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Chapter 860 860 Something went wrongMeskenet refused to accept that the small dog was her husband's. She immediately thought that Chen Ming wanted to mock her, create the dog, and treat it as if he were her husband so he could humiliate her. She felt so angry that she wanted to kill Chen Ming. Anubi

Chapter 861 861 Change in perspectiveChen Ming looked at Anubis, who had been hugged by Meskenet. He knew that Meskenet wouldn't do something stupid right now, so he checked what happened inside the black hole. As Chen Ming peered into the depths of the black hole, he felt a surge of divinity coming

Chapter 862 862 Meet againIn the land of timeless time and space. Chronos, who thought that his plan would work flawlessly, looked at what had happened. He couldn't believe that his sword would be stolen just like that. He gritted his teeth in frustration, realizing that his meticulously crafted pla

Chapter 863 863 Mysterious manChen Ming looked seriously at the mysterious man standing in front of him. He could feel that the other party was extremely strong. He had such strength that Chen Ming could not comprehend it. The mysterious man's aura was overwhelming, radiating power that seemed to tr

Chapter 864 864 Change in their behaviorSomething kept bothering Chen Ming after the mysterious man visited him. The mysterious had warned him to be wary of something he didn't know, and he did everything more carefully than before, which had helped more than once when he fought with the true demon.

Chapter 865 865 You will win this warChronos was very furious now. His plan had been seen through once again, and he knew that this time it wasn't Nyx who did something. He clenched his fists, feeling the anger surge through him. The realization hit him hard—there was a traitor among them, someone w

Chapter 866 866 The good old formationEverything went smoothly. Chen Ming had caught many spies after the mysterious man had left. Now he didn't have to be afraid that his plan might be leaked to Chronos. He could proceed with everything according to his plan. "Let's get to work, shall we?" Chen Min

Chapter 867 867 The realm of chaosThe Chaos realm was outside the realm of true gods and true demons. It existed as a realm of pure disorder and unpredictability, untouched by the laws and hierarchies that governed the divine and demonic realms. Within the Chaos realm, entities of unimaginable power

Chapter 868 868 Work smarter not harderChen Ming closed his eyes, feeling the surge of power coursing through his veins. The chaotic energy pulsed within him, awakening a newfound strength and understanding. As he opened his eyes, he saw Nyx standing before him, her gaze filled with a mix of love an

Chapter 869 869 Disowned long time agoSomething happened inside the realm of chaos. The sky, which was changing constantly, became stable. It shouldn't be possible inside the realm due to the chaos energy. However, against all odds, a mysterious force emerged, bringing order to the chaotic realm. Th

Chapter 388: Spatial distortion techniques Lou Ban led them for another day, and they still hadn't seen any land. After a while, the first piece of land appeared, a small island with a human city. A long bridge flew over the human city, and they saw a sea beast with mountains, rivers, and animals on

Chapter 387: Imperial Throne Cave Heaven The God Emperor Yu Daoyuan suppressed his injuries, floated in the air, and said in a deep voice, "There's no need to be disheartened. That kid's abilities are not as high as you think. He is proficient in a kind of immortal technique that can mobilize the po

Chapter 389: Heavenly Constitution Technique "However, the Chai family's supernatural powers are indeed amazing. After all, they have to constantly distort their bodies in space, which is extremely draining of their spiritual power. The Chai family may have extraordinary abilities in spatial arts."

Chapter 390: Peerless Immortal Body The cultivation of the five elders of the Chai family is truly amazing, but their performance in the recent battle with the expert named Nan Buyi has made Su Yun somewhat doubtful. The cultivation of these five elders is extraordinary, but their combat power is no

Chapter 86 Evil SchemesHan Quechan the Purity Jade Maiden and also the sect leader of the Purity Jade Lofty Peaks slowly walked to her large and splendid carriage that was already waiting for her.She was about to return to her cultivation sect and a procession of 8 female protégés were already wai

Chapter 88 With Saintess Sheng Feiyan again (R18)After Shen Lie had pulled the straps off Saintess Sheng Feiyan's bosoms, he immediately set to fondle her naked milk breasts and her raised nipples.He really enjoyed fondling and pinching her pink nipples.Shen Feiyan was moaning softly now and her pan

Chapter 87 Shen Lie misses the WhippingsIt was night when Shen Lie had finally finished with his sentry duties; it was a boring task for him. All he had to do was just to stand at the designated stations to show the dignitaries that the Holy Carnation Sanctuary had plenty of protégés, hence it was

Chapter 89 The Soul Incense PoisonsSaintess Sheng Feiyan was banged so furiously and fast by Shen Lie that she wanted to die; her eyes had turned white, her lips parted and she was gasping lewdly again and again, causing her delicate cheeks to be full of lustful expressions.For a moment, she had reg

Chapter 90 Yu Lingyue (1) R18Shen Lie said solemnly as he inspected Yu Lingyue who was moaning lewdly and shaking her hot lusty body, "She is afflicted by a powerful type of aphrodisiac which can kill her if she did not receive sufficient yang essence. I see now...."Then he turned to look at Saintes

Chapter 92 Yu Lingyue (3) R18It was several hours of wanton lewd copulations later that Yu Lingyue was able to regain some of her consciousness.All of a sudden, she had realized that this was not a dream as in front of her was really a beautiful young man that was screwing her and she was obscenely

Chapter 91 Yu Lingyue (2) R18Shen Lie tried to comfort Yu Lingyue by saying tenderly to her, "This will hurt the very first time but after a while you will feel very comfortable...""She can't hear you or remember what you've just said," Saintess Qian Yufeng could not resist interrupting Shen Lie. "W

