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Chapter 5137: Hell Bear“In a way, I do find my lack of initiative shameful compared to the sages.” Jun Landu commented.“There are no judgmental standards, everyone has the right to pick a path, whether it be heroism and justice or just three meals a day. The sages did it not for gratitude but becaus

Chapter 2133: Controlling the NothingA deep-seated fear rose in Motong’s mind as she studied the look in Lu Yun’s eyes. This simple, harmless young man might be thinking of how to refine her!She was weaker than the late Inferno city lord, but she knew far more than him. Inferno had been small fry on

Chapter 2134: HandThere were so many roads out there; it was hard to say which was correct and which was incorrect. But there was a saying on Earth that the southern shafts of a cart run counter to northern tracks.Some chose the path that would lead to the pinnacle of subjectivity affecting objectiv

Chapter 2098 - Strongest Divine WonderTianming landed firmly on his feet on the black ground. Looking around, he saw a black fog permeating the entire area. It was a world of pure darkness; there was even a hint of blood in the smell of the place. Countless fierce auras drifted around him, but even

Chapter 2099 - The Darkfiend's Slaughterous Journey"Master, you’re quite lucky as Bloodmoon Night is about to arrive. Quick, enter Darkfiend City! If you miss this chance, you'll have to wait another month," the wondersky fairy urged."A month?" After learning how far Voidback City still was from him

Chapter 1521 Mount Sunn Defence -Part 5 Ever since the mass disappearance of the initial wave of soldiers, the private corpo commanders started to get a little jittery knowing that it had losses to some mass teleportation bomb that was implanted in the forest itself. They had no idea how it works si

Chapter 10 Rogue. (General P.O.V) The Zeta tube lit up and Batman walked out to find the entire Justice League, with the exception of Martian Manhunter and Lantern Jordan who was offworld, gathered in the Watchtower. Batman stopped in place, narrowing his eyes. "What is this? I don't re

Chapter 11 True Colors. (General P.O.V) Cheshire landed on the wall behind a stack of yoga mats and flipped onto the ground, twirling her Sais. "Fuck." Sportsmaster backed up, going for the hockey stick behind him. "You stupid girl." He ground out. "Sportsmaster, Ches

(General P.O.V) "So are we fighting?" Killer Frost asked. Everyone turned to stare at Deadshot. "Waller. Come in Waller." He exhaled in frustration. "Something is messing with the ear piece." He informed them. "One guess as to who is responsible."

(General P.O.V) "Oh god, thank you! Thank you!" The guard said profusely, as Batman dropped him off outside the docks. Already, there was a cordon around with authorities preventing the news reporters from going in. The paramedics carted the man away for a check up as Harvey Bullock ran

I messed up guys, this is the real chapter 14.  ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V)   A few things happened almost at the same time. The eruption of power instigated by the clash of the divine and Spiritual energy would not have looked out of place in a batt

(General P.O.V)   "You got the Disruptor?"   Queen asked Jack as she fastened her hair into a pony tail.   Jack gave a nod in confirmation, patting the briefcase on the work table before him. He opened the case and a blue light washed out. The rest of the team who

More chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: Chapter 3 Interception (General P.O.V) "Strange, update me on the progress of our prisoners," Amanda Waller barked as she strode into the Task Force X military operating office. It was a sprawli

11 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "Flash, status update." The fastest man alive brought his fingers to the earpiece under his costume. "It's like you said Batman, they were waiting. They are ready to intercep

10 chapters ahead in my Patreon. ::------------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) The gun in my hand was immediately pointed at the new arrival. A woman, dressed in a tight outfit carrying a playing card theme. "Eyes up here darling." She said, her hands li

Chapter 6 A Man in Grief. 10 advance chapters in my Patreon.  (General P.O.V) (Elsewhere) Bruce Wayne stood at the podium in front of a sea of reporters, his face drawn with sadness and concern. He took a deep breath before he began to speak, his voice low and measured. "Ladies and gentlemen, I stan

10 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: Chapter 7 Task Force X (General P.O.V) "Quite a group we have this time, mate." Boomerang commented, "Is that...a shark?" "King Shark." Deadshot corrected him. "And from the looks of

