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Chapter 12

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The red-haired girl in the kendo club.

Honestly, I half forgot about it, the next day, she came to the classroom and revealed her name to Ryuji Sakamoto. And it occurred to me belatedly.

That she was Tōjō Karen, the sixth most popular heroine in Scrambled Love.

When I first read this manga on the internet, what the writer emphasized was that the heroine, whose popularity ranking was only fourth, was connected to the main character.

At that time, the data collection and attachment were the results of the popularity vote conducted just before the release of the final volume, and the top six characters were shown in the magazine’s book color illustration, so I roughly remembered the appearances and names.

And today, when she came back to class 2-B, she turned to the main character, Sakamoto, and said, “You! Be my man!”.

The sudden throwing of a large bait quickly sparked attention among the classmates.

It was about who Sakamoto Ryuji, the confessed party, would date.

“Well, it’s still Yaguchi. She’s nice and friendly, and above all, she has a big chest.”

“Tsk, you don’t know anything. A girlfriend is like a puppy, not as wild as a fierce dog, so how can you endure that?”

“Isn’t Tōjō in Class A not popular because she has a small chest and is too manly? I prefer the wise mother and good wife style.”

“It doesn’t matter if her chest is big or small. It’s about the heart.”

It was almost a controversial topic among solo male students.

As a man, I agreed with some of their stories, but I hoped the class would ignore it.

Girls were starting to stare at him like bugs.

Except for Satoru, who sat in the front seat, there was no one to talk about such a story, so Kishimoto, who sat next to me, who was quietly observing the situation inside the class, asked me.

“Ryu-chan, who do you think Sakamoto will date?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

It was quite a sensitive question, so I decided to make no comment.

If the story goes according to the original story anyway, it was already confirmed that his childhood friend, Maya Yaguchi, would be the final winner at the end.

“Oh~ It’s not fun~”

Kishimoto, who turned her head while saying that, soon became less interested, and began to read the latest issue of the jump I bought in the morning.

For information, the original owner of that book was me.


“See you tomorrow!” 

After school, I parted ways with Kishimoto in front of the subway station and headed straight to the gym near my house.

After climbing the high stairs as usual, I opened the door of the gym on the second floor and went inside, and I saw musclemen sweating and exercising hard.

But what was this? This sense of incompatibility?

I felt like something was different today.

When I instinctively looked around to determine the cause,

Nakayama, the director of the gym, welcomed me.

“You must be busy studying, Mr. Kim, but you still signed your attendance today as always.”

“Hello, sir. By the way, what happened today? All of a sudden, the members are working out harder than usual.”

Then the director shook his head and said,

“There’s a new female member at the gym today. Everyone is crazy about how pretty she is.”

Oh, my…

It was only then that I realized.

That the male members in the gym were struggling to appeal to the new member.

“Anyway, go and change your clothes. I’ll watch you work out today.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

I listened to Nakayama, the director, and headed to the changing room in the corner of the gym.


The gym, which Nakayama runs alone, was about 100 pyeong1 and was not that large compared to other large gyms.

However, it was almost a sacred place among nearby health workers.

It was because athletes and bodybuilders from here won awards from numerous competitions.

And it was Yujiro Nakayama, the director of this place, who taught them himself.

Originally, he was a former bodybuilder, but after retiring, setting up a gym was his dream and he put all his energy into fostering younger students.

The first time I visited this place was during the spring vacation of my third year of middle school, so we worked out together for almost two years.

He was also a very generous person who passed on various knowledge and movements for free, saying that I could watch the moves when I started working out.

When I changed into a light sleeveless shirt in the dressing room, a familiar face stood next to Nakayama.

“…Fuma Yukika?”

When I saw her face, I muttered in spite of myself, and she said with a confident look on her face.

“What a coincidence. Kim Yoo-sung. I can’t believe we’re meeting at a place like this.”

I was wondering who the new female member was, and I didn’t know there would be such a twist.

I lowered my head as I felt a little embarrassed. 

“You live near here, don’t you?”

Then Fuma Yukika said with a brazen look.

“We moved here a few days ago. I was looking for a fitness club that I could go to separately because I thought I didn’t have enough exercise just by doing side activities. I didn’t know you were here too.”

Nakayama, who heard what we were saying, said with a sly smile.

“This is good. From now on, Kim-kun can teach Fuma the exercises instead of me. If you’re between senior and junior from school, you’ll be able to talk more comfortably than to an uncle like me.”

“No, it doesn’t matter, right?”

Then Nakayama sneaked up to me, put his arm around my shoulder, and whispered in my ear.

“I think you’ve come all the way here because you’re interested, so try your best.”

“…It’s not like that.”

“Hey, don’t be shy.”

I just decided not to comment further, as it seemed to me that there was a strong misunderstanding.

“Anyway, since it’s your first day, we’re only going to visit today, so let’s all start on our own.”


As the director said, I moved to the free weight zone to exercise.

I was going to do weight squats today.

“Let’s start warming up lightly with 220kg.”

Nakayama, who said so, began to put discs on the empty bar one by one.

The 25-kilogram disc began to stick tightly on both sides of the basic 20-kilogram iron bar.

Four each. 100kg.

The barbell weighing 220 kg was prepared in the squat rack.

Fuma Yukika, who watched the scene from the side, muttered with a surprised look.

“So heavy from the start?”

Then the instructor standing next to me, said with a smile on his face, tapping me on the shoulder.

“I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, miss, but I’ve never seen a monster like him in my career. So, you don’t have to worry.”

I listened to the instructor’s compliment with one ear. A tightly fixed barbell was placed under my trapezius muscle.

Then I lift it up.

When I sat down lightly and got up and put the barbell back on the rack, the instructor immediately increased the weight.

“Then this time, I’ll add two more and weigh 270kg.”


After adding at once 50kg to the weight of the barbell, Fuma Yukika, who was next to him, opened her mouth, and it was not the main exercise yet.

I put the barbell back on my trapezius muscle and clasped both sides of the barbell with my hands.


I breathed in deeply, exhaled repeatedly, and hold it in for a moment to form abdominal pressure, and again, sitting lightly and standing up.

When the still light barbell was put on the rack again, the director, who was watching it from the side with his arms folded, lifted two discs again.

“Now that you’re done warming up, you’re going to start the main exercise.”


I put the barbell, which was now densely packed with the discs and had no more room to stick, lightly on my trapezius muscle, and then put a strong force on my whole body.


I walked a few steps forward with a barbell that was clearly heavier than the first one.

I knew that the eyes of people who were exercising around me were focused on me, but I had no mind to pay attention to it.

It was a perfect way to get injured if I looked away during weight training.

I sat down with my whole-body muscles properly heated up, and I repeated it five times.


When the barbell was placed on the squat rack again after one set, Fuma Yukika, who was watching this from the side, said with a fed-up look.

“Do you normally exercise like this? As a beginner, I think this is a bit…”

As I warmed up my body right after exercising, I asked.

“What? What did you just say?”

Then Fuma Yukika stopped talking and shut her mouth like a mute.

The director, who was listening to the conversation we had with each other, laughed, and said,

“I told you, miss. It’s a monster.”

You can’t discuss common sense with this guy.

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