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Chapter 461 Chapter 458: Lady Dawn’s Child CECILIA As I watched the phoenix slump, his core overdrawn, backlash ripping him from consciousness, a memory that wasn’t my own blistered up in my mind: a boy running and laughing, his mismatched eyes—one burning orange, the other icy blue—sparkling with j

Chapter 1374 Do You Want Me Dead?Grey's group entered the area and a group of lava men appeared. Each man had strength equivalent to each of the group. "This formation really is something." Grey clicked his tongue. Alice nodded, impressed at how many things the array formation has been able to conju

Chapter 819 Fei’s BackgroundOnce again, it was time to hit the Human Continent, and with Fei, he left the Royal Castle.Fei was actually a treasure Lith had accidentally ended up finding. She was a Phantom, an ethereal being completely different from the other creatures of the world.A Phantom was sor

Chapter 820 Half And Half Aren’t PossibleCreeaaaaakkk!Lith pushed open the gate and walked inside the room, caring not for any potential threats that there may be.A Supreme Rank was with him, so there was no need to fear anything.As the door opened up, a large dark room appeared right in front of Li

Chapter 1367 The Tarks TerritoryAuthor's Note: Unedited Chapter-----------------"We were informed by our superiors to be on the lookout for any spacecraft that looks similar to this," One of them suddenly voiced out.Gustav maintained his bubbly tone as he replied, "Is your superior looking to buy on

Chapter 814 (Complaining About Ye Hua)They always follow me around; they should take some time to relax on their own."Wan Yi," Ye Hua said lightly."Brother Question Marks, what's wrong?""There's a safe place in the north, the Voidless Empire. You can arrange for your parents to do business there," Y

2666 Martial Dao Will The two flames, the Red Lotus Karmic Fire and Hellfire, charged into the black torrent of living beings of Hell and released extremely terrifying lethality!Hellfire came from Avici and contained the pain true intent of billions of living beings.The living bei

1887 As Powerful as a Godfiend Chu Yunfan only took a few breaths to wipe out these people. The difference in strength between the two sides was completely reflected.In the valley, even the external army, who had the most confidence in Chu Yunfan, was completely dumbfounded. In th

1689 Humiliated The male mentor said righteously, as if he didn’t know that the female mentor released her mental power just then and wanted to ambush Lu Zijia.However, how could Du He be fooled by him so easily?After all, the male mentor was also a refiner.Be it alchemists or wea

1833 Yun Qi’s Disaster (1) “Ugh!” A painful moan came out of Yun Qi’s mouth. He bent his body and knelt on the ground, frowning hard. Gong Tianqing didn’t know what to do when she saw him like this. Yun Qi grabbed Gong Tianqing’s arm with one big hand with a lot of strength. Gong

2199 Dragon Soul World Appears, Stepping Into The Trap? Eliminate All At Once “What’s that?”Chu Kuangren looked toward the deepest part of the Dragon Tombs. The Infernal Dragon energy in his body resonated with the blast of light.Countless blinding lights gathered in the starry sky and formed a mass

1566 Chiliocosm Sovereign? You Wouldn’t Dare! “Ah, impossible. The Ghoul Chiliocosm…”Supremacy Ghoul’s face was filled with shock. The world power in his internal chiliocosm domain originally resonated with the Ghoul Chiliocosm from afar. But now? He suddenly sensed that it was co

1567 Invincible Three-star! The descension passage was eventually destroyed and gradually disappeared. The entire void returned to calm.Swoosh.Only when the descension passage in the void completely dissipated did Supremacy Epoch and the others dare to fly over.Supremacy Epoch ask

1568 One-Cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign! In the secret chamber, in front of Lin Feng, the dazzling golden round gem floated quietly in front of Lin Feng. He could even see the soul of Supremacy Skymond in the gem.Lin Feng casually gave it a light tap.Buzz.As the gem was stimulated

Chapter 825: Bring Xue Sanfu Along!Translator: Endlessæantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationXue Shi was already four months old, and he was already slowly turning over on his own.Xue Yan was doing a horse stance under the brick bed at the side while Jiang Yue sat cross-legged on th

Chapter 826: Tricked by a ChildTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationShao Zhongxi’s expression turned ugly when he realized that he had been played by Wei Zizhan, a child who was not even eight years old.Everything slowly started to click. Wei Zizhan didn’t say t

1456 The First Battle (6) Time Reversal could allow Zavay to return to his peak state at any time.Time Mark had the chance to revive Zavay twice and return him to his peak state.It was impossible for Zavay to be defeated by someone of the same level!However…“Is it that simple?” In

1850 Learning Fang Heng stroked his chin again.Why?Why was he able to control the strength of the surrounding black fog so easily?At the very least, many people in the Federation military possessed the Tier 2 lock ability.However, they did not have such an ability.Therefore, it co

3120 Until She DiedWhen she came back, she saw a tall flight attendant standing beside her seat. When she saw her coming over, she handed her a glass of milk. “Have a glass of milk. It’ll help you sleep.”As it turned out, after she went to the bathroom, the passengers on the other side of the aisle

