Guild Wars - Chapter 940

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Chapter 940

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Chapter 940 Shuangtian Enters The Brawl!


Now that the bloodline bestowal had come to an end, it was time to return to the Central State and most importantly, to Boundless. Draco opened a portal for the members of Umbra to pass through, which took them straight from the safehouse in China to the Purgatory group's assembly room.

The core members left the room and dispersed to their various pod rooms, which caused the employees who maintained the building to have mental breakdowns.

These upper echelons had disappeared for almost 2 weeks and suddenly they appeared within the building without checking in at the reception? How, how, HOW??!

The core members naturally paid little attention to the despair and rising madness of the workers. They simply rushed back into their pods and sighed with comfort.

Sure, there were helmets at the china safehouse, but it was far inferior to pods, not to mention that playing games were always better at home than outside.

As for Draco and Eva, they were about to lead Shuangtian to a pod when Eva asked. "Draco, won't you go and check on your family?"

Shuangtian, who also now knew the inside story, paused and glanced at Draco. The fellow himself shook his head with a thin smile but did not comment.

Seeing this, Eva and Shuangtian shared helpless looks and wisely decided to drop the matter.

Draco led them to their special room which had up to ten special pods in case they wanted to bring others in. They could use the ones in the castle or the ones in the Glorygore Labs pocket world, but they felt that it would be better to stay in the office this time.

They all entered the pods, Shuangtian also entering familiarly as she already had the memories from Draco and Eva, so just like them, she did everything right.

Eventually, they all were submerged in nanites and then inducted into the world of Boundless!



?Brain scan initiating… please wait… 1%... 2%...3%...?

?Brain scan complete.?

?Welcome to Boundless! This world is governed by the unique AI hive mind of the GloryGore studios and for all intents and purposes is not liable for any harm, suffering, or damage you receive or claim to receive while playing this game. If you agree to this, continue to register and if you disagree, please leave the game as soon as possible. Among other things, Glorygore seeks to protect the fragile AI within the game and in accordance with World Council Prerogative III, will take various measures to protect their safety. A full list of regulations is provided here: [Hyperlink].?

Shuangtian read the details on the hyperlink with interest and noted that it was much the same as Draco and Eva expected and remembered, so she simply skimmed it.

?Would you like to initiate the tutorial? Y/N?

Shuangtian rolled her eyes and obviously chose no. If she said she was the third most familiar person with Boundless' system, tricks, and secrets, no one would dare to claim they were second apart from Eva.

?Please create your Boundless account.?

Shuangtian paused. Draco was a confident retard who used his own name for his account, but Eva was a true gamer who used her famous alias, Riveting Night.

Shuangtian then thought about her loving cousin and his name Local Lord. She then smiled cruelly and typed in 'Local Lady' before pausing and then scrubbing it.

Then she typed in 'Local Empress' but then scrubbed that too.

Finally, she settled on 'Jade Empress' and then clicked accept with a smile.

As for her password, she chose to use the name of her newly born son, Lucitian.

?Username: Jade Empress

Password: ********

Account Status: Special (Primogenitor)

Package: Master (Automatic)?

What was different for Shuangtian was that the AI already specialized her account since she was a progenitor and it had used her bloodline source for months of research.

As such, it had already granted her various necessities like bloodline compatibility, genetic compatibility, and whatnot.

Shuangtian was then prompted to design her character, and much like every player, she could only make some slight modifications that did nothing to hide her true visuals.

However, this was not much of a problem these days, given the rules and regulations set out by the World Council after the Boundless vs The World hearing.

?Select starting town: ___________?

Shuangtian was then prompted to which town she would start in and wouldn't you know it, she chose Stagnant Moss Town. This town was literally the legendary Town of Beginnings where all the great ones rose up from.

?Town selected, transferring…?

With a 'pop' sound, Shaungtian's consciousness was pulled into the world of Boundless and her new journey in this land was about to begin.


Shuangtian appeared in the town square of Stagnant Moss, but unlike the new players popping in with her, she immediately left with a measured gait.

However, that measured gait was fatally attractive to both men and women, straight or gay. Shuangtian was built better than Zaine, Hikari and Roma put together, and even was only slightly behind Eva in terms of beauty.

She only took a few steps when some level 4-7 players immediately appeared before her, not exactly blocking her path, but clearly with the intention to chat. The leader was actually a woman wearing rogue attire and leather armor, which was tight and sexy.

In that kind of attire, even if you don't have expressive assets, as long as your fit and lithe, any female would become deadly sexy. It was the same as men who wore grey sweatpants in summer.

"Hello Miss Jade Empress - very fitting name by the way - I noticed you ported in and moved with familiarity, showing that you aren't a noob to this game. My guild, Killer Gods, is looking for players who are both skilled, with talent, and the fact that you're so immensely beautiful is a bonus."

The lady spoke in a rather lively voice that made her seem friendly and amiable, rather than stern and treacherous. Shuangtian sized her up and smiled. Since the woman had spoken well and had not done anything wrong.

