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Chapter 51: Chapter 51

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Yun Yurou could clearly remember the day she met Xiao, it was the day she found some light in the dark tunnel she was walking in, back then Xiao didn't seem to have anything extraordinary about him as he saved her but the moment she met him her heart started beating faster for some reason, deep within her, her soul trembled in delight, while for the first time her pride didn't act up in repulsion

Yun Yurou's soul burst forth with a devouring desire to be close with Xiao, for some reason her curiosity surged about the boy that saved her, the boy that was the most lonely and reclusive within the whole Yun family, from then on Yun Yurou tried her best to get closer to the boy that attracted her mind and soul

She who desired love more than anybody else surged forth with a desire to know more about Xiao, ever since Yun Yurou was young all she yearned for was a love that she desired, she didn't care who or what she just wanted to feel loved and cared for sadly her pride refused to bow down to anybody and her curiosity was never raised by anybody till.....Xiao

For the first time in her existence, she was curious about something and she refused to back down from her curiosity and she rushed forward to know more, making her more and more attracted to Xiao, the more she noticed and observed about him the more she felt her curiosity burn with thrill and her soul for some reason would always feel calm when she was close to Xiao

It was truly bizarre but it filled her with a fun she didn't know she could feel and just like that she continued to interact with him, slowly being attracted to him but her heart only truly fell for him when he was with her when she was at her lowest point

To Yun Yurou who never truly desired power the test for the martial heart was truly a scare, she could still remember the pain and fear she felt, the dread of death and helplessness, plus her pride only seemed to make it all worse for her, her scared and prideful side kept contradicting with her making her mind clash forth, almost destroying her mentally from within

But just as she was dragged into the depth of darkness, Xiao entered within that darkness as he pulled her out of it, and as he did it her heart fell for him, a small flame lit within her heart that surged through her body and soul with blazing feelings that threatened to drown her within, the feelings that were coming from within her soul only intensified her feelings to another level

From then on her eyes would travel to him wherever he went but things only got weirder for her as her pride seemed to increase as her cultivation, moreover, she would always have some weird images flash within her mind, for some reason she couldn't see it clearly, they were close yet so far

The more she felt these images the more her temperament seemed to change, she couldn't see or tell what they were but she knew that it was good for her, that was just the beginning as her comfort and pleasure only seemed to intensify as she spends her time slower with Xiao, especially after he had become different

She was glad that she was a fire cultivator which meant that she was able to spend more time with Xiao, and her interest in cultivation was only because Xiao seemed to focus on it, she didn't care that he had a fiancé or the fact that he only saw her as a friend, she would never give up, something within her refused to give up and her feelings for him only grew with time, never lessening

She even made that 'deal' with Xiao's mother who was dissatisfied with Xiao's fiancée, Yun Yurou even refused to head to the top of the cultivation world due to Xiao being where he was, she was unwilling to back down and she would never let anyone else have Xiao, as he would be hers

The travel he was heading on was the perfect chance but she never thought that things would end up like this, she never thought that she would be forced to see the person she love fight with his life to protect her, she didn't know why Xiao suddenly had a change in his feeling for her, she could see that for some unknown reason his feelings for her had exploded

It wasn't at the level of love yet but she could feel that Xiao had an intense feeling of tenderness and care for her and that made her young heartbeat in anticipation, moreover, as she saw Xiao standing against everything in his path to protect her, she felt like her heart leap out of her chest but when she saw him being heart her heart burned with a fury that blinded the world

She tried with all her might to fight against the power that stopped her from reaching out to her beloved, the flame that laid within her roared with resistance unwilling to bow to its user, for the first time in Yun Yurou's life she desired power than anything else, she wanted to move to protect the one she loves

And finally, the moment she felt Xiao's life fading away the powered rage within her blasted forth as a voice was heard in the world she was locked in

"Only a person who truly loves you will be willing to put his all on the line for your sake. However, are you willing to allow such a person to make a sacrifice for you?"

It was the voice of the phoenix that had trapped her within this place making her heart bleed as she was forced to see but before she could shout out, the words the phoenix spoke was like thunder to her heart, as she focused on them something deep within her seemed to awaken as she felt like a missing puzzle fall within her soul....No, she couldn't allow that, She was terrified that it might happen even.

And for the first time, Yun Yurou's gaze turned towards the flame-like cage in front of her, the flame continued to resist her will, unwilling to bow to her, but unlike the past, there was a certain twinkle within her eyes as she gazed on the flame in front of her and without uttering a single word she jumped into the flame that refused her command

Pain....physical pain like she had never felt before started to burn her, even her soul wasn't spared from it, she could feel each part of her body being burned and the pain-filled her mind tempting to break what she held dear, sadly this time pain was meant to fail, for she Yun Yurou had something she dearly wished to protect

"You shall obey me!"

Yun Yurou roared within the fire, the pain her body felt was nothing compared to the pain in her heart, the flame tried to resist but this time Yun Yurou's will wasn't weak, she was determined to walk the path she had chosen and she will reach the top just to protect the one she loves!

Meanwhile, outside within the world Xiao was burning in changes started to appear with Yun Yurou, a flame appeared out of her, its color a mix between light yellow and deep red, with a hint of purple that shouldn't exist, at its appearance the Phonix's cauldron shuddered, the flames of the ancestor's trembled with fear, while the rebirth flame started to burn away

A phoenix cry was heard from within Yun Yurou that broke out of the Phoenix's cauldron to the outside, shaking everything to the core...
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