Chapter 1170: UnsealedProofreader: Papatonks“Thunder Cage!”Baili Yutian raised his hand in Zhuo Fan’s direction and grabbed at air, “A shame I’ll be the one going to Devil Mountain. Zhuo Fan, farewell forever.”Rumble!Thunder rumbled, like the space was cracking as the lightning around Zhuo Fan boxed

Chapter 1147: TrustInside the Milano, Star-Lord and his team were now standing at the forefront of the cockpit, peering through the glass at the Earth-originated Spaceship flying parallel to the Milano.They were genuinely surprised that Lin Rui had actually received their distress signal and come to

Chapter 1149: FightingLin Rui responded seriously to Star-Lord’s concerns. Without waiting for Star-Lord to say anything further, Lin Rui piloted his Iron Man suit toward the incoming black mist. Behind him, Iceman and Thor followed closely, but Dr. Banner didn’t join them.Swish, Swish, Swish!Lin Ru

Chapter 1148: Shoulder to ShoulderApproaching the Milano and the Earth Spaceship, Dormammu didn’t immediately consume the two insignificant entities before him. The Milano’s various evasive maneuvers and the Spaceship’s recent space-tearing escape had piqued Dormammu’s interest.Though Dormammu was n

Chapter 1150: Fighting 2Hmmmm!In the space less than a hundred meters ahead of the Milano and the E Grade Spaceship, the black mist was continuously writhing, attempting to consume the energy of the profound Azure Domain Lin Rui had expanded.However, even the formidable mist couldn’t devour the upgr

Chapter 309: Apocalypse Legion UpgradesTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsAs Ye Li continued to synthesize zombies, the other zombies were no match for the ones he created and were defeated one after another.From noon until afternoon, Ye Li finally completed the synthesis of

Chapter 311: Two Humans Arrive in the Ruined CityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsIn the Ruined City, the territory of the Crazy Bull Dark Race!In the grand hall, a majestic Crazy Bull sat on a throne, holding a valuable glass of red wine in his hand.Seated in the lower-rig

Chapter 310: Do You Believe Me Now?Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsThe more than thirty third-tier Crazy Bull Dark Race members were beginning to feel angry. They couldn’t understand why Ye Li was still so arrogant at this point.“Human, you dare to remain unfazed even when

Chapter 312: Confident Ninth-tier Crazy BullTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsIn the Ruined City, two humans had arrived, and one of them had instantly killed more than thirty Crazy Bulls.When this news reached the ears of the high-leveled Crazy Bull members in the grand hal

Chapter 283: The Arrival of an Uninvited Guest Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “Chi- Bang ~” “Crackle-” In the morning, at the entrance of Wang Ye’s villa, fireworks were being set off. In addition to the fireworks, there were also long firecrackers on the ground.

Chapter 284: Martial Arts Competition Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Wu Jian Feng actually came. Wang Ye rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things. This fellow had also seen him now and was still smiling at him. “Wang Ye, come out for a moment.” W

Chapter 285: Remembering Eating But Not Fighting Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “Hehe, Wang Ye, come, let’s have a competition!” “Haha, Wang Ye, look at me, look at me!” The teaching team did have a swimming pool. The day after Wu Jian Feng arrived, the first pla

Chapter 286: Return to the Fourth Company Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation It’s so frustrating!” “The next time 1 show off in front of him, I’m a pig!” “Hehe, you are. Don’t forget, you were last in the theory assessment this week. One of the three pigs this week i

Chapter 287: Rainstorm, Flood Control and Disaster Relief Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Perhaps the heavens had heard everyone’s voices. Before the car reached the Iron Bones Hero Regiment’s encampment, it started raining cats and dogs. However, the heavens were

Chapter 288: The Diaries of our Soldiers Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Soldiers usually have the habit of writing in a diary. In fact, when teaching the squad, the instructor had told Wang Ye and the others about it in class. As a squad leader, it was a good hab

Chapter 297:1 Definitely Have No Problem Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio On the Villain Island that Ye Xiaofei had been on, there were a few people with strong combat strength, ail of whom were top-ranked Masters. They had told Ye Xiaofei that a top-ranked Master was absolutely a r

Chapter 298: Must Touch Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Chu Tong always looked like she was ready to die every time Ye Xiaofei took advantage of her. This made Ye Xiaofei look like a super villain bullying a righteous hero for the first time. Ye Xiaofei bullied her and felt a stron

Chapter 299: Chu Tong’s Initiatives Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio It was not just Ye Xiaofei’s hand. Chu Tong also noticed that Ye Xiaofei’s body temperature was actually two degrees lower than hers. Leaning back on Ye Xiaofei and letting this fellow hug her once more, she felt l

Chapter 300: Found the Right Person Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio After forcing Su Zhenhai to take two steps back, Qin Feng once again put his hands behind his back and said, “It’s not too late to know now. If you obediently surrender, we will give you a way out. Otherwise, dying

Chapter 301: A Difficult Opponent Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Ye Xiaofei sized up the old lady, then curled his lips and said disdainfully, “I was wondering who was looking for trouble with me. I didn’t expect it to be an old woman with one foot in the grave. I don’t have to fi

Chapter 302: Chu Tong Is Excited Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio If he chased after her, Chu Tong would definitely die. “Darn,” Ye Xiaofei cursed softly. “You’re such a hindrance.” A large group of criminal police ran over at this time. Xiao Qiang ignored the two people from the Se