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Chapter 11

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The back of my head has been stinging considerably for some time now.

Specifically, after going around the sports clubs of Ichigo Academy to check my strength, I went to the dojo for the club experience.

And I knew the main reason.

At a distance of about 5 meters, Fuma Yukika, the head of the kendo department, was peeking at the back of the building.

As if she were an undercover police officer, she had red bean bread in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I answered like that and opened the lid of the lunch box I packed from home.

“Wow! It’s kimbap1!”

“Rika, how do you know kimbap?”

“Huh? I know it from a Korean drama that my mom watches often. I asked my mom and she said it was Korean norimaki2.”

Well, it was not wrong.

The taste and ingredients are similar.

I asked Kishimoto, who looked curiously.

“Do you want one?”

“Then, let’s trade it with my tamagoyaki3!”

While saying that, Kishimoto put out with chopsticks a normal egg roll.

After receiving it, I put it in my lunch box.

Kishimoto, who immediately put kimbap in her mouth, shouted while wrapping her cheek with one hand.

“So good~”

As I saw her eating well, I put the egg roll in my mouth and my expression hardened for a moment.

“Rika, you’re one who likes sugar.”

“Huh? What’s wrong with that? Don’t Tamagoyaki have sugar in it?”

As a Korean, I was troubled by the unacceptable sweetness and managed to swallow the egg roll and spoke.

“My family prefers salt.”

Kishimoto, who saw me rinsing my mouth with water in a hurry, raised her voice as if she had heard something unbelievable.

“Eh! You’re lying!”

“It’s true.”

Most foods in the world contains sugar, but if there was a place where it shouldn’t be, it was in egg rolls.

Chawanmushi4, which was treated as a dessert depending on the restaurant, was still OK for me, but in egg rolls, a side dish of rice, it was not possible.

“Koreans have unique taste….”

I muttered those words.

Recently, there had been many times I ate alone with Kishimoto.

The reasons were various, but first, if I ate lunch in the classroom, other classmates would feel burdened, and secondly, I had only one friend to eat with.

This was because Satoru, who was close to me, was literally an insider, so he often ate with a close group other than me.

I had eaten about half the contents of my lunch box.

Beep beep! 

“Theft! It’s a theft!”

Suddenly, the student council president, who popped out of nowhere, shouted like that with a whistle in her mouth.

Shortly afterwards, she shouted at me from the tip of her always-carrying black fan.

“Even if heaven forgives you, I won’t tolerate immoral dating at the academy!”

“Kim Yoo-sung, I’m disappointed in you.”

“It seems to me that there is no room for normal consideration.”

The student council trio, who suddenly appeared while we were eating, surrounded us by talking about catching clouds.

What is it? A hidden camera prank?

I was thinking so while chewing the kimbap in my mouth.

Perhaps she recognized the faces of the three people belatedly, Kishimoto, who was sitting next to me, shouted with her chopsticks in her mouth.

“Oh! The student council of darkness, the specialty of the academy!”

Student Council of Darkness? So, there’s a student council of light?

I was worrying about this sense of naming, which was not normal no matter what I though.

The president, who lost her pace to Kishimoto’s innocent smile, asked back, covering her face with her fan.

“What is it? This nickname of the student council of darkness?”

“Yeah, you’re always dressed in black. That’s what everyone calls it.”

When I heard that, I turned my eyes slightly, and it was true.

Gakuran, a school uniform, is originally black, but the president and Minami wore black ones specially made. 

It was said that it was a costume to show the dignity of the student council, but it looked like it was only cosplay to ordinary students.

It’s common in manga…. This kind of character.

“W, wh, what? That’s rude!”

The president suddenly stepped back, blushing as if she didn’t expect to be criticized for her fashion sense.

I was sure at this point.

Kishimoto, who always maintains a smile and maintains her own pace, was a natural enemy to the president who tends to show off her personality.

“Y, you’ll see! I’ll be back next time!”

Eventually, the president, who couldn’t hold back her shame, fled to the student council room with her two subordinates.

Kishimoto, who succeeded in defending brilliantly by attacking the president’s vulnerability, tilted her head in wonder.

“Ryu-chan, what did I do?”

As expected, she was like an all-time legendary heroine who was ranked No. 1 in the original story.

Natural virtues are scary at this point.


The third week of April.

It was a peaceful Monday morning, there was not much time left until Golden Week.


Suddenly, a high school girl opened the classroom door roughly.

“Who is this Sakamoto Ryuji? Come out right now!”

Fluttering red bobbed hair.

She was a fierce-looking girl wearing a mixed red gym jersey, and black spats sticking out under her skirt.

Then, after Kishimoto moved to the seat next to me, the main character, who sat alone on the edge of the window again, stood up with a mysterious look.

“It’s me, what’s going on?”

Then the red-haired girl, who walked briskly, stared at Ryuji Sakamoto with fierce eyes like a beast with her hand in her jersey pocket, and talked.

“I heard you touched our first year students? I heard it all yesterday when I visited them at the hospital.”

Then the main character said to her with a nice smile.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding.”

However, the red-haired girl stretched out her right hand and pulled him recklessly by the collar.

“Ah! Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding! You’re going to hit someone and pretend you don’t know! What the heck!”

“Wait! Let me explain!”

While shouting like that, Yaguchi Maya suddenly got in between the red-haired girl and the main character.

As she stormed into the triangle, the quiet atmosphere of the class began to stir.

It was like watching the introduction of a youth drama.

‘I can smell it. The smell of love comedy.’

Perhaps the current situation was a scene from the original story.

I expected that the story would have been completely destroyed by Rika, the heroine of the original story, not being involved with the main character and being friends with me, but surprisingly, the existing incidents seemed to still be happening.

I heard that there is a butterfly effect in this case when you watch movies, but honestly, I didn’t know anymore

I didn’t read the original.

Yaguchi Maya seemed frightened by the fierce-looking red-haired girl, but she still spoke for the main character in a confident voice.

“It looks like it was a person from the kendo club, but it was a first-year student who molested me while I was standing still. They were going to hunt me, but it didn’t work, so they were going to take me to the alley, and Ryuji just happened to help me!”


The red-haired girl opened her eyes as soon as she heard her explanation.

She seemed to have come to argue after hearing only the one-sided claims from those who were hospitalized.

In an atmosphere as if cold water had been poured on her, she hesitated and let go of the main character’s collar as her head had cooled down.

“I’m… sorry. I was too hasty.”

When she apologized gently, Sakamoto Ryuji scratched his cheek with a troubled look and said with a grin.

“No, I understand. Everyone can make a mistake at least once when their head is heated up. It’s okay as long as the misunderstanding has been resolved.”

She nodded awkwardly and said to the main character.

“Those who lied because they didn’t want to be scolded by me will definitely be punished. I promise you in my name.”

“Uh… Thank you?”

The red-haired girl blushed momentarily when Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character, couldn’t keep up with the flow of the story, she smiled kindly and tilted her head.

Ah, a cliché of Love Comedy.

“Well, then! I’m going to go now! Good work!”

The red-haired girl wanted to hide her red face, so she turned her back on him and made eye contact with me, watching the situation.


No wonder she looked familiar, she was the girl who handed me the bamboo sword when I went to the kendo club last week.

She looked a little surprised to recognize me, but soon ran out of the classroom.

There had been a stormy disturbance since the morning, but the main character, Ryuji Sakamoto, muttered with a dull face, “What a strange one.”

Kishimoto, who watched the scene with me from the side, murmured with her arms folded.

“I have a feeling we are going to see her a lot.”

She’s so quick-witted.

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