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Chapter 2356: Disposal Lu Yin’s cold eyes stared at Qiao Er as he slowly emerged from the sourcebox array and approached the first array base. Qiao Er was shocked by the sight. "Impossible! How can he leave Master's Coiling Knot?" Seeing the cold light in Lu Yin's eyes, Bai Qi felt a bad premoniti

Chapter 2357: The First Meeting Lu Yin was impressed. "As expected of an Array Grandmaster, he was able to find the problem with just a glance." This was too cruel! Xia De glanced sideways at Lu Yin. This youth was as ruthless as ever. If Mu Shang had not noticed that the Coiling Knot had been modi

Chapter 1910Shin Youngwoo immediately received an e-mail after logging out. It was a report that the Tower of Wisdom might be in danger. It was added that all the Overgeared Guild members had left to provide support. Youngwoo wasn’t worried. ‘Hayate ahjussi will respond.’ The Dragon Slayer was the o

Chapter 1911 The news that Grid had punished King Sobyeol caused an explosive reaction. It was practically a new epic. The battlefield where Grid confronted King Sobyeol became a holy land. There were a lot of people who came to the East Continent to see if there were any valuables left behind at t

Chapter 2764 I am skilled at writing beautifully and meaningfully "Greetings everyone" Bai Yuli greeted everyone, she showed her capacity. "Very good" Ran Qayun saw that Bai Yuli was so good, he really liked bai Yuli's temperament. "You are really good" Ran Qayun said to Bai Yuli. "Thank you very

Chapter 2765 Ye Chen Vs Ran Zitsu (1) "How according to you?" Bai Yuli asked Ye Chen, she still didn't know about this matter from Ye Chen. "To be honest it will be easy for me" said Ye Chen. Ye Chen said that it would be an easy thing for him to do. "Then" hearing the answer given by Ye Chen, Ba

Chapter 2766 Ye Chen Vs Ran Zitsu (2) "Men will not back down from battle" Ye Chen said that he would accept this challenge. "But I have conditions for you" Ye Chen said that he had conditions for Ran Zitsu. "What kind of conditions do you want from me?" Ran Zitsu asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know

Chapter 2282 FooledJuri wasn't the only one. Turen also seemed to be aware of it. "So it wasn't only me, uh?"Hamarlia nodded. "I think I know what you are talking about."Seeing Rean's puzzled expression, Juri began to explain. "Just before I woke up, I had a strange dream. It was like my consciousne

Chapter 2283 My Bad...Finishing his conversation with Roan, Rean returned his attention to his parents. "Roan is on his way to check the crystal. He will tell me if he finds something."Hamarlia didn't waste time and asked for something else straight away. "Rean, bring me to the Realm of Gods, too. I

Chapter 2495 Quinn Acts! The portals were truly appearing all over the universe, and this included where Quinn and the champions had been currently practicing. As the portals opened up, the forces of the Divine Brigade came pouring in. They were high in number, and just in the sky alone, there looke

Chapter 2496 All to the planet of the Giants! With the Divine Brigade appearing everywhere, the entire universe felt like it was at war. The demon races were fighting back, clashing all over the place, and it had even interrupted the fight between the demon king Luce and Hikel and his group. Stretc

Chapter 2497 Sil in trouble? On the planet where the battle between Sil and Immortui was taking place, the portals that were opening up were clearly visible because there was nothing on the planet to block their view. The ground was a hard crystal-like material, but there were no large structures or

Chapter 1286 The Worst Punishment The power released from Isadora released itself and flew into space. A few seconds later, everyone in Hortus felt a tremor and looked at the sky in horror. For a brief moment, they had a feeling as if the sky was about to crack apart. Even though Hortus' space was

Chapter 1287 Hunted Prince Merov walked out of the portal, followed by his brother Rudolph and sister Sonya. Merov didn't even spare them a glance and burst a crystal in his hand. Shimmering the ocean under the sun, he disappeared. "No vigilance when being in an enemy den. This is very dangerous t

Chapter 748 Ignorance Is Bliss!The maids looked at their Prince seriously when he said he had something important to tell.Even Freya, who was lost on cloud nine, sobered up. She was still being hit by pleasure as she hadn't gotten away from her Prince's lap, but she had her ways to pay attention and

Chapter 1293 The Two Princes II The Second Prince took a glance at Grey after getting himself back. He couldn't believe what just happened. He was someone at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane, yet Grey was able to send him flying with just one attack. In his defense, he didn't expect Grey wo

3601 Primordial Dao Ancestor (1) The moment Shen Le made a breakthrough, it was already destined that Eldest Senior Brother would embark on the path of no return. Not only did he embark on that path, but he also took away a true ominous above the dominator level with his own strength.Even Li Daoyi,

3602 Primordial Dao Ancestor (2) In the blink of an eye, Senior Sister Shen Le and Han Fei moved too fast and decisively. This dominator-level ominous also realized that the other party was determined to take him down.The moment the Demon Purification Pot caught him, he roared, “Sacrifice.”Buzz!At t

1724 The Key With it, the trapped team would be saved!Sims couldn’t help but whisper, “World Lord Fang Heng, the key to the main mausoleum! Our team is trapped in the main mausoleum! We need this key!”“Yes.”Fang Heng grunted softly. He was not in a hurry to choose. Instead, he lowered his head and c

1692 Chu Yunfan’s Terrifying Combat Strength Everyone knew that this year’s inner disciple competition was much more intense than usual. It wasn’t just one versus one. It was everyone versus everyone. But at the same time, the prizes were much higher than usual.Streams of light soared into the sky i

1559 The Second Prince “This… I don’t know.” Wang Jiu, the captain of the guards who came to report, replied awkwardly.Duanmu Chun didn’t expect Wang Jiu to be able to answer him. He waved his hand and said, “Alright, let them in!”“Yes, Your Highness,” Wang Jiu replied respectfully and quickly left.

