass is also fine. I don’t pay particular attention to material goods. Being a bodyguard is my family’s profession that has been passed down from my ancestors. I feel like continuing this job.” Chen Min was washing dishes while talking.

“Strange bodyguard, for you to feel interest in following someone around, you must be an M, I can’t be bothered about you.” Dream Jade finished the remaining ginger soup with one mouthful and returned to her room to change clothes. Anyway, the eyes she used to look at Chen Min today had already lost the look of exclusion, to the point where it carried a trace of gentleness.
[1]The raws use 牛逼, NiuBi, which is a chinese slang for fucking awesome
[2]how they’re positioned just imagine it with their clothes on ^_^;WARNING:NSFW
[3]Actual word used is 不知道 which means don’t know… any suggestions for this word are welcome
[4] the word used here is 疼 which could also mean love
[5] chinese insult of calling someone 东西(thing) instead of person wikipedia it
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