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238 Unconscious A few years ago, Prince Min had always lived in the Imperial Capital, but Liaodong County was his fief. His imperial residence had always been in Xingning City. The residence was tended to all year round and everything was in order. Shen Xu was sleeping soundly when he was suddenly

237 Injured A guard following behind Lu Shiliu asked softly. “Boss, are we going to do it now?” Lu Shiliu looked at the three siblings not far away and thought for a moment before speaking. “Let’s follow and take a look. We’ll do it in the night.” Arresting someone for no reason was unjustifiable

106 Yin Xun Is Decent-looking “Not only does this old man have a bad personality, but he also dotes on his children. It seems that we won’t be able to stop today. I was wondering why Xing Li kept calling me yesterday. It turns out that he complained to his father. He didn’t dare to come over and set

105 The Old One Is Here “Okay,” Yin Xun agreed with a smile. Only then did Yin Cheng’s expression finally lighten up. He straightened his face and started talking about serious matters. “There’s a business cocktail party at Suowei Hotel in half a month. All the elites and CEOs of the business worl

107 I Am Still A Child If not for his age, he really wanted to beat Xing Guang up. Yin Cheng tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart. He gritted his teeth and said word by word, “You’re the one who’s worried. My daughter doesn’t like Xing Cheng at all. On the other hand, in order to purs

108 Save Me Hearing Xing Guang’s words, Yin Xun suddenly felt that anything she said was unnecessary. This kind of person was obviously stubborn. Even if she persuaded him nicely, he would only think that she was afraid of him. Before Xing Guang arrived, Yin Xun thought that Yin Cheng’s evaluation

110 This Is The Person Wang Ran did not expect Yin Xun to see through her thoughts. Her face turned red, and she lowered her head and said weakly, “M—Miss Yin, how did you know…” “So you really want to withdraw the lawsuit and let Xing Cheng out?” Yin Xun asked calmly. Wang Ran nodded. She knew th

109 Another Garbage Teammate Wang Ran’s sudden actions confused Yin Xun. She frowned slightly and asked, “What happened?” “President Yin, if there’s nothing else, I will go down first.” The receptionist saw Wang Ran turn her head back to take a look, and she immediately understood that she should

111 You Know Him Very Well Her sudden approach warmed Fang Yao’s heart. He followed Yin Xun’s finger and saw the name—Mi Jin. “I know this person. I just forgot his name. You’re indeed reliable. You even marked his information.” Yin Xun’s tone was a little excited. “But do you know where he lives?

112 The Worst Family “Of course.” Yin Xun nodded. “Si Fan and I are sworn enemies. Obviously, I know his character very well. He’s a deviant. Even if others aren’t a threat to him, he won’t let them off easily.” Afraid that Fang Yao would misunderstand, Yin Xun added, “Of course, I heard this from

1344 Just like everyone Hearing that she had come out in men’s clothing with a servant girl because she had enough money in her hands and had even found an escort in the Qingzhou government, and that she had not suffered at all, everyone was relieved. “Zhiyi, did you write a letter to your mother

1345 They have a precious son now The gifts that Xie Zhiyi had bought were delivered to the city when it was almost night time. Xie Zhiyi paid the shopkeeper and began to give gifts. She gave Grandpa Gu a painting of famous flowers and tea leaves from the CI province. She gave it to Grandpa Gu becau

1347 Chapter 1347-tooth for tooth Yiyi! Gu Xin laughed out loud. an eye for an eye, this is so satisfying! Xie Zhiyi replied,’if she wasn’t so weak, I would have pushed her with all my strength. I didn’t do anything bad, I just gave her a light push to teach her a lesson!” Gu si said, ” Yiyi, you

1346 Chapter 1346-gossip Xie Zhiyi stayed at the Peng family’s house, and the fourth lady of the Peng family helped her buy all the necessities for her new house. On the third morning of her arrival, she came over to play with Gu Xin and Gu si. Gu Xin was making pills in the laboratory in the mans

1348 Not giving him any chance at all Gu Xin wrote a letter to Lu Zheng before she went to bed, detailing everything that happened after Xie Zhiyi arrived. She did not want to disturb Lu Zheng, but she could not help but want to share it with him. Brother Yuanyuan will just spend some time reading

1350 Just think of it as doing it for your mother “If that’s the case, then we might as well give them a share of the profits,” physician Peng said.”With some other benefits, we can make them favor us.” In this way, Yan Mo’s team had lost a few teams. Even if the Lang GE Kingdom borrows troops, Your

1349 Chapter 1349-fence-sitter It was already the middle of April, and the Civil War in the goddess Kingdom had been going on for almost half a month. Gu shouxin had originally told Cai Xiaolian that he would be back in three days at most, but Queen Dugu’s side had been repeatedly injured. Thinkin

1351 The great Zhou’s envoy On the 13th of April, after Gu Hui and the rest set off from the small road, Yan Mo and the tenth Princess launched an attack on the palace. As long as they could conquer the royal city, Queen Dugu would have to step down. Yan Mo thought that Queen Dugu had already made

1352 Chapter 1352-infuriating What else did Yan Mo not understand? this was obviously a means by which Queen Dugu and the great Zhou Dynasty had come to an agreement and the great Zhou Dynasty had helped to hold back Jin nanguo. After he had convinced the tenth Princess to start a rebellion, he ha

1354 Chapter 1354-different kings with different lives “Father, then why don’t we ask His Highness Majesty Kang to talk to us? Let great Zhou accept us, give them a mine, and let us trade. I really want to go to great Zhou to play! I’ve walked all over Jinnan, it’s so boring!” Princess Jinnan leaned

