I Level Up Infinitely - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Lisa was currently in the girl's locker room changing. She was now wearing a white t-shirt a short blue sports bloomer with long black sucks.

As she looked at herself in the mirror she had to admit she looked quite attractive. She was even receiving gazes from girls who would turn away brushing when she looked at them.

This was not what was bothering her though. The question in her mind was aren't this Japanese girl sportswear? They really did look like it but they were easy to move in and were quite comfortable.

Leaving the changing room she headed over into her PE class. Since she had the time she used it to complete her daily quest leveling up once more.

Going through her day she waited until lunch when it was time to deal with her bullies. She got lunch since it wasn't that much and headed up unto the roof where the old Lisa usually ate lunch.

Not long after she arrived their four girls came up onto the roof.

"Ahh if it isn't Lisa we haven't seen you in two days. We started to get worried." Shing Meng on Asian looking girl said.

"That's right we thought you might have been avoiding us. You wouldn't avoid us now would you ?" Laura West Shing Mengs backup said playfully. The other two girls in the back kept grinning with evil looks on their faces.

Lisa looked at her so-called bullies using the system she saw their status.

Name: Shing Meng

Level: 5

HP: 200

MP: 20

Name: Laura West

Level: 4

HP: 150

MP: 10

The other two girls were level three. No wonder they could bully the old her. The older he was only level one after all. From what she understood from the old Lisa's memories these four girls would always make fun of her looks and take her money.

"Cut to the chase already Shing Meng. I'm quite busy" Lisa said cutting Shing Meng off.

Shing Meng was quite stunned hearing Lisa talk back to her. In the past, she would only lower her head handing over her money obediently are getting beaten up. Even still they would still beat her up whenever they were having a bad day.

"You seem to have gotten quite bold in the two days we haven't seen each other. Girls go teach her a lesson" Shing Meng said coldly.

Laura West walked up to Lisa intending to give her a slap paused in tracks.

When she arrived halfway in front of Lisa cold sweat trickled down her back. Because Lisa in front of her was releasing a black aura from her body giving of intense pressure.

The four girls started sweating as one even feel down to her knees.

Lisa walked towards Laura. The closer she got the more intense the pressure got. Laura started walking back words subconsciously. She tripped and fell on her butt.

Lisa leaned in closer towards Laura who instantly passed out from fear.

Looking up Lisa's sight landed on Shing Meng who was trembling. She disappeared and appeared in front of Shing Meng in on instant grabbing her the throat she lifted her up in the air.

"If you ever try to mess with me again" squeezing a little bit she continued "I will make you experience pain you never thought possible. Understood?"

Shing Meng shook her up and down indicating she understood. She was too scared to say anything and with Lisa squeezing her throat it was quite hard to talk.

"Good," Lisa said smiling.

Letting go of Shing Meng she fell right to floor on her butt.

The other girl next to Shing Meng had long lost consciousness the moment Lisa arrived in front of Shing Meng.


{Congratulations Host for creating the skill Blood Lust.

Blood Lust: Using strong magical energy the selected target will be put in a state of fear for 1 minute. If the target strength is too high blood lust will fail. Mana cost 100.}


{Congratulations Host for completing the quest.

Quest: Beat up your bullies and show them who's boss.

Reward: Two levels}

Lisa smiled now that she leveled up again. She might be able to become an SSS Rank Hunter in two months after all.

This chapter is scrapped from

'Status' she said in her mind.


Name: Lisa

Level: 17

Exp: 0/11,000

Title: Infinite Player

Job: None Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

HP: 2,000


MP: 1,100


Strength: 36

Agility: 23

Intelligence: 35

Stamina: 27

Sense: 25

Remaining points: 14



Passive: Unknown

Blood Lust: Strong magical energy that puts a selected target in a state of fear for a minute.



Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic 2nd: (1/10)


After seeing her status she left the roof heading for her final class of the day.

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