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1197 Service StaffJiang Yu wanted to keep Brother Yang at home because she was worried that he would contact the room manager again.Although Teng Yi had already sowed discord between them and Brother Yang seemed to believe him, Jiang Yu couldn’t guarantee how much he believed.If the two of them met

1196 PretendTeng Yi’s face turned red. President mo, ” he said, ” you must be joking.Mo long smiled and turned his gaze back to Jiang Yu.Jiang Yu thought about everything in her heart and finally said, ” “I’ll go find Chang Kai and ask him for a favor.”“Alright,” Black Dragon nodded.Therefore, Jiang

1198 Can’t Hide AnymoreWhat Jiang Yu said was a statement, so the man didn’t even have a chance to refute it.Seeing that the man was not speaking, Jiang Yu did not press him for an answer. Instead, she asked softly, “How much money did they give you to make you so willing to take responsibility for

788 Big Score“Interesting. Brother, your swordsmanship is not bad.” The flood dragon looked cautiously at the Heavenly Evil in Ye Qiu’s hand and said with a meaningful gaze. Clearly, Ye Qiu’s sword energy had already formed a huge threat to him. He had no choice but to be careful. At the same time,

787 Who Do You Think You Are? Get LostThinking of this, Ye Qiu couldn’t help but start to figure it out.“I wonder how Senior Sister’s bloodline is. Is it awesome?” As soon as this thought appeared, Ye Qiu immediately revealed an evil smile.There was no need to think about Ming Yue’s bloodline. It mu

789 Enemy?Even the arrogant flood dragon felt a trace of danger with such a terrifying aura. He complained in his heart. Why are they all targeting me? Wasn’t there another person beside him? Didn’t you want to challenge him? He was also very strong, okay? Look at his despicable appearance. Don’t yo

562 Find a Way to Persuade Him“Has Fu Ying been like this the entire time?” Mo Rao asked with a quivering voice.Gu Hai nodded with a heavy expression. “President Fu has been training like this recently.”After Mo Rao received the answer, she was silent for a few seconds before looking at Fu Ying, who

563 What to Choose NextMo Rao’s gaze darkened as she stared at Fu Ying.“Are you cooperating with the treatment?”Mo Rao said indifferently, but the pressuring tone of her words made Fu Ying panic.He glanced at Mo Rao carefully, then nodded gently under her gaze.“But that’s not what I heard from Gu Ha

642 Return (5)Xie Jingxing was a little unhappy that Shen Miao was distracted. He knocked Shen Miao gently on the head and said, “Focus.”Shen Miao sat forward and moved a little away from him. She pretended to be calm and said, “I’ve already remembered everything you said. I’ll put them on when I go

644 Matchmake Shen Miao (1)It had been snowing for a few days in the capital, and the sky finally cleared up.Shen Miao was drying books in the courtyard. They were all military books sent to her by Shen Qiu. These days, they had gone moldy because of the damp weather and needed to be dried. Jingzhe

643 Return (6)She scratched her head in frustration and closed the box. However, she accidentally saw a jade token lying quietly beside the box.The token of the Golden Jade Bank…Shen Miao remembered that she returned the token to Xie Jingxing, but somehow, Xie Jingxing still left it behind, obviousl

645 Matchmake Shen Miao (2)When Shen Miao was in the palace in her previous life, she had seen Fu Xiuyi using this method to deal with a courtier. That courtier was originally Prince Zhou’s subordinate. Fu Xiuyi couldn’t deal with him openly, so he got the courtier involved in a lawsuit. In the end,

1578 Going To The Far West Land Again, The Green Lotus’ Growth Condition, A Wealthy MonkAfter returning to the Shallow Void, Chu Kuangren shattered it and returned to the initial space he came from.When he noticed the scene outside, the corner of his mouth twitched. That was because he was not in th

1579 The Debate Between Shi Ying and Wu Cai, Why Can’t I Beat The Sh*t Out of You Here?“Who else wants to come up and debate me?”The wealthy monk scanned his gaze over the rest of the monks. Although the monks he stared at were furious, they dared not step forward to debate with him as he was very e

1385 The King 4Hearing that Gu Chaoyan had something to add, De Fu could not help feeling nervous again.Gu Chaoyan was never predictable. No one knew what she was going to do next. De Fu was very worried that she was not going to let him go like this, and that she would drag him down.He looked very

1386 SituationThey were already out of the court and seated in the wagon, so Sword One asked this question since they were surrounded by their fellows. They did not need to worry about eavesdropping.Only those who were on their side knew the truth behind the King’s rash.Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly as

1226 UntitledThis was the first day Yu Aofeng was sent to Jing Huang’s mansion, but Yu Aofeng was severely frightened by Yu Huang’s promiscuous words.The Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan and the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan were both respected as the most powerful battle clans in the Divine Feather Contine

1227 UntitledAfter his wrist was freed, Yu Aofeng extended his palm to push the bird demon away. However, his beast heart had been dug out and he had lost his spiritual power, so he was very weak. No matter how weak the bird demon was, he was still a demon. To be able to be a servant beside Jing Hua

1228 UntitledHearing this, Jing Ju pulled Yu Huang towards the square outside the banquet hall, and the other guests followed behind.Some time ago, there was a battle between the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan and the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan. In that battle, Prime Emperor Ze An was like a god and wa

2490 Torturing Sun Ying Feels AwesomeSob… What should she do in the future? Could she still live like a human? How could she maintain her superiority over them?She didn’t raise her head anymore. Instead, she lowered her head in a sorry state. She kept lowering her head. She wished that she could hid

