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Chapter 160: 160 Two-pronged approach

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160 Two-pronged approach

Jobs solved the location of the store in S City within three days of being hired. He had been in the industry for many years and knew that for a jewelry store, it was necessary to train its own jewelry designer if it wanted to be its own brand. So, he took the jewelry store’s early development plan that he had done in the past few days and looked for Vivian.

Vivian took more than ten minutes to read the proposal carefully. She looked up at jobs and said, “I’ve heard of the two jewelry designers you want to poach. They’re considered to be rising stars in the jewelry industry. I saw that you’ve made a salary estimate for them to jump ship. Have you already contacted them?”

Steve Jobs smiled and nodded. “I have some personal connections with them. One is good at simple and elegant styles, while the other is good at exquisite and sophisticated styles. Although their designs are not popular, they are superior in terms of spirit. Their ideas are unique and have their own style characteristics. They are designers with great potential. We provide them with more freedom, so they can design according to their own ideas. They don’t have to worry about being suppressed by the chief designer. This is a win-win situation.”

“Besides, we’re a new company, so it’s difficult to poach a big designer. We can’t do it in one go. The key is to build our brand first. So, my initial plan is to let Gold and Jade spread its name among the middle and upper classes within a year.”

Vivian was not very satisfied with this result. It was good to be slightly chubby if she could not be fat. “What if I don’t limit the sales fees?”

Jobs froze for a moment, then asked, “What kind of effect do you want to achieve?”

Vivian looked down for a moment and replied, “First, become famous quickly, and then open the market in the big city. As for how to do it, you’re more experienced in this area than me. I can accept half a year of losses. You don’t have to save on the marketing cost. The result I want is to become a well-known jewelry brand in the country within half a year.”

It was the first time Jobs had seen such a rich and overbearing person, and he was a little surprised.

Jobs couldn’t help but think of his old ambition. Perhaps it could really be realized in Gold and Jade Jewelry. He looked at Vivian with more sincerity. “Boss, since you say so, then I’ll change my business strategy. I’ll hire a celebrity spokesperson for the advertisement, and I’ll find some fashion magazines to promote my brand. Although some magazines are not very famous, they are quite popular among the middle and lower class.”

“Women’s love for jewelry has made the jewelry store popular, so I’ve designed a set of publicity plans for each class. I’ll focus on a month’s time and continuously put in advertisements to warm up the opening.”

“In addition, I want to launch it in the top 10 prosperous cities in the country at the same time. I’ll contact the local famous media for interviews and reports. This will also better show our strength.”

Vivian’s experience told her this method was feasible, but it was more costly in the early stages. Most people who didn’t have the ability were not willing to take the risk.

If Gold and Jade Jewelry were to go on a marketing campaign for a few months, the initial investment would cost at least 10 million Yuan.

Emin’s reputation had already been established, and in order to seize the S City’s market, Vivian had asked Jeffrey to quickly rent a few counters in high-end shopping malls and buy two more shops. The renovation and the pre-training of the sales guides had already begun.

Knowing the government’s future development plans, Vivian had bought two plots of land in advance before the new districts were developed and worthless. She only had about 26 million left in her bank account. Even if 10 million was not enough, 20 million was enough.

Vivian was very glad that she had picked up a lot of things when she went to Kolma Town with Jack last time. Now, she decided to sell 2 raw stones immediately to recover her blood. It was too hurtful.

However, for Vivian, money could be exchanged for speed. She was willing to do it even if her heart ached to the point of bleeding, as long as it was not a losing business. After all, time was of the essence, and she could not afford to plan slowly. “Okay, the main branch of the jewelry store will be in S City, and we’ll add a special area for stone gambling.”

The marketing strategy had to be followed, but Vivian also planned to make use of her golden finger he brought when transmigration to create a special zone for stone gambling. She had been learning about Jade with the help of her golden finger, and now, with Jobs as a cover, she found another way to attract the attention of the upper-class people who loved stone gambling with a high stock rate. The two-pronged approach would definitely be effective.

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