1353 Which idiot? “Hey, uncle Gu, how about you let me do it? You said that you have six little girls in your family, right? I’ll give you the Jade, so you can take it back and give it to them. They’ll definitely be very happy. Let me do it!” Seeing that her father did not want to join the battle, P

1355 Chapter 1355-no time to return Majesty Kang immediately began to talk about the places he had been to since he was young, and the father and daughter of the Jinnan country looked forward to it. Even the two locals of the great Zhou, Duke Cheng ‘en and uncle Gu, were envious of the local custo

1357 He’s more shrewd than anyone “Brother Peng, what’s the matter with the children?” Grandpa Gu asked. Now, his eldest son had gone to the Jin Nan Kingdom, his second son was in the goddess Kingdom, and his eldest granddaughter was also in the goddess Kingdom. His three future son-in-law were al

1356 Chapter 1356-improper Uncle Gu finally understood. He had been tricked by his two old brothers! His two old buddies didn’t find it fun, so they let him do this boring thing! This was too much! Uncle Gu was so angry that he wanted to fight with Majesty Kang and Duke Cheng ‘en. He didn’t want i

1359 Chapter 1359-brother comparison Old general Peng was already calculating the candidate for his granddaughter-in-law. Little Hui was certain. Now, it was Zhiyi. Well, there were also the Huo family’s girls, yingxue’s girls, and sisi’s girls. There were four in total! He had five grandsons. It

1358 Chapter 1358-from two to six “Uncle is going to Beijing! I also want to go!” Gu Xin exclaimed when she heard that uncle Gu wanted to go to the capital from Jin Nan country. She wanted to bring Jin Yingying to the capital city to expose Li Shan’s true colors. Unfortunately, her mother would de

1360 You can take his medicine as you please? Peng Erlang, who was prepared to accompany uncle Gu and the others to the capital, had no idea that he had been compared to his younger brother by a group of girls and won. He had even won the heart of his cousin. Of course, it was not enough to win he

1361 Chapter 1361-I’ll make him popular Early the next morning, Queen Dugu regrouped her troops, planning to deal the final blow to Yan Mo and the others. As a result, just as the soldiers were gathered, someone came to report that Yan Mo and the tenth Princess had arrived at the city gate tower.

1363 Chapter 1363-end His sweetheart was the eldest Princess of the southern border. Later on, in the battlefield between the southern border and the great Zhou, the eldest Princess of the southern border died. The eldest Princess had disguised herself as a man since she was a child. After her dea

1362 Chapter 1362-I should have killed her The tenth Princess was dead, Yan Mo had run away, and the few remaining traitors of the goddess Kingdom were captured by Queen Dugu’s men and surrendered. At this point, Queen Dugu punished and rewarded her accordingly. All the castellans in goddess Kingd

1365 Chapter 1365-reading Everyone at the table laughed, including dugu Mingyue. After Gu Ren finished eating, he ran to his grandparents ‘side and poked dugu Mingyue’s face. “Fatty, Auntie, grandma.” Dugu Mingyue slapped Gu Ren on the head. Gu Ren clutched his head. oh no, Grandpa, grandma, look

1364 Perfect and perfect The two young ones were back, and the Gu and Peng families had started discussing the wedding date. Uncle Gu had gone to the capital, so he couldn’t discuss it with general Peng. Therefore, the matter was discussed by old general Peng and Grandpa Gu. The time was set for t

1366 Chapter 1366-United The Gu clan’s school had been repaired, and now there were people who had signed up. In two months, they would be ready to start lessons officially. As for the literacy classes, they had already started. In other words, the people of kun city were forced to learn how to re

1368 Chapter 1368-you’ve gotten fat? Gu shouxin looked at grandma Gu, feeling wronged. The corners of grandma Gu’s mouth curled up slightly.’You know how to be a troublemaker now, don’t you?’ All of a sudden, grandma Gu found joy in hurting her son’s heart. Well, eldest and second were the most an

1367 Grandma is still the best Grandpa Gu felt that this was a good idea. He could enrich the lives of the people in kunzhou and learn from them. Kunzhou wasn’t the same as before. Before the Gu family came, the people living in kunzhou didn’t even have a few taels of silver, let alone the people

3162 Chapter 3050, origin of ten thousand ice With their cultivation, they had already dug three feet into the ground, but there was no sign of the Beast Egg. It was as if the other party had disappeared into thin air. “Did you take it away?” “Which eye did you see? I didn’t even have time to figh

3161 Chapter 3,049, free gains He slapped the ground and roared, “You cheated, it doesn’t count!” His body jumped up and turned into a blur as he rushed over. The distance between the two was less than a hundred feet. For an expert of this level, it was less than a tenth of a second. The sky-cover

3164 Chapter 3,052 appeared halfway Zhan wushuang was overjoyed. “As expected! I Am the true owner of the emperor’s four-piece set!” The reason why the Ice Crystal Crown had frozen the black-robed elder was because it did not recognize the elder, but it recognized Zhan Wushuang. Because Zhan Wushu

3163 Chapter 3,051, old friend Su Yu, who was about to rush in, immediately stopped in his tracks. Without thinking, he took out the blue heart iron and covered it with it before trying to enter. Kacha Kacha — One could see the blue heart iron on Su Yu’s body instantly solidify into ice and shatte

3165 Chapter 3,053, the Emperor equipment was activated “Why?”Zhan Wushuang was not convinced! Why did the emperor set that belonged to his destiny emperor always return to his hands after Su Yu had toyed with it? From the first day of the collision, it seemed that Su Yu had always been on top of