10 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-----------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) I was back in the graveyard. Knelt before his grave. I fell asleep in the real world and when I woke up, my surroundings had changed and I was no longer bound to a chair i

Chapter 9 No More Passivity. (General P.O.V) "Our asset is on site, just waiting for the green light." In a room with multiple screens, a man with an eye patch on one of his eyes spoke up. "Excellent. We should avoid mistakes from here on out. Our first plan was a catastrophic failure." A female voi

12 advance chapters in my Pat.reon. I messed up the chapters guys, please check out the real chapter 14. It's already up. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "I guess...I don't know what to feel. Everything happened so fast." Raven looked up at

11 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::------------------------------------------:: Chapter 16 True Strength. (General P.O.V) The world's deadliest marksman leaned on a tree. Or rather, hid behind it. Floyd craned his neck and saw the small form of his daughter as she mo

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::--------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) (1 week later) "It's done, Mr.Wayne." Lucius Fox informed Bruce Wayne. The young Gotham Billionaire stood, looking out into the city with a forlorn expression on his face.

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: Chapter 18 Tour. (A few minutes later) I knocked on Raven's door before immediately pushing it open. "Hey." I waved a hand at her as she looked at me in an expression between anger and surp

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) Raven's quick thinking ensured that Davian hadn't fallen to his death. She had a feeling that Dr. Fate's unprovoked attack, would make the house a little too hostile to them.

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::--------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "Zatara, you interfere with matters concerning the safety of the world. Stand aside." Fate ordered, restrained by blue glowing chains. "Not until you tell me why you're doi

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::---------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "Azarath metrion Zinthos." Raven chanted lowly. Black tendrils rose out from her cloak, washing through the ground to cradle Davian and Kent on dark stretchers construc

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: Info dump chapter ::---------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) I came back. But things were different. My inner world was not the same. Something was wrong. Very very wrong.

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) (An Undisclosed Location) Deadshot's fingers drummed at his hip, a toothpick on his lips, one of it's ends chewed through. The man himself was leaning by the entrance to

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) The figure cocked their head to the side, as if finding my reaction to him a little funny. I could see his lips part underneath the hood and...nothing came out. He scowled

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) Reiryoku is a special type of energy. It is produced by the spirit from something called the Soul sleep. In a Shinigami, Hakusui (soul sleep) and the Saketsu are very impo

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) He had no sentience before that night. Just a bundle of aggression, pain and anger that manifested from a small boy's hate for the world. A hate born out of having no one to d

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: Chapter 27 Secrets of The Soul part 2. (Davian's P.O.V) Brown eyes met purple in a clash of wills. He had me beat but I conveyed as much conviction as I could through my look. I was goin

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) Dull sounds rang out across the training room. Fists rained down on a punching bag with a ferocity and speed that was surprising to see in a 12 year old. But Dick Grayson was

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "Shadow them. Ensure that Kobra does not mess this up. He underestimates the Detective." Ra's Al Ghul informed Deathstroke. The latter stood behind the Demon's Head in a str

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-----------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) (Inner World) (Some Time Back) Sweat matted my eyebrows as the spirit released a potent aura of Reiatsu. I sank to my knees, face looking up in fear at the intimidating c

13 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-----------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) We know ourselves best when there is nothing to shield the truth from us. When we can't hide behind the white lies or unspoken secrets. When we have no choice. The environment

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) Cheshire Cat's idea had more to do with his sadistic tendencies than actual help. You see I had to spar with him. Constantly and without rest. What this would do was forc

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::--------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) "The security guards are down." Shimmer spoke into her comms, foot laid on the back of a blue uniformed man. "I have control of the surveillance room. Your call, Cheshire."

12 advance chapters in my Pat.reon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (General P.O.V) [Green Lantern Corp headquarters] "Everyone ready?" Lantern Stewart addressed his teammates behind him. They all stood on a lift off pad, the huge Green Lantern structure

12 advance chapters in my Patreon. ::-------------------------------------------:: (Davian's P.O.V) Everything was messed up. Raven was out for the count and the second I stepped through the opening left by the missing chunk of the manor, I cursed myself. There was a portr