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Chapter 79

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“…gyms are so naughty, man.”

I nodded my head and said that was really true.

Welp, it’s not always like that, and when you go to a gym looking for erotica, there’s never anything erotic, just muscular guys, old men exercising, and if you’re lucky, a pretty female trainer, or you get to see the users.

(Well, there’s that right in front of me…)

After sweating it out on the running machine with Nayu-san, I tried the experience with an explanation of the various machines, which was really interesting.

And then, by way of a break, I’m stretching on a sheet in the corner of the training room, but Nayu-san in front of me is really naughty, and I can’t take my eyes off her.

“Hmm… ahn…”

“Nah, Nayu-san… that…”

“Ah, was my voice a bit naughty? But it’s okay, you’re the only one here.”

That’s not what I meant. I almost lost control.

She asked me to push her body, so I put my hands on her back while being careful not to hurt her, but Nayu-san’s responses to all of them were so naughty that I couldn’t concentrate at all.

Even though the other customers are looking at her voluptuous style, it would be very difficult if other customers heard about this kind of thing.

“Nayu-san has a very flexible body, huh?”

“Really? I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but apparently so.”

I think she’s great just because her belly touches the ground. I really do.

Then, she continued to make distressed noises for a while… The attack and defence with Nayu-san, who was obviously making fun of me, continued, and this time I became the one who was pushed back by Nayu-san.

“I’ll do it then.”

“Please take care of me.”

I spread my legs wide and slowly brought my upper body closer to the ground as Nayu-san pushed me back.


“Haha! Kai-kun, you’re a little too stiff!”

“Nuh-oh… muh-haaaaaaah!!!”

It also means that I am desperate so much that I make pathetic noises.

Hearing Nayu-san’s voice, who is really amused by my appearance like that and keeps giggling all the time, I myself start to enjoy it.

Even if it’s a place I would never normally come to, being able to share time like this with someone I can enjoy it with is a real blessing.

“Look, do your best, Kai-kun.”


Nayu-san pressed her body against my back.

Even if I say pressed, I’m not forcibly pressed, so I don’t feel any particular pain in my body, but… the softness I felt in my back pushed me forward.

“Oh awesome wow.”

My body lowered to the point where I was surprised at myself.

It wasn’t quite to the point where it was on the floor, but I felt so accomplished that I thought to myself that I’d worked so hard.

“We both sweated that much, didn’t we?”

“Yes. But… it made me really happy that Nayu-san was there. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it so much if I was alone.”

“… You’re so sweet. You always say things that make me happy.”

With a tsun tsun, Nayu-san poked me in the cheek.

Then, as I was quenching my throat with the drink I had bought, there were two men and a woman on a sheet laid out a short distance away.

It was the man in trainers who had approached me when I came here, and a young woman who was a customer.

“…getting that close to each other?”

“That most likely indicates a sexual affair.”

“… Are you serious?”

“Don’t underestimate my insight.”

Indeed, the distance is clearly too close.

I’ve never been to a place like this before, so I might know about the responsibilities of the trainers, but I don’t think they would approach the customers like that.

“If the woman actually has a lover, it would be just like the NTR stories.”

“If that were the case, I’m sure her mind would be ruined.”

“Yes, that’s right. Cuckoldry is good because it’s not real, and if it were real, it would just be the ultimate in outlandishness.”

I have a certain amount of trouble with the cuckold genre, even if it wasn’t real… it’s usually heartbreaking after reading it.

We’re looking at the two people in question with that thought in mind, and finally that man put his hand on the woman’s buttocks.

“Isn’t that normal rubbing?”

“That’s squeezing. And the woman looks happy.”

…That man, why isn’t he fired?

If the other person looks happy, is it something that’s allowed separately..? Although, the facilities here are certainly not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be coming here in the future.


“You look like you don’t like that person, Kai-kun.”

“Eh? … Yes. Somehow… really, it’s just somehow…”

I blurted out and continued my words.

