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Chapter 1454: Make Yourself At HomeThe leader was a rank 9 tiger beastkin with big ears and a square face. His face was full of murderous intent.He looked at the people of the Miracle Healer Academy coldly and said faintly, “It’s another group of hateful humans. We might as well slaughter them all.

Chapter 2744 – The Sword of Order!The sword cultivator moved his gaze away and continued forward.He wasn’t angry. Conversely, he was very happy.A short while later, the sword cultivator had vanished into the distance.The boundless starry sky was calm and peaceful.…In an abandoned world. A man glance

Chapter 2745 – The Most Suitable Sword!Order!Yang Ye couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart.Regardless of whether it was the three swords of Destiny or the Sword Supreme which had been with him for some time, all of them didn’t truly belong to him!Only the Sword Precursor was Yang Ye’s tru

Chapter 2746 – Absolutely Decisive!Yang Ye asked someone to lead Huang Ying’s group into the city. Along with the arrival of these experts, the entire Paradise City was quiet no more.Once they arrived here, they realized that the spirit energy here was extremely abundant!If countless had been hesita

Chapter 5140: Not InterestedSoaring Sword Monarch was both scared and furious. His disciple, Sword Monarch, had only become a dragon lord recently but this didn’t matter, he was still a dragon lord. This was enough to look down on the rest of the world.Alas, his killer had no problem slaying him and

Chapter 5139: Don’t Bother MeThe portion size was perfect for early morning. Eating the fish slices and slurping the rich broth made people think that it was going to be a great day. The youth was fast with his service and immediately took the bowl and chopsticks away after Li Qiye was finished. He

_________ POV Narration _________ Ken studied the little girl's shaking figure with curiosity, unsure of what to expect from her. The samurai present seemed to be rather confused at the Assassin's intentions. Why would he tell their young lady to get her hands dirty in such a gruesome manner?! Well,

They were back into the crimson-red sky and dry plain that they were familiar with, the difference that this place was more of a plateau than a plain. The terrains were high and low with different variations. It was a magnificent sight to behold the darkish-red glow that fell on the whole place was

As it is not just today that it is known that in the world there is a mixture of energies that flows in and out of everywhere, of all those energies, the prominent one is mana. A vital force that flows through all things and gives life and power to the universe. Mana is the representation of the in

Kortopi stretched his hand and grew out a black sword that was just like Crimson's he looked at Jarvis and both of them nodded at each other. Kortopi had spent the last few minutes doing nothing but watching the wyvern, he was a very keen observer– and that made quite some sense considering his cop

Raith opened his eyes to a familiar darkness. The place had now become a waiting room for him every time he dies. He was beginning to get into the actual use of his attribute, even though it was still on a surface level.Before now, all that he had enjoyed was the effect of his attributes rubbing of

[INFORMATION UNLOCKED][AUTHORITY INFO]- Ruler Of Greed Greed has the power to dominate the target's desire, a target with greedy qualities can be brought to the user's subjection. The greater their desires, the easier they are to manipulate. User can see through people's desires and control the des

Wham!The wyvern soared into the sky, with its gaze deadlocked on Mok Jae-Hwa. It rose high, flapping its wings and its long neck as stretched down towards where Mok Jae-Hwa was standing alone, gallant and majestic. Mok Jae-Hwa turned his head to Raith who was standing where he was, he looked at Rai

[ABYSS FLAME(SSS)LV.1]- A black flame that is native only to the land of the abyss. A flame that can never go out until the caster wishes it to and will continue to deal 300 hit damage and 500 burn damage, altogether dealing 700 damage per second until it goes out. Raith's lips spread from one ear

'Sung Min is dead' Those words of reality rang in his head like an ache, with trembling pupils and blood dripping from his lips which he was already biting too much, he hugged his dead body tightly and cried, still not letting out any sound so the others wouldn't come running. Raith who was standin

As Raith's sound connected with the wyvern's forehead, the sound of two metals clashing together roared through the frozen wilderness and his treasured and supposedly special sword broke-But Raith's goal was done, he had successfully transferred the abyss flame to the wyvern's head. He had no regre

"Should we just barge inside?" Pil Jeong Hun was a tall, lean man with an air of quiet intensity around him, his eyes were dark and piercing and his hair was sleek, black colored that falls on his shoulders. Despite Pil Jeong Hun's lean frame, there's this palpable aura of strength that could be fe

46. The Secret (1)Yu Qingjia froze for a moment, before she could even react, Murong Yan was already laughing at her.Yu Qingjia’s cheeks immediately reddened, Murong Yan is indeed handsome.He would just casually sit there doing nothing, and maids would stop to gapingly stare at him.If he strikes som