1703 Walking Together (4) “Yes?”Yun Feng looked up and their eyes met in the air.“I’m thinking that it’s time to gather the remaining map fragments and find the Element Seeds.”Qu Lanyi raised his brows. He more or less understood what Yun Feng was thinking. He chuckled and held Yun Feng’s hand. “Alr

1373 Supremacy Prime Glory, Do You Think You’ll Definitely Win? Looking at Supremacy First Light’s calm expression, a trace of doubt appeared in Supremacy Round Heart’s heart. At this point, Lin Feng’s 27 million worlds could practically trounce Supremacy Prime Glory’s 23 million worlds.No secret te

2582 Extreme Sword Dao Yun Ting pondered for a moment. “I’ll leave Zong Feiyu to you. I’ll settle Qin Gu.”Zong Feiyu was from Flying Immortal Sect. Thanks to Zither Immortal Meng Yao, things between him and Su Zimo were irreconcilable.Furthermore, the two of them had offended one another in the Asur

2583 Three Killing Techniques! In reality, Zong Feiyu and many cultivators had far underestimated Su Zimo and Yun Ting.Indeed, their Essence Spirits had expended a lot of energy after the exchange.However, it was not at the point where they could not release their Essence Spirit secret skills, divin

2069 The Ruler Amulet, the Infernal Dragon’s Suppression, Dark Dragon Gives In “Do you recognize this?”Chu Kuangren took out an amulet and said indifferently.Dark Dragon snorted. “Do you think a piece of crappy amulet will protect you? You must be too full of yourself. Even if–”Before Dark Dragon co

1883 Preferential Treatment 2 After Gu Chaoyan finished her question, the Head of the Haitian Market burst into laughter. “Interspatial rings? They’re not worth much. You can find them easily in small markets or even on the street. However, these rings don’t provide much space and can only store a f

1969 Camouflage (2)The conversation between the two of them made the others a little confused. What good idea did they think of?“Take me to those experts first.””When the time comes, I’ll use their identities to sneak in,” said Qi Xibei.”Han Rui and Mo Bonan were both shocked.” Aren’t you afraid tha

Chapter 2555 - 2555 Sky-Plundering Flower!2555 Sky-Plundering Flower!Lin Yuan’s voice became serious. “I hope that you will be able to make the alien insects truly strong.”Keira’s tone was equally solemn as she replied, “Lord, I will never forget what you just said. Don’t worry. I will meticulously

2990 PainIt was naturally painful to cut off the fabric that stuck to the wounds. It was equivalent to tearing open the scab again.Ye Jian endured the pain. The wounds were still alright. There were friction wounds around the main injury. In the middle of her knees were dime-sized blunt wounds. They

Chapter 749 (Who Will Save Me?) The banner was a bright red colour with a pattern drawn by Donghuang Li on the spot. Ye Hua was very satisfied with it, so he decided to use his daughter's impromptu creation. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi did not object either. They even had it stitched with golden th

1879 Yan Wuse, Save Me! (3) To whom did these characters belong? Buzz! Before one could blink, the ancient character “mystery” glowed brightly after a faint flicker. A profusion of divine path patterns shot out from it, interweaving in the sky above the Falling Flower World, forming a black and red

1224 Good Wife Su Jiu knew what Rong Si wanted to do and quickly reached out to push against his chest. Her face turned red, and her heart started racing. “Um… go take a shower first.” In fact, she had not been intimate with him in a few days. She also missed him. She missed his gentle and doting ki

1225 Two More Years With Her She hurriedly got up from the bed and realized that she was sore all over and could not exert any strength. I must have exhausted myself last night. Her clothes had been changed into dry pajamas and no longer felt sticky and uncomfortable. Obviously, someone had cleaned

1227 More Practice For several consecutive nights, Su Jiu did not have a good night’s sleep. The wolf that had broken free from its restraints looked like it had been hungry for a long time. Facing the delicious food right in front of it, it would not stop until it had eaten everything. Su Jiu also

1226 Will Always Be Tied to Me Su Shengjing thought that after so many years, he had already given all his love to Little Jiu. He could no longer give it to other children, so he and An Yuan never had another child. Instead, he had given all his love to Little Jiu. Therefore, he was not interested i

4751 Never Too Late to Love (158) At the airport. It was crowded. Scores of fans were holding flowers in their hands, eagerly anticipating their idol’s appearance. They were all staring at the screen, waiting for the plane that was carrying their idol to land, so that they could finally see him. Mu

4752 Never Too Late to Love (159) Yueyao quietly walked along the main road leading to the airport, with the flowers in her arms. This place was not far from the drop-off area. Taxis drove their passengers here, and left with new ones. On the wide bridge, she was the only one walking by the side of

4753 Never Too Late to Love (160) Just as Mu Yueyao was about to reply, she suddenly remembered that she had made special efforts to book into the same hotel where he’d be staying. If she were to tell him that she had booked into the same hotel that his organizers had arranged for him, wouldn’t it s

4754 Never Too Late to Love (161) Mu Yueyao returned to the hotel and walked into the elevator. It was when she was searching for the swipe card through all her pockets that she realized that her bag was missing. The card was in her bag, but the bag wasn’t on her. Mu Yueyao was stunned for a moment.