“I’m not comfortable with that person, or rather, I really don’t like him.”

“I’m sure you do. Because you’re like the complete opposite of a person like him.”

Nayu-san leaned closer to me as she said that.

The two of us were both sweating, and it was not a very pretty state to say the least, but even so, a very good fragrance was wafting from Nayu-san as she approached me in this way.

Furthermore, her hair, which was sticking to her cheeks from sweat, was also giving off a sexy scent.

“He’s probably the type of guy who is fine with any woman. If he finds them beautiful and stylish, that’s even better, and if there is someone with a partner, he’s the type who even takes pleasure in stealing them away from them.”

“You put it clearly…”

I don’t know if this is true or not, but Nayu-san’s words with conviction still make me feel that way.

“Those like that are basically the type to dump their partner. At that point, it can’t be said with certainty that they value the other person……fufu, they’re on a different level from Kai-kun, not even comparable to each other.”

“…I’m going to return exactly what you just said. Nayu-san, you always give me words that make me happy, don’t you?”

“Isn’t that right? Even if you let me talk about you without thinking, only good things will come out of my mouth about you.”

… Not good, my cheeks are going to loosen up, and I’m in trouble.

It’s a great honor to be told like that by Nayu-san, but even I have plenty of faults, or rather bad parts.

In the first place, I even had an experience with her using hypnosis…


Nayu-san thinks well of me.

But even so, the fact that I had a relationship with Nayu-san using hypnosis is certain, so I wonder what kind of face she will give me when she finds out about it.

I naively think that Nayu-san will just laugh it off, but I wonder if it is Nayu-san’s large bosom that makes me think that this is really going to happen.

“That’s right, Kai-kun. Would you like to come over to my house later today?”

“Are you sure?”

“Ah. I just want you to look over my new work.”


I couldn’t resist the temptation of being able to look at Konoe Toki’s work, which has yet to be shown to the world.

As I was looking forward to seeing what kind of work awaited me, a trainer approached us, sending my mood plummeting.

“Good job, looks like you worked up a good sweat, right?”

“Ah. Thanks to you. I’ve just made an appointment for him to come over to my place.”

“Oh… oh yeah. I’d like to help you relax, if you don’t mind. These things are important, after all.”

It’s a bit strange because it should be a fresh smile and words like that, but after hearing Nayu-san’s words, I can only think there’s a backstory to it.

In the first place, since this person doesn’t look at me at all and only looks at Nayu-san, it seems that Nayu-san’s words are not a lie after all.

“I’ll refrain. Why don’t you just follow the others instead? At least we don’t need you.”

Saying that, Nayu-san hugged my body.

“… I’m sorry if I’m a bit sweaty and uncomfortable?”

“Ah, n-no…”

Sweaty and uncomfortable? I mean, it feels a little slippery, but who doesn’t like having their face caught between this voluptuous cleavage?

Nevertheless, I felt a slight sense of superiority in burying my face in Nayu’s bosom in front of this man.

“Look, I’m busy making out with him. I wish you’d go over there.”

“…It’s a nuisance to the other users if you do that kind of thing here.”

“You say that a lot. Who was the one who was touching her buttocks while she was a trainer? I don’t promise, I won’t tip off the reception and such, so you’d better watch out from now on.”

“… sorry.”

I heard a small click of his tongue, and I wondered what expression he had on his face.

“He seemed to be in a very bad mood about things not going well. Good grief, if you’re going to be stubborn, you better pick someone easy.”

“…Nayu-san is very strong.”

“Is that so? Then it must be because you were by my side.”

Saying that, Nayu-san smiled.

Then, after sweating it out a bit again, I left the gym with Nayu-san and headed towards her house.

“By the way, Kai-kun, aren’t you going to ask me to spoil you today?”


“You know, using a hypnosis app… ah.”


Okay, let’s talk about this thoroughly. Nayu-san!
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