Chapter 93 Yu Lingyue (4) R18Yu Lingyue was not used to having the two holy saintesses around in the same room even though they were separated by a translucent curtain; this translucent curtain could barely shield her modesty at all.At this moment, she was overcome by her lusty poisons and she did n

Chapter 94 Fairy Yue Shuwen's Sleepless NightThe same night but elsewhere in the Holy Carnation Sanctuary.Fairy Yue Shuwen really had a most sleepless night as she fingered to finger her wet maiden valley; she was sleepless because she had actually missed Shen Lie's touches.Until now, she could not

Chapter 96 Finding the Moles (2)Shen Lie was looking at the short skirts of Elder Hua Zixia and Nangong Shu as he wondered what lies beyond when Saintess Sheng Feiyan sent him a divine whisper: Shen Lie! Get to work! You don't think that I do not know what you are thinking of? Stop thinking of putti

Chapter 95 Finding the Moles (1)The next morning.All the proteges of the Holy Carnation Sanctuary had suddenly been summoned to gather at the duel platform as they had suddenly received word that the both the Holy Saintesses Sheng Feiyan and Qian Yufeng were both going to address everyone."I wonder

Chapter 97 Finding the Moles (3)The man that had suddenly stood up to accuse Shen Lie angrily was one of the men that Shen Lie had killed when he had killed Grand Elder Xifang Bai that day.This man was a senior outer protégé by the name of Nan Guangnan and he had survived Shen Lie's profound attac

Chapter 98 Holy Saintess Beitang FangIt took Saintess Qian Yufeng more than 2 hours to finish her speech and when it was Saintess Sheng Feiyan's turn, she took another 2 hours.By now, everyone was quite stunned by all the rules and other minor details that they had to know in the newly formed holy l

Chapter 99 Beitang Fang's Feud with Shen LieSaintess Beitang Fang inhaled softly as she looked at the direction where Shen Lie had just stepped forward, "So, you are really here..."Saintess Sheng Feiyan quickly raised her voice to interrupt Saintess Beitang Fang as she addressed her protégés, "All

Chapter 100 You're Always My Fang'Er (1)Outside the inner palace of the Holy Carnation Sanctuary.Fairy Xiang Yun was looking quite anxious for two reasons.The first reason was for her own holy saintess.The second reason of course was for Lie Shen or rather Shen Lie.Fairy Xiang Yun looked distraught

Chapter 101 You're Always My Fang'Er (2) R18Shen Lie said tenderly to Saintess Beitang Fang, "My Fang'Er, I want to eat your breasts. It has been a long time since I've last seen your beautiful full curve breasts and your cute little nipples."When he said that, he was already putting his hands on he

Chapter 102 Shen Lie looks for Song Xincheng (R18)After some time, Shen Lie and Saintess Beitang Fang had finally ended their tryst.Saintess Beitang Fang reluctantly pull her soaking wet panties to wear it over her still wet valley that was still dripping with her lewd yin essence and Shen Lie's yan

Chapter 103 Shen Lie's Lucky Encounters (R18)Shen Lie quickly ripped off Song Xincheng's clothing, leaving only her soaking wet panties that was on.Then he was quickly groping all over her body and squeezing her milk from her nipples that spurt like a fountain."Xincheng, why are you so beautiful and

Chapter 104 Yu Lingyue tempting Shen Lie (1) R18Shen Lie had said to Yu Lingyue, "Alright then since you want to play the flute for me."And so, Yu Lingyue was now kneeling in front of Shen Lie while he sat with his open legs in front of her.Yu Lingyue looked at the large and long iron rod that was i

Chapter 106 Sly Upon SlyThere were many beautiful long flights of stone celestium stairs in the Holy Carnation Sanctuary and they all had beautiful views of the mountain peaks that surrounded the Holy Carnation Sanctuary.The male cultivators had another opinion of these beautiful stone celestium sta

Chapter 105 Yu Lingyue tempting Shen Lie (2) R18Yu Lingyue helped to massage Shen Lie's little brother until he had suddenly spurted his yang essence into her mouth.But it was a little too much for her to handle and the yang essence was creampied warmly onto her beautiful face. This only caused her

Chapter 107 Shen Lie with Jie Ying (R18)When Shen Lie had returned to the outer palaces, he had suddenly chanced upon Jie Ying.Jie Ying was delighted when she saw him, "Brother Shen Lie, are you alright?"She was quite anxious for him."What punishments did you receive?"Shen Lie laughed softly, "I hav

Chapter 108 New Evil Conspirators (R18)Shen Lie was pounding hard against Jie Ying, as he increased the power of his waist and thrust into her like a violent. Each time, he had penetrated deep into Jie Ying's heart of her front yard valley, Jie Ying raised her head high up to moan lewdly. If she was

Chapter 109 Shen Lie's SecretWhen Shen Lie had approached the inner palace, he could hear the jovial laughter of the 3 holy saintesses.Saintess Sheng Feiyan was laughing, "I was 13 when Shen Lie took me as his disciple. At that time, I've thought that he is going to be my groom instead of my cultiva

Chapter 123 - 123: The Group’s Favorite, Wrecked Lin Qingyan(1)Translator: _Min_Yan Yuanze had it all figured out.Si Fuqing’s class might have been small, but after she displayed her prowess yesterday, more students would surely choose her this time. He needed to secure a spot in advance.His foundat

Chapter 124 - 124: The Group ‘s Favorite, Wrecked Lin Qjngyan (2)Translator: _Min_Not a few trainees reveled in schadenfreude, delighting in Yan Yuanze’s misfortune.His head pounding and throbbing, Yan Yuanze could hardly hear the murmuring voices around him. He quickened his pace, dashing into the