"I am already a part of a guild. You know them, Umbra. I'm a newly recruited core member from outside." Shuangtian answered coolly.

Hearing her heavenly voice, the group and all those around were mesmerized for a long while. Shuangtian literally stood and waited for their reply for a while, but they were all dazed.

If her voice had been sweet when crippled, siren-like when she was at 99% it was now divine at 100%. The only reason the core members could resist was because they had Control at a high tier and were already desensitized to senseless beauty/.attractiveness thanks to Eva.

Shuangtian waved a hand in front of their faces, hesitated, and then left to continue what she was doing. By the time the group recovered, she had long left and they were clearly still savoring the experience.

"My God, what a lovely voice!"

"Don't stop me, I am adding her to my Goddess list along with Riveting Night, Zaine, Hikari, and Roma!"

"Tsk, tsk, what a cuck. Go find your own bitches instead of lusting over another man's!"

"Yeah, but that's the thing, I can do that. You don't even dare to like them because not even the most desperate gay man would settle for you."

While the background characters were bickering, the woman who spoke to Shuangtian suddenly frowned as she came down from his daze and remember what Shuangtian said.

"… a core member of Umbra? Well, that should probably be true since they all seem to always pass through this town." She muttered to herself.

Another man beside her stepped forward and asked: "Guild leader, what should we do?"

The woman shook herself out of her thoughts and smiled once more. "Continue recruiting!"

With that, she led her group to the nearest competent newbie.

As for Shuangtian, she had appeared in the same forest that Draco had once led a train of monsters through. Shuangtian walked through it slowly but saw that monsters would occasionally pop up to attack her.

With a single punch, each of them was blown to bits without even being able to last a picosecond, and Shuangtian was just using her raw body strength.

She eventually entered a familiar clearing, where an old man was lying on a loveseat while tanning himself with a reflective mirror. Around him were players who were doing stupid and pointless things with looks of enjoyment, their sense of dignity and propriety were broken after tasting rewards over and over.

When they saw Shuangtian enter, their faces became red with shame, but they didn't stop. As for Richmond, he casually looked over boredly then looked away once more.

Then his brain processed the sight and he jumped in his seat. He then leaped through the air energetically, landed on his head spun around three time,s and then entered a kowtow position.

"Beautiful lady, this esteemed Rank 7 Titled God Mage God of unparalleled power, wealth and wisdom is called Richmond, Rich for wealth and power, Mond because I love mon D." He spat without even taking a breath.

Shuangtian was simply speechless, and she remembered the instructions Eva had placed in her mind on how to deal with this old freak.

"I am Draco's newest soulmate and if you don't set me up with something good, he will rush over and scold you to death." Shuangtian said coldly.

Despite her lovely voice, Richmond's enthusiasm died away as he rose to his feet, took out his pipe, and began smoking arrogantly.

"Hmph, so you're just another daughter-in-law. That brat Apprentice of mine truly has good taste." He spoke as if he was her elder, causing Shuangtian to want to beat him up.

"Sigh little girl, if you want your hubby's master to set you up why didn't you say so earlier? The way you came on me, I thought you were here to seduce me. Luckily, I was able to suss out the truth and rectify things before you did something unforgivable!" Richmond added while shaking his head.

Shuangtian paled as she pointed at Richmond. "You... You… Blergh!"

She spat out a mouthful of blood, having suffered damage. She might have Draco and Eva's memories, but that was always indirect shamelessness that never hit her head on. Like Eva, she lost HP in the face of a true master.

Seeing that she coughed blood, a hint of glee and enjoyment appeared in Richmond's eyes. However, he suppressed it and sighed once more.

"Girl, there is no need to have such a reaction at being caught and exposed. Don't you know your little lover is a vengeful little bastard? The other girl who came here would never have repaired their relationship if it wasn't for my guidance."

Shuangtian was about to correct him but then Richmond roared.

"Girl, just accept your wrong! There is no shame in being deeply attracted to this Mage God! However, I cannot break my principles and settle for a little girl belonging to my poor and hapless apprentice! Please understand!"

Shuangtian covered her mouth as she coughed out blood two more times. Seeing that he had gotten enough revenge, Richmond then sighed and waved his hands.

"Alright, alright, now what did my bratty apprentice say on how to set you up?"

Hearing this, Shaungtian's aggrieved and pained look suddenly disappeared as she smiled wolfishly, her eyes gleaming.

"Draco said I should tell you this: 'Old Shit, for every mouthful of blood you make my baby girl spit, that's one Divine item. If you can't pay up, expect my visit soon'."

Richmond was about to agree and then berate Shuangtian and Draco for having low standards when his body froze. He replayed what Shuangtian said in his head and his expression changed multiple times.

Seeing the young girl who was smiling playfully, Richmond knew he had fucked up.

He pointed at Shuangtian with indignation. "You… You… Blergh!"

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