Chapter 1650: ‘Surplus’ WordThe group of assassins that targeted the Xu Family were all dead. However, the county people could not be bothered with the assassination. Something even bigger had happened in the Li Family. No one knew how many hidden cards the Li Family held in its residence. However,

Chapter 1651: Songtao PavilionAfter the incident in the Li Family, there was peace in East Pole County. Aside from the absent Li Family members, it felt like nothing had happened. There was true peace at the Xu Family residence. No one came to seek their own death, and this made White Iris slightly

Chapter 1427 Mengmeng’s AmbitionMengmeng cried.Zhang Han’s eyes were also red.She had gotten used to Zhang Han’s company in her daily life when she didn’t have to think about anything and was carefree. She was used to seeing her father every day. His gentle smile was like the sun, which made her fee

Chapter 780: Entering the capital, stepping on the emperors faceThe next day, as he said, Xiao Tianyao returned to the capital with the loot.Of course, it was impossible to bring more than 200,000 Jinwuwei troops into the capital. Xiao Tianyao only brought a few deputy generals and 3,000 soldiers wi

1794 Plan B Lu Zhongqi coughed violently as he spoke. His coughing was like a gale, causing the fire of life in his eyes to shake violently, and it clearly grew dimmer. His voice was now even lower and more mysterious, as though it were coming from the gaps at the bottom of an abyss. “If everythin

1334 They Looked Too Stunning Frightened, Lin Qingyuan stammered, “It…It can’t be that serious.” Long Xuan snorted. “It could even be more serious than that. Don’t think that you can be this reckless just because you are close to Her Highness. If you end up angering my Royal Uncle, it won’t be jus

1335 We’re In The Public Eye, Let’s Be Careful “What’s going on?” Lin Qingyuan was befuddled. “Didn’t you say she was busy and can’t leave the Palace?” Despite that, who else could be the one who had just come in while holding on to His Majesty? “I have no idea either.” Long Xuan was astonished as

142 Your Majesty, The Dark Demon Dragon! ‘What do I do?’ thought Evelyn. Although she should have been happy seeing Su Wan in a dire state, she couldn’t help but worry. She knew that she would be next. ‘How did the situation turn out this way?’ While Evelyn panicked, Su Wan heard Gadar shout. She

141 A Desperate Crisis “Save me!” shouted Evelyn in fear. The Dark Enchanter had decided. It was because of tricks played by Evelyn and Gadar that her Lord had fallen. The Dark Enchanter attacked Evelyn because she knew the Radiant Envoy would try to save her. If it was a Dark-Type hero, it wouldn

143 Su Wan Is Jealous Numerous Light-Type heroes had followed suit and left for the Overlord Plane too. Some of them were very powerful beings from the Light-Types. The Dark Enchanter, Eve, was one of the best and strongest Dark-Type heroes. She could not just stand by and let the Light-Types leav

774 Deep Sea Crystal Palace (1) Jiang Li, who had forcefully stripped away the position of Lord, was hated and cursed by the entire Asura World. Endless flesh and blood transformed into tentacles that desperately wanted to drag him back to the Asura World and kill him. Fortunately, Jiang Li had ex

773 Severing the Shackles (2) Jiang Li was naturally filled with confidence. He had more than 1,600 arms now. On the other side, Amity only had more than 1,300 arms. In a one-on-one collision, with similar strength, he could still have more than 300 palms to slap the other party. However, when the

775 Deep Sea Crystal Palace (2) “Brother Eighth Prince, is he an Armored Troll? But why is there no armor on his face?” “Moreover, the smell on his body is really good!” In the deep sea, a gorgeous carriage made of ten thousand-year-old corals was flying quickly in the water. In front of the carri

1300 Immortal Lake Banquet! Goddess of the Immortal Lake! Rong Bingshao was very curious. “So the Goddess of Immortal Lake is like this? No wonder I mistook you for the Goddess of Immortal Lake the first time I saw her!” The Moon Maiden replied, “No, I don’t know what the Goddess of Immortal Lake

Chapter 862: Resist, Killed The three carried solemn expressions as they sat around the table. However, Layla was still sneaking food into her mouth, even with her brows furrowing in confusion. Seeing her antics, Grandma Mo chuckled for the first time. "You are truly carefree, girl," said Grandma Mo

Chapter 863: Light is Right The Dawn Plaza, inside the Gold District, was where the emperor addressed his citizens. It was one of the few times the lower districts ignored their socioeconomic status and visited the higher sections. Of course, the nobles sat high above the citizens even in such event

Chapter 864 Saint Ai’s Fifth Element All knights turned and took a step forward, aiming their spears toward the newcomer. The emperor stared at her finger, which pointed at his head but didn't allow rage to appear on his face. Instead, he smiled and raised a hand, summoning a hundred light swords fr

Chapter 2674 Reputation "Patriarch Klavius Rocksunder, what are you talking about?" Patriarch Killian Zenflame harrumphed as he waved his hand, "Clearly, they're so blinded by him that they could not even see why they were handed the inheritance from our immortal inheritance masters in the first pla

Chapter 2675 Return To The Sect After everything had settled down and the flying boat carrying the disciples of the Aurora Cloud Gate was making it back to the headquarters, Davis sat in his room alone. His lips were wide, unable to stop grinning as his senses explored the spatial ring, doing a coun

Chapter 2676 Suspicious Scene "…" Looking at the Fire Phoenix Clan and Earth Dragon Clan's entourage in the distance, Davis couldn't help but wonder how fast these people were. The declaration of the Candidacy had just happened half a day ago, but they were already here? This kind of speed really ma