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Chapter 333: 333 Someone's Messing Around? Eat It In One Mouth!

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333 Someone’s Messing Around? Eat It In One Mouth!
Wu San’er looked at Wei Zhou and then at the backs of the ragged Cannibal Mercenary Group members.

“Old Wei, it’s rumored that… They ate humans? Is that true?”

Wei Zhou shook his head.

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve never seen it before, but at that time, it was a vivid description. It doesn’t seem to be fake. There seem to be witnesses.”

Hearing Wei Zhou say this, Wang Bo could not help but shrink back into the team.

Damn it…

Suddenly, he felt a chill on his body.

“But why are they going to the front of the team?”

At the entrance of the dojo, because most of the people queuing were mercenaries, they naturally could not count on everyone’s quality.

Although the team was probably quite decent,

However, it was very normal for them to cut the queue and push each other occasionally.

However, these mercenaries did not dare to go too far.

Previously, Lin Ye had just warned them not to cause trouble.

After this group of unruly mercenaries saw the power of the Green Dragon, they all meekly expressed their understanding.

However… The arrival of the cannibal mercenary group was like a big catfish suddenly appearing in a fishing net.

It immediately made the originally peaceful scene nervous again.

Of course, the ones who were nervous were only those who knew or had heard of the Cannibal Mercenary Group.

There were also some “retards” like Wang Bo. When they saw so many people from the Cannibal Mercenary Group walk to the front of the team in a daze and look like they wanted to cut the queue, a young mercenary stood up.


“It’s fine if it’s just one or two, but more than 20 of you are also here to cut the queue, right?”

“Line up at the back!”

As soon as this mercenary finished speaking, many mercenaries looked at him as if he was dead.

“I bet 100, I won’t live for more than 30 seconds.”

“A hundred.”

“500, 15 seconds!”

“This person is finished.”

“Indeed, it looks like he;s never seen how ferocious people are!”

“Move back a little. Don’t splash blood on me later.”

The thin man had just walked to the front of the team. When he heard this, he turned to look at the young mercenary who spoke.

The young mercenary was slightly frightened by the lean man’s fierce gaze and expression.

However, he immediately felt that this might be a little embarrassing, so he immediately glared back without retreating.

At the same time, Qin Zhilan, who was in the dojo, heard the commotion at the door and looked at Lin Ye, who was explaining something to a mercenary.

“I’ll go to the door to take a look. They seem to have quarreled.”

Lin Ye nodded.

“Yes, be careful. If it doesn’t work, attack directly.”

With that said, Lin Ye kicked Blackie, who was leaning against the Beast Taming Machine and sleeping.

“Go and keep an eye on it.”

Blackie glanced at Lin Ye, this guy with the opposite sex and no humanity, and reluctantly followed.

After walking to the door from the dojo, Qin Zhilan happened to see the young mercenary glare at the group of people who looked very fierce.

Looking at this group of people who clearly did not seem to be queuing, Qin Zhilan reminded,

“Everyone, please line up first. The dojo won’t close for a while.”

Hearing Qin Zhilan’s words, the thin man in the lead gently sniffed the air.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and revealed a very enjoyable expression.

“Mm ~”

“It’s a very thick life aura.”

With that said, the man looked at the forest elf behind Qin Zhilan and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Give her to me and I’ll forgive you for disturbing me. How about that?”

The forest elf pointed at by the man timidly hid behind Qin Zhilan.

Many mercenaries present knew about the relationship between Qin Zhilan and Lin Ye.

After all, the two of them had come out hand in hand previously.

Naturally, this included the young mercenary.

Therefore, seeing that not only did this fierce person want to cut the queue, but he also wanted to harass Lin Ye’s woman, the young mercenary could not help but stop him.


“Don’t you understand human language?”

“You’re not allowed to cause trouble here!”

The young mercenary’s words directly made the man frown.

Then, the man directly raised his left hand and shook it slightly.


In the next second, the young mercenary seemed to have been sucked by a mysterious force.

His body was uncontrollably sucked into the man’s hand and strangled.

“Young man.”

“I’ll teach you a reason today.”

“In your next life, remember not to be a busybody!”

“Heh ~”

The young mercenary who was strangled wanted to use force, but the man’s palm seemed to have a pump.

It had been constantly extracting the blood and strength in his body.

In just a few seconds, the young mercenary’s face was visibly pale.

Qin Zhilan was shocked by this sudden change.


“Quick, save him!”

Blackie, who was originally dozing off after coming out, immediately became energetic.

He rushed forward.

However, Blackie, who had always been successful, had encountered a wall this time.

When it rushed less than a meter away from the thin man, Blackie was suddenly repelled by a repulsive force.



After letting out a cry of pain, Blackie looked at the young mercenary who had already been sucked dry and retreated slightly. Then, its knees bent slightly and its breath sank into his dantian spot—
“Lin Ye!”

“There’s a killing outside!”

Lin Ye, who had just finished drawing beasts for the two mercenaries, heard Blackie’s call and could not help but jog out of the dojo.

When he came out of the dojo, he happened to see the thin man casually throw the dried corpse in his hand in front of the steps of the dojo.

This made Lin Ye frown slightly.

From the looks of it, he was here to cause trouble?

Qin Zhilan looked at the dried corpse of the young mercenary on the ground. For the first time, she wanted to kill someone.

When the man in the lead saw Lin Ye come out, the corners of his mouth revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

“You own this place?”

Lin Ye could not be bothered to waste his breath.

Since this person had already attacked in front of his dojo, there was nothing to say.

After the Great Sage was summoned, he directly rushed towards that person.

In the end, just like Blackie, he was still bounced back.

“Hehe ~”

“How about we make a deal?”

That person looked at Lin Ye fearlessly, or rather, the forest sprite behind Lin Ye and Qin Zhilan.

Lin Ye still ignored it.

Since this person seemed to be somewhat immune to physical attacks, he would just increase the strength of the physical level.

The little Green Dragon, who had been summoned with the Great Sage, had long flown into the sky.

After receiving Lin Ye’s order, its figure suddenly expanded.

After all, this was its territory.

Looking at the shadow on the ground, all the mercenaries present looked up at the sky.

At the same time, Flynn, who was searching for Lin Ye, looked at the sky in the direction of the east city gate and happened to see the Green Dragon appear in the sky before quickly possessing it and rushing down.


“Go over there! Go over there!”

Flynn felt that he was about to lose control of the ability in his body.

This aura made him feel afraid and excited.

Moreover, the feeling it gave him was much stronger than the dragon shadow he had seen in the mind of Gu Fan’s beast that day.

On the other side, at the entrance of the east city gate, Shi Yun was carrying the unconscious Yang Wei, who was covered in blood. After seeing the direction of the Divine Dragon, he immediately sped towards the dojo.


“Hold on a little longer! Perhaps Hall Master Lin has a way!”

At the entrance of the dojo, many people had yet to react to what had happened when the group of ragged people who had just stood there disappeared.

There was also a small piece of ground that disappeared with them.

As for the dragon shadow that had just appeared, it disappeared again.

However, even so, no one doubted the existence of the Green Dragon anymore.

“Old Wei!”

“Did you see that?!”

“Damn, impressive, awesome!”

At the back of the team, Wang Bo, who had witnessed the entire process, punched Wei Zhou’s arm crazily.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt as if a violent wind had blown past.

It almost made him lose his balance.

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