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Chapter 421: 421

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Chapter 421: Truly Rank 7!

“Lin Xiu’s strength is not simple, but the girl seems to be stronger…” At this time, a man sitting next to Ouyang Hang looked at the scene below and commented.

He was also a rank 5 warrior and could clearly see that the skills used by the rank 5 warrior of Class 1 were no weaker than his.

But these four powerful men were all knocked into the air by Luo Yue in a short instant!

This strength was really terrifying.

“Someone from the Luo family, did you think she would be weak.” Ouyang Hang glanced at the man next to him, then said with a sneer.

Hearing Ouyang Hang’s words, the man was shocked.

Luo family…?

At this moment, he thought about it carefully. The man seemed to think of something, and then his face was covered in shock, his mouth widened, and his lips trembled and said, “Young Master Hang, are you talking about… Sky City Luo Family?”

Thinking of that formidable family, his body couldn’t help but tremble.

“That’s right.” Ouyang Hang nodded as he looked at Lin Xiu and was filled with jealousy. This Lin Xiu, without the slightest background, is actually so lucky?

And when he looked at Lin Xiu over there, Lin Xiu also seemed to feel his gaze. At this moment, his eyes also looked in his direction, revealing a meaningful smile.

Looking at Lin Xiu’s eyes, he turned to his side, and the expression he showed made Ouyang Hang upset, and he snorted coldly.

“By the way, what is our reward this time?”

Lin Xiu looked at Nan Zhengjun, and asked.

After winning nine consecutive games, they had already obtained nine points. They would receive the best reward.

“Winning nine games, the reward for nine points is not the best.” Nan Zhengjun looked at the eager faces of the Class 10 students in front of him and showed a meaningful smile.

“The best reward is for 10 points, right?” Lin Xiu raised his brows, and then said with a smile.

Nan Zhengjun nodded, “The reward for 10 points is the best ever!”

“We can’t fight against ourselves, how did this last point come about?” Jiang Li asked.

Hearing Jiang Li’s words, the others nodded and looked curiously at Nan Zhengjun.

“If I’m not wrong, we’re fighting with the North Campus, right?” Lin Xiu looked at Nan Zhengjun and said directly.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, Nan Zhengjun was a little surprised. He glanced at Lin Xiu with satisfaction and then said with a smile, “Yes.”

“Tsk, just Class 1 of the North Campus? Lin Xiu has already beaten the strongest guy there, Ouyang Hang.” Li Ping said without any kind of politeness.

Originally, Ouyang Hang was making his way down and when he was about to walk out the gate, he heard Li Ping’s words, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

This was really irritating to him, but he was helpless.

“Brother Hang!” The man next to Ouyang Hang clearly heard Li Ping’s words. At this time, he clenched his fists and seemed to feel very wronged for Ouyang Hang.

“Let’s go!” Ouyang Hang gritted his teeth at this moment, and walked directly out of the gate.

“Yes, we are definitely going to win!”

“And Luo Yue’s strength is also very strong!”

At this time, the students in Class 10 were full of morale, and they were not afraid of the battle of Class 1 of the North Campus.

“No, this battle is not so easy.” Just at this moment, Lin Xiu shook his head, his face became more cautious.

The originally excited and confident students in Class 10 were all stunned and looked at Lin Xiu with puzzled faces.

Because in their opinion, the strength that Lin Xiu and Luo Yue showed just now was simply crushing.

How could they lose?

Even if the North Campus was better than the South Campus, it was only a matter of time. After all, it only took three minutes to KO Class 1 of the South Campus.

“There is someone in their class, you should have heard of him.” Lin Xiu glanced at them at this time, and then said faintly.

Zhang Yin seemed to have thought of something at this time, then he slapped his thigh and suddenly said, “You are talking about that guy today… Yu Muchen!?”

“Who is Yu Muchen?” Most of the students in Class 10 had not heard of this name, and they were all puzzled at this time.

“The one who reached the 32nd floor of the Tower of Tournament.” Lin Xiu glanced at them, then said faintly.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, the class 10 students gasped.

“It’s him!?”

At this time, they were completely shocked.

They had heard of this person in the Tower of Tournament, but they didn’t know his name. At this time, they were completely shocked when they heard Lin Xiu’s words.

“If he were in Class 1 of the North Campus, we…” The morale of the students in Class 10 became low at this time.

Because when Lin Xiu was the strongest at the time, he only reached about 20 levels in the Tower of Tournament and the strength of each level was very different. But that man directly rushed to over 30 levels. How strong is he?

“This guy is also a rank 6 warrior, right?” Jiang Li gasped at this moment and said aloud.

“No, he should be at the peak of a rank 6 warrior.” Zhang Yin’s face also became serious and said.

Peak rank 6 warrior!

The students in Class 10 were even more shocked.

“No, he is rank 7.” Luo Yue, who had been silent, said faintly at this time.

Hearing Luo Yue’s words, the students in Class 10 were all taken aback.

“It’s impossible, Rank 7…” Zhang Yin was surprised when he heard Luo Yue’s words.

The others also nodded, after all, rank 7 was indeed a huge gap from them.

It was simply unbelievable that someone around their age was a rank 7.

“How do you know?” Just when they were in disbelief, Nan Zhengjun suddenly said in surprise.

“Teacher Nan, is he really a rank 7?” Hearing Nan Zhengjun’s words, all the students in Class 10, who didn’t believe it, were all shocked.

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