It was still studio A8.The familiar recording studio, the familiar Peng Xiangzhi and Dian Dian, also the familiar Su Chang behind the observation window.In the blink of an eye, it was winter. Everyone was dressed in thicker clothes. Peng Xiangzhi was wearing black tight jeans with a pair of long kne

After somewhat helping Zain out, the friendly Reborn had decided to back away, and many of the others in the room had turned their heads or faced their bodies away from the bars. One could tell just from this that they were nervous about whatever was walking through that hallway."Alright!" A loud v

Before doing anything else, Zain was trying to get a grasp of where he was. He looked up, but the ceiling was dark—too dark to see what material it was made out of. Then, turning his head through the bars, he could see the flooring.The flooring was made of wood, but when he banged on the floor, it

Hearing the news from the white-haired hunter, the crowd cheered so loud that the whole room started to shake, and with the announcement being made, Zain had somewhat figured out what was going on."They're making bets on us? So that's why they kept us alive, and why that hunter from before was aski

Aelina's single, damning word hung in the air like a dense fog, the silence around it echoing with an oppressive weight. Her gaze was unwavering, cold as it swept over the injured, the weary, the survivors of the Battle Maiden Sect."Pathetic." She repeated, the word seeming to hold even more disdai

In the stillness of the chilling night, the survivors of the Battle Maiden Sect stood huddled, their bodies casting long, wavering shadows across the meadow. In the heart of the group, Skye Sinclair was a silent statue, her gaze fixed on the spot where Aelina had vanished.The echoes of Aelina's sha

The moon hung low in the night sky, a silver orb watching over the earth. The stars dotted the heavens like tiny, twinkling gems, their light faint but constant. Beneath this celestial canopy, a group of women were flying, their shapes faint silhouettes against the backdrop of the night.At the head

In a land burning with scorching fury, towering volcanoes punctuated the landscape with their ominous rumblings, belching forth plumes of smoke and ash. The air itself quivered with heat, creating a suffocating atmosphere that seemed to smother the very essence of life.Rivers of molten fire snaked

As the first light of dawn pierced through the darkness, casting an ethereal glow upon the formidable domain of the Battle Maiden Sect, a small group of scouts from the Shadow Necromancer Sect ventured forth on their perilous mission.  Cyrus hadn't solely asked the Toxic Blade Sect to assist him in

TL: Hanguk“Why are the Black Minotaurs here?!”Elka, the Silver Wolf tribe’s chief, and two other silver wolves were taken aback by the sight of two Black Minotaurs following Theo.Black Minotaurs were monsters from the 99th floor, and the gap between them and the Silver Wolf tribe that resided on the

TL: HangukSnip, snip.After having Aileen’s health soup in the afternoon, which increased all of his stats by 3, Sejun invested all the bonus stats he earned from reaching level 18 into agility. As a result, his agility increased by 4, allowing him to cut through the green onion leaves as fast as a m

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"Blew up the kitchen?" Yu Wenning's gaze sharpened, completely overlooking the burnt pig trotters, and asked a bit anxiously, "Is anyone hurt?""No, I'm fine," said Liang Qing, facing Yu Wenning's sudden serious expression. He inexplicably felt a bit guilty. He quickly waved his hand and explained, "

Yu Wenning didn't know how to react. It was the first time he had heard of someone being poisoned by their own cooking. If it were someone else, he might have been able to make a joke out of it. But with Lian Qing, he could only feel concerned.He scooped up the little Lian Sang and brought him to th

Zeke did not intend to dodge Leo’s blade. If his friend wanted to trade injuries, then he was more than willing to abide. The iron head of his staff was whistling towards Leo’s chest. The blunt weapon would easily crush bone if he managed to land a direct hit. Leo had decided to go for a piercing st

Zeke opened his eyes and blinked away the drowsiness. His surroundings were wholly unfamiliar to him. He had woken up on a hard mattress. He found himself in a large room that was filled with empty beds. The walls were yellowish brown, reminiscent of sand. This fact alone made him sure of one thing:

Chapter 87: Entering a Top University Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “What are you doing here? Why? Did the old man let you go back to the provincial city?” Chen Yan mocked. Teacher Wu said coldly, “Chen Yan! You’re a teacher after all! I advise you to watch your mouth!” However, Ch

Chapter 285 Invincible power, full of power! (Dazhang asks for a monthly ticket and asks for a subscription!)Unknown secret realm.In the abandoned mine hall.The red-scaled man stretched out his right hand.I don't know when, a red flame long sword was already held in the palm of the hand, and the red

The vast Gobi.Fire pit exit.The Red Bone Wizard stood here with a gloomy expression, not as calm as before.She put away the Pink Lady, now it is pointless to stop Rafal.Not long after, Rafal's figure also appeared here."Red Bone, does the previous agreement still count?" Rafal asked."What's wrong?""